I've had a hectic week which is why there hasn't been a post. I've been on two separate flights, three train journeys and three cities. That was by Wednesday and on Monday, just as I was leaving, the first signs of a stomach bug appeared with my son, that appeared with my daughter on Wednesday and have appeared with the wife this morning.

So in between, work, travel and looking after a sick house, now I have a little time for Aston Villa, but not much. And apologies for the personal memoir, but that really only describes about half of how hectic it really was.

To Aston Villa

So, how is everyone feeling? A win last weekend saw us leave the relegation zone. Fat Sam had a breakdown on national TV and while we haven't had the usual PR from the club after a win (or have we) we did have a mention of Rob Vlaar at the stadium on some advertising.

But what is the tone? Does the victory against West Ham mean we're going to beat Arsenal and catch Liverpool? I'm still not convinced, but that is just me.

And I really don't think one win should make us feel that confident as we're still in a horrible position, with Manchester City and Liverpool in March as well as QPR and Reading. But we know the games we must win and in the others, we're now a team that has to be happy with a point.

Just this season

But don't take my bleak outlook as something permanent. I'd happily take points against Manchester City and Liverpool now. Hell, I'd take defeat if we picked up six points against Reading and QPR, because they are the matches we must win. And it will get better.

If we stay up, there has to be more money. If we stay up, we will get the one or two players we need to kick on a little bit further and the players we have will have learnt a lot by this experience. Or you'd like to believe they will anyway.

And just because right now I think it comes down to May (Norwich, Chelsea and Wigan) doesn't mean it will or that it will be like this next season. In my head, we will need points from those three games, but as long as we get them, we'll be okay. We will sign a relief and I will wear the t-shirt.

Twelve games to go, 36 points to play for. Anything is possible and right now, I'm back to 60/40 we'll stay up, but those numbers are sitting on a pendulum and we can't get carried away by one win. There is a massive hill to climb and I don't buy into all the hype surrounding one victory.

If we beat Arsenal though, I'll start to believe. But it is still a pendulum.

Video of the week because I love this

Player map

And because I had a bit of time on my hands tonight, I thought I'd create this map. It shows all players since the start of the 1992/93 season that have represented Aston Villa in any competition, but only first team. It also shows their position and place of birth. A bit geeky, but I found it interesting.

View Aston Villa players from 1992/93 season onwards in a full screen map

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  • Expat.

    Don't get all excited now!

    You think that because I pointed out that the majority of footballers aren't to be found lazing away what precious little free time they get in art galleries and theatres, that I'm somehow belittling them.

    You also appear to be saying that because footballers aren't spending their time in art galleries that they are in some way disadvantaged. What a terribly middle class point of view.

    Wrong on both counts.

    I think you may have lived in France too long. Appreciate your fact-finding on Lampard, though. The internet is a wonderful thing, eh?

  • pitbull infernoWhen in a hole stop digging if this is a good example of people you admire.

    Where did I say that I admire him? You don't write for the Daily Mail do you by any chance?

  • To everyone else. Hope you're enjoying your popcorn. Normal service will resume shortly as I'm getting bored.

  • Guest - ftkv

    expat great list
    but you forgot to mention cockneys polititions and financial traders and general pick pocket scum
    what a place to bring up your family
    hate the place and everything it takes from us just like LERNER

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    And pearly kings and queens and chirpy chimney sweeps :)

  • Guest - expat007


    Expat you are a very clever man,maybe too clever bordering on insane,maybe going a bit doolally in youre old age ;););) Some of youre comments are head shaking material sometimes

    Possibly: but my spelling and grammar are still pretty good compared to some. Try this next time:
    Expat, do you think you are a very clever man? Maybe too clever even bordering on (the) insane, perhaps going a little doolally in you’re old age. Some of you’re comments are head shaking material sometimes.
    Use perhaps as you have used maybe. As for Headshaking, that is a condition where the horse or pony shakes its head continuously, often while being ridden. I have been a little Hoarse in my time but never a pony, although I have put a 'pony' on a horse or two in the past.

    By the way youth is no proof of intelligence, only shows the lack of experience.

  • Guest - Ftkv

    ny truth in the card randy sent to fatty
    roses are red
    violets are twisted
    bend over bitch
    your going to get fisted

    or was it to us

  • Guest - expat007


    And pearly kings and queens and chirpy chimney sweeps

    The Pearly Kings and Queens have a very long charitable record and are responsible for giving nearly £40,000,000 to Charities.
    As for ‘chirpy chimney sweeps’:
    That was because of the song "Chim Chim Cher-ee" and Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins playing a cockney chimney sweep, the song unbelievably won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for the American songwriters the Sherman Brothers. Everything about that film was American apart from Julie Andrews who was born in Surrey and even Pamela Lyndon Travers the writer was Australian.

    Mary Poppins is a 1964 musical film starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, produced by Walt Disney, and based on the Mary Poppins books series by P. L. Travers. The film was directed by Robert Stevenson and written by Bill Walsh and Don DaGradi, with songs by the Sherman Brothers. It was shot at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California.

    Have another go;););)

  • Guest - expat007


    hate the place and everything it takes from us
    Do I spot just a spot of envy?

  • Guest - expat007

    Having lived in Birmingham since the 1960’s I have always noticed one thing about the Brummies, that there is only one place they hate more than London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow and other British Cities and that is Birmingham.
    What does nearly everyone ask me when they know I come from Devon, ‘What are you doing in this sh*t hole’ and they cant seem to leave soon enough to what they think are greener pastures.
    I am very fond of Brum and will soon be coming back to live there, pity about the weather. I also love going to London, fantastic place.
    There are very few Birmingham people that I know who have any pride in their great city.

  • god blimey,
    ive had a couple of days off,and EXPAT has swallowed an encyclopedia.whats with all this london bull****.
    all i read about the place is gun,knife crimes,muggins.etc.
    what do the yanks call it,londiskan.terrorist capital of the world.
    give me good old brum,any day of the week.we have our problems,but nowhere near that bad.

    most of ours are with our football teams.:p:p:p:p

  • EXPAT,
    are you moving back for good.?? must be mad.;)

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    Have another go ? At what exactly ?

  • as for the intelligence of our players,i think most of them have got their brains between their legs.

  • Guest - expat007

    How are you?
    Yes: I only came for the weather and the swimming pool and I’m now getting too old to appreciate them. Also in the early days it was cheaper to live and that is no longer the case. Miss the British way of life, its only when you are away you value it.

    Just for the record Birmingham is 20th out of 24 for the worse crime figures for English Cities,
    Greater London has less murders per capita than Birmingham and the other stats are similar.
    By the way crime is higher in France than England! Don’t believe all you read as the English are very critical of themselves.

    Of all Brits I find that the Brummie is the

  • Guest - expat007

    I must have deleted this: Of all Brits I find that the Brummie is themost disparaging of his City, which I have never been able to understand.

  • EXPAT,
    im fine mate.
    dont forget you will have to buy some waders and a good brolly,when you come home.
    forget the sunshine,you wont see it anymore.:p:p
    as for this country,it has gone.
    we will soon be third world rated.
    and we won the war.:p

  • jcv, hello mate,

    Talking about wars the next one that we need to win is staying up :):)

  • Guest - expat007


    what do the yanks call it,londiskan.terrorist capital of the world.

    This is from an USA journalist:
    How does London manage to have such a low murder rate compared to cities in America?
    London has 7.5 million people, but it only had 111 murders last year. That's incredible! The murder rate is only 1.1 per 100,000 people.
    Compare that to America's "safest" big city - New York City. New York's population is slightly less than 8.4 million. So, if it had the same murder rate as London, we'd expect about 152 murders.
    In reality, NYC had FOUR-HUNDRED SIXTY SIX murders in 2011 - and that's the lowest number since 1963! 466! That's 314 "excess" murders compared to London.
    It's much worse in other American cities. For example, if New Orleans had London's murder rate, it would have no more than 7 murders per year.
    In reality? New Orleans had 173 murders. That's more in RAW NUMBERS than London by 43, despite the fact that New Orleans has 7.15 million FEWER people!
    Why are cops in America so poor at preventing murder compared to their counterparts in London?
    What can we learn from London's extremely low murder rate?
    How can we copy their success?

  • HI MUZ 1,
    ive had a rest,and have come back to find we are discussing capital cities etc.
    arsenal are two down.hope we dont get the backlash.:p

  • Arsenal 2 down, not sure about this if they lose will they be more determined to get a result Saturday or are they totally lacking in confidence and there for the taking?

  • EXPAT,
    gang culture,thats the reason.america has more intergrated different nations,than anyone else id guess.
    and with us opening our doors to all and sundry we will follow their trend.
    and im not being racist in this.but its factual.
    even in our old cultures,seamen etc allways had punch ups when visiting other areas in our docklands.
    football hooliganism,also grew in this culture,when fans were able to travel away.
    even in our own cities there has allways been rivalry between different areas.
    what do they call it nowadays,post code rivalry.

    sorry for the history lesson.for those that are wondering what has happened to this site today.

    rool on the weekend,weve had to much time off.:p:p

  • Thats the worry, if Arsenal lose will we feel the backlash, bearing in mind they have not lost 3 consecutive home games in well over 30 years.

  • muz

    Records are there to be broken:):):)

  • WIND,
    mate,arsenal are in crisis.and you can see why.but where does that leave us.
    ive just noticed plenty of empty seats in the top tear at their ground.wonder how many arsenal will say were there.??any guesses,i say a full house.:p

  • expat007 you name one footballer lol.Footballers on the whole are morons,you could throw a set of keys on the pitch and go shiny,shiny and that would amaze them.Rugby Union players come from educated backgrounds and even Rugby League players are taking courses for their future.The Leeds legend Jamie Peacock has just passed a masters degree in sports adminstration because of life after Rugby League.You see these muppet footballers dont need life after football they could all retire before they were 30 if they wanted.
    You might know a footballer form the 70s or a couple of judges here and there but i know a few footballers and know a lot of people who are in their company a lot and they know how to do one thing well and thats show off their money.Most of them can just about spell their name!!

  • keithj,

    I was waiting for that reply, so do you think we will win on Saturday?

  • MUZ,
    our mate keithj still thinks we will finish fourth.;););)
    so hes going for an away win.

  • and dont forget that programme when rio ferdinand used to take the piss.He got a load of 2/3 year old kids to paint some **** paintings and passed them off to David James who is "supposed" to know his art and David was trying to explain the thoughts and emotions that the artist must have gone through to paint them:):):):):):):) Like is said MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • muz

    I always think they will win, if my predictions had come true we would be closer to man u than city are:):):):)

  • SJH,
    cmon mate,be fair.gasgoine, has a drink deploma.:p

  • jcv,

    Mate, we are breaking plenty of records this season, unfortunately they are for all the wrong reasons.

  • jcv

    Thats true. I'm sure he mastered it - 1st glass

  • keithj #24424,

    Fair play to you mate.

  • Anyone know how our lads have got on in the next gen series at Ajax? AVTV have not bothered to do any commentary which is a bit piss poor.

  • Got it, they won 2-1.

    Well done lads, in the quarter final

  • keithj,

    Villa won 2-1, throught to quarter finals

  • should have read through, expat will be castigating me for my spelling mistakes:):)

  • on our drink culture,
    rugby players would probably drink any football players under the table.
    but i never heard any complaints about paul mcgrath or merson when they played for us.
    as long as it doesnt affect them on the pitch who cares.

  • jcv although they do drink of course Rugby has come along way.The players are supreme athletes now and ive no doubt would blow footballers away,not just in strength or power but stamina and speed tests too.When would you see a rugby player lying at the bottom of a ruck rolling round signalling for help to come on because his nail has broken? lol
    Football is a horrible,horrible business (see i said business not sport) and the sooner it falls apart the better for me.I hope it happens in my lifetime but doubt it theyve got their customers wrapped around their finger!!

  • SJH,
    all sportsmen are super fit nowadays,including footballers.
    it all comes down to wether our players are good enough.can you say that giggs,lampard,terry etc are not fit.id beg to differ.

  • JCV. SJH - does expat have a tooth ache we seem to have hit a nerve today

  • JCV

    spent many a night in four oaks with Merson, McGrath, Spink, Houghton et al!

  • BLADE,
    mate expat is coming back home.perhaps thats upset him.:p:p
    id love to have been there with you,in that company,bet you have a tale or two to tell.
    have had the occasional drink with shaw.
    boy do those players love their drink.but its the same as us.so we do still have something in common.:p:p

  • After watching the last 15 minutes of the Bayern match I can see what Lamberts trying to achieve:p

  • ooops thats a bottle of sauvignon blanc gone nice though "casillero del diablo"

  • our top sides are certainly falling behind the foreign sides.
    what does that say about the prem.
    is it still the best league in the world.or is it all just hype.i think the latter.
    we are falling farther behind.just look at our f/a league cup results.far more shocks than ever before.as we well know.

  • JCV

    you are correct, we are falling behind but the lower leagues are catching up - to many imports time for change and Jerusalem!

  • BLADE,
    are the lower leagues catching up.or are the prem sides getting worse.man utd are walking the league with their worse side for years.
    if ether sky start concentrating on the spanish or german leagues instead of the prem.god help our football.

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    Back to football and away from grammar lessons , I have a feeling we may get a:) point this weekend ;)
    ps EXPAT I'm not as intelligent as you obviously are but when correcting grammar for sjh (24400) would I be correct in thinking .......you're comments

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    Should have read ..... your comments ? not the shortened version of.
    "you are ". ?

  • Perhaps we should have a contest for expast new name when he comes home. I will start with:-

    "Borm again Brummmah"

  • tearsonmyscarf,
    ive had a few days off, and come on to extended posts from expat.which one of you started him off.:p:p
    i fear an arsenal backlash this week.

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    I'll go with. ..... EXPERT .

  • BLADE,
    how about the mad professor.:p

  • Guest - tearsobmyscarf

    :) jcv ... oi ony frew in a few bloomin pearly kings n gweens guvnor :p

  • Expert

    please NO do not panda "eats shoots and leaves" to him

  • how about PAPA DOYLE,the french connection:p:p

  • Guest - yearsonmyscarf

    Noooo . I was ony avin a bloomin larf n all wen eee goes n takes me all serious n all that !! I mean, I ain't like that nor nuffink but eee bleedin finks I'm avin a pop !!! Wich I ain't see ! :D

  • is the the old bugger?


  • It might be

    Thonon les Bains, France

  • god help us tomorrow,when expat comes back on.;);)

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    Anyway .. night night . ktf

  • JCV, Tears

    One has consumed too much wine and needs to retire with nanny - I bid you adieu!

  • goodnight lads,
    we will get expats responce tomorrow.:p:p
    think i will go out for the day.:p:p

  • Guest - Daveyboy

    JCV what is your basis for the following comment?

    rugby players would probably drink any football players under the table.

    through my experience most "egg chasers" are ex private school boys, who probably prefer a few glasses off the finest red tipple, as appose to 15 pints on a friday night.

    Much fitter than football players I'm not so sure stronger for sure, but for me rugby is much slower and more boring to watch

    Then again after watching 10 minutes of "superbowl" recently rugby in comparison is like formula 1.

    Not intended on being a dig JCV , just seems such a cliche that rugby players are much better than football players

  • After last nights result plus Blackburn on Saturday, if we can go 1 - 0 up against Arsenal the crowd will turn on em.

    Plus they have played 3 games in 7 days.
    Some may see it different.
    Best time to play em if you ask me.;)

  • daveyboy i would bet the fastest winger in world rugby is quicker than the quickest football winger and fitter and i would bet that rugby back rows have more stamina than say the hardest working midfielders for instance. i would put the house on it.

  • Guest - muz1


    The last time we played a team that had played 3 games in 7 days i remember some saying they are there for the taking. That game ended in an 8-0 defeat.
    Not trying to be negative but, lets not get carried away.They are effectivly out of the champions league and have only a top 4 place to play for, so imo its not the best time to play them.
    Dont get me wrong 3 points or a draw would be a great result, but if people get their hope too high you just feel even more deflated if you lose..

  • Fastest rugby player might be a bit cheating tbh it's Carlin Isles who was a former American sprinter/athlete. He runs the 100m in 10.13s.

    Footballers are as follows:
    1: Theo Walcott 100m 10.3s

    2: Cristiano Ronaldo 100m 10.63s

    3: Gabriel Agbonlahor 100m 10.98

    Gabby in 3rd, shame he doesn't take the ball with him !

  • Bryan Habana S. Africa 10.2s
    Tonderei Chavhanga S. Africa 10.27s
    all quicker Next lol

  • jonnah/sjh

    Adam Gemili footballer/athlete 10.11 give me your house :):):):):)

  • sjh

    just looked again and Gemili's PB was 10.05 so I think that deserves your car as well:):):)

  • keithj

    I didn't make the bet. :)
    What I found out on the back of all the football v rugby talk.. ;);););)

    Rugby is for girls !

  • muz1

    I'm getting carried away with all the hype, I'm expecting Benteke to score 5 and Wenger to be sacked immediately afterwards !! ;);)

  • And then Wenger to become our manager immediately after that !;);)

  • Guest - Daveyboy

    SJH + Jonah i have been scouring google and APPARANTLEY the fastest 3 players in football are:

    1. Theo Walcott

    2. Jonathan Biabiany (parma)

    3. Joffre Guerron (beijing)

    Ronaldo is alledgedley only 14th

    The fastest rugby player I found is a chap called Carlin Isles

  • jonnah,

    I would be very pleased if Benteke got 5, as long as Arsenal dont get 6:):):)

  • SJH + Jonah i have been scouring google and APPARANTLEY the fastest 3 players in football are:

    1. Theo Walcott

    2. Jonathan Biabiany (parma)

    3. Joffre Guerron (beijing)

    Ronaldo is alledgedley only 14th

    The fastest rugby player I found is a chap called Carlin Isle

    Didnt Nike do an advert with lennon walcott and gabby and wasnt gabby the fastest of the lot, and lennon the fastest dribbler?

  • Guest - expat007

    For those interested:
    THEO WALCOTT is the Premier League’s answer to sprint superstar Usain Bolt.
    Manchester United fan Bolt hit a top speed of 24.04mph as he won two golds at the World Championships in Berlin.
    Arsenal’s Walcott clocked 22.72mph and Sol Campbell took a shock second place in the top-flight race with a 22.50mph top speed.
    The top speeds have been calculated by Castrol using data captured over two seasons.
    Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres would be in a photo finish for third with their joint top speed of 22.27mph.
    Football’s fliers hit incredible speeds and Walcott’s bursts mean he would run 9.9secs for 100m — if he could sustain his top speed of 10.1m per second.
    Double Olympic champ Bolt ran 9.58secs to break the 100m world record in Berlin.
    Campbell’s top speed could see him run 10.1secs for 100m — just a tenth of a second slower than Brit Dwain Chambers ran at the World Championships.
    Bolt admits his preparations ahead of his 19.19secs 200m record had been blighted by United’s loss to Burnley.
    But he said: “They will bounce back and there’ll be no worries.”

  • good morning,
    DAVEBOY,mate i only used that piece about rugby players drinking,in answer to a post that indicated that rugby players were more proffessional than footballers.
    i was pointing out that that isnt so.;);)

  • who said anything about fastest over 100m though? ;);););) Rugby Union athletes are far superior to footballers,they trained at the footballers complex the other week and had to take their own equipment because the footballers training gear wasnt up to scratch! :):):)

  • EXPAT,
    mate,a few of us were discussing wether you will change your name,when you come home.or are you going to stick with this one.
    i suggested papa doyle,the french connection.:p:p

  • Guest - expat007

    Good morning,
    Had a good laugh at the postings.
    Cant reply to them all, but here’s one for you when you believed that all footballers have the brains between their legs.
    That only goes to prove the point I was trying to make and that is that footballers are no different to most men, including me when I was younger;);)

  • Guest - expat007


    mate,a few of us were discussing wether you will change your name,when you come home.or are you going to stick with this one. i suggested papa doyle,the french connection.

    Seeing that there are postings on here, how about the French Letter;);)

  • EXPAT,
    nice one;);)

    well im off out now.roll on the weekend.:p

  • Sorry to be off topic - this is about the Villa ;)

    Benteke may well be moving on during the summer, but at what price?

    We have heard £15m+, but that is on the basis of the old TV money - the new TV money would mean £60m just for Villa

    What price the Beast now?

  • Guest - expat007


    I would bet the fastest winger in world rugby is quicker than the quickest football winger
    The problem with you young man is you have a very convenient memory or possibly the early signs of Alzheimer's. So if you did not mean quicker as in running, what did you mean fu*king tiddlywinks?

    In another posting you said you were proud to be a Brummie, yet in a posting you made in September you said in reply to me saying that I thought Birmingham was a great City, ‘that it was a sh*t hole and you were very glad when you moved from Birmingham.’
    Were you lying then or now?

  • exprat you would know that quickness cant just be measured in 100m straight sprints.Theres turns of direction,sprinting from a standing start,sprinting out of a jog etc and although i am proud to be a Brummie it is still a ****hole,im a fierce patriotic English man but hate the royal family,are you gonna pull me up on that too? And even though im not classed as living in Brum it is still a Birmingham postcode.Now good day Sir and go and get pissed,youve been a right know it all snob the past couple of days and need to chill a bit!!

  • Guest - expat007


    Rugby Union athletes are far superior to footballers,they trained at the footballers complex the other week and had to take their own equipment because the footballers training gear wasnt up to scratch!
    When you make a statement like this would you enlighten me and possibly others to the source of this report.
    Where was this footballers complex?
    Who were the Rugby Union athletes?
    What equipment was not up to scratch?

    Lets hope it wasn’t Moseley players. When in Brum I sometimes go Kings Heath and have a drink with an ex Rugby Union player in their Club House, nice Bar as you would expect for Rugby Players.
    I have seen the facilities and for a Second Division Union League team is pretty deficient in most components, particularly in the gym compared to say Wallsall FC.
    I love the following rules.
    Our brand new All Weather Pitch is a state of the art "third generation rubber crumb" full sized, floodlit pitch which will provide over 32,000 people-hours of usage every year for the local community. The pitch was handed over by the constructors in January 2007 and is now in frequent use.
    Our Community team of Dan Protherough, assisted by Tom McIntosh, in charge of all activities on the AWP, are ready to help users and must be consulted prior to use. Please therefore confirm your requirements with them via e-mail awp@ or on 0121-443-3631
    To keep this excellent facility in first class condition the following "Rules of Use" have been drawn up.
    It is the responsibility of every coach/manager to ensure that all their users are properly briefed on these rules and abide by them.
    It is extremely important that these rules are followed to ensure the surface is not abused especially the need to have clean boots when entering the facility,
    The All Weather Sports surface has been designed to exacting standards. The following Rules MUST BE OBSERVED:
    - Please clean all footwear before entering and using the surface
    - Please don't wear spiked footwear (studs and blades are OK)
    - Please move equipment (e.g. posts etc) without dragging
    - Please ensure equipment is safely secured before use
    - Please don't consume food or drink upon the surface
    - Please don't deposit chewing gum

    - Please don't smoke
    - Please don't allow pets, animals including the team to SH1T upon the surface
    - Please don't use cycles, skateboards or rollerblades upon the surface
    - Please report any dirt, debris or damage found to staff, either in person or to info@moseleyrugby.co.uk or on 0121-443-3631
    Failure to abide by any of the above could lead to your exclusion!
    FinallyRugby Union athletes are far superior to footballers,they trained at the footballers complex the other week and had to take their own equipment because the footballers training gear wasnt up to scratch!

  • St Georges park training facilities in Burton.The state of the art training ground didnt have weights heavy enough!!! lol And i coach a local under 14 rugby union side myself and have trips to Mosely,Burton,Tamworth,Solihull Bees etc regularly so know about the rugby set up.This has gone too far now just admit that Union players are better athletes and the game is far superior to football from top to bottom!

  • Arsenal away brings back some of the best memories I have following Villa away, and the sweetest defeat I had ever or will ever witness. May 1981 last game of the season at Highbury really needing a win and seeing Pele paraded around the ground before the match wearing an Arsenal scarf. Having little hope that 'Boro would do us any favours against Ipswich hoping but not expecting, losing the game hearing that 'Boro had indeed beat Ipswich and we were champions!!!!!! Stopping the coach on the way home in an unsuspecting village in Buckinghamshire a coach load of exstatic Villa fans running across a village cricket pitch (whilst a game was in progress) into the village pub - whose takings must have been a daily high - back on the coach home for 10ish got changed went to a local nightspot till God knows when woke up in a field my velvet jacket soaked in the early morning dew, home, changed showered into Brum to see the victory parade in the City centre - memories aye? sadly I suspect never to be repeated - at least not in my lifetime - still we live in hope!!!!

  • Guest - expat007


    you would know that quickness cant just be measured in 100m straight sprints.Theres turns of direction,sprinting from a standing start,sprinting out of a jog etc and although i am proud to be a Brummie it is still a ****hole,im a fierce patriotic English man but hate the royal family,are you gonna pull me up on that too? And even though im not classed as living in Brum it is still a Birmingham postcode.Now good day Sir and go and get pissed,youve been a right know it all snob the past couple of days and need to chill a bit!!
    Nice try, but pretty pitiable.
    Strange that you want to be closely associated with a SH1T HOLE, is that the one your are still digging. I have told you before when in a hole stop digging.
    As to Postal Codes, from Tamworth in the North to Alcester in the South, Solihull in the East and Bromsgrove in the West all have the B Postcode. Knowing people who live in those areas, non that I can remember want to be associated with Birmingham, so again you have to be different.
    As to the so called ‘Chilling out’ it sounds to me that it would be more appropriated for you:o:o:o

  • Guest - expat007


    The number of adults in England playing rugby union at least once a week has declined from 230,000 at the start of the funding period, in 2009, to 177,900 at the latest calculation.

    Sport England reports those playing regular football fell from 2,144,700 in 2007 to 2,090,000 by last year.

    There are 265,000,000 male and female players in addition to 5 million referees and officials make a grand total of 270 million people – or 4% of the world’s population – who are actively involved in the game of football.

    International Rugby Board states that the number of World Registered players is 4,671,024

    The number of those playing Rugby Union (4,671,024) compared with those playing the beautiful game of Association Football (265,000,000) in the world as a percentage is insignificant or in footballers terms, fu*kall.
    There appears to be more referees and officials (5,000,000) for football than all those that play and officiate Rugby Union.
    Make of this what you like.

  • Guest - Talkoftheterrace.net

    We have beaten them before, and we can do it again. IMO iys the best time to play them, they're having a poor season like ourselves, they're there for the taking..

  • Guest - siya

    thanks for sharing.

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