Paul Lambert has mixed emotions from yesterday and I feel exactly how I thought I'd feel. To sum it up, I asked Twitter for some words and the two that came back were encouraging and predictable. And, I think they're good words.

Predictable is spot on. I even predicted goals and the draw yesterday, but also because we sat back too easily. Encouraging, because the manager played four at the back and we scored three times.

And even had we not thrown away the two points yesterday, we'd still be in the relegation zone and I think that needs to be stressed because that is how serious our predicament is at the moment.

But another prediction; that will change next Sunday after we beat West Ham and Wigan and Reading both lose. But Reading must lose because of goal difference. I hope that it doesn't end on goal difference.

The match

It started with a Benteke goal after two minutes and at the time, I didn't think this a good thing. I thought we'd sit back for the rest of the game trying to defend it and we did. But we also looked to attack.

When they got the equaliser twenty minutes later, I honestly thought that was it. They had had the lions share of possession, a few corners and were looking dangerous, but then everything changed. Three minutes after they equalised, Gabby Agbonlahor scored a goal for Aston Villa.

And we went in at half time leading. Then, we entered territory not that unfamiliar to us. With thirty minutes to go, we got a third and this was probably our undoing. After the third went in we sort of sat back. We still went forward but we didn't move forward with real purpose. We moved forward aware that we had a two goal lead.

And when the second went in for Everton, it was only a matter of time before they got the equaliser. It was written in the stars.


Statistics for Everton v Aston Villa

There is hope

But, from the performance yesterday, there is reason to be hopeful and even though I've predicted a win next weekend, I'm not predicting we remain in this league. We're still one of three favourites to go down according to the bookmakers and one result doesn't change that.

We need to beat West Ham. We then need to get something at Arsenal or we might very well find ourselves back in the bottom three. The sad truth is that because of the mess we're in, we have to get something from every game now or find ourselves back in the relegation zone.

But, there is hope. Hopefully.

Damian Dugdale
Author: Damian Dugdale
Damian started The Villa Blog a long time ago. Today he is a manager in the second tier of the Bundesliga. In his spare time he works with disruptive innovation. The bit in the middle wasn't true.
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  • Guest - thebodman

    can someone please explain to me that jean makoun apparently can get a work permit to play for the villa cos he carnt speak english so on match of the day last night sissoko had a enterpriter (think thats how you spell it) carnt speak english how da **** did he get a work permit then its bollocks bollocks bolllocks and bollocks

  • Guest - thebodman

    carnt get a work permit that is

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    Sissoko is actually French- ie- from in the EU / europe
    Makouns from Cameroon

  • Guest - christhevillan

    And to think people use to hate steve stride and look at tnuc we have now.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    basically you can thank yet another Faulkner balls up for the Makoun farce. club is run by idiots

  • Guest - windofchange

    For next season no matter where we are playing we should try to get Jamie Carragher in he is a free agent in the summer he would sort our defence out and there would be transfer fee which would suit Randy.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    youd have to pay Jamie Carragher more than a few bags of Beef Space Raiders -ie- it won't happen

  • Guest - jules

    been reading some of the posts today and most were Lerner out!!
    I'm no LAMBERT fan and since the spurs game thought he should of been sacked!!
    but it does seem hes had hes hands tied!! and if you read in between the interviews from Lambert hes starting to tell us whats happening behind the scenes at villa park? In Lerner i thought we'd be better of than Ellis but it seems i was wrong Ellis was a business man who loved football Lerner is a business man who loves money, its my view now that we will be another Coventry and Lerner will continue to rape us of every asset before fu*cking off and leaving us in the **** like Ray Ranson did to the sky blues?

  • Guest - jules


    hes French, plus i think you have a year to learn English but we loan him to some Greek club so he stopped learning English and started Greek i presume?

  • Guest - mike holte

    mon 4-5-1

    I understand your Lowton comment but personally don't think he's physically capable at CB. Can you imagine what Anchibe would have done with him yesterday.
    I don't disagree with your team except for Lowton and maybe Delph. I've just never been a big fan of him as he tends to go back more than forward for me.

  • Guest - mike holte

    Nick C

    Yes I've seen Herd play but disagree with you. He's a bit of a liability I admit but think he's the kind of defensive midfielder we lack and someone with a bit of bite and energy. Don't get me wrong I don't rate him that much due to our sorry state, just look at who we have to pick from!
    I'm not a KEA or Delph fan and Bannan should never be a consideration. We need bite in the MF and at the risk of being shot down in flames would even try Clark along side Westwood which shows how desperate I've become.:)

  • Guest - B6 villa

    Mon 451

    I know we need extra players to win a game but I don't think the premier league rules will allow 12 players at one time;);)

  • Guest - truevillan

    I'm not a KEA or Delph fan and Bannan should never be a consideration. We need bite in the MF and at the risk of being shot down in flames would even try Clark along side Westwood which shows how desperate I've become.

    It would sort the holding/defensive midfielder situation, I would prefer Baker at the back and we would have extra defensive cover at set pieces.
    Delph has shown signs and I would prefer him to Bennett at right back, that kid stinks!

  • Guest - stevieh

    What is even more mad is that the southanpton manager pellegrini can't speak english (only spanish) but is from Argentina and has a work permit
    We have been looking for a 20 goal a season striker since Withe & Yorke and have now got one in Benteke, but now our defense has gone dire!! Would try Baker at CB and Stevens at LB (better option than Bennett or Lijah. Clark needs a break from playing

  • Guest - jules

    read something on here earlier about can you still sign free agents?
    I believe you can?
    it made me think who we could get?
    it ain't gonna happen but what about Ledley King? he'd do till the end of the season!!

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    thought it looked to strong...:)....I'd take out Westwood...

  • Guest - paulb

    we really are entering the last chance saloon now and if we are to stand any chance whatsoever of staying in this division I think we are going to need 38pts. That is 17pts from 13 matches, a tall order, and a distinct improvement from what we have been served up so far. Therefore you would have to look at the remaining fixtures to look where those 17 points would come from. If it were 5 wins and two draws it would have to be home wins against West Ham Fulham Sunderland and QPR an away win at either Wigan Norwich or Reading and a draw at two of those or at Stoke.
    The point of all this is that given our performances this really looks a task too far for me, but certainly failure to beat West Ham will I feel be a huge step towards the championship, because 38pts would seem to be well beyond us. What a sad state of affairs.

  • Guest - stevieh

    Good call on King is Woodgate at middlesboro or now a fee agent?

  • Guest - jules

    Clark needs a break from playing

    couldn't agree more he needs a rest from the lime light, i thought he was gonna be a cracking player for us!
    but hes confidence is shot at the moment!!

  • Guest - jules

    Clark needs a break from playing

    couldn't agree more he needs a rest from the lime light, i thought he was gonna be a cracking player for us!
    but hes confidence is shot at the moment!!

  • Guest - jules

    Clark needs a break from playing

    couldn't agree more he needs a rest from the lime light, i thought he was gonna be a cracking player for us!
    but hes confidence is shot at the moment!!

  • Guest - stevieh

    I think the pressure of captain with Clark has not helped aswell

  • Guest - jules

    yes mate still at boro, he would of done a job for us as well?

  • truevillan

    Thought Bennett plays left back ;););););)

  • Guest - Cookiemonster

    More fight on Saturday than we have seen for a few weeks (2nd half v The Bar Codes excepted)

    Huge lack of quality in defence / defensive midfield position - a complete and utter dereliction of duty from all concerned for not addressing this in the window whatever the cost.

    What have Fleetwood Town, Cheltenham & Burton Albion all got in common ...........well thety are all above Bradford City in their league. My God is anyone in any position of authority at B6 going to wake up and smell the coffee - FFS we invented the phookin football league.........!!

  • Guest - stevieh

    The thing with Clark is saturday he will be up against Carroll and we all know what happened a couple of years ago at Newcastle - nightmare 5-0 drubbing

  • Guest - B6 villa


    good line up but can't see PL playing that defence, he loves Bennett too much to drop him but at the moment he is really under performing and even with Clarks perfrmance highlighted he won't be dropped too. What does PL see in them two that nobody else can see because at the moment them two are the weak links

  • Guest - Mike Holte

    Where's Cypriot Villa and the blockbuster revelation? We're all waiting or are you a WUM.
    Was someone diverting funds? Is that what you're on about?

  • Guest - B6 villa

    F**k I'm sure we are due a win after the last three results at villa park, our home form has let us down this season and needs to start improving starting with a win on sunday if we have any chance of staying up

  • Guest - truevillan

    Thought Bennett plays left back ;););););)

    lol, yes, I meant leftback, I would also like clark at left back, left back in the dressing room!

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    Looking at some stats recently, I believe Clarke is our "busiest" defender I think he will be okay long term but at the moment he looks tired & lacking confidence. I like the idea of playing Baker with Vlaar, he has that attack the ball/get it out attitude we seem to be lacking. We need Stevens or Lichai at left back, Bennett looks good going forward but is way too light weight & easy prey for a good winger, again yesterday we were weak on the left, especially after Gabby was subbed.
    We have to play a standard 4 at the back, I think recent games make that pretty clear, but after conceding another 3 goals surely we have to try different personnel.

    Herd is a midfield player end off, PL said he would not be playing people out of position when asked about Clarke possibly playing in midfield, is Herd the exception to the rule ? Based on recent performances I would have Delph in midfield (when fit) I think Sylla, Delph or Herd in any combination for DMF may be a better fit than playing KEA & Westwood together, really not sure these two compliment each other, too similar.

    One more thing on our woeful defence, please correct me if i am wrong, I think this is the first season in 5/6 that we have attempted to play a "man for man" marking system, maybe this is also an issue that some of the players are struggling with?, previously Mon, Houllier, Mcliesh, all played a "zonal system" maybe this is another reason Hutton, Warnock, Collins were surplus to requirements, ie. they couldn't or wouldn't change.
    I remember an interview with Houllier when he stated that he wanted us to change to "man on man" marking but the players were a little reluctant to change system and this was not the thing to try to do mid season, this could well be another factor we are still struggling with.
    Houllier was a very shrewd manager imo, remember this was the guy that told us he believed we conceded late and often faded in games because we were not fit enough, he hired a brutal French fitness coach that pissed all the senior players off, seems to me this is also still a problem.

    Lerner is the major problem with what is wrong with our club, but there is little we can do now, I believe this is the wrong time for banners & protests, when we are officially down maybe, until then we have to get behind the team.

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    Please stop with the games mate, just say whatever you have to say this is not the school yard. If your are at all concerned about liable ? :) then just start by using the word "allegedly", if its a little attention you need consider yourself hugged ! :):):)

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    Houllier in a "D of F" role would have been a great move for AV, rather than paying him off, too late now but i believe Lambert would be doing a lot better with some decent, knowledgeable & experienced support and we surely would have had no problems attracting the likes of Sissoko and perhaps a few others to villa.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    how do you think Faulkner would have reacted to Houllier being DOF football?

    And do you think Lambert could have worked with Houllier as DOF: I doubt it.

  • Guest - potts


    the little we know about lambert seems to say he is a stubborn floker

  • Guest - j doyle

    sorry but rab c lambert aint got a clue as long as bennett plays we will never win a game calling him a pile of smelly dog ****e is a complement look at the newcastle game when he went off yesterday he was on the post for the corner for the 3rd goal and just ****ed off as the ball came over if he had been on the post they would not have scored this pile of ****e has given away 23 goales this season plus 4 against bradford what is the matter with rab has he got ****e in hes eyes he is not good enough for my local pub team
    whos going to win the superbowl tonoght any tips as i want to have a bet on it

  • Guest - stu

    Cyproitvilla still peeling the spuds ?

  • Guest - cypriotvilla


    Send me your email and i will send you what i have.

  • Guest - stu

    Ahh finished at the chippy now Cypriot ?

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    Houllier would never have worked with an idiot like Faulkner, probably a good reason why it didn't happen, I think PL may have still taken the job with Houllier in that role though, we'll never know.
    I do feel Lambert would have benefited a lot this season from having someone else at the club with some football knowledge though, his coaching staff have not helped solve the set piece issues, so hell knows what they are telling him, probably exactly what he wants to hear. It also seems to me we could do with someone on the transfer front, someone with good connections, and preferably someone with an upbeat voice who can sell us to prospective players, although after January's thrilling investment plan i wouldn't hold my breathe.
    Of course this is all way to sensible & professional for Randy & his sidekick.

  • Houllier or Graham Taylor would be a great shout as DOF.

    Would Lambert want to work though under a DOF or still under donkey chod Faulkner? Faulkner has probably got PL towing the company line by now, and tucked Lambert under his arm who are now both joined at the hip.

    I would rather sack Lambert and sack Faulkner and bring in a new manager and a DOF. However it's never going to happen in the short term so wishfull thinking.

    Get rid of Faulkner bring in a DOF?
    I wonder how much Faulkner gets paid in relation to how much money a DOF would get paid. Probably there is not much in it. Can anyone see Lerner though removing his adopted son Faulkner and up set his apple cart and bring in a DOF?

    Keep Faulkner and also bring in a DOF?
    Can't see that either, it means bringing an additional wage into the club which is seen as top management salary on top of what we already have.

    Would Lerner really want to lose his Confident, Trustee and Power of Attorney "Super Fatty Faulkner" and start to re-shape this club into something better, we all hope he would..... I certainly would..;)

  • Faulkner is not at Villa for any footballing reasons purely business and he will stay because he is Randy's representative on the ground so to speak or in other words his mouthpiece.
    The worry I have is the silence from the club on all matters, what are the plans now? there was a 5 year plan which clearly has not worked, 2 and now arguably 3 failed managers and a slashed to pieces budget, unhappy fans dont seem to matter in fact fans dont seem to matter full stop.

  • Guest - Oswald

    I can see a pattern emerging.

    Villa always play well in the first half away from home before capitulating and always play well in the second half at home chasing a game usually to no avail.

  • Guest - paulb

    Whose idiotic idea was it to buy the two players we did in the transfer window. We have spent 2 million and taken on two wages for what, one didnt even get off the bench and one who played for 11 minutes. Lamberk would have done far better to have signed one player a CB who was capable of going straight into the first team, or even two on loan. Every decision taken at VP seems to leave me head scratching, Ive come to the conclusion that Lerner has had enough of trying to fund the Premier and actively wants Championship football. And Lamberk is in on it too, his substitutions are apalling and responsible for giving away at least 12 points this season. Look at the table and see where an extra 12 points would put us.

  • Guest - B6 villa

    Think this week should be spent on mainly the defence, putting in loads of balls into the box and our defenders trying tp defend them. Also PL sitting each one of down and letting them know to hold onto the ball after taking the lead rather than hoofing it out and inviting pressure back on to them. We need a win on Sunday no excuses

  • Guest - B6 villa


    There was a pattern change on Saturday weplayed well in both halves apart from the defending, hopefully that will change at villa park too on Sunday were we play the full 90 minutes and defend well too, there is always hope

  • It's going to be tough getting out of this now, I just looked at the remaining fixtures:

    West Ham
    Man City
    Man Utd

    How many points can we expect from those games?

  • I thought we were on for goal of the month with our 3rd on Saturday, fantastic team goal that. Until Aguero scored for Man City yesterday.

  • weve got to win 4 out of West Ham/QPR/Reading/Fulham/Sunderland/Norwich and Wigan.I think we need 4 draws out of the rest and 37 might just be enough.West Ham are a must win though and the good thing is the Fulham and Sunderlands players will already be on the plane with nothing left to play for.Just think if PL hadve played 442 all season with width id have no doubt we would be at least 5/6 points better off! TOOL!!!!!

  • the CL is coming up too which noght hinder Citeh and Arsenal.Im reaching i know but any crumb of comfort will do!

  • If we are third or fourth from bottom with four games to go we have a good chance of staying up looking at the fixtures. Atleast we only have one top four club to play, I'm sure others will have a more difficult run in.


  • Stay up on the last day of the season, send Wigan down and swap Lambert with Martinez... ;)

  • Guest - The Black Pearl

    West Ham - 3
    Arsenal - 1
    Man City - 0
    Reading - 3
    QPR - 1
    Liverpool - 0
    Stoke - 1
    Fulham - 3
    Man Utd - 0
    Sunderland - 3
    Norwich - 1
    Chelsea - 0
    Wigan - 3

    19 (above) +21 (now) = 40 = Safety wohoooooo

  • If we stay up... Should all do an Norwich..

    Everyone start singing Roberto Martinez's claret and blue army at Wigan on the last day of the season. ;);)

  • Re: #22614 Guest (paulb) and other similar comments from others criticising Lambert's activity in the recent transfer window.

    I'm not a really Lambert supporter but the point is that none of us know what he has been told or what restrictions he is having to deal with. The club's stance on available funds appeared to change throughout the window and Lambert actually stated that he hadn't been able to get some of the players he wanted/went for.

    This whole notion that you can combine the funds/wages spent on two or three players doesn't stack up if an individual player ceiling has been imposed.

    Criticise the club as a whole by all means - the world can see we needed a defender and it's shocking we haven't picked one up. But, given that it is so obvious, I'd be amazed if Lambert didn't also know that and hadn't tried to do something about it.

  • Lambert has said that Sylla didnt cost near the amount quoted. So it really looks like he had next to nothing to play with. So what he has done is buy what he thinks is the best player out there for that money.
    I still dont understand why Lerner didnt sanction 1 CB signing with a bit of quality as that would no doubt save us. Touch & go now.

    If we had a good defense we would be pushing for Europe. Moyes quote was interesing. We knew what to expect & planned for it but just coudnt cope with them. Our forward players.

    Its so frustrating, we are quite close to having a decent PL team...

  • Guest - cypriotvilla

    If we survive Lambert must stay, because this Villa side can be very special with two additions in the right places.

  • Guest - KrisAVFC

    "Gabby Agbonlahor scored a goal for Aston Villa"

    Think my exact words were, Your F*cking Joking....!!!!

  • ou812 - I saw an interview with PL somewhere and the reporter said Villa got Sylla for 1.7m but PL said it was nowhere near that amount, who knows. Mind you I don't care if he's good value but got a bit concerned when people were saying he had no pace, didn't see the game myself though.

  • John Salter - re: Sylla I watched it and, as I said a bit earlier, it would be totally unfair to judge him on the few minutes he was on. He was flung straight in at the deep end when we had our backs to the wall clinging on.

    My overriding opinion of him was that he looked a physical presence and keen to run. I didn't notice an obvious lack of pace as I can't really recall a situation where he was tested for pace.

  • Assuming we stay up do people think the transfer budget for the Summer will be more than £23m or will next season be another season of struggle on scooby?

  • F*cking "scooby" about time we grew up!

  • I wonder if things are as they seem on the surface, the reason I question is because we can all see where we needed strengthening but PL has said he knows the situation even though he said we were looking at players.
    Could it be a) Lerner is selling and PL knows this so is having to work in a strict budget because of this, but this would only make sense if PL was aware and had been assured of his job next season.
    b) Lerner has found an investor, as he had tried before, which will come in at the start of next season.
    If either of these then we are playing a dangerous game with our prem league status.
    or worse still his ex well and truly shafted him in the divorce courts.

  • keithj i too think the same.Maybe RL has the club sold even if we go down at a reduced rate but has tried to balance it with the lack of transfer fees and the parachute payments.I still standby what i said,you really think guys with all this much money are stupid and they havnt done their sums and projections?

  • good to see you back mate,its been murder with youre pub being shut of a night!!! I dont know what hes doing but everything points to a sale.Lets hope so then we can get someone in who can give us some of their time!!

  • Guest - ordinaryoe

    doing a normal read through the posts on here:

    if anyone has missed it, there is a classic post at number 22542, submitted by "when we were kings" - well worth scanning back for !

  • jcv

    Its a trans-ition mate.
    Now I may be wrong here mate but I believe lerners money was from the sale of MBNA with the remainder going into the trust, His personal fortune would have include his share in the trust his share in the Browns (which when sold went into the trust) now when he took over he was a $billionaire so about £800 million. So now it gets even more guesswork, say of his £800 million £200million was in the trust that would leave him £600 million "in his pocket" now his ex takes the usual half which leaves him with only a couple of hundred million from his original 800, no wonder he is keeping his hand in his pocket:):):):)

  • Guest - ordinaryoe


    P/S whats a scooby.?

    Although you seem to be blogging very frequently, you must have missed this: it is Damian's little joke because he censors certain words and changes them inot "scooby" - one such evil word was one which starts with "t r a n s" and ends with "ition"!

  • scooby,scooby do where are you??

  • Guest - jabber

    Anyone else hear the Brian Little interview this morning on Talksport....normally avoid the keys and gray slot. Andy...legend Keys...******, but tuned in for Brian. Some good stuff. My first ever game at Villa park was the first evening game after they won the league cup against Everton I was 7...magical night, kicking loads of claret and blue footballs into the crowd....a nice old boy standing next to my old man and me grabbed one and gave it to me...think the game was against spurs but not quite sure. Anyone more ancient than me might recall. Good player, decent manager and a genuine nice guy...

  • Favourite all time Villa player Brian Little he loves The Villa he will be hurting with us.

  • Guest - jabber

    Oh for sure WINDOFCHANGE he was hurting. You could hear it in his voice but at the same time you could hear he wasn't giving up on us either. It was a good interview...

  • Guest - expat007

    Good Evening all,

    Had a quick look at the posting, nothing much new. Not much happening after all the excitement of the transfer window, yawn, yawn!!

    So its West Ham on Sunday, three points will certainly help and if its 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 Villa might pull it off. West Ham’s away record is pretty poor, won 2, drawn 2 and lost 8. They have only score 7 times in those 12 matched and conceded 22, even allowing for our recent poor form we must have a chance. Villa’s home form is not great W2 D4 L6 GF9 GA18 but is slightly better.

    It will be a interesting weekend as Wigan are at Chelsea, Reading at Stoke, QPR at Swansea and Southampton home to Man C. Cant see any of them getting a win and there must be a possibility of none of them getting a point. Even then it would only move us up to 17th and still only 3 points better than Wigan in 18th.

    As I have said about all the up coming matches these are not Cup Finals as there you can win something, these games are ‘Dog Fights’ to the death, death being Championship football. A win against The Hammers will be anorther foot on the ladder and I will not throw in the towel in until the relegation battle is decided. Whilst there is still a pulse there is life!

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    I believe the money from Randy's sale of the browns, went into the family trust this would make sense as the brown's were his father's team, not his, the trust as i understand it is controlled by Randy, his mother & his sister.
    I suspect mummy pulled the plug on his funding for us, after he as good as wasted 250m with little to show for it and who can blame her, she is probably not a villa fan.
    I also read somewhere that Randy has lost money on investments building shopping malls in the states, not a good business move in a recession when American's are losing their homes to foreclosure.
    IMO Randy is not a very good business man or football club owner, one can only hope he is taking us back to the bare bones in an effort to sell AV or at least attract a joint investor for the future. If we can manage to stay up, balance the books somewhat and attract a new investor there may be hope for us for the future.

  • Guest - expat007


    If we can manage to stay up,
    Absolutely critical for so many reasons, the number one is the TV money next season. That will effect who may be interested in purchasing the Club and also make Villa a viable business. The alternatives does not bear thinking about!

  • I'm sick of talking about it" Lambert's response when asked about conceding yet another goal from a corner - well guess what Paul? So are we!!!!

  • Guest - Trinity London

    The suspense is killing me, has anyone got this ground breaking e-mail yet, day 2 and still waiting for the awnser to our dilemma.

  • QIA buyout I reckon. Mourinho to come in the summer and bring ronaldo with him.

  • Guest - Trinity London

    Sorry, Answer

  • Regarding purchases of players outside the transfer window. There is a clause.

    "However, many transfers will not be completed until 1 July because many players' contracts expire on 30 June. Outside of the transfer window, a club may still sign players on an emergency basis, usually if they have no goalkeeper available. Special dispensation from their competition's governing body, for example the Premier League, is required."

    Does this statement apply to us because we have no defenders available ? ;););)

    Maybe the FA would be lenient towards us, as we're not cheating the new UEFA financial fair play system(only just). And allow Villa to sign an out of contract defender on a free... ? ;)

  • Guest - B6 villa

    The problem is the defence, how many games and weeks of training does it take to sort it out, and why not buy a strong CD in the summer or jan to sort it out. Sick of it when it's the same f**king excuse and also allowing lower league teams to take the p1$$ out of us too. The main reason we have dropped points from winning positions.

  • Hi Guys

    Been working in London at an Exhibition until last night - what the general view was the second half against the barcodes any good did we play better at Everton. I have read the post and there seesm to be a mixed view????

    Right off to 5-a-side back later to review your responses - ps i tought we would have at least tried to buy Scott Dann!

  • jcv

    It's psychological for the players now - like England and the penalty shoot outs!

    Although I've been a bit disappointed with Vlaar a few times lately - to many basic errors.

  • Guest - George

    I read a post on here in the last few days that our wage bill was on a par with Spurs and considerably higher than Newcastle's.

    I have also remember reading that it's not the transfer fee that was screwing us but the wages people wanted to be paid.

    Reading between the lines it suggests that the Aston Villa manager (whoever that might be) has to work within a certain strict threshold of 'total cost of salaries' ... maybe in line with Spurs...or Newcastle's? This would seem to make sense and offer some logic to something that seems superficially illogical.

    This would also certainly explain PL's recent comments.

    If this is the case the sooner we can shift out some of the high earning deadwood the better - imagine what we could do with just Ireland's wages and $5m in transfer fees to spend!.

    This doesn't excuse any of the mistakes that PL has made but what it does highlight is the fact that it is the shocking ineptitude that Lerner and Fatty have overseen in the previous few years is what is the cause of our current problem.

    Also if this is the case why the fukc don't they come out and publicly say it?

    There is only one reason for that - they don't have the balls!

    They have fukced up and don't have the balls to step up to the plate and apologise to the fans!

    Wan kers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest - potts

    we cannot trust billybob and the fat controller .we discus were we may be playing our football next season . let me say after the last few seasons i was on board with trying young hungry players . we had all the big time charlies on silly money and it did not give much return in the long run. so ok young and hungry it is, the only draw back with young and hungry is you still have to try and get the ball off david villa or out muscle vincent kompany , my worry is if we go down i do not think there will be big investment . and we had a little taste of lower div football in the cups . its a mare to get out of the fizzy pop .we should go all out to stay in the prem . but i think the none purchase of a cd said it all vtid ( we will not go quitely into the night )

  • jcv

    I can't really disagree. The only hope is that it might suddenly click into place - there are moments when it looks like it might. The defence is certainly a problem - Bennett is the sort of player who should have been gently eased into the team not just thrown in.

  • I get the feeling that the club is being readied for championship football next season. The transfer window just gone speaks volumes, the owner still backing the manager speaks volumes.

    I think Randy is reading his Newcastle 2009/10 Annual and taking notes.

    Earlier I came across the reserves beating Arsenal 10-1 last season and thought "f**k me, this is virtually our first team this season".

  • Guest - Bdk

    Not only is lambert the worst manager ever, he's a ****ing joke! " I'm sick ov talking about it, it's man for man it's simple!... " yeah it's so simple u can't even work it out, if he's so sick ov talking about it, y ain't he dun nothing about it? It took him most of the season and he still can't work it out. What the **** does he do in training, god knows, he's subs, are baffling, he's says the same old **** week in week out, the sooner this dunce of a manager goes the ****ing better

  • JCV,

    Mate if memory serves me correctly, didn't most of their big earners leave in the summer? (Bassong, Owen, Martins, Duff). The barcodes introduced a wage cap and new transfer policy after they dropped.

    It all sounds remarkably familiar.

  • I reckon if we go down, we'll be without Benteke, Bent, Ireland & Nzog definitely, and Given, Weimann, Gabby & Vlaar most probably. It'll be a bumper harvest for Randy. That's the best part of £30-40 mil right there and the "wages nightmare" over.

    It kills a number of birds with one stone.

    The question on everyone's lips will be whether we'll be allowed to re-invest the money on transfers. I''m betting in that scenario Lambert will be given half and the other half will be pocketed.

    I wonder what the odds are on that.

  • Guest - Bdk

    Jvc. Those who don't want to catch up do so because they don't want to admit that they were wrong.. Or That we were right all along

  • JCV,

    Re: Newcastle - Yes - get rid of the high earners not playing and keep the lower earners who are.

    Sound familiar?

  • Guest - WhatToDo?

    anyone want a laugh? look at the cb position and possibly the rb position.,,10265~3064823,00.html

  • Guest - WhatToDo?

    if it doesnt work welll basically benteke lowton and clark are named in the team of the week!

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