A little warning today; this might turn into a long post and rather than an opinion on what happened last night, it's going to be more of a story. You see, we've come full circle now, from when I started blogging about Aston Villa to today.

I started blogging about Aston Villa when I was living in Cape Town many years ago. It started on my personal blog and when that started to get quite a bit of traffic, I bought my first domain name, astonvilla.biz and continued there.

The reason I started blogging was that I had time and a view that I wanted others to hear. I didn't for a moment think that I'd still be here ten years later. But I started blogging back then because of Graham Taylor, Mark Ansell and Doug Ellis and one of the first things I did was start a petition to get them all removed.

Online petitions wont have the same effect today as they did back then, but Ansell and Taylor were forced out and we all know what happened to Doug a few years later. But when things started to get serious about Doug and Villa Fans Combined got involved, I had to stand back.

Back then, I learnt that Doug was actively trying to sell the club and trying to find investors. The protests were not pointless, it raised awareness and it galvanised supporters, to an extent, but what they were trying to achieve was already happening. It turned out that Doug was trying to do the right thing for Aston Villa, before the protests began.

But that was back then. We should fast forward to last night and last night I felt exactly like I did when we lost to The Clowns in the 2002/03 season that ultimately started the blog and the petition.

We shouldn't be surprised

The reason why it feels like full circle is because none of us should be surprised about the result. I even had £100 on Millwall to win last night at 6/4 I was that confident we'd bottle it. I don't apologise for that, the price was just too good.

But this has been coming for a long time and I wrote about it last season, the season before that and even the very season Randy Lerner took over. Back then I got a lot of stick for questioning him and trying to point out that this was coming, but I think it is quite fair to say today that many now see what I was writing about.

Lerner was never here for Aston Villa, only what he could get out of it. Back then, when the PR machine was in full swing, people were buying into his love of the club, his tattoo, the five year plan, the new North Stand and the 'world class' players.

I'm sure many remember General Krulak. I could predict what his comments were going to say and I'm proud that we stood firm and never had him on this site.

I don't know if everyone knows this; but it wasn't even him posting on many occasions. It was just PR and so many lapped it up. And I will apologise for that, it was a swipe, but you should have listened because I didn't just write about it once or twice, I wrote about it regularly.

The wake up call

But for the very reason Randy Lerner is here, I also believe that last night would have alerted him to the very real possibility that if he doesn't do something, we could be relegated. However, I'm not sure that there is anyone at the club stressing this.

I'm fairly sure that Lerner is a smart enough man to see what relegation would mean to Aston Villa financially, but I'm not certain that there is anyone telling him that if we do go, we might not come back, even with a manager who has experience of the Championship.

And this isn't me saying that Lambert will get sacked. Sacking someone isn't easy and Lambert and Lerner have a relationship that will make it more difficult, even if Lambert probably wouldn't mind so much after he gets his contract paid off. But I guess this and what I've told you above does confirm one thing; Randy Lerner isn't actually the new Doug Ellis.

The truth is, even though I wrote that the manager should be sacked earlier this week, that if he isn't and if Lerner has identified him as the long term man for Aston Villa, then he has to support him financially. This is the Premier League, not a plaster - you can't do it too quickly in this game.

What I mean is what we've done this season should have been done over two or maybe even three and what Lerner has to do now is provide the funds so Lambert can get the quality in, until the end of the season, to help us stay up. Sadly, that is going to cost money and probably quite a lot of money, but put that in a column against the amount we could lose if we are relegated and it factor in the risks of spending it or not spending it and it will be a no brainer.

Lerner is here for the money. If he doesn't spend it there is a very real chance we will be relegated and if that happens, he stands the very real chance of losing an awful lot of cash and yes, I know that he didn't make any of this money himself, but you've got to assume that the very expensive education he received did teach him something.

What I'm trying to say is, is that I believe we will strengthen. And because Paul Lambert is, as I write this anyway, our manager, I have to believe that he knows who he needs to bring in. But just in case he is reading this; we need one or two defenders and one or two midfielders and when supporters look at them, in the full knowledge that they are only here until the end of the season, possibly for a final big pay day, we have to instinctively know that they are capable of doing the job. They quite literally have to be as close to 'world class' as 'world class' can be in your 30's.

No more yes man, man

So, to my post the other day about sacking Lambert and I stand by it. After the Bradford result, he should have been sacked, because that isn't good enough for Aston Villa and it just proved he was out of his depth.

But he wasn't sacked. He wasn't sacked after last night either and as I write this he is still in a job, so we have to accept that he might very well be here until the end of the season. And if he is, we have to support him, even if he is out of his depth.

You see, you either sink or swim when out of your depth and I think Lambert might be the type of person that will learn how to swim, but he needs his owner to throw him some help.

Without that help, it might take him longer and the club wont vanish, but relegation is an unthinkable option for Aston Villa and that is the part of this whole mess that I don't think Lerner is getting. You see, his yes man Paul Faulkner, appointed Alex McLeish and that should never have been allowed to happen, but I don't think he knows that and that is what makes me think he doesn't understand the importance of staying in this league and not just for the money.

But this isn't about Faulkner, even though it really should be, but we have to accept that he is the nodding dog that wags his tail. This is about Lambert and he has to call Lerner this morning and demand this money, not just accept what he has or hasn't. He has to stress the importance and if all else fails, he has to do what he has to do. For himself, more than anything.

Window open for a few more days

And you can call this next bit 'blind optimism' but until the window closes and nothing has changed, I'm going to believe it will. I'm going to believe that last night was a wake up call for Lerner. I'm going to believe that Lambert grew some last night and woke up this morning knowing his path.

I'm going to believe that Lerner will sanction the spending of £10mn between now and the end of the season on wages and if he does, I feel confident that we will stay up. And I really do believe that is what we have to spend to assure our survival. I also want to believe that there is a plan B and people have been working on it for a few weeks and we're ready to move.

I'm also going to apologise for the long post and if you've got this far I thank you, but I needed to get this all off my chest. If we are relegated we'll not vanish, as I wrote above, but these days it's harder to come back up and I fear that relegation could just be the beginning of the end for us and when I wrote last season that we were going to become the next mid table side with no aspirations other than staying in the league, if relegation, I fear we could become the next Nottingham Forest, Sheffield club or dare I even say it, Wolves.

If I lost the flow in this post, I apologise. If you're reading this, I thank you. My point is, there are a few days left and I think Lerner will do something, mostly for the reasons why he is here - money. I will be back in a couple of hours and I'll respond to comments.

Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • Guest - dingbat

    Said on the radio that they sent out the head of media for one interveiw last week!
    Buck well and truely passed!

  • Newcastle to sign Bony!! Benteke as good as gone,do we sell now for 15-20m or do we get 3m when we go down,either way he will go imo,who would want to play for us.We are just gonna fall aprt either way imo!!!

  • Guest - Funk off Benteke

    Aston Villa have confirmed that Benteke has submitted a written transfer request.

    Every Villa player & member of management can funk off as far as I am concearned.

    It was sad to see legends Withe and Morley on Soccer Saturday yesterday - players who won it all with us, love the club, and they still have to work 2 / 3 jobs a week to get by like the rest of us when you have a ponce like Ireland driving a pink 4x4 with a fish tank in the floor, Shay Given Up with concrete boots on - doen't give a toss, Richard Dunno, and the 3rd / 4th division players (I don't even know the names) that Lambert has brought in... We are ****e and a laughing stock... They can all go... They are not even pub players...

    Paul Merson yesterday "Against Bradford, Ireland had gone drinking with Terrance Trent Darby" - You said it Merse... It is so embarrasing...

  • bobvillan thats crazy!!! This is true,my partner at works missus brother is Troys best pal and he said to me Troy has told him Villa have been making enquirys.I said fook off but looks like theres something in it!!! Crazy!!!!

  • Guest - Terence Trent D'arby

    Lambert & Lerner modern remix of “ If You Let Me Stay” - Terence Trent D'arby

    If you let me stay
    I'll take your Villa down
    If you let me stay
    I’ll make you worse than Cleveland Browns
    It you let me stay
    I’ll take you down and never up
    If you let me stay
    You’ll loose to Bradford in the cup

  • surprised no one has enquired about Weiman either tbh.I think hes real class and would score a bagful at a good club.He seems loyal though and would probably do a season with us in the championship,lets just hope we get back up at the first attempt!

  • Guest - Stevieh

    Well at least Sunday will be a better day we didn't play yesterday, so no defeat to digest. Still another day and still not linked to any players!!!

  • Guest - Granger

    if Benteke goes in the summer it will still be for a good profit. Surely everyone knows that we would only give out concrete contracts to our advantage? Such basics should be taken for granted at a top organisation.

  • Granger its a loss if we go down though.We wont even get what we payed for him.

  • Guest - dingbat

    Where will the profit go?
    We need to be keeping our better players!
    We are in melt down!

  • Dingbat RLs pocket! Benteke will go either way imo 15-20m will be too much for RL to turn down and would you play for relegation candidates or potential champions/CL teams? No brainer!!!!

  • Guest - Granger

    We needed a coutinho and diame quality of signing with Lescott type on loan. This shows a sense of expectation of direction for the future. Benteke must look at the vision of Villa and think what the fukc?

  • the transfer specialist was on SSN asking why Villa are the only team not in for players in our predicament? He said PLs not stupid and surmises that his hands are tied.We could have bene going into Feb with a CMF of Frimpong and Sissoko!!!! Theres gonna be a lot to answer for when we go down!!!!

  • Guest - Granger

    Oh to be given the facts. Whilst i understand not advertising how much money is available it would be nice to understand why we appear to be an organisation run by incompetents. By telling us the facts they would be able to redeem themselves

  • Guest - Trinity London

    Randy Lerner

    `We're looking for people who can contribute to what Aston Villa has given the world: culture, genius, sophistication. Bit more than an 'ot dog, know what I mean?`

    Randy F**k Off

  • on another note watched some fa cup football the weekend.Of the teams that are in the championship,notably Brighton (if they dont come up),we would get a few tonkings down there too!! We are a mid table championship team at the moment and relegation will DEFINITELY be the end of Aston Villa!!!

  • For those that don't believe Randy is making money...

    He takes 2 mil a year for 'management' fees and has saddled the club with debt. His aim was to get in champs league. If he did that the club would be worth far more. That hasn't worked out and now he is shopping at pound land. He'll drive down the wages so we are a sustainable business. Then he'll probs take dividends. It's why an accountant is running the club.

  • Guest - Vdruid

    Warnock to west ham on free transfer. Liverpool, man city, arsenal preparing bids for Benteke.

    Is all this just a bad dream and I am going to wake up?

  • vdruid Benteke cant play for another club this season but he will defo go end of season.We stay up 15-20m we go down 3-5m.

  • Guest - vulture

    I'm not to worried about the prospect of us losing Benteke in the Summer, if we make around £10 million on him we should take it. Ok he has scored a fair few goalls for us, he could be replaced. The £10 million could then be reinvested in buying some championship players for next season when we are in the championship.

  • Guest - MagicBox

    Can't blame any of them if they left. I wouldn't want to be surrounded by a shower of rubbish such as Bannan, Bennett, Lichaj, Clark etc.

  • Benteke cant play for another club this season so teams wont buy him now but he will go.Weiman might do one season in the championship when we go down.We are falling apart though from top to bottom,worst run team in the EPL by a mile!!!

  • Guest - Lionheart

    Couple of points.. Why would Diame want to come to us?? Looking at it realistically.. Why? Wouldn't he be better off waiting till summer and see if a bigger club is in for him or re negotiate his deal at West Ham for better wage packet..

    Also I couldn't give a toss if Benteke is off in the summer as long as we are in the Prem somehow..

    If we stay up and we get 20M for him plus Hutton Warnock Petrov Ireland Dunne of wage bill then we have room to play with wages wise..

    Just a shame a lot of good players have been brought this window all within our wage structure of under 40K..

  • jcv

    Benteke has not said he wants out its just paper b*****s saying clubs will be in for him in the summer.
    Another thing that pissed me off was Micky Quinn, ever thought that he was laughing at our inexperienced players to take the heat off his beloved Newcastle fresh from champions league only 1 point above us.

  • keithj look at what Newcastle have done in a week though.I think every man and his dog have the right to slag Villa at the moment,we are a shambles and a laughing stock!!!

  • Guest - avillafan

    Being dumped out of both cups in the space of a few days is probably a blessing in disguise. Neither would have helped us in staying up. The Clowns won the League Cup in 2011, and after that suffered horrendous form which saw them relegated. It's like they got complacent because they'd won a second rate trophy. Same would easily happen to Lambert's inexperienced team if they had won League Cup. We don't have the squad to sustain a prolonged FA cup run and stay up.

  • according to FIFA a player can be registered for 3 clubs in a season but can only play "official" games for 2 clubs.Benteke didnt play for Genk after July 1st did he?? If not goodbye Benteke!!!

  • Yes he has played 5 matches my mistake.Phew,at least weve got him till the end of season then

  • Brentford 2-1 Chelsea.Our old player has scored

  • Guest - Granger

    What is Steve Stride doing now?

  • Guest - steveih

    Has muppet/warnock gone yet?

  • yep when is Warnock going??? 40,000 off the wage bill,im excited about these two Championship/League 1 players we are gonna sign when hes gone!!!

  • Guest - Frodo Bannan

    What an absolute abortion this club is at present.

    How can it be that other clubs involved in the "relegation scrap" seem to be business as usual reinforcing a united attempt to avoid the drop, adding key players and solidifying their teams, whilst we are not interested in filling obvious holes and have heard nothing from the powers that be..........

    There is no way this current squad can avoid the drop. There needs to be three key signings in CB, DM and AMF.....anything less will see us relegated and everyone knows it.

    Criminal to have so much talent not even sitting on the bench yet collecting huge wages and when you are crying out for some experience, not using nor involving any of them out of being stubborn is comical at best.

    The fans of AVFC deserve so much better than this crap

  • Oh no! Benteke's going ! It says so in the express, it must be true, better get my tampax and tissues out!

    Keep it up lads, its comical.

  • Randy Learner,want a bet he defo goes end of season?? Put your money where youre mouth is!!

  • Guest - Frodo Bannan

    Randy Learner

    it says that Shambert is staying in the Express and Star too.........shall i also disregard that too?

  • if you watch Benteke and the goals he has scored and made and the utter diabolical service around him it doesnt take a genius to come to the conclusion that with a better team around him he will score a bagful!! Same applies to Weimann to who is a great finisher.Ive got absoutley zero doubt,even without bull**** press,that Benteke will be off in the summer.Hes the new Drogba imo and could be the 3rd striker at any of the top 4 even now.So Randy thers no need to be an arse about the situation.

  • Guest - windofchange

    Benteke going according to plenty of Sunday papers we may mock but I expect to see him go in the summer.

  • Guest - Granger

    Lost opportunity to not invest in midfield players to complement Benteke whether to stay up or progress in the future. Would he stay with the likes of Coutinho and sissoko? maybe. Will he stay with our current midfield? No

  • Leeds 2 up vs Spurs.Good news for PL along with the Luton and QPR results yesterday.Good excuses for the PL brigade too!

  • "Arsenal circling Benteke."
    "Malaga and Mallorca circling Hutton."
    "West Ham circling Warnock."

    "Aston Villa circling..."
    "Erm we'll, just going round and round in circles..."

  • bobvillian

    ha ha i'm p*ssing myself at that comment... god you have got laugh or else you would cry!

    jes.. not stopped laughing at that comment bob.

  • Guest - MagicBox

    Everyone's taking the piss out of Bannan on Twitter. :)

  • Benteke probably will leave , I said months ago that if a decent offer comes in, he gone. That's football now, but I wont cry.

  • On Talksport today:

    'Exclusive – Warnock: Leeds United don’t have to sell Becchio'

    'Leeds United manager Neil Warnock has told talkSPORT that the club will only sell Luciano Becchio if they sign an adequate replacement.
    The Argentine striker, who has been prolific for the Whites since his arrival at Elland road, handed in a transfer request on Friday and has been linked with a move to Aston Villa and Wigan, while courting interest from Turkey.'

    *There you go lads if we sell Bent in the next few days this is the type of striker who we can expect to be coming in to replace him. He's handed in a transfer request...


  • Guest - truevillan

    can you imagine how bad we will be when the likes of Benteke, Weimann and maybe one or two other decent players we have, leave in the summer!
    how bad we are now will be nothing compared to this happening, I really believe we will be a poor Championship team! I really hate to say that, but some of our players should still be learning their trade in league 1 and 2, Bennett and Bannan being the stand out pair, truly awful players, and despite recent improvements, Delph is close behind them, 6.5 mil!! Leeds saw us coming!

  • Guest - Rw

    There's a common theme on this blog now that was only mentioned in 30% of posts 3 weeks ago and that is that we are as good as down. This is so true, some of my baggies and Wolves mates reckon we'll survive but even with my claret & blue blood and heart ruling head judgement, I have been saying that we are down since November unless we signed 4 quality players in Jan and now that's been confirmed the inevitable will be unofficially confirmed by 1st March. Cannot understand for the life of me, the logic behind RL's decision not to save this global branded, well supported massive club, steeped in top level football history. If I were him, i'd have invested this window and sold up in the summer when we're safe.
    Let me tell you now fellow villa disciples, some fans on here believe it'll be good for us as we can offload and go again, wrong!
    When the water carriers, idle jumped up b*****ds and money taking tossers have long gone, we'll be left with the younger players and fringe players for the Championship campaign who will not cut the mustard and end up struggling down there too, god forbid we get embroiled in a relegation battle!
    I'm not saying we'll go down to league 1, but we certainly won't get promoted for many years.
    Lerner will sell-up and we'll be run by a person who hasn't the cash to sanction higher wages or fees for top champs players to drag us out.
    Something is going on behind the scenes which is stifling our club, nothing we fans can do about it either. To add to that we have a manager who makes fundamental mistakes and repeats them every game. The fact that he has bought siht players doesn't offer him any consolation. I will be there on Tuesday, will sing my heart out for this club I love, but if the masses start chants of a sarcastic nature stating every obvious point made on such blogs as this, then I will join in. Some way, some how we have to get our point across because the manager and people running this club have done nothing about our obvious plight and deserve every adverse comment they get. RL is a prick who hides himself away and says nothing and PL is out of his depth, he won't even accept help from quality ex-club pro's who offer their services for free........... Blackburn, Leeds, Sheffield Weds, Coventry, Southampton and Forest all suffered the exact same plight and look what happened to them.............
    I actually worked at the building C-Clarks lives in, last week. Good thing i didn't see him, I may have suggested he watched a Sunday morning game to see what desire means and what they do to avoid being rolled like school kid on an open age pitch!

  • Guest - truevillan

    Surely to God if we lose Tuesday, and will def be relegated! then Lambert has to go, if I was the captain of Villa, I would not allow the team to go in at half time for Lamberts talk, because whatever he says, he destroys whatever little confidence they have, and even if they do hang on he will finish them off with his substitutes!
    I would not trust Lambert to pick his own nose, without poking his eye out, let alone a decent, organised premiership team!

  • Well Benteke said it himself a couple of weeks after he joined us that his ambition was to play for Arsenal so we shouldn't be too surprised if he goes.


    what did Jimmy Greaves say about us?
    what paper was it in?


    Newcastle game terrifies me to be honest.
    Theyve bought in new players , the likes of Cabaye are back from injury .
    Newcastle's bad form this season has been down mostly down to injuries. Theyve had worse injury problems than us - infact Newcastle have had the most injuries in entire league this season . Theyve strengtehend with some astute signings and have good players coming back.
    As we're in a complete tailspin and free fall and have done **** all this window. cheers Lerner.

  • Guest - villabiker

    As i have said before i am not from birmingham but travel up to most of the games but i am working in birmingham in bristol st, can anyone tell me the best way to get to villa park would it be from new st to witton station or is there an easier route by bus. All help would be grateful SOTC

  • Guest - jabber

    Slightly off topic but has anyone seen the ssn interview with the Southampton owner today?. After feeling sorry for Nigel Adkins sacking last week, I have to say this guy appears articulate, passionate about the club and absolutely ruthless in his quest to make Southampton a sustainable premiership club.....feeling a little envious of our south coast (supposed) relegation rivals.

  • Guest - Villanto

    Villabiker get the train if possible takes minutes, two minute walk and you can get drown your sorrows after. out of station turn left see cap & gown on right & Aston Hotel opposite entrance to Aston on Witton Lane few hundred yards from the witton lane end.(doug ellis stand)

  • Guest - Lionheart

    The bottom half of the Prem is rubbish in terms of quality..

    Which makes it even more IMPORTANT we don’t go down.. It’s incomprehensible!!!

    In the summer we could get 30M for Bent and Benteke if we stay up.. Add to that Dunne Warnock Petrov out of contract and if we can shift Hutton Ireland Given we would be saving a staggering 350K a week min in wages plus have 30M kitty min to play with.. Out of the seven players we would lose only Benteke has been used properly this season so not like a raft of first teamers are gone..

    With bargains in Europe and a few in UK we could really re build..

    So going down is not an opinion!!

  • nice amount of money Lionheart...........for RL to keep!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest - villabiker

    thanks villanto aston hotel upper holte it is then hope we win working with a load of coventry boys

  • Guest - Villanto

    Your welcome Villabiker Aston social, lower Holte for me and hopefully a celebration drink back in Social. mind you highly unlikely a league 1 side against the French National side. Its a bit unfair. i keep looking for some positive feedback from the internet however we still have not got any addition so hope we can do the same as Oldham, Leeds, Brentford, Millwall etc. I keep praying to my God but he cant get hold of Randy.


    Knowing our board theyll probably sack Lambert once the transfer window closes and appoint Steve Kean.

  • Guest - Lionheart

    Sjh.. True :(

  • Bloomin heck, today we have even made the 'Wall Street Journal,' a big spread majority on Villa, referring to our two last embarrassing defeats under the title of 'The Cinderella's of English Soccer'

    Wonder if Lerner choked on his Manhattan Sunday morning coffee?




    we're making headlines all over the place for very wrong reasons/

  • Guest - Bloggert

    "Villa will not lie down"

    No but we'll bend over pretty easily it would seem

  • Guest - Falmouth Villan

    The problem with RL is that he is a poor business man, he, like the glazers, and gillete at liverpool have looked at the premership and thought ha easy money to be made here! but the reality is totally different. Buying a footie club is, and always has been a very long term investment, but the yanks management attitude is get in make a quick buck get out without putting anything in except expectation....the same thing has happened on the high street with walmart....they took over asda and on the first year promised eveything but now its just about the profit...nobody notices the cuts or mentions the redundancy word but it goes on all the time, for example from the 1st jan we had a 20% cut in the hours overnight....but we are expected to deliver everything to the same stanards and service as before....this is the true american way...asset strip make more profit...sound familiar?
    If RL is serious about the villa why did he not continue with the north stand development....build at low costs now because when the economy picks up the price will without doubt go up!
    I guess the point i am trying to make is that the yanks see the premeirship as a easy win to make money but they dont understand the english culture, you are a villa fan because its in your upbringing, its in your blood, its part of your family and your history, that why we hurt so much when its all going wrong.....we dont have a choice!
    You Mr Learner do have a choice you can either invest or walk away it really is that simple for you ....so make your mind up, make a choice but FFS act either way now....tonight!

    V.T.I.D.....NO CHOICE!

  • We would have been away to Luton in the FA Cup.

    Still would have lost that one !

  • Guest - cypriotvilla

    villa have just put a 10 million bid for lescott on ultimate transfer rumours

  • Guest - stevieh

    Sign up the Oldham back 4 at least they show commitment!

  • Lescotts a bit old for Lamberts ideals isn't he

  • Guest - cypriotvilla

    well at least its a link to someone

  • Guest - Granger

    Thought Kompany injured? sadly no chance for Lescott

  • Guest - Pip

    I don't understand why people on this site are fixated with getting the wage bill down by getting rid of this, that and the other, whatever money is saved won't be going back into the team, it will just go into learners pocket, it won't benefit the villa in the slightest

  • Guest - werd

    villa are circling the plug hole, and a lot of vultures will be circling our team. If we get back up, seeing Gardner and weimann play against us for Liverpool and spurs will be gut wrenching.

  • Newcastle lost to Brighton (Championship) in 3rd round, Villa beaten away at Millwall by a last minute goal, Norwich lost at home to a Blue Square team, QPR tonked at home to a League One side, Tottenham beaten away at Leeds (Championship), Liverpool beaten away at Oldham (League One). Thats the FA Cup after the 3rd & 4th rounds. We made the Capital One Cup semi final but were beaten due to our horrendous 2nd half performance at Bradford more than anything else but we did actually go away and beat Man City 4-2 and Norwich 4-1 in that run. Only one other team got through to the final, Swansea City, who happened to dump out the European Champions, Chelsea.
    Villa are on the crest of a slump and in truth, would appear to be into the slump.
    Nobody is happy with the situation as is.
    Believe it or not, the very biggest problem with all of this is the fact that there's no communication from the club at all. The only words we have been given are from PL via his press conferences and on this blog and many others, most of what we're talking about is conjecture rather than fact BUT that is down to the fact that the club have chosen to remain quiet.
    I spoke to someone at the ticket office on Friday pm and was making the point that whilst they are texting me and countless 1000's of other telling us that there is still availability for the game on Tuesday........why should I put my hand in my pocket for tickets to support the club/team/players when the club will not put it's hands in its pockets to invest in what they would like me to support and watch........!!!! There really is no argument from there end.
    If you can analyse the facts I stated at the start of my little piece, you cant argue that we're actually that bad........alot of other premier league clubs are not doing that well either with a helluva lot better squads than Villa have got at their disposal.......imagine how you'd feel supporting one of those teams.
    Being a Villa supporter right now is pretty sh*t but we just have to hope that somewhere along the way, the team start to gel and turn things around. we do have games that are possible for us to win although after the week we have just had, it's bloo*y difficult to see that happening. If there's any chance that Richard Dunne can come back, alongside Vlaar, i think the defence will be entirely different as I think that perhaps, Clark will possibly be pushed up into the centre mid role he fulfilled last season and no one can argue that he puts it about (its in defence that I have a problem with him as he's a bit of a liability) and we all know that we're crying out for that. I can see how things could change very soon with just a small amount of luck. Even Villa's luck has to change sometime....doesn't it...???? We've had bugger all luck so far this season so we're due a bit sometime. KEA could come back rejuvenated and lets hope that there's just a little hope that if Warnock and Hutton are off this week, that the wages situation is freed up enough to allow something to happen at the 11th hour.
    Villa have not been relegated yet............they are 9 pts from 10th place with around 15 games to go and sat just a place above the bottom 3. 2 wins, although unlikely, would see Villa rise a few places and lift the cloud above us just a little.
    Am I making anyone feel a little optimism................probably not I guess but while there's some hope, you've got to take it......


    Lambert i remember saying at beginning of season that to him Clark was a defender and NOT a midfielder.
    Thats what he said when he took questions from fans in a fan meeting. So i very much doubt we'll see Clark shifted into midfield any time soon.

    Dunne has been out injured for 7 months and given his age we dont know what know what sort level he will be able to play at. If hes fit i agree by all means start him with Vlaar. Clark needs to be dropped to be blunt.

    El Ahmadi ...well hes been piss poor despite a decent start. He may well improve but hes not a defensive midfielder or a good tackler. We need to bring in a DM like Diame or someone otherwise we will go down.

  • Guest - Villanto

    Thanks for the hope Nickc, it is still possible to escape but with a few additions it would lift morale and confidence within the squad and fans. So its a NO brainer for our owner to invest

  • NickC - I feel about the same - well put

    I still think Faulkner should be more in the front line


    i expect Pardew to be using his "rape" expressions again on Tuesday....

  • Guest - Billy.villa

    Never thought i would say this, but i'm embarrased to be a villa fan at the moment. PL really didnt know what he was taking on. If Lerner doesnt give him some cash now, i will never go again until we have another owner.

  • I suppose the only highlight of being relegated according to a Cov fan I know, is cheaper tickets. I told him that the ginger muppet woud put them up becuase he thinks the championship is more competetive.


    we'd be torn to pieces in championship.


    look how pathetic we were against a nothing championship club like Milwall who had their best 2 players missing !.
    a meek , weak , spineless , leaderless team like our us would get completely buggered in the championship. Every game we'd be seen as a scalp for oppositon. it would be a nightmare make no mistake about it.


    * team like ours even

  • Guest - greg

    sky sports breaking news benteke having a medical at arsenal, 17.5 million fee agreed FFS we might as well pack it in

    LERNER **** OFF



  • Guest - greg

    yep turn on channell 405 now

  • Guest - joevilla

    Greg you bluenose, do one!

  • Guest - belfastvilla

    Oh the joys of being a Villa fan !


    brendnan rogers talking
    no breaking news as far as can tell
    gf is wathcing some crap on bbc at moment so can only briefly flick over

  • Guest - billy.villa

    #19301 Guest (greg) sky sports breaking news benteke having a medical at arsenal, 17.5 million fee agreed FFS we might as well pack it in

    LERNER **** OFF

    Given we spend the money wisely selling Benteke is our only option when we have an owner who is only out for surviving and not prepared to spend to get it.

  • Guest - Bloggert

    benteke cant go this window so its nonsense

  • Bloggert - you have to wonder why someone would post that - what a nob!

  • Guest - Bloggert

    he must be bored of the lack of activity i guess lol

  • Guest - stevieh

    Wife just made me a cup of coffee in my villa mug she couldn't understand when ' I said not drinking out of that until we eithier sign a new player in transfer window or RL, Fat Controller & Rab Lambert have gone from my beloved VILLA!

  • I've been watching SSN there was no mention of Benteke.

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    For Tuesday if we are to stand a chance we need a packed Villa Park behind the lads, we need to get Vlaar a little more match fit, and we must play Weiman up front with Benteke and Zoggy playing in a free roll behind them, if Delph is fit he must start based on recent form, Lichaj at left back please no baby Bennett & if Bannan starts i swear we might as well just concede the game.
    We must attack with speed early on, these new Newcastle French players will be disorganized & will not be used to the speed of the PL this IMO is our best chance to win, and please if we are in front at half time, no team talk and keep playing the same way !!!

    There is still time to sign Diame before tuesday, just in case your reading this Randy you lying little T*at !

  • Guest - Villanto

    Diame would be a lovely surprise considering we are giving Warnock for zilch, however I doubt it, he now loves London. you never though. they cant possibly not sign anyone it would be disastrous.

  • I bet when we drop we're gonna lose pretty much everyone and be the next Luton Town.
    Team sheet for a match next season: Bennet, Clark, Lichaj, Baker, Lowton, Albrighton, Westood, Herd, Gabby, Holman
    Subs would be the academy

    This is going to be the best team we could field and can anyone else see them coming back up, ever?

  • Guest - ordinaryjoe

    Are we supposed to feel any better now that we were not the only PL to slump out the cup this weekend?

  • The magic of the cup seems to have gone this weekend unless you are a lower league club, we may get a decent run next season.
    On Benteke he is no different to Young, Milner and Downing we are a stepping stone to better things.

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