Aston Villa Match Previews

Done before every match and while the prediction might always be the same, the content isn't.
Title Created Date
A prediction or two and Crystal Palace tomorrow 21 August 2015
Big opportunity for Aston Villa against Palace 31 December 2014
The time travelling CEO, penny drops for Roy Keane and the prospect of an old school spanking at the weekend at the hands of Manchester United 18 December 2014
Aston Villa v Leicester could be a cracking match, but for a very ominous reason 06 December 2014
The daunting prospect of watching Aston Villa play the club bottom of the Premier League 24 October 2014
Pray for Paul Lambert, pray for Aston Villa, put it out and we might get it back 17 October 2014
Aston Villa v Manchester City: The way to play and some statistics 02 October 2014
At a much stronger Chelsea and a backs to the wall job 26 September 2014
Tom Cleverley, Darren Bent and Hull 30 August 2014
Aston Villa at Stoke: We could see a very different team start tomorrow 15 August 2014
Spurs tomorrow and statement next week 10 May 2014
Aston Villa can do more than hurt Chelsea, we can play Chelsea the Chelsea way 14 March 2014
Ian Culverhouse swears at Aston Villa fans and a real need of three points against Swansea 27 December 2013
Average Manchester United, predictable and battling Aston Villa and the way it is 12 December 2013
Paul Lambert can not afford for Aston Villa to lose at Southampton 02 December 2013
A brief look at Cardiff, a circle of mediocrity and it is what it is 07 November 2013
Love the branding: The people's club coming to Villa Park 23 October 2013
Spurs come marching, an opportunity awaits and the Aston Villa Supporters Trust 15 October 2013
Aston Villa to beat Hull, sceptics, prediction and odds 03 October 2013
Long ball football and Manchester City tomorrow 27 September 2013
I used to joke about Spurs, but not any more: League Cup preview 23 September 2013
Aston Villa at Norwich: Preview, some stats and odds on the win 20 September 2013
Aston Villa v Newcastle: It's going to be interesting 13 September 2013
Aston Villa player hashtags, Liverpool on Saturday and bet of the weekend 23 August 2013
Aston Villa at Arsenal: Something is written in the stars 16 August 2013
Aston Villa at Norwich: Lexington, Watergate and Lambert 04 May 2013
Two down, one to go: Aston Villa v Sunderland 29 April 2013
It all starts this weekend: Aston Villa v West Ham 07 February 2013
Aston Villa v Southampton: Another six pointer 11 January 2013
Aston Villa v Reading: Predict to win a t-shirt 26 November 2012
Arsenal at Villa Park, a mug or two, hope and blind faith 23 November 2012
Manchester City prediction, Benteke the beast and the simple truth 16 November 2012
Ashley doesn't dive, he goes down easy, Manchester United, a signed shirt winner and drunken banter 09 November 2012
A must win game apparently: Aston Villa v Norwich 26 October 2012
WBA on Sunday, odds, a prediction and Genting, the worst type of casino 28 September 2012
Aston Villa v Everton: Updates, news, the manager and banter banter banter 25 August 2012
Aston Villa at West Ham: Odds, prediction and some stats 16 August 2012
Down to the wire: A look at Spurs and the Alex McLeish way 03 May 2012
Aston Villa at West Brom, an inevitable sacking and a probable one 27 April 2012
Ireland is a dream, the village idiot, what will be, will be, Alex McLeish, please walk away 13 April 2012
Arsenal, Stephen Ireland, Darlington and a goal from a corner to come 23 March 2012
Best to forget, the numbers and a glimmer of hope as QPR come to Villa Park 30 January 2012
The transfer window that wasn't and Arsenal in the FA Cup 28 January 2012
Aston Villa at Bolton: Not admitting to a mistake is just as bad as not knowing you've made one 09 December 2011
Aston Villa v Manchester United: A daunting preview and a bold prediction 02 December 2011
Aston Villa at Swansea: Alex McLeish is desperate for three points, will players play for him? 24 November 2011
Villa for Villa, White Hart Lane on Monday and dreaming for a day 18 November 2011
Aston Villa v Norwich: Central defender dropped, odds, video of the day and maybe a Jenas 04 November 2011
Aston Villa v West Brom, options and something honest 20 October 2011
Aston Villa at Manchester City: An optimistic prediction 12 October 2011
A look at QPR, prediction and need for three points 22 September 2011
Aston Villa v Newcastle: Odds, prediction and early team news 15 September 2011
Aston Villa v Wolves: Prediction, odds, preview and a stat 26 August 2011
Hope, surprise and a glimmer: Wigan at Aston Villa 06 May 2011
Aston Villa at West Brom with a hint of Stan Collymore, some match odds and fool with his prediction 28 April 2011
A very mini preview of Stoke 22 April 2011
Mini preview: West Ham, odds and an air of optimism 15 April 2011
The best things in life are free: Aston Villa v Newcastle 07 April 2011
FA Cup and the Team of our Generation 02 March 2011
A must win game against Blackburn Rovers 25 February 2011
Aston Villa at Blackpool, preview, chalkboard time and odds 11 February 2011
Aston Villa v Manchester City: One player can make a team 21 January 2011
The big match: Aston Villa v Sunderland 05 January 2011
When boys became men: Aston Villa at Wigan 17 December 2010
Aston Villa at The Circus: League Cup quarter-final preview 30 November 2010
Match Preview: Manchester United at Villa Park 12 November 2010
Match Preview: The Clowns at Villa Park 29 October 2010
It's that time again: Sunderland at the Stadium of Light 21 October 2010
Chelsea at Villa Park: Prediction, odds and hope 14 October 2010
Aston Villa at Spurs, football odds and prediction 01 October 2010
The dogs from Vienna: Europa League preview 25 August 2010
Match Preview: Newcastle at St James' Park 21 August 2010
Match Preview: West Ham at Villa Park for season opener 13 August 2010
A quick look at Blackburn and a look ahead to blarney and the World Cup 08 May 2010
Mini Preview: Aston Villa at Eastlands 30 April 2010
Aston Villa at Hull: Live updates, team news, links and banter 21 April 2010
Match Preview: Aston Villa at Reebok Stadium 01 April 2010
Aston Villa at Chelsea: That's entertainment, hopefully 26 March 2010
A look at Sunderland and no big questions 23 March 2010
Aston Villa v Wolves: Three points and fifth place 19 March 2010
Aston Villa at Wigan: Short preview and prediction 15 March 2010
Match Preview: Aston Villa at Stoke 12 March 2010
Aston Villa travel to Reading in the FA Cup and seventh isn't the new fourth 05 March 2010
Match Preview: Crystal Palace at Villa Park in the FA Cup 23 February 2010
Match Preview: Burnley at Villa Park 19 February 2010
FA Cup Match Preview: Aston Villa at Selhurst Park 12 February 2010
Aston Villa v Manchester United: Preview, prediction and early team news 09 February 2010
Quick preview: Aston Villa at Fulham and a Randy Lerner video 29 January 2010
Aston Villa v Arsenal: Preview and prediction 25 January 2010
Preview: West Ham at Aston Villa 16 January 2010
Aston Villa travel to Wigan and must leave with three points 08 January 2010
Blackburn v Aston Villa: Semi final preview, odds and prediction 04 January 2010
Match Preview: Aston Villa v Stoke at Villa Park 17 December 2009
Match Preview: Aston Villa v Manchester United at Old Trafford 09 December 2009
Quick Preview: Hull at Villa Park and Blackburn in the League Cup 03 December 2009
Match Preview: Spurs at Villa Park on a special day 26 November 2009
A look ahead to Burnley on Saturday and not much else I'm afraid 18 November 2009
Everton away preview: Three points or have The Toffees woken up 29 October 2009
League Cup Preview: Aston Villa travel to Sunderland 26 October 2009
Match Preview: Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux and a competition 23 October 2009

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