A little warning today; this might turn into a long post and rather than an opinion on what happened last night, it's going to be more of a story. You see, we've come full circle now, from when I started blogging about Aston Villa to today.

I started blogging about Aston Villa when I was living in Cape Town many years ago. It started on my personal blog and when that started to get quite a bit of traffic, I bought my first domain name, astonvilla.biz and continued there.

The reason I started blogging was that I had time and a view that I wanted others to hear. I didn't for a moment think that I'd still be here ten years later. But I started blogging back then because of Graham Taylor, Mark Ansell and Doug Ellis and one of the first things I did was start a petition to get them all removed.

Online petitions wont have the same effect today as they did back then, but Ansell and Taylor were forced out and we all know what happened to Doug a few years later. But when things started to get serious about Doug and Villa Fans Combined got involved, I had to stand back.

Back then, I learnt that Doug was actively trying to sell the club and trying to find investors. The protests were not pointless, it raised awareness and it galvanised supporters, to an extent, but what they were trying to achieve was already happening. It turned out that Doug was trying to do the right thing for Aston Villa, before the protests began.

But that was back then. We should fast forward to last night and last night I felt exactly like I did when we lost to The Clowns in the 2002/03 season that ultimately started the blog and the petition.

We shouldn't be surprised

The reason why it feels like full circle is because none of us should be surprised about the result. I even had £100 on Millwall to win last night at 6/4 I was that confident we'd bottle it. I don't apologise for that, the price was just too good.

But this has been coming for a long time and I wrote about it last season, the season before that and even the very season Randy Lerner took over. Back then I got a lot of stick for questioning him and trying to point out that this was coming, but I think it is quite fair to say today that many now see what I was writing about.

Lerner was never here for Aston Villa, only what he could get out of it. Back then, when the PR machine was in full swing, people were buying into his love of the club, his tattoo, the five year plan, the new North Stand and the 'world class' players.

I'm sure many remember General Krulak. I could predict what his comments were going to say and I'm proud that we stood firm and never had him on this site.

I don't know if everyone knows this; but it wasn't even him posting on many occasions. It was just PR and so many lapped it up. And I will apologise for that, it was a swipe, but you should have listened because I didn't just write about it once or twice, I wrote about it regularly.

The wake up call

But for the very reason Randy Lerner is here, I also believe that last night would have alerted him to the very real possibility that if he doesn't do something, we could be relegated. However, I'm not sure that there is anyone at the club stressing this.

I'm fairly sure that Lerner is a smart enough man to see what relegation would mean to Aston Villa financially, but I'm not certain that there is anyone telling him that if we do go, we might not come back, even with a manager who has experience of the Championship.

And this isn't me saying that Lambert will get sacked. Sacking someone isn't easy and Lambert and Lerner have a relationship that will make it more difficult, even if Lambert probably wouldn't mind so much after he gets his contract paid off. But I guess this and what I've told you above does confirm one thing; Randy Lerner isn't actually the new Doug Ellis.

The truth is, even though I wrote that the manager should be sacked earlier this week, that if he isn't and if Lerner has identified him as the long term man for Aston Villa, then he has to support him financially. This is the Premier League, not a plaster - you can't do it too quickly in this game.

What I mean is what we've done this season should have been done over two or maybe even three and what Lerner has to do now is provide the funds so Lambert can get the quality in, until the end of the season, to help us stay up. Sadly, that is going to cost money and probably quite a lot of money, but put that in a column against the amount we could lose if we are relegated and it factor in the risks of spending it or not spending it and it will be a no brainer.

Lerner is here for the money. If he doesn't spend it there is a very real chance we will be relegated and if that happens, he stands the very real chance of losing an awful lot of cash and yes, I know that he didn't make any of this money himself, but you've got to assume that the very expensive education he received did teach him something.

What I'm trying to say is, is that I believe we will strengthen. And because Paul Lambert is, as I write this anyway, our manager, I have to believe that he knows who he needs to bring in. But just in case he is reading this; we need one or two defenders and one or two midfielders and when supporters look at them, in the full knowledge that they are only here until the end of the season, possibly for a final big pay day, we have to instinctively know that they are capable of doing the job. They quite literally have to be as close to 'world class' as 'world class' can be in your 30's.

No more yes man, man

So, to my post the other day about sacking Lambert and I stand by it. After the Bradford result, he should have been sacked, because that isn't good enough for Aston Villa and it just proved he was out of his depth.

But he wasn't sacked. He wasn't sacked after last night either and as I write this he is still in a job, so we have to accept that he might very well be here until the end of the season. And if he is, we have to support him, even if he is out of his depth.

You see, you either sink or swim when out of your depth and I think Lambert might be the type of person that will learn how to swim, but he needs his owner to throw him some help.

Without that help, it might take him longer and the club wont vanish, but relegation is an unthinkable option for Aston Villa and that is the part of this whole mess that I don't think Lerner is getting. You see, his yes man Paul Faulkner, appointed Alex McLeish and that should never have been allowed to happen, but I don't think he knows that and that is what makes me think he doesn't understand the importance of staying in this league and not just for the money.

But this isn't about Faulkner, even though it really should be, but we have to accept that he is the nodding dog that wags his tail. This is about Lambert and he has to call Lerner this morning and demand this money, not just accept what he has or hasn't. He has to stress the importance and if all else fails, he has to do what he has to do. For himself, more than anything.

Window open for a few more days

And you can call this next bit 'blind optimism' but until the window closes and nothing has changed, I'm going to believe it will. I'm going to believe that last night was a wake up call for Lerner. I'm going to believe that Lambert grew some last night and woke up this morning knowing his path.

I'm going to believe that Lerner will sanction the spending of £10mn between now and the end of the season on wages and if he does, I feel confident that we will stay up. And I really do believe that is what we have to spend to assure our survival. I also want to believe that there is a plan B and people have been working on it for a few weeks and we're ready to move.

I'm also going to apologise for the long post and if you've got this far I thank you, but I needed to get this all off my chest. If we are relegated we'll not vanish, as I wrote above, but these days it's harder to come back up and I fear that relegation could just be the beginning of the end for us and when I wrote last season that we were going to become the next mid table side with no aspirations other than staying in the league, if relegation, I fear we could become the next Nottingham Forest, Sheffield club or dare I even say it, Wolves.

If I lost the flow in this post, I apologise. If you're reading this, I thank you. My point is, there are a few days left and I think Lerner will do something, mostly for the reasons why he is here - money. I will be back in a couple of hours and I'll respond to comments.

Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • The magic of the cup seems to have gone this weekend unless you are a lower league club, we may get a decent run next season.
    On Benteke he is no different to Young, Milner and Downing we are a stepping stone to better things.

  • Guest - Billy.villa

    We are Aston Villa not Norwich, we can never be the next Luton. We have too much History. Worst case scenario would be the next Leeds. Still pretty scary thought though.

  • Guest - truevillan

    The Benteke thing again!! he CANNOT play for another club, he has played for 2 already, so if we are selling him to arsenal they need to lend him straight back, and we get 17.5 mil.............................kinda wish it was true now! lol, that deal may just save us!:D

  • Guest - christhevillan

    At least the queue for a beer at half time next season will be shorter:)

  • (truevillan): he will be gone in the summer you can be sure of that.

  • Guest - greg

    benteke is not going anywhere, see just gave us good news, and yes the other clubs gettin beaten in the fa cup is uplifting without a doubt, just goes to show how weak the premier league is at the moment, a compeditive but weak league really

  • Not so sure Benteke played any league games for Genk this season.



    I bet when we drop we're gonna lose pretty much everyone and be the next Luton Town.
    Team sheet for a match next season: Bennet, Clark, Lichaj, Baker, Lowton, Albrighton, Westood, Herd, Gabby, Holman
    Subs would be the academy

    This is going to be the best team we could field and can anyone else see them coming back up, ever?

    Gabby's on 60k a week . Hed be offloaded as well i reckon.
    Probably end up at Sunderland or something for "4 million or something.
    Ppl might think no way etc but the vultures will be out if go down and players on wages like that will have to go . And clubs will knw they wont have to play much for them.


    either way yes we would struggle in championship big time IMO .
    as already said were meek as they come and would be a new big scalp for everyone down there.

  • either way yes we would struggle in championship big time IMO .
    as already said were meek as they come and would be a new big scalp for everyone down there.

    That almost flatters us, have you read what ****u had to say the other night:

    I was surprised because most of their defenders were kind of small," ****tu said. "The guy they put on me looked really worried. In the second-half he was begging me not to score another goal.

    I don't think we will be a scalp, more of a formality for any side with powerfull players.

  • Guest - truevillan

    (truevillan): he will be gone in the summer you can be sure of that.


    I am Villa through and through, but if I was our top scorer I WOULD BE GONE IN THE SUMMER! :D

  • Guest - greg

    to ne a premier league player you would imagine youd have to be bigest strongest and quickist in your class, if you havnt those attribute youd want to be a pretty one helluva talented tecnical magican, and unfortunately we have a team of lightwwights, no hard grizzly ****er to stand up and be counted or no class player to stick in a goal from nowhere.

    Benteke has a bit of it, but he is still learning and only a young man, weimann has been a shining light, but i really think its our non existent midfield, man for man the defense are good players really, its midfield were we never dominate, no heart, no tackle, no vision, no composure and no class, for me we should have signed up diame and and nzonzi in the summer, both were achievable targets coming from blackburn and wigan respectively


    oh yeh dont get me wrong.
    what i was saying is sides in championship would absoultely relish playing against our lot or the remains of our meek lot.
    wed be scalp still because of history - but wed be turned over with ease/
    a nothing club like Milwall with their 2 best players missing in Milwall have already demonstrated what life in championship for us would be like.

    Our frankly pathetic sqaud would be torn a new arsehole week in and out.

  • Benteke has played 5 games in the Jupiler pro league so cant play for anyone..............yet!! Weiman and Bowery could strike up a good partnership in the championship though to be fair


    what sort of contract is Weimann on ?
    anyone know?

  • Guest - stevieh

    Guest (PROUD HISTORY , **** FUTURE?)
    Don't know but his new one will be no more than£40,000 per week that is for sure!

  • Just for the record, 2 of milwall's best players missing was actually only 1. Chris Wood was never their player, on loan from WBA and sold to Leicester so the dopey pri*ks who said that should shut the f*ck up t=rather than talk out their ars*s.
    No idea about Weiman's contract. I've no doubt he's only on a very small amount right now but the club will reward him as I think he's actually going to be quality.

  • Saying that about Weiman's contract. I seem to remember that someone said on here that Delfouneso is on a fair wedge and he's shi*e.........so perhaps Weiman is on a decent amount already but all the same,I'd make him a decent offer.

  • PROUD HISTORY - we're on the same page, I think we're far too lightweight to win the Championship.

    A few of the younger lads will have a chance to grow in confidence because its their background and they obviously did well there before so we may carry a bit of fight but not enough class.

    We have Blackburn etched all over us right now.

  • 1 player missing,2 players missing they still beat us comfortably and thats all that counts!!!

  • I prefer to say they beat us.......comfortably.......nah, I dont agree with that. It's the upset of them beating us making us all more downcast and pis*ed off at the situation right now and talking everything down. They scored in the last minute of the match, yes, there were 6 mins of added time but it was a hammer blow.......

  • 12 goal attempts to our 4,twice as many as us on target,looks good to me


    i dont buy into blessing in disguise stuff at all.
    the cup games are part a month long run of truly awful form of awful results back to back and seemingly in a tailspin of **** and yet seems we have deliberately decided not to have attempted to bring any players in.

    The Milwall game and Bradfrod games for me have just brutally exposed of how poor we are.
    the game on Friday on was truly shocking . Dont let the 2-1 scoreline kid you

  • According to James Nursey it's all agreed Hutton and Warnock are gone!

    'Cash out: Aston Villa loaning big-money flops Alan Hutton and Stephen Warnock'

    West Ham will get Warnock and Hutton heading to Spain as Villa look to get £40k per week spare parts off the wage bill

    'Aston Villa have agreed to ship out flops Alan Hutton to Real Mallorca and Stephen Warnock to West Ham.

    The pair of big-earning Villa full-backs were made to train with the kids when boss Paul Lambert took over last summer.
    Hutton and Warnock were then bombed out on loan to Nottingham Forest and Bolton respectively.
    Despite returning to Villa, the club are now sending right-back Hutton, 28, to Real Mallorca and left-back Warnock, 31, to West Ham this week.'

    * Well there is a saving on shipping both of these out, what are we the Villa fans going to get in return ??

  • In The Daily Mail

    'Allardyce in double swoop for defensive duo Pogatetz and Warnock'

    'Left-back Stephen Warnock is also joining West Ham on a free transfer after Sam Allardyce was priced out of moves for Blackburn’s Martin Olsson and Montpellier’s Henri Bedimo.'

    Villa agreed to release Warnock from the final six months of his contract. The 31-year-old spent the time on loan at Bolton earlier this season and was wanted by Wolves and Leeds.

    Defender Alan Hutton has agreed to join Real Mallorca on loan from Paul Lambert's side.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2269287/Emanuel-Pogatetz-Stephen-Warnock-sign-West-Ham.html#ixzz2JEwearMQ
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  • Right that's two high earning players gone. Warnock has left on a free transfer, we have lost 8m but in the scheme of things we are saving his full wages which are 40-50k / week.

    Hutton has gone on loan so we are probably saving half his salary around 20-30k / week

    So estimating by getting rid of both albeit Hutton on loan we have made a saving of between 60 - 80k / week.

    You would expect this money to be used as re-investment on new players/loan players. Surely this signals our January window has now just opened ?

  • Guest - Villain in Oz


    Why can everyone see whats needed apart from Lerner although Charlie Nicholas's point is interesting

  • Guest - truevillan

    well, either our transfer window starts now or we have just released the only little bit of experience and cover we had and committed suicide!
    will be an interesting few days, PLEASE let some quality join us, it is still not too late, but we are very close!

  • Guest - jabber

    Morning all, well I guess this is the start of the week that may well decide our future as a premiership club. Thinks its not to melodramatic to say if we don't bring someone in at the back and the midfield we are down. Couple that with a potential loss to Newcastle and I thinks its all over bar the weeping and wailing. Sorry to start on a downer but there is not an open cheque book in sight. :(

  • We are a funny lot when newspapers report stories we are not keen on they are rubbish and we are not to believe anything we read in them, however when they report stories we hope to be true they seem to be cast in stone. Truth is the club have not officially announced Warnock or Hutton have gone so as it stands they are still our players and on our pay roll.

  • bobvillian: this has to be because no one knows where we will be playing next season which I am sure will make a huge difference to what he gets paid.

  • bobvillain

    Merely stating the fact that we should have now freed up some cash.

    I'd have had Warnock and Hutton in place of Lowton and Bowery. That's how bad our defence is!

    How many goals conceded this season errmmm 42 would it be....;)

  • That should have read Lowton and Bennet , not Bowery.

    On the subject of Bowery they should get rid of him as well.

  • Morrocco have been knocked out of the ANC.

    Our saviour is coming back "Super super Karim, Super Karim El Ahmadi"

    We're saved I tell ya... saved ! ;)

  • Guest - paulb

    What I find strange about Warnock and Hutton, and for that matter Bent and otherexperienced professionals, is that whatever pre conceived ideas we had of these players, Lambert came to the club as a new manager last summer and seemed to bomb these players out before actually seeing them play. Surely whatever anybody said about them wouldnt you want to play them and make up your own mind ? Both are internationals for gods sake. We have been paying them I dont know how much for training with the kids whilst our "1st team" defence has leaked goals all season for fun. Now we offload them for a loss. It would make sense to me for Lambert to see what we had got on the playing staff before forking out for lower grade players. I could even have understood it if these players had left in the summer but to have them on the payroll and simply ignore them beggars belief. In fact I struggle to understand most of Lamberts decisions and I for one actually shudder at the thought of what he MAY buy if funds are released before Thursday.

  • paulb

    Warnock was involved in the first 6 pre season games.

  • A year in this league at Norwich clearly taught Lambert nothing about how things work, surely no manager in his right mind would bring in as many young and inexperienced players in one go and try to play them all and expect it to work? As the season has progressed it has become clear that Lambert is very nieave when it comes to this league and was actually a one season wonder.

  • paulb

    Hutton was only involved in the first pre-season game so maybe something was said or PL saw very quickly what Hutton was like.

  • Guest - David C

    What I find strange about Warnock and Hutton, and for that matter Bent and otherexperienced professionals, is that whatever pre conceived ideas we had of these players, Lambert came to the club as a new manager last summer and seemed to bomb these players out before actually seeing them play.

    C'mon. Bent has shambled around like a lost sheep for 18 months now.

    And surely everyone has heard that Warnock was the key instigator of the dissent last season? I have it from a very good source that he lost it in the dressing room after the Swansea game (when he had an absolute howler) and was openly criticising his team mates. He should never have been allowed to set foot at Bodymoor Heath again, let alone Villa Park.

    And Hutton? Least said about that clogger the better.

    I get the posters point about experience - but believe me, the three examples mentioned are not the 'right' sort of experienced pros to be relied upon.

    Bringing it back to the excellent original post - I don't think we'll spend this window. It'll play out, however it does, with what we've got.

  • Guest - darrenvilla26

    Just read a piece about Scharner being interested in a return to the premiership. i'd welcome him to Villa Park with open arms with the current situation, and with money as tight as it is, it might be the kind of signing that would save our season.

    Would welcome his aerial presence at Aston Villa to combat the woeful effort at defending against set pieces that our current squad offer...his leadership would also provide a valuable asset.

  • David C

    I think PL NEEDS to bring in at least 1 player who can stand up to other players as we have been found out as being weak in midfield and without an addition teams will do as Millwall did and send the big guys up for set pieces.

  • A year in this league at Norwich clearly taught Lambert nothing about how things work, surely no manager in his right mind would bring in as many young and inexperienced players in one go and try to play them all and expect it to work? As the season has progressed it has become clear that Lambert is very nieave when it comes to this league and was actually a one season wonder

    Is it really the young players who he has bought in fault though? Granted bennet hasnt really done very well, but i would say westwood lowton and bentekke have done well. Vlaar has done okish, and KEA hasnt really featured since the start of the season. If anything i would say its our experienced players whos been letting us down, Gabby, ireland, nzog KEA have all benn very poor, with Bent & vlaar only doing ok, our best players this season have been Guzan, weinmann, benteke, & lowton.

    Our own academy youngtsers have been hit and miss, bannan is rubbish, albrighton has done nothing for 2 years and cant keep him self fit, clarke and baker have done okish, but been inconsistant.

    I think where very desperate for a midfielder & CB. Very worries that Newcastle have now gone and signed the quality players they need to get them self out of toruble and thats one less team down there

  • Guest - David C

    I think PL NEEDS to bring in at least 1 player who can stand up to other players as we have been found out as being weak in midfield and without an addition teams will do as Millwall did and send the big guys up for set pieces.

    I agree absolutely. There's no 'presence' in the team; most tellingly of all in the midfield. They're all too small, too lightweight, not physical enough. That's been an issue since we sold Milner. We are crying out for someone like a Patrick Veira or a Ya-Ya Toure type of player. Obviously neither of those two are options these days - but a younger, hungry, undiscovered version. Someone with height and dynamism.

    The point I was trying to make is, we won't get one. Its too late. Those players are very rare. We may end up with a poor substitute version on loan, but I'd be very surprised if anyone comes in.

  • vary rare???? Sissoko,Frimpong and Diame have just gone to other teams or are on the market.Missed a trick there with one of those 3!!!

  • Guest - David C

    vary rare???? Sissoko,Frimpong and Diame have just gone to other teams or are on the market.Missed a trick there with one of those 3!!!

    I meant very rare as in the quality of Vieria or Toure.

    Players like Diame, Frimpong and Sissoko are ten a penny.

  • ten a penny!!! Name a few in that mould then

  • Guest - darrenvilla26

    #19367 sjh ten a penny!!! Name a few in that mould then

    Sali---salifouuuuuuu....bullet...bullet prooooooof lol

  • Have we signed anyone yet ?
    Only reason I ask is because everyone else has.

    Typical Villa, always want to be different to everyone else :p

  • Guest - christhevillan

    I think Frimpong would have been a great loan, he looked good at wolves untill we injured him, that and us beating em probably put them down.

  • I see QPR's chairman is communicating a bit better than ours, offering to step down if they get relegated, admitting the buck stops with him, etc. He might not be any more astute than Lerner but at least he doesn't hide.
    I think the earlier comments about Steve Stride were spot-on. I thought it was a shame when he left but looking back, you can see how huge a mistake it really was. He probably wouldn't have allowed to finances to spiral out of control like they did, with the result that we'd probably not have blundered into the mess we've been in these last couple of years.
    Don't suppose he'd come back without a change of regime, but maybe relegation will shake things up in that department.

  • If we stay up and I say 'if' lightly.

    We're going to have to clear the decks once again. Bennett,Lowton,Bowery,Westwood,El Ahmadi are all not good enough.

    Please do not tell me that next season they will come good. From mid May to mid Aug is only 3 months. Those buys of Lambert are never going to all of a sudden become any good, just because it is pre-season.

  • "If" we stay up next season will be even harder than this and more money will need to be spent to avoid another mess, on the other hand if we go down there will be an exadous and again money will need to be spent, staying up means a massive increase in Sky money so the impact on Randy's finances would be less, so why then cant he and his bitch Faulkner not see the logic of this which I assume is glaringly obvious for all to see, and spend some money now, it has to be the lesser of 2 evils and if he worries whether Lambert is the man to guide us to safety GET RID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonnah

    I think you're wrong and quite frankly I think you're attitude towards a lot of the younger players is so very, very negative. Sure we're in trouble but the absolute key in situations like this is confidence and you're sort of posts give the impression you'd rather knock the players than get behind the lads.

    I actually think Westwood has been excellent so far this season. Lowton is a million times better than Hutton. We've seen nothing of Bowery yet to make a proper assessment. As for Bennett and El Ahmadi their time may still come but BOTH are perfectly good enough to be squad players.

    At least all of these young players you've mentioned have given 100% - unlike some of the senior pros...

    I'm all for having a pop at Lerner for the lack of finances. Lambert too is fair play too but I think we're all in danger of making a bad situation even worse if we turn on the players.

  • Guest - MagicBox

    Looks like Lerner is still backing Lambert.

    Good. Best chance we got to stay up.

  • I 100% agree that we do need to sign a tall combative central midfielder and I agree that Sissosko and (to a lesser extent) Frimpong were opportunities wasted. Diame would suit our needs perfectly but I think he'd want double in wages as to what the club are prepared to pay.

    I find the following quote from Lambert is a real worry and clear evidence that Lerner isn't prepared to finance the club out of this in the short term:

    How many players are we short? There's a few. But I knew the remit of the job was to rebuild. To rebuild something you have to strip it right back.

    My translation of that is that Lambert knows exactly that we need players, embarked on that re-build during the Summer but can't do anymore until more of the big earners are off the payroll. Hopefully, with Hutton and Warnock gone we still have time to bring in 1-2 players during the last 24-48 hours of the transfer window.

    I suspect that it won't be until Dunne, Bent, Ireland, Given and maybe even Gabby have gone (this Summer) that we'll see Lerner release the next chunk of cash.

  • Guest - MagicBox

    What makes you think Ireland, Given and Gabby will be gone this summer?

    All on high wages. No on else will match their wages. Given for example still has 3 years and a half left on his contract.

  • Lambert says on SSN "NO MONEY TO SPEND" we are doomed! Thank you Mr Lerner.

  • MagicBox - I'm not saying that they are guaranteed to leave, just that I can see those players being the ones that the club will try and shift off the wage bill before Lerner sanctions any new major expenditure.

  • Why not do away with the reserves? Its a bit out dated these days to have a 2nd team I think, keep the youth set up and the wages we save would surely avoid the need for too much of a fire sale.

  • PL's body language suggests he is p*ssed off with the money situation. Warnock has not gone yet a long way from completion.

  • the question is,is this team good enough to keep us up??
    Lowton Vlaar Clark Bennet
    KEA Westwood Delph
    Nzog Benteke Gabby
    What do you guys think? With the right manager i think that team should piss it but there you go.

  • RayK

    Please look around you, and digest every single media report on Villa reference the youngsters.

    I don’t want to hear about maybe this young player will come good, or we have not seen enough of this player yet to judge. The hard facts are that the youngsters that we have purchased pre-season are not good enough right here right now. And because of this situation, we may well go down.

    I am not blaming them for not being good enough, the blame has to go to the manager for buying them in the first place.

  • He has to play 4 4 2 or 4 5 1 to give us the best chance and stick to a settled team and stop these iffy substitutions that is our best and now seemingly our only chance of survival with no money being available.

  • Guest - expat007


    where is jcv?
    Although I can’t speak for jcv, I could hazard a guest that he and me are off a similar persuasion when it come to contributing at this time.

    When there nothing coming out of Villa Park, except unconfirmed romours about if there is cash or not, what is planned for the immediate future and is there any transfers possible, in or out, what is the fu*king point.

    I will contribute again when there is substantiated reports re The Villa and when there is news of the side that Rab C is intending to put to the slaughter against Newcastle.

    Of course if jcv honours us by his presence, we can then talk drivel about memories of past exploits, I will be glad to participate with my usual gibberish. We could talk about how I miss the good old days, of ‘Ellis Out’ and winning a few Premier League and Cup matches.
    Like the corners of my mind
    Misty water-colored memories
    Of the way we were
    Scattered pictures,
    Of the smiles we left behind
    Smiles we gave to one another
    For the way we were
    Can it be that it was all so simple then?
    Or has time re-written every line?
    If we had the chance to do it all again
    Tell me, would we? could we?
    Memories, may be beautiful and yet
    What's too painful to remember
    We simply choose to forget
    So it's the laughter
    We will remember
    Whenever we remember...
    The way we were...
    The way we were...

  • exactly windofchange.If i was a defender id **** myself if i knew Gabby or Nzog were running at me all game!!!


    don't sign anyone
    we go down

    it really is that simple IMO

  • Guest - MagicBox

    Proud History - It's better not to get players for the sake of it.

    I think Lambert made that mistake by paying for Bennett on the last day I think it was. I don't wanna see any more type Bennett players. They'll just relegate us anyway and it'll send us further back.


    definately needs to go back to flat back four in a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1

  • Guest - vogra

    I agree with most people on here, if we dont sign at least another centre back and defensive midfielder then i just cannot see us staying up.


    @ MAgicBox

    continue with Clark and our shi1t midfield and we'll go down.

    There are not 3 worse teams than us in Prem central midifield wise or defensively at the back.

    No nothing about that and we go down simple as that.

    Utter disgrace we haven't done so this past month already and has already cost us BIG time.


    * Do nothing about that and we go down

    meant to type

  • Guest - ordinaryjoe

    From The Guardian....

    The worry for Paul Lambert as he prepares for Tuesday's cataclysmic Premier League match with Newcastle is that his team's defensive problems are getting worse, not better. The return of Ron Vlaar from injury just before the derby with West Brom was supposed to add composure and organisational acumen to a dishevelled backline but there has been little sign of that.

    Apologies if someone already posteed this, have not read quite all the blog today, but anyway valid comment here - I for one was rather hoping Vlaar's return would help stop the rot, but it hasnt really.
    Obviously, something much deeper than one player is wrong, and I am far from sure that even the much hoped for influx of signings could help turn it around.

  • Guest - MagicBox

    I don't know why you thought Vlaar's return would help stop the rot.

    The best defence form we was in was from Arsenal to Liverpool. And Vlaar was only part of half the Arsenal match.

    He's so overrated with fans it's unreal. He's a step down from Collins/Dunne quality wise and is more injury prone already. I don't fault his attitude though but it's not enough.


    Vlaar's come back from injury. he looks rusty.
    Hopefully he will improve on last few games.

  • jcv

    can you send me an e-mail to kayaktransport@hotmail,com as I might have something of interest for you, dont worry its not villa related:)

  • :):):) ok mate but dont forget because its something you will enjoy but I cant put up on the site

  • Guest - expat007


    looks like my villa days are coming to the end.
    Never say that Mate, there must be some life in the old dog yet. Do they do Viagra for old dogs?

    Me I cant use Viagra, I keep knocking my hat off:D:D:D

  • Guest - beamo

    Lerner better not show his face at VP again after this shambolic window. Lambert or no Lambert, the failure to invest in this January window is an absolute disgrace, especially when every single team around us is strengthening.
    If Lerner had any decency or integrity he would sell the club and never associate himself with the once proud name of Aston Villa ever again. Take your tattoo and your bumbling twat of a CEO, and get out of our club you moron.

  • Guest - Falmouth Villan

    9378 Guest (MagicBox)
    Looks like Lerner is still backing Lambert.
    Good. Best chance we got to stay up.

    think you must be on the majic mushrooms, majic box if you think that! lol.....pass some round your world seems better than mine.



    can't believe how reckless Lerner is being.
    Is he doing it of spite or something?
    He must be aware of what relegation could do to the club especially if we get stuck down there in champiionship - which IMO is a very real possibility if go down.

  • Guest - Frodo Bannan

    "rebuild was part of the mandate......to rebuild you have to strip it right back"

    Yeah of course, but isnt it better to rebuild over a couple of windows rather than over the course of the season?

    Fcuking idiots we have here at this club

  • Guest - MagicBox

    Falmouth Villan - Why don't you think Lambert is the best chance we have to stay up? We're not even in the relegation zone? ;)

  • Guest - expat007


    I know how you feel, because I’m piss*d off as well and there will be thousands of others like us. Aston Villa FC can’t afford to lose old timers like us, we are still the backbone of the Club.

    If you, I and the other faithful that have followed The Villa through thick and thin over the decades let these ba*tards get us down, then all will be up. I accept that I can never remember such catastrophic times as these, there was always hope even in the late 60’s and early 70’s, but as of now it does look hopeless.

    The Villa family, those like us in these difficult times and them that will follow in the future, will always support Aston Villa FC, not the owners, the managers and the players, they and us will be long gone. The Villa will survive and will rise again like the Phoenix from the ashes to compete with the best.

    Villa have been around for 140 years and will be here for many, many years to come, we must all hang on in there, we must ride out this storm. I promise you that sun will shine tomorrow over The Holte End!


    Lambert - "There's been guys we went for who have gone to other clubs."

    Coutinho ? Sissoko ?

  • Guest - joevilla

    Villa Chairman Randy Lerner has spoken of his support for Paul Lambert, you can read the statement here…

    The Chairman said: “In the time that I’ve come to know Paul what is clear above all else is his strength of character and belief in his approach to football. Fortunes can shift quickly in this game and a sense that one has it right can become grave doubt in a matter of a few games. The Villa Board knew that with Paul we would begin to address the Club’s multi-year lack of competitive stability by reshaping the squad with seven new signings in the summer. It has been rewarding at times this season although certainly frustrating as well, particularly recently. During January Paul and the Board have discussed a variety of players although nothing has yet materialised, which I know also can be frustrating as fresh players always give at least a sense of progress and optimism. Finally, and on a very personal note, I would reiterate that Paul has achieved success at many levels of professional football and I believe, given support, he will continue to do so for us.”

  • Guest - joevilla

    That was Lerner's statement he just made minutes ago...

  • before the 2nd leg Bradford offered to go 50/50 on the final apperance money,roughly £1m and we turned it down.How embarassing though for Bradford to even think about it!!! We ended up with fook all lol

  • Guest - joevilla

    No one else think Lerner speaking is newsworthy?

  • Guest - villa4life


    I can see a mutiny on our hands, The walk out against Wigan after 60 mins was just the beginning the way the away fans treated the players after the Millwall game when the players tried to go up to them to thank them for coming, They were told in no certain terms to feck off by the fans, The Lerner statement cries out we don't have any money to pay of Lambert, So we have no choice to stick with him, The news today is we have no money another sad day to be a villian that we have got to this stage, I see carnage from the fans tomorrow if we lose

  • Guest - expat007

    You don’t have to go to Villa Park to be part of The Villa Family. You, I and many others have paid our dues over the years and we are Villa to we die!

    I expect to be there again this season as I just love Villa Park, loved it from the first day I stood on that grassy bank at the Witton End. The Yank, Fat Controller and Rab C Lambert or any other ba*tard cant take our memories away.

  • im not looking forward to tomorrow.A big rest for Newcastle with fresh new players,our confidence absolutely trashed,i cant se past a 3-1 loss then hey ho a trip to Everton!! Its grim isnt it??

  • Guest - expat007


    Its grim isnt it??
    Grim is not the word for it, it takes two words, Fu*king hopeless!!!!


    a statement from Lerner is better than not having one at all
    altho doesn't exactly say much does it

  • Guest - expat007

    As always, thanks for your company.

    I will be back on tomorrow prior to the game. I will have not checked, but I believe its on the box. If so it will be rated 18 plus as we cant have our poor the kids crying again!;);)

  • Guest - villa4life

    As for not having any money, I would usually say it's a ploy just to keep the prices down and we would bring in somebody but the fact that we have not been linked with anyone all month is a sign we really are in for nobody, Only bit of news before deadline day would be Hutton and Warnock leaving and that's pretty much it sadly



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