I don't know, I just don't know. It was summed up by Dave White on Twitter when he wrote; ever got in from shopping and realised you've forgotten the one thing you went out for? Thats how Lambert feels this morning.

It was written so many times that it doesn't need to be repeated in detail, but we didn't need more kids. We needed experience to get us out of this mess. Aston Villa are the second favourite to be relegated and you can even get odds on us for next season in the Championship.

All I'm saying is prepare yourself, we might very well find ourselves playing in a different league next season. It is now no longer just something that I wasn't prepared to write about, it is now something I'd say there was a 60/40 chance of happening.

Feel sorry for the new boys

And I'm sorry, I should mention Simon Dawkins and Yacouba Sylla and they'll be happy, joining a big name club. One will see this as a potential stepping stone, the other will just be grateful to get out of a league some of us could play in.

I'm sorry, but this isn't good. The writing is on the wall and Faulkner and Lerner have put it there. Lambert can fix this, but he's going to have to go four at the back and he's going to have to get a bit of luck, but it is possible.

But more than luck, it's going to take Lambert to wake up, for the players to play with pride and for us to attack. The thing is, it's the same for every club around us and the likes of QPR have someone that has done this before, as do Wigan. We don't, neither do Reading or Southampton.

Everton tomorrow

So, it comes down to Everton and when we get beaten tomorrow and performances from Sylla and Dawkins were just average or even sloppy, we'll get told they need time and even though we'll all say but that was why you had to buy experience, it doesn't matter.

Because Lambert doesn't care. Sure, he'll say he does and to an extent he does, he cares about winning and losting, but he doesn't have Aston Villa in him, like we do. It is a job for him, like Norwich and he said he loved that club. Now he is suing it.

He doesn't understand the pride. Neither does Lerner or Faulkner.

And that is it. Our Football Club is now in the hands of the footballing Gods. Are they going to be kind or cruel? If they're cruel, in all likelihood, it's over for us. There will never be Europe again. They'll never be that dream of winning the League.

None of us will stop supporting Aston Villa and Lerner is counting on that, but it will be different. They'll be more local derbies for a start. We'll have that belief that it's a good thing. And in time we'll get back to the Premier League, who knows, maybe even the first time. But it will never be the same.

Time for hope

And that is where I leave it today. I'm sorry for the depressing post, but it's 60/40 for me and that is depressing. I could be wrong though and I truly hope I am, but as things stand, you'll not find many people that disagree with my assessment.

Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • Guest - Tunna

    Lets all go to walsall and start enjoying our footy again. Leave vp to the yanks,

    Bring back Ellis, big fat Ron, graham Taylor, Andy Gary, Andy lockhead, jimmy rimmer and all.

    You have never enjoyed it so much as us old ens back in the 70s, NO BOTTLE ANY MORE??...........

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    Villasparsparton good post !! You tell em ! Tunna .. enjoy walsall !

    come on you lions !!

  • Guest - ordinaryjoe

    !!!!!! ???????

    some of the great quotes from the blog tonight - and I completely agree

  • Guest - Trivia

    Jimmy Rimmer - to this day, the only English / British player to win the European Cup / Champions League with 2 clubs...


  • Guest - Trivia

    This other little Villa trivia nugget is mind blowing...

    Peter Withe is the last English / British player to score the winning goal in the European Cup / Champions League and that was back in 1982...


    PS - I am not counting Alan Kennedy's shoot out winner against Roma...

  • Guest - ordinaryjoe

    Peter Withe - now that name brigs back memories.... and there was talk once that he could have been our manager, he was managing Thailand for a while .... I havent googled him so not sure where he is now.

    By the way, I cant seem to do the arithmatic, but after so many lost games, it just feels as if we must win at Everton,

  • Guest - Graymo

    I didn't expect any of our players had asked for transfers (other than Barry). Big teams come knocking and offer a price we can't refuse... simple. We're a feeder club and have been as long as I can remember.

    I very much doubt this is news to anyone on here.

  • we are going down for sure,its how we rebuild in the championship

  • Guest - billy.villa

    Just use the word allegedly......ha ha

  • Guest - belfastvilla

    Wouldnt touch Di Canio with a bargepole. The guys a lunatic and would heap even more embarrassment on us. Against my better judgement i,m gonna come over in March. Just hope we have given ourselves some hope by then. VTID !

  • Guest - Danny Knows His Onions

    sports press in the UK is ridiculous all the same .
    does none of them realise the vast majority of UK public do not give a flying **** about Ballotelli leaving or Beckham at PSG

  • Guest - Stu

    Cypriot you finished down the chippy yet ?

  • Guest - windofchange

    Owen Hargreaves is the last British player to win CL with different clubs (MUFC @ Bayern Munich) it was Jimmy Rimmer previously.

  • Guest - IanF

    Rab c has stated that dunne has has a set back in his recovery...I don't know if lambert doesn't fancy him or dunne just cba ??

  • Guest - villaman

    Cheeky bet on Everton to win 4-1

  • Guest - truevillan

    Quiet amazing you have Lambert admitting we cannot compete with the likes of Newcastle and Stoke for wages, and we could not bring in a centre back that could have retained our prem status, as the wages were too big, even on loan!
    Lerner has sacrificed our prem league status, for the sake of a short term contract, if this is not evidence that he has totally lost interest, then I dont know what is.
    the clueless clown is a disgrace! his failure to appoint a football man in the set up, to sort out contracts and give advice, has cost us, and he just sits in America, telling us he watches by live feed, while old deadly still takes up his seat week after week,he would never had let this happen to us.
    The decline of our club is shocking and I am sorry to say will continue in the Championship

  • Guest - astonman

    If ever a comment summed up randy Lerner its Lambert's 'we cant compete with the likes of Newcastle and Stoke financially'. That shows what the future holds for us under this american tw*t. We can talk all we want about managers, players and tactics but the reason we are so sh*t is LERNER. Until he goes the misery will continue.

  • Guest - Get Well Stan


    I didn't expect any of our players had asked for transfers (other than Barry). Big teams come knocking and offer a price we can't refuse... simple. We're a feeder club and have been as long as I can remember.

    I very much doubt this is news to anyone on here.

    It's not news because it's not based in fact. Barry, Milner, Young, Downing all left to go to club considered in the very top elite of English football. It was well documented that they all wanted to leave and had been offered large new contracts prior to leaving.

    Are Man United a feeder club for selling Ronaldo to Real? Pique to Barcelona?

    As for today's game, let's all moan our way to victory. Surely the negativity on this board alone could power a wind turbine.

  • Guest - Ftkv

    Well said Aston man
    Hated the yank from the start
    One man should never own a club
    We are in a black hole of ****
    Yet I bet he will end up taking out more than he puts in

  • Guest - George

    You were the one person who was supported McTwat and when Lambert arrived and then when optimism was flooding the blog you disappeared. Now everything has gone tits up you’re back; the lone voice supporting the clubs actions and position.

    It might fool some on here but I’m sorry it’s blindingly obvious that you’re a bluenose twat.

    **** off you sad ****.

  • Guest - Ftkv

    Gws you will be out of a job next year when Lerner does his next round of cuts
    You are a c@nt

  • yh GWS is a carlisle!!! If youre strugging to decipher this she was an 80s singer.Take her first name and mix a couple of letters up and you get my drift!

  • Guest - Get Well Stan

    I wish I had a job at the club :-(

    It's a simple fact that those players I listed above wanted to leave and helped set the things in motion. Lerner could have forced them to stay but it would have been pointless.

    As for the personal attacks again it's getting a bit pathetic. I'm a c*nt because I'm trying to inject a bit of optimism and belief that somehow, despite everything, we might stay up? I haven't been posting as much this year because I've been going to more games and had other things on my mind but calling me a bluenose is getting a bit boring. Last years insults.

    Let's not slate off these new boys before they've even kicked a ball. Sylla looks like he might be a beast, Dawkins, you never know. The team we have on paper is good enough to stay up, just need Lambert to play a solid, sensible formation that the lads can gain confidence from. No more chopping and changing, it only breeds indecision and sloppiness.

  • Lerner couldnt have forced them to stay though.Im really struggling to think of a player who was ever forced to stay by his club and Odemwingiw doesnt count!!! ;););)

  • whats the bets on a 352 formation???:):):):):)

  • Guest - Granger

    Woke up with the normal match day optimism I can't help feeling even though I expect the worse. Then I skimmed the posts and saw astonman's Lambert quote of not competing financially with Stoke and Newcastle! FFS when did he say that? That really sums up our ambition. Still let's sneak a result today and see how the new signings are. Some other poster referring to him as a beast already sounds like official AV PR speak

  • Guest - Granger

    sjh if he plays 352 and Bannan I will not renew my season ticket

  • Cypriot.

    Many thanks for emailing the possible sensitive information on Randy Lerner to Damian.

    Can we count on you to follow things up, and let us know the outcome on whether Damian is planning to publish your findings ?

  • Would you play both today???
    I wouldnt but Cilla would start for me.I would be tempted to play Clark at LB.
    Lowton Vlaar Baker/Clark Clark/Bennet
    Nzog Cilla Westwood Gabby
    Weiman Benteke
    If Nzog does play just behind Benteke then Weimann should be dropped for dawkins to maintain the width.Lets see what Lamberk does.

  • Guest - Granger

    I like the idea of Clark at LB in place of Bennet but people out of position in our predicament may not be good. Agree Cilla to start and I would bring on Dawkins for Gabby or Nzog whichever tires first (pref Gabby leaving Nzog roaming)

  • im not a big fan of playing Weimann wide though with Nzog behind Benteke,sort of defeats the object imo.Could start with nzog wide and bring Dawkins on for weimann but if weiman starts for me its up top and not wide.

  • Guest - villarocks

    just a few thoughts of mine regarding the article. i totally agree that the signings brought in were to prepare for the championship, and the odds of 60/40 relegated ithink are too generous, 70/30 is probably more like it. i also dont think that RL and PF are even naive enough to think we will come straight back up. i think they just dont care. i for one would embrace relegation with a sense of relief. we had seasons similar to this under deadly doug, but usually he would get his finger out and do what ever it took to change things. but when we did have these poor seasons the precautions would be taken to ensure that the following season wasnt a repeat (dr jo - big ron - brian little - john gregory). however we have been going through these motions 3 seasons in a row now ( finishing 9th under GH was a fluke),and if we stay up by some miracle, next season will be exactly the same.
    my answer is certainly not to have deadly doug back. that would be even worse. the thing isi actually dont have an answer. we can only sit back and watch RL & PF destroy our beloved club, i will continue to support,but they wont see a penny of mine until they have earned it.
    i do wonder what the future holds for AVFC, where i think were going doesnt look good. unless RL changes his attitude towards our club (to the same or similar attitude of his first 4 years as chairman) then eventually AVFC will be sold. if your thinking of billionaire oil barrons, dont. there are more impressive options out there than a mid table AVFC in the Championship. Everton, Newcastle and even WBA would be much more better option, with their history, prestige and more importantly immediate prem football. itis fairly obvious RL is balancing the books, weather its fora sale or not. the thing is, if your stinking rich like Man Citys and chelseas owners you probably aint that bothered by a bit of debt. what im saying is look at Portsmouth, i think that is where we are going. sorry.

  • sjh

    Id go with this.


    Reason I have gone with Bent than Weimann is if we play with a more conventional 4-4-2 it will suit Bent's game more.

  • Guest - Granger

    Agree sjh that Wiemann is wasted out wide. I would have him furthest forward fed by Benteke with Nzog and Gabby wide

  • like your thoughts jonnah but Ireland will leave Cilla too much to do in a debut and youve got to play Gabby away from home,hes such an outlet.Youre team looks more like it could be played at home but 442 or 451 it has to be as long as width is played.I think i will hurt someone if i see a 352!!!;););)

  • Guest - Get Well Stan

    I'd go

    Lichaj Vlaar Clarke Bennet
    Delph Sylla Holman
    Gabby Benteke Nzogbia

    Weimann on around the 60th minute for some energy.

  • Guest - Rocco

    We could have quite easily got out of the relegation zone with a couple of buys or loans but you know what that prick Lerner has completely sold us down the river

    Lerner has lied to us more than once, he is worse than the Venkys and they are without a doubt the pits when it comes to ownership

    He takes every fan for granted and treats us like retards, he employs dreadful yes men around him

    lambert has also gone right down in my books too, he"s jut in for the money as any manager with an ounce of integrity would have told Lerner to stick his **** job and **** club up his stupid fat American arse

    And before my rant is over that greedy **** Ellis should bloody well say something as if he can't see what is going on then he really has lost his marbles

  • 4 4 2 with Weinmann and Benteke up top for me, Andi is becoming an accomplished PL goal scorer and a big threat to opposition teams who must surely prefer a team without him rather than with him. Playing Sylla is a risk we have no real idea of how good or otherwise he is, he could be just what we are looking for or simply not good enough, we just dont know, an we find ourselves again having to experiment on the hoof, at this stage in our situation sadly we have few options.

  • (Rocco): yes these people think free scarfs and flags are what keep fans happy- clueless muppets.

  • I think we should start with a 4-5-1 formation like this :


    Crappy Ireland Westwood Nzogbia


    Lichaj Vlaar Clarke Lowton

    If the new guys are as dreadful as most are expecting them to be because of the fact that they not only don't have prem league experience ,but the leagues that they have played in are not good enough for them to be considered to play in the prem league,we should change to 4-4-2,like this :

    Bent/Benteke Weimann

    Crappy Ireland Westwood/Holman Nzogbia

    Lichaj Vlaar Clarke Lowton

  • Goodison is a fortress and Everton know how to win Moyes will have done his homework and will know exactly where our weaknesses are, it is hard to see anything but a defeat sadly.

  • forget ireland lads,thats the last player you want to see in a game like this!!! If i dont see bannna,ireland or holman in the starting line up ill be a happy man!!!

  • just saw QPRs team,solid but theres not many goals in them!!!

  • Just cannot see us getting anything out of this game today. Everton are a solid solid side with an excellent manager.
    We need to hope that Benteke is on fire and we happen by the grace of god to have a lucky day at the back!
    The thought of Fellaini being marked by Clark sends shivers down my spine :(

  • Guest - Geoff Matthews

    Please Mr Lerner just go

  • Guest - replica Replica Horloges Alle

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