I don't want to spend too much time on last night, but I'm not going to ignore it either. The one thing that I really don't get, still, is this madness of playing three central defenders. This isn't pre-war Aston Villa and three central defenders doesn't work today.

Every season Wigan struggle and they play three centre backs every now and then. Manchester City started the season playing three centre backs and very quickly changed. We have some young players with little experience and we shouldn't be playing three centre backs. It's as simple as that.

The best teams in Europe don't play three centre backs. Does anyone truly think Paul Lambert knows something they don't? But I'm convinced he will learn.

Absolutely gutted

And when I wrote my post yesterday about having fifteen cup finals, I didn't realise I had to write the basics and that a match is two halves and not just one.

And after that result last night I'm absolutely gutted. Actually, gutted doesn't do the feeling justice. And I know it's just a game and I know nobody at the club cares about us as supporters and for the most part they look down on us, so I know I shouldn't care that much, but I do.

It might not be so bad

But I'm not going to think about relegation and I don't accept it as something that is going to happen right now. I also like to think that Lambert will finally, after the second half performance last night, ditch the three centre backs.

Playing that way invites pressure and hell, I'm not sure why I am trying to convince anyone, everyone can see it. It simply doesn't work.

But if he gets more time, he could and I actually see this; make things happen for us. But he needs funds and he needs someone somewhere questioning him. He also need a boss that isn't a puppy. But that isn't going to happen.

And I'm not talking about huge amounts of cash; I'm talking bringing in some loan players that are capable. Again, for me this is obvious and I'm baffled why nothing is happening.

But given time I believe Lambert will show everyone he is the right man, but today we are staring relegation in the face and I don't want to look at the statistics of managers, in their first season at a club, that have survived with 14 games to go from inside the relegation zone, because I don't think it will be positive.

And that is why the money needs to be spent. And this is why we don't need a puppy as CEO agreeing with whatever the owner says.

But our CEO is happy. He knows nothing about football and knows even less about what Aston Villa means to us. He clearly doesn't understand the importance of staying in this league and he is happy because he has his lot. Why should he care?

Somebody needs to be on the phone to Lerner explaining what happens if we go down and that should be the job of the CEO. That same person also needs to get across that there is a very real chance it will happen if we don't strengthen.

But I know nobody is doing it, because if someone was doing it and that person had half the ability it takes to pull a pint, they'd be able to convince Lerner of this need and we would have the players.

Nothing we can do

But the sad truth is, there is nothing we can do. Randy Lerner owns the club, he has his puppet agreeing to everything and we've got a manager that on the face of things, also appears to be nodding his head and singing from the same hymn sheet.

And while there is nothing we can do to change things, we do have to stick with Lambert. And if he keeps us up now, I'll kiss him. If he keeps us up now, I'll wear a t-shirt with his face and 'Lambert is my hero' printed on it for a year.

36 hours to wait

So, I'm going to leave now and look for a bunker to hide in and I'm not coming out until Friday morning, because until then, I want to believe that there are lots of telephone calls happening and that deals are going to get done.

If on Friday morning I leave my bunker to learn nothing has happened, then our fate is in the hands of the footballing Gods and they can be, at times, very cruel.

Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • jcv, u said this before. you'll get bored and come back :D

  • yh jcv dont let Villa get in the way of our banter on here,its not worth it!!!

  • Guest - steve avfc

    Just heard about Sylla and have just spoken to a friend who has contacts in french football. He recons he is a good technical player and well advancesd for a 22 year old. He has been in good form for his club Clalmont and stands over 6 foot.
    He also stated that he could be a handy player but possibly not ready for this level (similar to westwood coming from crewe)

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    Chelski. one up . time they repaid us for the three points they luckily scraped off us !

  • Guest - DAVIDVILLA

    You will be back when you see our French super star play :D the Benteke of our midfield !!!!!

  • steve avfc - I really hope you are right but all things considered you would have thought that we would have been in for him at the start of the transfer window and not the end if we really wanted him.

  • Guest - Sasa

    yeah im here mate ?

  • sasa in the housssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! u ok mate? Apart from the Villa ;)


    JCV....sounds like you're off to Dignitas ;)

  • Guest - steveavfc

    Ray K
    I think hes the cheaper option and fits lamberts young and hungry but no experience ethos. Could be good/bad and another gamble
    See what our 3 millions brings in tomorrow

  • Anyone want to guess who the CB is that we are after?

  • Steveavfc - for a moment there I thought you were referring to JCV and his whiskey (rather than Dignitas!).

    I still maintain £1.75m and we've been shafted. And I think it means we've only got £1.25m left for players now.....

  • Guest - ordinaryjoe

    there I am - happy to see us back up to 20th!

  • Chelsea 2 up thanks fat frank!!!

  • Guest - ordinaryjoe

    18th .... even

  • Guest - steve avfc


    Feel that way to. Supporting this clubs takes up so much negative energy and that no good for anybody.
    Hope to see you back when this club management see that what is happening to us and does something positive to resolve
    and that could take sometime.
    I think I'll crack open some cans and join you

  • Guest - villa4life

    I have no clue what this player is about but we cannot get away from the fact that he is a league 2 player only this time around he is from France, He is so in demand we have had to fight off a number of clubs (I'm been sarcastic) by the way, 3 million to keep us in the league, It's gone beyond criminal

  • Anyone want to guess who the CB is that we are after?"

    Yes, no one any of us have ever heard of. Which is exactly what we DON'T need.

  • Guest - Villa Brera

    I am not sure if any remembers the comment, but at the end of December, I said that we will know all we need to know about Lambert, and Lerner's plans for the club by 31st Jan.
    Now we do.
    There, literally, are no plans.
    As for the 30,000 people that last night apparently stood and 'applauded' a team that individually earn more in a month than most of the fans do in a year, and who had just played for only one half of a six point game, and then subsequently lost, well, their frighteningly low threshold of satisfaction is well matched with the zero abilities, ambition and commitment of the current Owner and Manager.
    I cant vouch for whether this was true as I left on 87 minutes feeling physically sick about the disgrace we have now publicly become on, and more embarassingly, off the pitch.

  • Sorry, again on the £1.75m being quoted for Yacouba Sylla.

    Blackburn bought Steve N'Zonzi a few years back from from Amiens when they were in Ligue 2 and they paid £500k. If the £1.75m is correct I do not understand why we've paid 3 times as much for a similar player.

  • ou812 - I'm with you on Lambert being able to turn it around eventually. I think it'll get worse before it gets better and I do think that means the club (Lerner/Faulkner) are accepting that relegation may not be such a bad thing.


    @ ou812

    we've had some of the worse form we have ever had this past month and have done ****ing nothing yet transfer wise.
    I think ppl are more than entitled to criticise

  • Guest - stevieh

    Anyone want to guess who the CB is that we are after?

    one who can defend a corner!!


    oh dear

    Reading 2 Chelsea 2

    we're 19th

  • Guest - WhatToDo?

    slipped into 19th... will this affect randy??? of course not.

  • Guest - villa4life

    Maybe people are negative because the club is a shambles and we are going to get relegated signing league 2 players will not get us out of this mess, We will never sign Diame in a million years, He is out of our price range, Maybe it will start hitting you at midnight 2moro when the reality of the situation hits home

  • Guest - belcs

    So Chelsea who battered and humiliated us have now dropped points against Reading, Southampton and QPR.
    But not to fear as lamberk has uncovered another no mark from a crap team in the french second division. Judging by lamberks horrendous track record this will be yet another useless prat to add to the pile with el crapmadi, bennett and lowton.

  • Guest - expat007

    Reading draw with Chelsea.
    Villa now 19th and ‘Arry Houdini; still buying.
    Fulham, Norwich now going well clear of us, cant see anything good especially with being at Everton at the weekend.
    And when you thought it couldn’t get any worse!

  • we are 19th i say we are 19th.We are 19th i say we are 19th!!! What a fooking joke,roll on relegation so i can say goodbye to this shower of ****!!!!!!!1


    Guest (belcs)

    So Chelsea who battered and humiliated us have now dropped points against Reading, Southampton and QPR.

    have to laugh really.
    i did say it earlier it would be typical if Chelsea drop points to Reading tonight.
    Oh dear .

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Our transfer policy is a shambles. Our timing of recruiting players - just when the window is about to close - is a shambles and our manager to top things off seems to have forgotten how to get his team to win a game.

    A good manager makes a good team; likewise bad team does not make a bad manager.

    I have deliberately held back from posting for since yesterday - actually the Millway game - because some of the decisions i have seen, i just find baffling and right now feel very disheartened with where my club is heading.

    Firstly, Lerner in the summer has shown that he was going to back Lambert - and we all knew the job was going to be a big job with some patience required - but no-one expected this total capitulation.

    Having shown he was going to back Lambert, he has now pulled the plug by the looks of it, not just on Lambert but our premiership status, just when we needed it the most.

    If he is not going to back the manager in our hour of need, why the hell is Lambert still employed, unless he wants Lambert to walk - I just don't get it.

    It will be a miracle if we survive this season - sitting one place off the bottom of the league, and you see nor hear any urgency from any member of the club hierarchy.

    Yet another un-kown player that we are apparently going for - I'm sure that will lift a demoralized dressing room.

  • Guest - potts

    villa are in free fall. but i think we are about to bottom out 19th

  • Guest - Villanto

    I not going to let other teams results make my feelings for Villa feel worse than they already are witnessing some shocking performances, however if we can bolster defence and midfield there is always hope until it is confirmed we are doomed I will support my team. there are 42 points still to play for it is not impossible even though it is highly unlikely. 2nd half yesterday showed more promise, I will hold on to that I convinced we will go down keep believing it so that if they do by some miracle survive it will be one hell of a bonus

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    that's about right, we very close to the bottom of the barrel now..


    agreed mon 4-5-1
    can't quite believe how reckless the whole club have been past month and this window.
    seemingly pulling the plug on transfers this window was nothing short of suicide.
    Down to 19th now and as many said we would go down with a whimper if didn't do some proper transfer business this window. some ppl at the club need shooting

  • Mon 4-5-1

    I don't think Lerner wants Lambert to walk or to sack him. Lerner wants to rid the club of the high earners and whilst only an idiot would want to be relegated I believe its an outcome that would lead to a lot of the high earners leaving.

    Lerner wants Villa to become a solid mid-table team of low earners - ie Norwich, Swansea etc etc. He can then sell it as a blank canvas to someone else to make the same mistakes he made.

  • Guest - pepsihead

    why are villa charging £42 for the west ham game when we are 2nd bottom at a 1,30 kick off on a sunday for live tv? should be a crowdof around 25,000:(

  • Guest - greg

    at the moment though, from what ive seen this year and the decline over the last 3 years, we are the worst team now in the league, i wouldnt be surprised if we finish rock bottom.

    If we signed sneider and david villa in the morning id say it still wouldnt be enough, so we really are screwed

  • Guest - Falmouth Villan


    The negativity on this site is something to behold sometimes. Give the fella a chance ffs.

    Give him a chance??? what fcukin planet are you on mate? the worst manager in our history in bed with the worst owner in football history destroying OUR proud club with their piss poor management oh yeah lets give them more time so they can fcuk it up for good eh? and we are the negative ones? pass your weed round mate!

  • Guest - WhatToDo?

    well at least there will be some goals on show xD especially when we're on the box :(

  • Guest - The Cleaner

    it's clear to me now, Mr Learner is preparing for the Championship. He's had enough of spending and he thinks' if we go down then so be it, ' but i'm not throwing any more money at it, infact i would go so far as to say that he's totally pissed at the whole circus of the premier league. Now to tell Lambo to buy young hungry players from the outset this season, this has been a possible scenario that has been contemplated and it's been decided to let fate take it's course, as if in some sort of twisted way this is a good thing , to enable the club to move all the high earners off the books , and then have another year to gel a young team and come back up, with a large balloon payment to cushion the drop, i expect Mr Learner thinks he will make money next year and dramatically reduce the wage bill at the same time. He's not a stupid fellow and he's only in this to make money, so no philanthropy just a plan to make cuts and keep the wages rolling in for Mr Learner. However the best laid plans and all that. If we fail to stay in this league or fail to come back up with the help of the balloon payments then he will admit defeat and walk away.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    whilst I agree with what you're saying, Lerner (and the people around him) do not understand premiership football.

    Yes he may get rid of the high earners, but at a much reduced price from the championship. So, not only will we
    loose money on player sales - if we can off load them, we will also lose T.V revenue money.

    The club value in the championship will halve, and not only will we lose players that we want off the wage bill, but we
    may well lose players that mid-table clubs like Norwich, Southampton, Wigan, Swansea...may want to bolster
    their squads.

    Yes your right only an idiot would want our club to go down, but then only an idiot would spend 6 million on a
    French player, then loan him out the following season, not ensure that he passes the visa criteria, so now
    cannot play for the club when we are desperately short of experienced midfielders.

    Let's not forget, being relegated does not necessarily mean the high earners will be gone if no one wants them.

    It would have been far better to have provided additional funds to back the manager now and say you will not get as
    much in the summer - then off load the players you can.

    If Lerner is not going to provide the funds then, get someone in who can lift the morale of the club to at least give us a chance.

    This doing nothing only sends one message, the idiot has given up on the premiership


    Lost Prem TV money revneue , lower gates , reduced pricing , Genting deal ends in summer / shirt sponser money will much less in championship , etc ,etc

    Does Lerner not realise all this ? the ****ing muppet

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Lets hope we can agree a deal to get Wiemann contract extended and his heard is not turned when we are playing in the fizzy pop league, when some of the premiership clubs come sniffing around - he looks like a real find and will be a top player...

  • Guest - Falmouth Villan

    Maybe we could play Makoun now and pretend its our new signing Sylla...cmon lads we have all played under a different name whilst suspended at one time or another, or at least we used to in the festival league a few years ago lol

  • Guest - expat007

    You still on here Mate?
    I understand Villa have signed Yacouba Sylla from Clermont FC!

    Just to give you some idea of the quality of the Club. Their ground capacity is less than 11,000 and last year finished 5th in the French 2nd division. This season they are 14th and 2 points above the relegation zone and there gates are lately averaging about 4,000.

    The main sport in the City of Clermont is Rugby Union.

    The standard of French 1st Division is poor compared with the Premiership and the 2nd Division is comparable with our 4th League and the Conference. Its pretty dire and that’s why so many French professionals play for foreign football clubs.

    Tomorrow I will get my leg pulled by the locals in the Bar as they will know that The Villa have sign someone called Sylla from Clemont. I got stick from some on here when I asked ‘Joe who?’ when we signed Bennett, now it will be ‘Yacouba qui’ over here for me.

    Another great buy by Rab C!!!:D:D

  • Guest - potts

    4-5-1 thats the way it is for us, anybody we do unearth will be picked off by other clubs because of the yanks love of money.

  • Guest - Villa Brera

    Lads - 90% on here are agreed that the great name of Aston Villa FC is currently being shafted by the club and the Manager is a 'nice enough bloke' but totally useless in any footballing sense.
    At present we are on a crash course for the lower reaches of the Championship, and rightly so on this seasons performances. All the teams around us are highly active, both on and off the pitch (in terms of transfers).
    The club and Manager are ignoring us totally, intentionally.
    The question is, do we just sit and watch this happen, in silent collusion, or is it time to start getting highly vocal in and around the ground and force something, anything, to happen, maybe Either Lambert and / or Lerner goes?

  • Mon 4-5-1

    I accept what you're saying but believe me when I say they will have done the maths on relegation. If it really was financially catastrophic then Lerner would be spending money now. The assumption will be that we'll get promoted at the first attempt though and believe Lambert has the experience to do that.

  • Guest - expat007

    Villa Brera

    or is it time to start getting highly vocal in and around the ground and force something, anything, to happen,
    Let me put it this way, it is better than sitting on your hands doing sweet FA!

    If nothing else it will help you frustrated supporters to let off steam. Unfortunately I am too old and in France, so I am useless, but you and others can rock the boat, so good luck to you.

    Why not try and get Damian on board!

  • Guest - Duster

    Villa Brera

    If by some miracle some experienced quality signings are unveiled tomorrow then i am totally with you! Actions speak louder than words and we the fans deserve more than this ****e that is being served up by the owner, CEO, Manager and the players!!

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    I am not sure there is ant truth to the 3m to spend rumour, why would any club let the budget, large or small, be know 24hrs before the deadline ? ,as for the French kid i will believe it when he's on the website wearing the shirt.
    At this point it's all speculation, so lets assume the same policy as the summer is in place "one in one out" if that is the case perhaps we have been waiting to move Bent, if we do we could potentially be quite busty tomorrow, perhaps that was the problem with Sissoko, he was not prepared to wait, (i can't believe N'castle are paying him that much more than we could have).
    I think PL's hands are tied until he can sell someone, otherwise the 3M+ rumour is probably not too far from the truth, this would balance the savings from Hutton/Warnock going.

    Personally I think we would be a much better team if we sold Bent and brought in a Diame, Hangaland & perhaps another experienced midfielder. As i said it's all speculation at this point, but after yesterday's result surely even Randy is S**ting his panties.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    I agree, I'm sure they would have done some financial calculations on relegation. But what i do no know is that all the clubs around us are doing there utmost to stay in this league - new recruits...and I'm sure there must be a reason for this and I would trust their judgement any day of the week then Faulkner's and Lerner's...

    As for Lambert, he'll only get my backing if he can get us out of this hole that he has put us in - if not then, for me he needs to go and it's the price he should pay for failure.

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    by "Busty" i mean Busy !

  • Guest - astonman

    Another cheap transfer on low wages ! I give up the wan*ers running the.club are a disgrace

  • F.ck me.... QPR paying Remy £70k a week and prepared to pay Samba £100k a week. Not for one moment would I ever suggest that.

    I've also just read that Yacouba Sylla played for the Barcelona youth set up for 4 years until he was 16 so maybe I have misjudged the signing and that he does have actually have something about him.......I certainly hope so.

  • pepsihead

    if you're that worried about going to the game v West Ham, so long as you've got history of buying tickets, they'll contact you by text and make you an offer for tickets if nobody is going.

    Personally speaking, I really think you're wasting your own time demonstrating at the club.

    They only care about money.............!!!!!!!!!!


    If Villa are playing that badly and are that useless, surely, it wouldn't be too difficult to stop going for a few weeks until the club get the message that they cant continue to treat fans in the way the majority feel on this blog. I've said it many times already and I wont change my views on it.

  • RayK

    Yes, I just read the Samba piece and on top of his wages will be the 12.5 million fee which is fu*king ridiculous. If QPR fail, they're going to sink, just like Portsmouth........ I wouldn't want that for my own club no matter what.

  • Guest - Trinity London

    This is off topic but it made me laugh.

    Young small Mongrel free to good home !
    Doesnt come when called
    Doesnt do as told
    Not fit for purpose
    And extremely docile
    Answers to the name of bannon or barry

  • Guest - Old McParland

    Just come on to say after the results tonight that leave us in 19 position i dont know if Randy Lerner is preparing us for the championship , but he wants preparing for a firing squad the way this shambles is unfolding. And JCV stick around mate we have seen this all befor admitingly we were a little younger then , but what ever happens stay around for the banter ill crack open a few cans and pies to celebrate your return.:D

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    if that Sylla guy has played for Barcelona youth, then there is a glimmer of hope...can he stop us plummeting further into the abyss?

    I also hope this now means we are going to abandon this useless 5-3-2 system that we have been playing...

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    Lamberts tactics have been very naive at best, some of his signings may still pay off but if he wants me to have faith in him going forward to the end of the season he needs to stop this 3 at the back with FB's playing as "wing backs", right now we are just not good enough to try this it leaves us way to exposed we are just giving space to the opposition, playing this way we are a disaster.

    From now on we have to play a traditional back 4, and must play Benteke up front with Gabby & Wiemann wide & Zoggy sitting behind in the pocket, or any combination thereof, these 4 MUST start every game, we have to keep it simple and consistent so the young players can learn & understand, if can do this we may still stand a chance of survival.

  • The thing is I'd love Villa to build a quality team on the best youth players and unearthed gems......but I know the only reason Lerner wants to do this now is because he's had his fingers burnt and for me - especially given how flipping rich he is - that just ruins it.....

  • Guest - villa4life

    100's of players go thru the barca academy on a yearly basis, It means nothing, I would be more concerned to why he has ended up in league 2 in France and has not been picked up by someone half decent, I will support him and hope he turns out to be a gem but we have been down this road before, Buy championship players on championship wages and guess what we will end up playing in the championship, What hurts most apart from not winning is we're not even trying to fight to get out of this mess

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Vancouvrvillan - totally agree...

    I'm all for squad rotation and bringing through the youngsters, but when you're fighting for your premiership survival, time for experimenting has to take a back seat...

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    get point at you are totally right...but I'd rather have someone from Barcelona's youth academy - knowing how good their first team is - then getting more bargain basement signings from the fizzy pop league...

    We have to accept that Lerner, Faulkner and Lambert have decided that the way forward is bargain basement signings.

  • Villa4life - I agree lots of players go through on a yearly basis but he was there for 4 years.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather that we had signed Sissoko but maybe, just maybe, there is something in this player?

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Will this new signing sign in time to play for the West Ham game - it's another cup final!!

  • French midfielder Sylla - who plays for Ligue Two side Clermont Foot - will cost Villa around £1.7million

    Why not ? We have to do something.

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    I agree, Sissoko he ain't, but he will get 1st team football & time to shine if he has it in him he may well surprise, he probably has something to prove, who knows better than nothing.
    Apparently he is over 6ft big lad, look at it this way he may lift the other players and can he really be any worse than Bannan ?

  • The defender we're after is Rolando...on loan. Apparently agents are complicating things though. Lambert also reportedly interested in Kenwyne Jones. I'd be surprised if we go for him. But Stoke reportedly want Bent, so a trade plus cash on the cards? This is all from James Nursey.

  • Guest - villa4life

    As I said I'm not going to judge as I have never seen the lad play hopefully he is a gem but the price tag and the league he is coming from suggests we have another championship player, It has got to the point now were we need to make shrewd solid signings and not taking chances on a player from the french league 2

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    he may even help Bannan...

  • Although other reports state Napoli are close to signing Rolando. Wonder if Nursey knows something...

  • The defender we're after is Rolando...on loan. "

    Rolando.....from Grange Hill?

  • According to our good friend Wikipedia Rolando has been transferred today to Napoli.

  • Lol. He's from Porto and is a Portuguese international. I'd be stunned if we pulled it off. But there's no smoke without fire. The fact Nursey has said it is interesting

  • Sorry Bahama, too slow on my comment re Napoli....still chuckling on the Grange Hill reference.....

  • RayK, no worries. I've been checking the news and deal for Rolando to Napoli hasn't gone through yet. Interesting thing is that Napoli want him on loan. Nursey reckon we want him on loan, but are his 'sources' correct and are we trying to push through a permanent deal. If we get Jones (underwhelming) and Rolando, Lerner is definately realising we are in trouble....lol!!

  • Think it's going to be a bumpy ride tomorrow night. Wouldn't be surprised to see Bent gone.

  • Nursey has JUST tweeted again lol. He says we are interested in Rolando but probably won't get done as too many agents involved. Guess we'll wait and see...

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    Jones is a waste of money and right now we do not need another Striker - even if Bent was to go.

    What we need is another central midfielder

  • Rolando... anyone got any stats on this guy... where does he play etc ?

  • Guest - Lionheart

    The Kenywyn Jone rumours are complete rubbish.. even if Bent went why would we want him when we have Benteke Weimen already and our needs are more important in defense and midfield... i would be gob smacked if Jones came in.. esp as we would have to pay him 35K a week plus..

    Hopefully Bent goes for 10M and we invest that money in at least two more players...!!

  • I know Jones would be a waste. As I stated above I don't think it will happen. But the Mirror have just written an article about it....


    Kenwyne Jones would be an awful signing .
    Not needed either

  • Looks like this Sylla deal is almost sorted according to reports

  • That probably means Nursey has just checked Wikipedia....we shall se folks.

    Can't help but feel that the players we've signed / being linked to (along with other clubs) that we've never heard of are simply players we are being offered by agents rather than players are scouts have targeted. Hope I'm wrong.

  • Guest - Villanto

    A portuguese international Cd, plays for porto

  • RayK,

    Henke probs recommended them lol. He's due to leave on Feb 1st.

  • Bent might be going to Stoke as well lol.....

  • Guest - villa4life

    Why would we pay Jones 50k a week? It makes absolute no sense what so ever, So with that said knowing how our club is run it would not surprise me if he signed

  • jonnah, Rolando would be an outstanding signing. But can't see it happening. After loads of Villa fans tweeted Nursey after the article he's now said it probs won't happen because too many agents involved. But we will see.

  • I said it earlier...I can see the logic in Jones. Him and Bentekkers could be a real handful up front for the relegation dog fight ahead of us, and if we lose that fight then Bentekkers would be off and Jones and Weimann would be a very good partnership in the Championship.

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