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Opinion pieces on all things Aston Villa. Not really news and more a running commentary on the club or anything remotely linked to the club.

Title Created Date
Want to write about Aston Villa, the summer to come and officially nearly 10 years old 25 March 2015
Nothing about the weekend, it's all about Sherwood 09 March 2015
What to write about yesterday? Aston Villa lose again 01 March 2015
She ain't singing yet and five wins will do it 23 February 2015
Kozak back, new coach and Stoke tomorrow 20 February 2015
Video: Sherwood speaks, optimism grows and it all starts now for the new Aston Villa 16 February 2015
There is no manager transfer window and why it won't be Lance Corporal Sherwood 14 February 2015
I'm not hoping for a surprise, I'm hoping to be impressed by who Aston Villa bring in next 13 February 2015
There are options for Aston Villa, but will they pony up for the right one? 12 February 2015
It's going to be a nail biting end to the season, but it's one that Paul Lambert has to see out 04 February 2015
Careful now, your opinion counts for nothing: Arsenal 5 Aston Villa 0 01 February 2015
Sinclair, other information we don't see, Delph and Gil 30 January 2015
Worry seems to be the word, Bournemouth at the weekend and wanting to be good at what you do 22 January 2015
Don't sack Lambert and officially the worst side in the Premier League 19 January 2015
Gil signs, we want our Villa back and looking at Southampton 14 January 2015
It doesn't take four seasons, Delph, you don't know what you're doing and sadly having to wait 11 January 2015
The last time we won, a lot written, taking the game back and it's Friday 09 January 2015
A Christmas post, a look at Swansea and January next week 25 December 2014
Supporter or customer and a fantastic three points 04 December 2014
Win something, it's football first at Southampton and little to write about 20 November 2014
I'm Foxed if I know, but something has to happen at Aston Villa 10 November 2014
Lambert safe in the job for the moment, but stand naming still an option 06 November 2014
A certain inevitability about losing to Spurs and the growing disillusionment of Aston Villa supporters 03 November 2014
Lambert talking in riddles, like a man that knows his fate and logic trumps results 01 November 2014
Baffling Aston Villa, are there three worse sides and getting my feet wet 20 October 2014
We're in the middle of October with two massive games coming up and for me, Lambert needs six points 15 October 2014
Not the 39th game, if there is any truth in the Vlaar story, something on Liverpool and Delph and finally Senderos 12 October 2014
Optimism and better football, more chances and the end of October 05 October 2014
Aston Villa sale price slashed to £25 million, the sense of a rumour and some positive spin 29 September 2014
Not so much a poetic view, but an Aston Villa view on the next four games 23 September 2014
Arsenal on Saturday, a football high and some player news 17 September 2014
Randy Lerner, Jack Grealish, Gabby, Tom Fox and Cleverley 11 September 2014
Just one more England game to go, then back to proper football 07 September 2014
Potential and opportunity, Brigada 1874 and Newcastle 24 August 2014
Has Randy Lerner had a change of heart after appointing Tom Fox as new CEO? 21 August 2014
Two chances down, third one coming for Paul Lambert at Aston Villa 12 August 2014
Aly Cissokho, Parma and a rumour 09 August 2014
Season preview: The squad is ready, time to focus on football and trying to win games 28 July 2014
Not news and a video, Twitter, Joe Cole and loan deals 26 July 2014
Brian Little, Randy Lerner, Lee Hendrie and Ian Taylor, 22 July 2014
Fluff, Vlaar and Delph, three times a day and hopefully business done 19 July 2014
The football, Ron Vlaar and an important few days for Randy Lerner 10 July 2014
Keane to be appointed, Gary Gardner to take his chance and stories of money 01 July 2014
Is Lerner going to sell and retain a stake in Aston Villa, a question to you and the fixtures are out 18 June 2014
Senderos will start for Aston Villa but again, the football needs to change 06 June 2014
Don't give me time to think, I come up with stuff like this 04 June 2014
Summer sale at Aston Villa, Roy Keane, Roy Keane, Roy Keane, Roy Keane and it's claret and blue 03 June 2014
The Aston Villa brand, due diligence and walking around in circles 02 June 2014
Opportunity awaits the new Aston Villa owner 31 May 2014
New name in the Aston Villa frame and I'd quite like him 30 May 2014
Albrighton and Delfouneso released, head off into the sun 21 May 2014
Faulkner begs to keep job and Lambert reluctantly agrees to stay on 19 May 2014
No new owner on the Aston Villa horizon and we should prepare for change 16 May 2014
The dust has settled and time for some new contributors to the blog 12 May 2014
Aston Villa matters, shaking it about and me, I'd like to see Liverpool win the league 07 May 2014
Paul Lambert has potential and if there is a new owner coming in, I hope he gets a chance 05 May 2014
If Aston Villa win, it's another season in the Premier League, an emotional video and speculation 02 May 2014
Hull battle, the Holte End and a possible unfortunate accident 30 April 2014
Robbie Savage was nearly right and is football now just about entertainment? 28 April 2014
Fun football banter day: Aston Villa can secure Premier League survival this weekend 25 April 2014
Defeat to Palace, the culture of Aston Villa and lets not throw away two years 14 April 2014
Paul Lambert should be given a little more time, but Aston Villa need a new CEO 08 April 2014
When I was young, I had a dream: You are football and I'm Dag the Wise 31 March 2014
Defending the defenders: Fault should sit with the style of football Aston Villa play 26 March 2014
A happy day today, Aston Villa tomorrow and betting madness 22 March 2014
Mostly about players leaving this summer and a bold prediction 08 March 2014
I'm Paul Lambert, I'm supporting Arsenal and Chelsea and we don't have Doug Ellis 01 March 2014
Defeat to Newcastle, Norwich up next and song of the day 24 February 2014
Football, points, noise and Newcastle 22 February 2014
Golden opportunity: There isn't a better time to face Newcastle 18 February 2014
An idea to raise funds: Sell shares in Aston Villa 06 February 2014
Game of the day, actions speak louder than words, but words sell tickets and create optimism 05 February 2014
Randy Lerner would love to sell Aston Villa, it's just that nobody is willing to pay what he wants 03 February 2014
Some statistics, some perspective and some Everton tomorrow 31 January 2014
Hoolahan, Collymore, speculation and a new playground 26 January 2014
Suarez dived, don't let anyone tell you different and can we play at Anfield every week? 20 January 2014
January speculation, in for Nursey, football first and Wes Hoolahan 09 January 2014
Lambert, Lerner and Faulkner. Most importantly, the football has to change 06 January 2014
Five more games to the FA Cup Final, excuses and hiding and Libor Kozák 03 January 2014
Sacking at Spurs, polls and support for Paul Lambert 16 December 2013
Mistakes in the summer, same mistakes this season and progress and progress 10 December 2013
The circle of happiness: Are Aston Villa due another green tonight? 04 December 2013
We should have won, Southampton and Fulham next week and Benteke and Albrighton 01 December 2013
Randy Lerner and Doug Ellis, like peas in a pod 21 November 2013
Spankulation, award winning Aston Villa and West Brom 19 November 2013
Sweating on and super Marc Albrighton, I fear this is goodbye 30 October 2013
Aston Villa lose to Everton 26 October 2013
Tough games to come for Aston Villa and some statistics 21 October 2013
Best supporters, we're football, emails and letters and Brad Guzan 10 October 2013
Remember what Paul Faulkner did and Newcastle at the weekend 10 September 2013
Lewis PR, all about the clicks, Newcastle up next and smelling of roses 06 September 2013
Supporting Aston Villa, the way Aston Villa want you to, not the Brigada 1874 way 01 September 2013
Liverpool did their homework and one more player needed for Aston Villa 26 August 2013
Arsenal 1 Aston Villa 3: Chelsea up next 19 August 2013
Are you going to step on? Aston Villa season preview 11 August 2013
Business done and it feels good to be an Aston Villa fan at the moment 23 July 2013
Time to show the love: Well, it's Thursday, where is Christian Benteke? 18 July 2013
New contracts, what constitutes news and Germany 16 July 2013
I want to write about Gary Gardner, but I've imploded and it's all gone Benteke 12 July 2013
Benteke asks, doesn't mean he's going to get 09 July 2013
Hoping Aston Villa don't throw out the baby with the bathwater 30 June 2013
A new keeper and the ongoing saga that is Christian Benteke 27 June 2013
A long quiet summer, some monthly statistics and players leaving 28 May 2013
Cheeky pint, Benteke quotes, a broke Dunne and a trip to Germany 23 May 2013
Let the speculation begin: The transfer window is open and the season is over 20 May 2013
Guzan is my player of the season, Benteke knows and tip of the hat 15 May 2013
Didn't deserve to lose, supporting Arsenal and maybe even Spurs 13 May 2013
Will Aston Villa stay up this season? 07 May 2013
Full of smiles, Aston Villa to beat Norwich and West Brom to beat Wigan 03 May 2013
Today, I'll be a Yid, a Canary and a Red but it's Monday that matters 27 April 2013
Steps, fate, games we must win and futurism 23 April 2013
The weekly: Manchester United on Monday, West Ham today, Petrov, Benteke and Dunne 20 April 2013
Gabby was missed, the run in and playing football the right way 15 April 2013
The weekly: Hope, hard work, honesty and smarts 12 April 2013
Robbie Savage, some things take time and the NextGen Series 02 April 2013
No news is good news, Liverpool and Wigan 27 March 2013
Going down? Aston Villa v QPR 15 March 2013
News, QPR are 9th and a possible four point cushion 13 March 2013
Would you be surprised and a win at the weekend 08 March 2013
Football is sometimes right but then sometimes so very confusing 28 February 2013
Time to roll out Gabby, my Aston Villa player map and a look ahead to Arsenal 20 February 2013
If we beat Arsenal I'll start to believe, but how is everyone else feeling? 15 February 2013
Aston Villa pick up a point at Everton but there is hope of better to come 03 February 2013
Lambert went shopping yesterday, odds on relegation and Everton 01 February 2013
Gutted, footballing Gods, four at the back and it might not be so bad 30 January 2013
Fifteen cup finals, Newcastle and Lerner writes 29 January 2013
A wake up call, not the new Doug Ellis and we shouldn't be surprised 26 January 2013
It really was a dark day, Millwall tomorrow and playing for a place 24 January 2013
Paul Lambert should be sacked in the morning 22 January 2013
Positive and negative, but it can't get any worse for Aston Villa 16 January 2013
Aston Villa peering over the abyss 14 January 2013
Sack Lambert, back him or sack Faulkner? Lerner is going nowhere 09 January 2013
Lambert the lamb still learning his trade at Aston Villa 30 December 2012
A question of depth and a look to Wigan 28 December 2012
Bradford in the League Cup, Chelsea in the Premier League 20 December 2012
Liverpool, the new Wigan, Weimann and Benteke and six of our own 17 December 2012
League Cup Quarter Final: Norwich v Aston Villa 10 December 2012
Said best on Twitter, Bent and Ireland, Stoke and Ipswich 04 December 2012
QPR tomorrow, Darren Bent today 30 November 2012
As if by magic, transfer funds are available, words and Arsenal 20 November 2012
Aston Villa in relegation zone, important games coming up could be an understatement 19 November 2012
It wasn't a penalty, but I'm not sure it changed the game 18 November 2012
Gabby, always happy at Villa 16 November 2012
The next Zlatan, video of the day and international football 14 November 2012
Darren Bent, Martin O'Neill, joking aside and up next 05 November 2012
There are problems at Aston Villa and Randy can fix them but they're deeper than many think 23 October 2012
I don't like football, oh no, I love it, but right now I'll take a result and long ball 16 October 2012
Aston Villa: The transitional club 11 October 2012
An off day for Aston Villa to be brushed under the carpet 23 September 2012
A rosy garden, a useless break and Swansea 06 September 2012
A simple post: The Fonz and Brad Guzan 04 September 2012
Season prediction: Forget about transition 10 August 2012
Sell to buy is making it difficult for Lambert but Gabby is happy 24 July 2012
Burton Albion, video of the day and trouble soon 14 July 2012
Aston Villa American tour, no real news and no rumours 11 July 2012
England, Roy, an offer and Aston Villa 12 June 2012
Not a season prediction, Lambert's Lions and stupid stupid analysis 08 June 2012
Hope or optimism for next season, what is Paul Lambert football and an interview soon 05 June 2012
Making a mess of it or a new dawn? The manager search, hopefully, continues 30 May 2012
Two cows on top of a hill, one called Paul, one called Randy 25 May 2012
Will it be Solskjaer, will it be someone else, we have to wait to see 21 May 2012
Transfer window open, no manager and silly season starts 17 May 2012
Birds flying high you know how I feel: Time for a bite 15 May 2012
And now, the end is here, and so I face the final countdown: Alex McLeish 12 May 2012
Glass offices, brothers and wives, Alex McLeish and professional courtesy 10 May 2012
Season nearly over, dead man talking and summer speculation 08 May 2012
McLeish is going nowhere, for now and the run in 30 April 2012
I could be in trouble for this and McLeish is gone at the end of the season 29 April 2012
I told you so and I'm telling you again: The inmates are running the asylum 19 April 2012
Liverpool and the run in: Europe here we come Mr Faulkner 05 April 2012
Local press muppets, Brett mate Holman and a chuckle at something you might not chuckle at 14 March 2012
It isn't all bad and local ingredients come good 12 March 2012
The new Doug Ellis, Fulham and a little bit of happiness 08 March 2012
Lerner and Aston Villa paying the price for a second rate appointment 24 February 2012
A Saudi Prince and an optimistic outlook 20 February 2012
Can Aston Villa fans unite? 17 February 2012
This is about pride. This is about football. This is about Aston Villa Football Club 14 February 2012
Manchester City, Paul Faulkner and the prospect of an embarrassing protest 11 February 2012
We all want to change the world: Things that didn't happen and things that shouldn't 07 February 2012
A little look to Newcastle, the one in four theory and prediction time 03 February 2012
Gardner and Gabby and brick walls: I'm a reluctant Cardiff fan 26 January 2012
Alex McLeish needs time and Randy is great, just misunderstood 23 January 2012
The Secret Plan 2.0: Outlandish assumptions based on curated consumption 19 January 2012
Nine years ago, Swansea were bottom of the Football League, but who cares? 17 January 2012
Bristol Rovers in the FA Cup, Darren Bent and Robbie Keane 06 January 2012
Where has the bright future gone Randy Lerner? 04 January 2012
New year coming, a look at this year and a hope for next 30 December 2011
The dark times begin and it's as if Randy Lerner doesn't care 20 December 2011
Marc Albrighton, Liverpool on Sunday and living with hope 15 December 2011
She's like the wind, not me. Three points is just that 12 December 2011
You don't play that kind of football at a club like Aston Villa 04 December 2011
Nearly half way so time for a half rant and are you reading this Mr Faulkner 29 November 2011
McLeish has to go. Either Randy sacks him or he resigns. He isn't good enough 22 November 2011
Qatar Petroleum apparently interested in Blackburn, would you want them at Aston Villa? 14 November 2011
Morning all: Gabby, Norwich, Jenas and Google 08 November 2011
Your story, a trip to Italy helps and I love football and Aston Villa 03 November 2011
A stay of execution, bottom up, top down and Barry Bannan 27 October 2011
Ciaran Clark, some bad ideas, a good idea and American owners 18 October 2011
Could Spurs tempt Gabby and does Bannan deserve a new contract 14 October 2011
First proper test, no news is good news and what Doug does 10 October 2011
Weekend banker bet: Aston Villa to beat Wigan 30 September 2011
A big week, a little romance and tickle my tummy, we're sixth 19 September 2011
Bet of the day, results count and another line please 13 September 2011
I'm in trouble for this but there is football tomorrow 09 September 2011
Success in Scotland, Everton at the weekend and whoring myself out for £15k 06 September 2011
Behaviour breeds behaviour: A look at salary savings and income 30 August 2011
Video of the day and that damned secret plan 29 August 2011
Name in the hat, Barry Bannan and a tip of the hat 24 August 2011
There is nothing else and bet of the weekend is an Aston Villa home win 19 August 2011
Teenage kicks, a good first impression and shouldering the responsibility 08 August 2011
Football weekend, strengthening needed, no it isn't 05 August 2011
Season preview and prediction: That word again 29 July 2011
A game today, The Clowns and a new face in hell 27 July 2011
With a bit of luck, we'll only sign N'Zogbia and Given 15 July 2011
Something Merse said, something the manager said and something someone might or might not have said 12 July 2011
Ireland, Bent, Scholes and the week that really wasn't 10 July 2011
The Glasgow way: Play hard and work hard 07 July 2011
Could this be the week that Aston Villa do most of the summer transfer business? 04 July 2011
Things will happen this week and I fancy it will involve Stewart Downing 03 July 2011
Confirmation if Downing leaves and I'm not bitter 27 June 2011
More focus on youth, why we wont see much transfer activity and moving forward, quickly 22 June 2011
The Aston Villa of things and holding out hope 16 June 2011
Whoever the manager is, the manager is and another cheeky line 07 June 2011
Sunday banter, a slight change of opinion on a managerial candidate and the price of an Ashley 05 June 2011
New manager for Aston Villa coming very soon, not Mark Hughes 03 June 2011
Corrupt FIFA, the manager, Ashley and Brad: Could be an interesting week for Aston Villa 30 May 2011
Who is the odd one out: Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs or Gareth Barry 27 May 2011
Real improvement, speculation and silly season 24 May 2011
I'm keen, Facebook and Stewart Downing 11 May 2011
Time for priorities and players of the season 10 May 2011
Things that will happen, the transfer window and banging my head 04 May 2011
Another transitional season to come, the secret plan and Stoke 26 April 2011
Yabba Dabba Doo! The twelfth man 11 April 2011
Is there a twelfth man, I have my doubts, the scamp Nigel Reo-Coker and the smart Ashley Young 30 March 2011
The statement was made and the message relayed. Did you get it? 22 March 2011
Is there really a twelfth man at Villa Park and what have you got to lose in finding out? 09 March 2011
Facts don't lie, Sunday morning and papers 06 March 2011
Bolton tomorrow, Fabian Delph, Stephen Ireland and what stupid people say 04 March 2011
Team of our generation, Fulham matters and three points 04 February 2011
The Villa Blog project: The team of our generation 27 January 2011
What next in January for Aston Villa? 19 January 2011
Bent to be unveiled today and hopefully one more big signing 18 January 2011
Numbers, the last ten seasons, a backup plan and no silly graphs 13 January 2011
Form is temporary, class is permanent: Transfer window opens this weekend 29 December 2010
Three moments from 2010 that shaped the year for Aston Villa 21 December 2010
Prediction: Expect an early signing or two from Mr Houllier in January 16 December 2010
Houllier needs more time and January, Ashley Young, Barry Bannan and Heskey 09 December 2010
World Cup 2018 coming to England and a little perspective 02 December 2010
After watching Barcelona last night, I went to bed with a smile 30 November 2010
Do Aston Villa need a new striker, Arsenal tomorrow and happy with change 26 November 2010
January: An important month for Aston Villa 16 November 2010
Lerner and Faulkner meeting this week and time gentlemen please 02 November 2010
Burnley in the League Cup, some news and some speculation 26 October 2010
Robert Pires, the Asia Trophy and nearly nothing else 19 October 2010
Ashley Young and England and football in general 13 October 2010
Think positive: Young, Warnock, Heskey and Reo-Coker get a mention and a new planet 05 October 2010
A look at the League Cup, player news and some speculation 21 September 2010
It isn't that bad at Aston Villa and Kevin MacDonald did a fine job with the time he had 19 September 2010
Hopeful and optimistic times ahead but not positive for Collymore 09 September 2010
If Houllier is appointed, he will be supported but it has to be done the Aston Villa way 07 September 2010
Something for the ladies and Gérard Houllier 03 September 2010
Transfer window shut, Lerner has to invest or sell and four months of fun 01 September 2010
Sorry Luke and Bob and come on Kevin and Randy 23 August 2010
Waffle. Luckily I title the post after writing it. Waffle waffle waffle. Up the Villa 20 August 2010
Kevin MacDonald and James Milner: A cautionary tale and a hopeful one 17 August 2010
Manager, owner and supporters: All for Aston Villa 15 August 2010
Time for some football and time to remember 13 August 2010
Back to the real world: Aston Villa need to take time in appointing a new manager 10 August 2010
Season prediction: Reality check time 30 July 2010
Milner back, Webcam staying and we are drawing a line 26 July 2010
The sun is shining, time to cash in on James Milner 23 July 2010
Sell to buy might not be so bad, new rumours, some news and a new kit 15 July 2010
Pre-season, speculation, Martin O'Neill and Steve Froggatt 08 July 2010
Fixtures and rumours and Aston Villa close to signing a player 15 June 2010
Mart going nowhere, Milner wants to be successful and I'd have Rafa if Liverpool don't want him 03 June 2010
James Milner, the ringmasters from East London and Spurs swoop 25 May 2010
Spurs clinch fourth and hope for third, Man City bottle it again, Aston Villa want a performance from West Ham and Liverpool are desperate for new owners 06 May 2010
It is all about three points next Sunday or we might very well finish seventh 02 May 2010
O'Neill isn't interested in Europa League, but I am and I'd love to be where Fulham are right now 28 April 2010
Birmingham City, the gift that keeps on giving, James 'Milly' Milner, Ricardo Dunne and speculation 26 April 2010
The real world and the summer of Randy Lerner: Aston Villa 0 Chelsea 3 11 April 2010
Leaving the manager well enough alone 02 April 2010
Booing Aston Villa fans are merely frustrated Aston Villa fans 22 March 2010
Martin O'Neill off to Liverpool? Not in this lifetime 11 March 2010
Headache for Martin O'Neill equals discussion topic for Aston Villa fans 09 March 2010
Manchester United just better than Aston Villa 01 March 2010
Aston Villa are on target for target, time to focus on Sunday 25 February 2010
Remember this date. The business end of the season begins for Aston Villa 18 February 2010
Webcam on O'Neill, O'Neill on Chumps League and Megan Fox on Aston Villa 17 February 2010
Palace in the FA Cup, James Milner for captain and John Terry, a lads lads 03 February 2010
Six days of the transfer window left. Will Aston Villa sign anyone? 26 January 2010
Aston Villa interested in the Togolese Xavi and good work lads 24 January 2010
My claret and blue eggs are now firmly placed in the League Cup basket 12 January 2010
No new players in January, but that could change next week 11 January 2010
Gareth Barry unhappy and I'd score in Scotland and League One, does that mean I can take the step up? 06 January 2010
The Hotle End sung his name: Start with Marc Albrighton 30 December 2009
Your Aston Villa eleven and a little mention of Burnley 17 November 2009
Ashley Young and West Ham tomorrow 03 November 2009
No post-mortem but a really old Sunday rumour 01 November 2009
Capello rates Heskey but he doesn't start for Villa. How sure is O'Neill of his team? 13 October 2009
David O'Leary, like a joke that just keeps giving, wants another job, will he ever get one? 25 September 2009
Best eleven, formations, points over performance, media coverage, competition winners and Nigel Reo-Coker 22 September 2009
Early team news, Lerner a busy man and supporting your local team 12 September 2009
Is Martin O'Neill about to change formation for the match against Birmingham City? 10 September 2009
The Clowns up next, Osbourne to Blackpool and England 05 September 2009
Fulham tomorrow, Davies concern, the manager needs more money and server move 29 August 2009
I'm a glory hunting, Surströmming eating, rumour reading Aston Villa fan 22 August 2009
Martin O'Neill needs to change a little if we are to break the cycle 18 August 2009
Martin O'Neill attends a meeting with other managers to find out he needs more players 17 August 2009
Martin O'Neill talks, maybe he should take time to listen 15 August 2009
Season prediction: Aston Villa to move up a gear 11 August 2009
Aston Villa targets going elsewhere and is Sir Alex playing games with someone? 16 July 2009
The next step, as in top four, is so close. Will Aston Villa take the step? 13 July 2009
Some thoughts on success and foundations in football 11 July 2009
An alternative view on Martin O'Neill in the transfer market 08 July 2009
Football has changed, but my Aston Villa is still my Aston Villa 06 July 2009
I’m CP, and I want Aston Villa to sign big Sol Campbell 04 July 2009
First match in 18 days, players to arrive at Aston Villa very very soon 01 July 2009
A German midfielder, a striker from Spurs and Lerner speaks in transfer window about funds been made available 28 June 2009
Doug Ellis speaks and a question of faith 25 June 2009
Three players gone, loads to come in, honestly, it has to happen 24 June 2009
An optimistic look at next season for Aston Villa 22 June 2009
The summer of Ashley Young and will he be an Aston Villa player next season 20 June 2009
Martin O'Neill speaks and more speculation, Ashley Young and Sol Campbell 18 June 2009
John Carew, Craig Gardner, John Gregory talks and optimism for next season 15 June 2009
Harewood on his way and the numbers start to look a little worrying 12 June 2009
Does Curtis Davies really have any critics? 06 June 2009
A defining summer for Randy Lerner and possibly Ashley Young 05 June 2009
Martin O'Neill is no mug, he'll have his Gareth Barry replacement lined up and he'll move to a five man midfield 02 June 2009
Is it time for Aston Villa to take the next step and pile the club with a little more debt? 31 May 2009
Michael Owen, new Aston Villa forum, Gareth Barry and wee Gordon Strachan 26 May 2009
Long live Martin O´Neill and let´s look forward to next season 10 May 2009
James Milner, Stan the Man and a Swedish rumour 07 May 2009
The season is over for Aston Villa, time for the manager to concentrate on next season and the Europa LDV tournament 05 May 2009
Only Raul Albiol and James Milner today, but it is a good weekend for football fans 02 May 2009
Have your say: Should Celtic and Rangers be allowed to compete in the Premier League? 29 April 2009
When I was young I had a dream, to watch the greatest football team 28 April 2009
Randy Lerner has to give to Aston Villa a considerable sum of money and not a rumour to be found anywhere 21 April 2009
Actions, words, louder, Tony Morley and fighting talk from Marouane Fellaini 08 April 2009
Aston Villa can take fourth, only if Arsenal bottle it and I fancy they might 07 April 2009
Friedel should learn where the line is 06 April 2009
As an Aston Villa supporter, which club do you most dislike? 02 April 2009
Is Martin O'Neill conceding fourth place to Arsenal? 23 March 2009
Puntastic look at the rest of the season, forget about Manchester United and Liverpool 19 March 2009
On the beers, Brian Clough and a mini Liverpool preview 19 March 2009
Rumours in March include Mbark Boussofa and Kyle Naughton but we need more! 18 March 2009
If you were Gareth Barry, would you pick Arsenal or Liverpool? 16 March 2009
Make or break for Aston Villa against Tottenham Hotspur today 15 March 2009
Randy Lerner no longer a dollar billionaire. Will it have a knock on effect to Aston Villa? 12 March 2009

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