I didn't really know we would win today. I just had faith. Blind faith, but it was faith. And right now, we are out of the relegation zone with twelve matches to play.

We can do this. It isn't for certain but we can. It's not for certain because West Ham didn't come to win today, they came and played Alex McLeish football but that wasn't why we won. We were actually fortunate to win today.

I say fortunate because Ciaran Clark stopped two chances from happening that were almost certain goal opportunities and Darren Bent also stopped a shot on the line, that was going in. We were fortunate because we did well.

We scored the goals, but West Ham had more shots. We took our chances and we definitely wanted it more and at the end, we deserved it. In the end and even though West Ham scored with three minutes of regular time remaining, it was nail biting.

The goals

So, before I go, a little something about the goals. The first was a penalty. N'Zogbia was brought down in the box and Benteke scored the penalty. The second was special, it was a free kick from 22 yards scored by N'Zogbia who just lifted it over the wall and put it out of reach of the West Ham keeper.

The West Ham goal came late on, but it was as I said, nail biting, but it came from Westwood, but it was a freak own goal, so I'm leaving it at that.

But I'm going to leave it now as I've got to be up proper early tomorrow and I still want to celebrate a little, because we're out of the relegation zone, but before I go, Weimann missed a sitter after a few minutes, but don't hold it against him, we all miss sitters every now and then.

The players

Guzan, Vlaar, Clark, Baker, Lowton, N'Zogbia (Sylla - 85' ), Westwood, Delph, Benteke, Bowery (Bent - 63' Booked ) and Weimann (Dawkins - 64' ).

The stats

Stats v West Ham
Damian Dugdale
Author: Damian Dugdale
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • VillaininTheStates

    Anyone who wakes up early in the morning to specifically watch the Villa in another country should become an honorary member of the Aston Villa supporters.

    VillaininTheStates consider it that you're now "Christained" ;)

    Welcome to the Club, and Welcome to Aston Villa Supporters ;)

  • Guest - VillainInTheStates

    @ jonnah- Thanks for the warm welcome. I would be lying if I said that didn't make me smile. It's nice to be a part of this blog. I have been following it for awhile now, and have never contributed. You lot seem pretty respectable. Hopefully I can win that Aston Villa trip on facebook for the millionth fan. I was in England 3 years ago, but my family didn't want to make the trip up to the Midlands.. Shame on them, but I have made it a priority to save so I can come out there soon.

  • Guest - DC_Villan


    I am in the exact same boat as you. Started following the Villa religiously in '09 and these days all of my Arsenal and ManUre supporting friends love 'taking the piss' out on me for still watching them but moment's like today's match make it all more than worth it. Completely overwhelmed with joy when Zoggy got taken down in the box and Big Bentekkers put the pen away. No doubt the happiest I've ever been hungover at 9 am :)

    And I just want to say that it's fantastic coming to this blog and getting a perspective on everything Villa (even if it is a little heavy on the 'doom and gloom' sometimes ;) ). Seeing as how I don't know a single Villa supporter, reading your posts are the only way I can feel in touch with my club.

  • What do our US friends think of Mr Lerner?

  • Hello to our new US based fellow fan - welcome :)

    Just a quick one though pal - you're a 'Villan', not an evil bad guy ;)

  • Guest - DC_Villan

    I don't know too much about him to be honest but his Am. football team in Cleveland was a complete joke for the 10 years he owned it. Fans dubbed their stadium 'The Factory of Sadness' and would show up to games like this

    I think it's terrible though that bought his favorite team during his Uni days, gave it a go for a few seasons with MoN, and then when it didn't quite pan out he stopped attending matches and withdrew funding that we desperately needed. He's got to be gone as soon as the first offer reaches his desk

  • 'The Factory of Sadness'

    This has applied to Villa Park many times this season (although not yesterday).

  • Guest - VillanInTheStates

    @ DC_Villan- Do you work graves as well? Or just like to be up early in the AM. It's always cool to find other villa supports here in the US. On a side note, I must say I consider myself a bit of a professional in FIFA13 with Aston Villa. I have a pretty good 4-3-3 setup I use. Maybe Lambert will let me add some input. 4-3-3 i'm sure isn't the right setup for the Villa, but it seems to work well for me.

    @Desert Villan- Dang I thought I had made sure to spell it correctly. Thank you for correcting me. To be a proper Villan you should know how to spell it.

    My input on Mr. Lerner.... I will have to side with DC_Villan on this one. I think he needs to sell asap. He doesn't seem to have his heart in the right place. This club will be around after he has moved on, and you want an owner who cares. I would love to have an owner that interacts with the fans and shows up to the games consistently. I think initially he put on a show for the fans to win them over, but his true colors have come out. I don't believe AVFC is anything more than a business venture now. I think he showed that in this last transfer window.

  • Guest - DC_Villan


    No I should be asleep right now but I'm just a bit of a night owl haha. Ah, good ol Fifa. I usually roll with a 4-2-3-1 myself. Do you play on Xbox?


    Can't believe yesterday was the first home win in two and a half months! My liver would be toast by now if I was in the stands for the likes of that Wigan match...

    Although I hope to god that we will never be able to compete with the consistency of the Cleveland Browns' ****tiness. They somehow managed to have only one season since 2003 where they won more games than they lost. And they didn't even make the playoffs. In a 16 game season, it gets pretty shameful when you only manage one or two wins at home.

  • Guest - VillanInTheStates

    DC_Villan- If you have xbox live add me Wigzey T00ds (that is double zeros) as well as anyone that follows this blog and would like a nice challenge. Wouldn't mind having other villa fans to play against.

  • Guest - Rocco

    Harry Reddnap has said that they need 6 wins to be safe, so that means we need 4 wins out of 12 games to be safe on his maths, our next match is at Arsenal in 2weeks they have 2 matches in that time including a nasty little match against Bayern Munich, they are also in my opinion the worst of the so called top 4 and we can get a draw there and scrape 4 wins out of our 12 games left

  • 5 wins in 26 games now we need 4 in 12 its a big big ask.

  • Wind - Can always look at it the other way.

    As long as we stay out of the drop zone, whatever the three teams do below us, we have to slighly better or equal what they are doing ;)

  • Guest - Bloggert

    Being realistic looking at our fixtures I reckon we have 3 or 4 more wins in there.

    Reading / QPR

    I think Wigan will beat us and we'll slip up to either QPR or Reading.... I also think theres a draw or 2 in there as well. I think we'll finish on 36 - 39 points, which will be enough.

  • Guest - beamo

    To be on the safe side I think we need 4 wins and maybe a couple of draws. The next 2 games are bonus games, nobody really expects anything and there will be less pressure on the team. After that the crunch run starts, the game at Reading is crucial.
    In between playing us Reading have Everton, Man Utd and Arsenal all away from home in March. If we could sneak a result at the Madejski, they could well go on a bad run and lose confidence.
    Then QPR at home is another of those must wins. And lets not forget in April we have 2 home games against mid table sides (Sunderland and Fulham) who will not be playing for anything. As long as we keep up the intensity and concentration levels, we can get out. Though, I still feel we will need a result at Wigan on the last day. Of all of the bottom 4, Wigan are the team I can see stringing out a run of results as they have done it before.

  • Guest - jules

    still chuffed from yesterday i think if we play like yesterday till the end of the season 4 wins will be easy!!
    i was also surprised by the stats, i thought we done enough to win!!

  • On paper we certainly have "winnable" games in the final 12 but we have had a few "winnable" games so far this season - if only the games were all played on paper!

  • I know it's all if's and but's.... however.

    If we'd have not conceded injury time goals since the start of the new year, which is roughly over the last 1.5 month period, against Swansea, West Brom and Everton.

    These results against these teams of course, meant we did not win the game.

    We would now be joint 11th on 30 points.

  • jonnah- Thanks for sharing. That stat actually is pretty depressing. Hard not to think about what could have been. Hope the lads will be better from these experiences, good or bad.

  • Just looked through some of the comments from yesterday, before and during the game.

    My word, what a bunch of neurotic bitches some of you are!

  • Anyway it's a fantastic feeling just to get the three points.
    It's given everyone a lift, us the fans and the team.

    Some people including me thought that we would win yesterday.

    3 points, that's all it's about lads...the 3 points! ;);)

  • Looking at the post match comments on the BBC footy site, I'm surprised how much good will there is from other team's fans. Nobody wants us to go down. QPR on the other hand are a different matter.

    Hopefully we can get a bit of underdog spirit siege mentality going..

    Also glad to see how that the general consensus of opinion is that Big Sam's comments were sour grapes.

  • Guest - Malbrook-Villa

    Have looked at the bottom 4 clubs fixtures and come up with this, whats your thoughts?

    QPR = Man Utd (H) 0 - Southampton (A) 1 - Sunderland (H) 3 - Villa (A) 1 - Fulham (A) 0 - Wigan (H) 3 - Everton (A) 0 - Stoke (H) 3 - Reading (A) 1 - Arsenal (H) 0 - Newcastle (H) 1 - Liverpool (A) 0 - Total points = 30

    Wigan = Reading (A) 0 - Liverpool (H) 0 - Man City (A) 0 - Newcastle (H) 1 - Norwich (H) 3 - QPR (A) 0 - Swansea (H) 1 West Ham (A) 0 - Spurs (H) 0 - WBA (A) 1 - Arsenal (A) 0 - Villa (H) 1 - Total Points = 28

    Reading = Wigan (H) 3 - Everton (A) 0 - Villa (H) 0 - Man Utd (A) 0 - Arsenal (A) 0 - Southampton (H) 1 - Liverpool (H) 0 - Norwich (A) 1 - QPR (H) 1 - Fulham (A) 0 - Man City (H) 0 - West Ham (A) 0 - Tota Points = 29

    Villa - Arsenal (A) 0 - Man City (H) 0 - Reading (A) 3 - QPR (H) 1 - Liverpool (H) 0 - Stoke (A) 1 - Mna Utd (A) 0 - Sunderland (H) 3 - Norwich (A) 1 - Chelseas (H) 0 - Wigan (A) 1 - Total Points = 34

    Tried to do this with head not heart. Be interesting to see other totals,

    Keep The Faith

  • I reckon Norwich will lose their next two games.

    Norwich v Everton
    Man Utd v Norwich

  • Guest - Villain1

    You can do predictors, etc but there will be plenty of shock results between now and the end of the season. Who thought Wigan would beat Arsenal away and Man Utd in consecutive games when they were on a losing streak last season? Its impossible to predict.
    I still think the total to stay up will be around 37 points, which means we'll need about 4 wins and a draw.
    Reading play Wigan in 2 weeks, so if as we all expect we lose at Arsenal we'll be back in the bottom 3. Could do with that one being a draw though.

  • btw: what's the deal with "Brad Goozeman" or "Brad Goozonne"? Have we signed a new player or something?

  • Guest - Bloggert

    yesterday we defended set pieces and won the game... no co insidence there.

    We keep it shut at the back and we will be fine Reading n QPR are massive games for us. As I think its unlikely QPR will get out we will have to beat reading.

  • Guest - expat007

    Good morning all,
    What a relief out of the bottom three.
    Not out of the wood yet, but a step in the right direction and not as Lambert put it ‘it broke the camels back’
    The manager and players now have a two week break to reassess the situation. I trust that this will give Lambert and his senior players a chance to bond together as one thing that did revealed to all that this team needs the experienced senior players.
    For the life of me I could not understand starting with Bowery and then bring on Bent to replace him, sometimes I wonder what Lambert is trying to prove. The boy looked 4th division at best and he did not deserve the humiliation he was put through. Would he have been on the post like Bent and save a certain goal for the second time this season?

    the straw that broke the camel's back: the last little burden or problem that causes everything to collapse.

  • Guest - expat007

    Randy Learner

    My word, what a bunch of neurotic bitches some of you are!
    Neurotic in what sense? as in uneasy, irrational, unstable and as to calling some posting here bitches, even for you that is insulting to those that were rightly concerned during yesterdays match.

    If you thought yesterday game was a walk over have a look at the stats. The only 2 Villa shots on target were from a free kick and a penalty and resulted in the goals. West Ham had 7 on target all from open play and 13 off target compared to 7 from The Villa! At home The Villa only had 45% possession and 4 corners against their 10, of course with virtually every game this season they conceded the most fouls.

    So to sum up your insult on fellow Villa fans, they had every right to be worried about the outcome and you are still wearing those rose tinted glasses. Next thing you will be saying is everything is fine at The Villa and they have a chance of a top 6 place.
    Bitch: common slang term, especially used as a denigrating term, commonly to a woman. It often refers to someone who is belligerent, unreasonable, malicious, rudely intrusive or aggressive.
    Its original use as a vulgarism, suggested high sexual desire in a woman, comparable to a dog in heat.

  • I think we should reel in a bit and not get too carried away after yesterday's game. Yes a win is a win and should be celebrated as such (only because it is a win), but Wet Spam are not a good team and at times they did put us under pressure were we looked all over the place. The win itself is what will hopefully spur us on, the general team performance less so, although one or two individuals looked better than of late, lets hope we can mould this altogether and turn things around before its too late.

  • Guest - GWADS

    just watched the replay. omg guzan in the dying seconds. we can thank him for the points.
    * i wish villa could do it easy for once

  • Guest - Get Well Stan

    Last game I know Randy attended for certain was the Wigan game. Saw him with my own eyes looking glum at full time. Some of the stick he gets on here is ridiculous. Done lots for the club and watched managers squander millions.

  • Guest - expat007

    How are you mate.
    One swallow does not make a summer and as for hidding away, try keeping me off here:D:D:D:D

  • Done lots for the club and watched managers squander millions.

    Should that not be "allowed" managers to squander millions?

  • Guest - expat007


    I think we should reel in a bit and not get too carried away after yesterday's game.
    Well said, I thought you went a bit over the top when we went two up yesterday. Always admire your confidence.
    Because some on here do think they see faults in the manager and players does not stop them from enjoying a Villa win and the chance to survive. Everyone in their right mind knows that going down is not an option for The Villa.

  • Guest - expat007

    After what you said about we older ones hiding away, I see that since the beginning of the season I have contributed 1222 times. I have no doubt you have posted more.
    We will soon need to watch out for a phase that as been absent from this Blog for some time, what was it, may memory is not what it was ‘I have faith in ??’ something like that.
    By the way I hope he keeps us up, but he still does not inspire me confidence.

  • jcv: signing 2 players would not have assured safety simply made it more likely, however if he trusted his manager he would surely have made that money available by not doing so it makes you wonder if he thinks we are doomed no matter what so why throw money at it.

  • Guest - expat007


    his blind refusal to sign the two players required to ensure our safety.and to gamble with our prem status to save a few bob,is beyond comprehension.
    You will no doubt remember that I was certain that when relegation was staring The Villa in the face Lerner would put his hand in his pocket to strenghen the squad.
    At that time you said that you hoped I was right, but you doubted it, how right you were and who wrong was I. From mid January I have had to come to terms that the only way The Villa will rise again like the Phoenix from the ashes is for a new owner to come in with a desire to see improve the Club to their rightful place in European football.
    The Villa must be an attractive proposition, if we were in London, Manchester or even Liverpool they would be queuing up to buy us.

  • Guest - expat007

    I am off as well. Might give it a rest for a while unless something of interest comes up.
    Have a good day.

  • Guest - vogra

    You can see why Bowery played yesterday, he is very limited in all fairness, but he did a job yesterday and we won.....although if there was another 5mins left in the game we would've folded under the pressure, was watching the game through my fingers in the last 5mins as I was expecting the equaliser.

  • Been confirmed that the players that picked up knocks against WH should be fit for the next game.

    'While Ron Vlaar and N’Zogbia picked up knocks, they should be cured in time for the Emirates Stadium visit.'

    *Good news that because N'zogbia is starting to find form.

  • Bowrey was ineffective yesterday but in fairness to the lad was playing out of position he was even in the fulback position at times. Not the pressure pot to give a young player his debut especially when Bent was on the bench, another questionable move by the manager.

  • Guest - Villain1

    Bowery shouldn't be here, he was hardly a big hit at Chesterfield. Nothing personal against him, but its plainly obvious he lacks the technical ability to play at the top and his physical attributes do not compensate for that. Bizarre signing from lambert and bizarre selection yesterday.

  • This could be absolutely nothing but I will share it anyway.

    Mat Kendrick on his B'ham Mail live webchat today talking all things Villa, was asked a question.

    Shay G - "Mat do you think Lerner is looking to sell the club? His behavior at the moment would suggest hes lost interest."

    Mat Kendrick - "Shay G, apparently there was a finance expert on the radio the other day suggesting he could be preparing the club for sale. Whenever I ask this question of the club I am assured he is as committed as ever..."

    Here's the link:

  • Guest - Gavin

    Bowery may not be good enough for the Villa from previous outings, but he put in a good shift yesterday and made as many tackles as he could. The likes of Bannan and Westwood have gone through whole games this season without making a single tackle, so despite his lack of ability going forward, he contributed well to the team in important areas.
    His confidence can't be great being played out of position. I'll judge him if and when he gets on the scoresheet and starts enjoying his football. He's a young lad and deserves to be given a chance by us fans if the manager picks him.
    Speaking of goals and confidence, with Charles getting his goal and winning a penalty he is going to hit top form now, I'm sure of it. The last few games he's been getting assists and hitting the post and now he's really starting to do the business, his confidence has got to be sky high after that free kick.

  • Adrian Durham on Talk****e reckoned we were pumping it long looking for 2nd ball knock downs he said both and Wet Spam played that way - cant say I noticed that we did. This pillock makes it up as he goes along.

  • The Roaring Lion: an absolute oxygen thief whose opinions are as you say designed to provoke a reaction, most of the time even his opinions on the same subject can differ from day to day. Money for old rope.

  • Evening fellow Bloggers!

    And a warm welcome to our new Colonial cousin VillanInTheStates .

    So having had the evening and some cider to reflect "job done" 3 points in the bag and some much improved performances.
    The gypo and the chicken thug didn't score and fat sam looked pissed!
    I really like Baker at the back.
    Some gossip in the red tops about Dunne - who i think will go to the states

    and a big smile on my face before 5 -a- side tonight - time to dig out my lime kit! - - - Happy days :)

  • Guest - hvilla

    congrat to the team, it was an ugly win, but West Spam played ugly too. With Baker on the left our defence was massive, especially at the dead ball situations. Against l'Arsenal I expect Gabby to replace Bowery. With the rejuvenated Zoggy I expect a draw at the Emirates and a win against a low Man City.

  • Guest - Vital_Loans

    Watching the Liverpool, DJ looks to be settleing in well there now. He is looking sharper than I have seen him in a long time

  • My god has the web collapsed or has randy paid the blog of - silence.

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! :)

  • Guest - DAVIDVILLA

    Randy has paid for silence lol

  • Guest - DAVIDVILLA

    How's Nathan Delfonso getting on ? And do you think he could be worthy of a spot to fight for a place next season ?

  • Guest - Vital_Loans


    How's Nathan Delfonso getting on ? And do you think he could be worthy of a spot to fight for a place next season ?

    He may well be good enough for a Premiership team but he would be doing bloody well to get the nod ahead of Benteke, Andi, Bent or Gabby

  • Guest - DS

    Well if we did go down Benteke ,Bent would definately be gone and maybe Gabby as well.
    I think Weimann would attract interest also. Hes playing for Austria now.
    Delfounseo could well be back if we go down.

    Obviously lets hope that relegetion doesn't happen and we stay up which i think we should do.

  • In today's Telegraph

    "Aston Villa midfielder Stephen Ireland frozen out by manager Paul Lambert"

    Stephen Ireland is facing a battle to save his Aston Villa career after becoming the latest player to be frozen out and left to train with the club’s youngsters by Paul Lambert.

    'Ireland, the current supporters’ player of the season, has been instructed to train with the youth squads by Lambert and is keen to have talks with his manager this week.
    The former Manchester City midfielder has been excluded from the last two squads and fears he is being punished for Villa’s humiliating defeat over two legs by League Two Bradford City in the Capital One Cup semi-final.

    Ireland has not appeared since the second leg last month and arrived at the training ground on Friday to be told he could not be accommodated with the first team squad of 22.
    He had been left out of the squad that played Everton the previous weekend and watched the 3-3 draw from the stands at Goodison Park.

    Lambert signed midfielders Yacouba Sylla and Simon Dawkins on the final day of the transfer window to push Ireland further out of contention and facing an uncertain future.
    He is likely to seek a move at the end of the season if he fails to win his place back.

    The 26-year-old is the third experienced Villa player to train with the academy this season after Stephen Warnock and Alan Hutton suffered a similar fate before their departures last month.

    Lambert was asked about Ireland’s absence after the 2-1 win over West Ham on Sunday and said: “I just picked a squad to win the game.”

    Ireland earns around £55,000 a week at Villa Park and has just under 18 months left on his contract. Earlier this season he had targeted earning a new deal after admitting Lambert’s appointment had revived his career.

    The Republic of Ireland international joined Villa in August 2010 in a deal that saw James Milner join City in a total deal worth around £28 million.'

  • Guest - Rozzzz

    thought Ireland was on much more than that?
    70k a week ive heard.
    Either way everyone can't be wrong about him. Remember when Houllier shipped him out on loan to Newcastle immediately ?
    i don't believe for a second O'Neill wanted him either in the Milner deal which partly why he walked.

  • Guest - Rozzzz

    also should add it was a complete joke Ireland won fans player of year last year!

    Only Given and Petrov emerged with any merit last season.

  • Another high profile player at Villa on high profile wages been frozen out!!

    Lambert loves freezing out players doesn't he! Seen it many times this season.

    Remember how long he froze Bent out. Points dropped due to this imo!!

    Ireland has got all the attributes to be a good player, he's got bags of potential and sitll only 26.
    I wish he would start to use it, we've only seen flashes of what we know he can do. It's a bit like N'zogbia, however what we have seen from N'zogbia is that he's starting to have a consistent high level during matches, which now seems to be sustainable, figers crossed.

    Ireland has the potential, he proved it at Man City and to some degree last year, voted out player of the year.. He's been drifting in and out of games this season, failed to get a grip and grab the game by the scruff of the neck in the engine room, and as we have seen so many times this season including the defence the CM birth has been one of our major shortfalls.

    55k / week with 18 months - works out @ 4.3 million pounds till the end of his contract. Wow!!

    Moving Forward
    Problem is, Ireland IS the type of player you can tell from his demeanour, that he would just sit it out doing a Djemba Djemba on the sidelines, or in the youth team set up for the next 18 months without a care in the world smoking a sheesha pipe in his pink sports car! Picking up 4.3m.

    Hope this is not the case but well could be the reality.

    If this is the case, to get him off the wage bill temporarily, is if he goes and joins his mate Robbie Keane over in the US. So their WAG'S can have a right old chin WAG!

  • rozzzzz

    Yes mate.

    I know we we're sh*t last season, and we must have been scraping the barrel in terms of who we could put up for nomination as player of the year.

    Some various figures have been banded about on how much Irelaind earns, I have heard between 80k - now 55k... Either way 18 months left on that, if he's not doing the business....

  • Guest - Rozzzz

    Houllier had a problem with Ireland as well. Was he wrong also ?
    No Villa manager signed Ireland - Faulkner did and Ireland didnt even want to come .
    in his whole career so far he has had one good season at Man City under Mark Hughes when played with Robinho.
    It was farcical he won fans player of the season for us last year . Utter joke and beyond ridiculous. Only Given or Petrov should have won that and i have to wonder about our own fans who voted for Ireland.
    Ireland falling out of favour with any manager is hardly surprising and hardly something to beat Lambert with given how awful Ireland has been for us on the whole for us under different managers.

  • Faulkner thought he had pulled a master stroke when when he got rid of Milner and bought in Ireland.

    Bet Faulkner has it on his CV as one of his top achievements...

  • Freezing out high wage earners does not make it easier to sell them, if anything it makes it more difficult.

  • None of us know the reasons behind Ireland being frozen out therefore it's difficult to pass judgement on the course of action.

    Windofchange, I agree with you that this doesn't exactly put Ireland in the shop window but, let's be honest, I can't see a long line of people queuing up to buy him regardless! As a few of you have pointed out, he's been hugely disappointing throughout his career, apart from one season under Hughes.

    In my opinion, most of the time he's pulled on a Villa shirt he's been lethargic and added minimal value - and that's the exact opposite of what we need right now.

  • Desert Villan: I suspect we will eventually allow Ireland to go on a free, clubs will be monitoring what is going on expecting an end of season fire sale especially if we go down no one will declare their interest we are a club who has made it known that money is a problem other clubs will try to take advantage.

  • Thank you to Blade_one and The Roaring Lion. It's nice to have an Aston Villa blog to get the thoughts and feelings of the locals on. You guys know a whole lot more than I do, and I really enjoy reading what you all have to say after the games.

    Question for you fans. Has anyone ever heard of Real Salt Lake? It is the local club here where I live. I wouldn't think it has too much exposure across the ocean, but just wanted to see if anyone had heard of it. MLS teams probably aren't that popular in England.

  • VillanInTheStates

    Villan the MLS is growing in stature as more ex premier and european players go over, TBF I have not had much exposure to it but will have a look at them and see what I can find


  • It was great to feel good after a match. I think Charles might just keep us up, just like he did Wigan one season. As for Ireland, he never wanted to come, he has never put a shift in for us and is unlikely to do so now. His situation really does emphasize what a c**p job PF does. He has cost RL Millions, it is difficult to see how he keeps his job.
    RL must really wonder what football is about when so many of the players that his managers have signed on big fees and big wages have left with no fee coming in. A club haemorrhaging money in lost fees and wages no wonder we are in crisis

  • Freezing out high wage earners does not make it easier to sell them, if anything it makes it more difficult.

    Much as I think Ireland has got what he deserves, this is certainly true.

    If Ireland and his agents had got any sense, they'd take a leaf out of Nzogbia's book and he'd start playing his socks off.

    Zoggy played his best football at Wigan when they faced the drop just like he is now with us. It's a no brainer. You impress, then if your club goes down, there'll be more clubs interested in buying you. The club and the fans you leave behind are happy because they get a good price price for you and saw you helped the cause.

    As with the speculation around Benteke, no fan wants to lose their players, but the pill is made a little sweeter at least if the player had earned their transfer "honestly".

    Ireland's application has been a mystery to me. It doesn't make sense. Something is obviously wrong with his attitude.

  • So after the Southampton game, I said we'd need 38 points to survive this season. I still think that will be enough (just).

    I also targetted a certain tally of points from each group of games against our relegation rivals, mid-table sides and the big four.

    Here is how we're doing against that (albeit arbitrary) target:

    12 points from a possible 18 against our 6 relegation rivals (Wigan A, QPR H, Reading A, Sunderland H, Newcastle, H, Fulham H)

    We got nothing against Newcastle, which means its now 12 points needed from 15. Very big ask. Make the games coming up against Reading and QPR massive for us (as if you didn't know that already).

    6 points from a possible 18 against midtable sides (West Brom A, Liverpool H, Everton A, West Ham H, Norwich A, Stoke A)

    Here we are actually doing well. A point each against West Brom and Everton, and three against West Ham means we have 5 of the 6 needed points already in the bag with Liverpool, Norwich and Stoke still to play. If we can get 4 points instead of 1 from those three games, it will give us more leeway to drop points against the other relegation sides, which I think we'll need.

    1 point from a possible 12 against the big four (United, Arsenal, City, Chelsea)

    All four still to play, with Arsenal and City to come next. Even just 1 point from those games will be vital, anything more than that a huge bonus

    So, its still a long hard road ahead. Looks like our form against mid-table sides may be the thing that saves us, but we still cannot afford to drop too many more points against the teams around us. I have more hope that we'll do it than I did last week, but I still think we're more likely to go down than stay up at this point...

  • Guest - christhevillan

    I must stress to jcv I was only joking about the over 50's comment i know you more mature gentlemen post on here regardless;) UTV

  • I have given up trying to predict games we will win/lose points we will get etc etc bottom line is if we stay above the drop zone we wont go down. You cant predict the unpredictable especially where Villa are concerned remember Southampton away and Liverpool away? What will be will be no matter what I or anyone else want to predict.

  • Guest - expat007


    moaning comes with age,as you will find out one day
    Good Morning,
    Speak for yourself, silly odd sod.
    Old, me no! I had sex last night, then I woke up:p:p:p

  • Guest - expat007


    we have to take it one game at a time.no results are pradictable,especially those in a dog fight to survive.

    Glad to see you have given up, giving up hope.
    We must stay up.
    Lambert is still a problem; Starting with Bowery, with Bent on the bench and taking off Weimann for Dawkins. Both of these so negative,
    Now he has Ireland training with the boys. Next game will he bring Bennett back and drop Baker to try and prove a point.
    We need Gabby, Dunne and Ireland and if fit to be considered for the start on certainly on the bench.
    I would start all our matches with Players if possible with experienced in Premiership football. Last years squad plus Benteke, Vlaar and Lowton are good enough to keep us up. The choice of Lowton is there as no real alternative at LB, the lad is great going forward, but suspect in defense still a very good prospect with time. Of the rest of his buys I would have Westwood on the bench, he again a good prospect but lack that ability to get forward into the box and makes too many square and backward passes.
    If Villa are to survive they must be positive for 90 minutes plus added time and not try and hang on when in front.
    Although its going to be all uphill and I am feeling more positive as Lambert is slowly accepting that he cant stay up with the boys from lower leagues.

  • Guest - christhevillan

    I'm near 40 now and sometimes have to get up for a wee, normally at bloody 4 in the morning!! That makes me feel old.

  • Guest - christhevillan

    At least you get out of bed, she should count her self lucky, if i had more that 5 can's on an evening the missus would get a nasty wake up call.

  • jcv,

    I'm the same as you, after the first pint thats it i'm off every 10 mins, my mrs cant believe anyone can go for a piss as many times as i do.:):):)

  • I tell my mrs its not the beer its the stress of supporting the Villa.:p:p:p

  • Guest - expat007

    Christhevillan & jcv
    A little advice for christhevillan in particular, I find that if I have 4 or more pints the best way to stop the problem is not go to bed.
    As I am nearly twice your age I have found out many years ago that I either had to give up acolfro or keep getting up to go to the bogs.
    So I had to chose one or the other and last night got up three times, it is the better of the two evils and the Missus looks more attractive:D:D:D

  • Guest - expat007

    How many times to you go for the Chelsea match:D:D

  • I remember when we were in the old second division in the seventies and were playing Bolton, before the game a few of us had gone in the witton arms and had a few beers.
    We beat Bolton 3-2 and i missed all of our goals while going for a piss but saw both of Boltons, so i ended up pissed off and pissed up:):):)

  • Guest - expat007

    I am off lads.
    It is wonderful not to have to worry about next weekends game.
    We can all talk nonsense and enjoy Champions League.
    You all have a good day and God willing I be back tomorrow.
    That's made me think, if the Pope can resign anyone can, The Yank, Fat Controller, RabC or that great Villa fan Cameron;);)

  • Guest - christhevillan

    I missed plenty of goal's between the ages of 16-20 something, always last out of the Aston tavern!

  • Perhaps the blog should have a wip round and pay for JCV to go to Villa Park - we can pay for his beer and when he goes to the bog we can all hope we score!

    Apparently expat scores in his sleep as well - that might be another option!

  • Blade_one,

    We'd need to take out a mortgage to pay for jcv's beer:):)

  • This is me forward planning.

    Our European Scout - Henke is now to depart as reports last month confirmed, middle of February, which is obviously around now.
    Do we have anyone else lined up to take his place?

    Surely it's better to get someone in sooner rather than later?
    I would not put it down to whatever league we're in next season either, meaning that we have to wait until the end of the season for a new appointment.
    The new European scout should be able to act independently to Lambert, even if bought in by our current manager come what may, and can start to plan accordingly given the remit, and can start looking at all options.
    This is also where a DOF comes in handy by virtue of a hierarchical management system with the 1st team manager, of managing a scout or scouts jointly.

    If Lambert has supposedly been given the remit that he has to plan for the future, ok the club may go on with Lambert or without him. Then surely with this new philosophy of how the club is now trying to moving forward and "re-build as Lambert puts it", we have to be pro-active and take the lead on replacing our European scout as soon as possible?

    The club can't say on one hand we are re-building, so this is the new approach.
    Then on the other hand not provide the tools to do it with, in a correct and timely manner.

    Which for our current transfer strategy of trying to find diamonds around Europe due to the financial constraints imposed upon us, surely has to be actioned straight away by bringing in a new European scout straight away.

    The club should not feed the supporters with this re-building strategy, and then let the primary key component of the re-building strategy, a European scout be pushed under a pile of paper, and then be bought to the surface again at the end of the season or during pre-season. It's too late!

    This action needs to be performed due diligently and acted upon right now, to show the club signals intent by moving forward.

    And I would go so far as to say, that supporters and media alike should all start asking the question.

    "Where is our new European Scout ! "

  • Anyone hear TalkSport talking to Rohan Ricketts? he knows Dawkins well, he reckons he was unlucky at Spurs he was close to breaking into 1st team squad and then 'Arry come in and that was that off to the States, now he seems to be in our 1st team squad at the expense of Ireland who is apparently training with the kids. Ricketts reckons all he needs is a chance and he can be a very good player, he is 25 so it needs to happen for him now - we will see and if it does will we sign him permanently?

  • Guest - cypriotvilla

    Our European Scout - Henke is now to depart as reports last month confirmed, middle of February, which is obviously around now.
    Do we have anyone else lined up to take his place?

    I think they are working on a total restructure and boardroom level.

    Now he has Ireland training with the boys.

    i hope he never plays for Villa again,he thinks he is bigger than the club with his smarmy attitude when he is on the subs bench.He did not want to traval to the Everton game so was rightly dumped with the kids.I will be very suprised if he plays again.

    As for Charles,he is on a 5 year contract and wants to stay,he does not want this club to go down,so watch him play out of his skin for the last matches,he really genuinely wants to keep the club up.This is why Lambert is playing him.

  • Cypriot,

    Welcome back.


    Maybe there could be some internal changes about to happen in the not too distant future at Villa Park?

    I for one would like to see a DOF in place, and Faulkner removed at the very least, before even mentioning the fact of new owners for long term future plans, and the scouting system taking a similar if not better approach with European connections.

    Re what you said about Ireland.
    "Ireland did not want to traval to the Everton game so was rightly dumped with the kids" .... hmmm...

    I did read today that Ireland was taken out of the first team for the last couple of games based on footballing decisions...

  • Guest - Bobby 6 Killer

    i rmber Ireland was laughing on the bench when we conceeded a goal in a game earlier this season. he seems a prat.
    And it's not like the prat hasn't been given chances either. Houllier had problem with him also. Also Pardew had problem with him and didnt play when onloan at Newcastle.
    We can all thank the incompetent Faulkner for signing him in first place. As others said theres no way on earth Martin O'Neill signed him.

    Ireland only had one good season in his career and thats a while ago now.

    Ireland does have some ability but i dont think you can blame Lambert for not getting best out of him. The bloke seems a prat and none of our previous managers have got any form out of him either. He was shocking against Bradford just walked around shaking his head.

  • Yep he was dropped but was still in the squad, he didn't like the decision and refused to travel.

  • Yep truly a shocking selfish,good for nothing greedy punk,who does not deserve to wear a Villa shirt,and not only that,he should be know where near the kids.

  • Cypriot

    Can you enlighten any further regarding to the possible restructuring at boardroom level?

    The reason why I ask is because following the time line through the transfer window, there seemed to be money available and reading through the lines, and also what media thought, there was at least 10m to spend.

    I'm just throwing things out there, just wondered if Faulkner had given up on trying to bring players in during the January window because there maybe a boardroom change on the horizon, which he may not be party too for much longer ?

  • Guest - FTKV

    So ireland is moaning about being frozen out
    Well the usless money grabbing lazy toe rag gets paid obscene wages to match his attitude
    He is everything bad in football
    good ridence

  • was there something mentioned about PF being moved sideways into another role and a football guy coming in?

  • Guest - Vital_Loans

    Much more interesting read on this blog than I have it a long time. Jcv, glad to hear you had sex last night. Although u may have been asleep it might not have been a dream. Maybe the Mrs is getting her wicked way with u when u are asleep. Might be good to confront her with it over breakfast in the morning :)

    I like the things I am hearing about Dawkins. Only problem is that it is a short term loan. If he proves himself after 12 games we may not get him and if he doesnt we wont want him :(

  • Vital_Loans: amazing what a win does to lift the mood of everyone.

  • Guest - Vital_Loans


    Very true. We need Taglor for the real acid test.

  • vital

    You will not see taglor til at least after the arse game and god forbid we should win that you will have more chance of seeing him on his pushbike on the M1:):):):)

  • He does to a persons optimism what a vampire does to a persons blood:):):)

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