Aston Villa Match Analysis

Basically, not the news item that comes directly after a match, but any type of report or analysis goes in here.
TitleCreated Date
Aston Villa at Hull: I honestly nearly fell asleep in the second half06 October 2013
Aston Villa make a point, some statistics and the games that matter25 November 2012
Aston Villa spanked by Manchester City and enter the relegation zone like a naughty child17 November 2012
Post-mortem: Aston Villa take three points from Arsenal16 May 2011
Post-mortem: Dominant Aston Villa leave London with three points18 April 2011
Aston Villa a massive step closer, Petrov man of the match and manager speak11 April 2011
Post-mortem: Aston Villa dominate Blackburn28 February 2011
Post-mortem: A point, some stats and learning to walk07 February 2011
Post-mortem: The pretenders came, the pretenders lost and the weekly award24 January 2011
Post-mortem: A point taken, like sweets from a baby and twat of the week17 January 2011
Post-mortem: Aston Villa battle for draw at Chelsea03 January 2011
Post-mortem: Aston Villa unable to beat ten man Spurs27 December 2010
Post-mortem: Three points for Aston Villa, speculation, Richard Dunne and Carlos Tevez13 December 2010
Post-mortem: A Liverpool side missing key players walk through Aston Villa07 December 2010
Post-mortem: Aston Villa missed Albrighton and words of madness from Houllier22 November 2010
Port-mortem: Three points in the bag and a point off fifth11 November 2010
Post-mortem: A draw isn't that bad and there are lots of positives08 November 2010
Post-mortem: Sloppy football means a point against The Clowns01 November 2010
Post-mortem: Nigel Reo-Coker man of the match and a transitional season25 October 2010
Post-mortem: A point against the Champions18 October 2010
Take the positives: Aston Villa lose at Spurs, but that's okay04 October 2010
Post-mortem: Three points is three points31 August 2010
Post-mortem: Not exactly vintage or hopeful Aston Villa10 May 2010
Post-mortem: Aston Villa take three points from Pompey19 April 2010
Aston Villa 2 Everton 2: Dropped points or salvaged point?15 April 2010
Post-mortem and mission accomplished: Aston Villa at Bolton04 April 2010
Post-mortem: Aston Villa at Chelsea29 March 2010
Post-mortem: Always look on the bright side of Aston Villa25 March 2010
Post-mortem: Dropped points against Wolves and Webcam is man of the match21 March 2010
Post-mortem: Aston Villa leave Wigan with three points and sit within touching distance of fourth17 March 2010
Post-mortem: Aston Villa draw at Stoke and eleven games to go14 March 2010
Post-mortem: Aston Villa are ready for Sunday22 February 2010
Post-mortem: Back to the future and we would all have taken a point11 February 2010
Post-mortem: Clinical Aston Villa and the final day of the transfer window01 February 2010
Post-mortem: Long ball comment from Wenger angers O'Neill, really28 January 2010
Post-mortem: West Ham lucky to leave Villa Park with a point18 January 2010
Aston Villa double post-mortem: Sunderland and Manchester United16 December 2009
Post-mortem: Three goals enough to put Hull in their place07 December 2009
Post-mortem: Points shared but Spurs look ready, Aston Villa don't30 November 2009
Post-mortem: Aston Villa score five and go fifth08 November 2009
Post-mortem: Defeat in London, but they were tired05 November 2009
Post-mortem: Is anyone really surprised with the result and performance yesterday?25 October 2009
Post-mortem: Three points against Chelsea, another happy day18 October 2009
Post-mortem: Two points lost against Manchester City or a point made?06 October 2009
Post-mortem: Aston Villa get beaten by ten men and if it really was only one match Liverpool would be Champions27 September 2009
Post-mortem: Aston Villa don't play great football but pick up three points20 September 2009
Post-mortem: Sorry Birmingham City to be relegated and a solid performance from three new defenders14 September 2009
Post mortem: O'Neill gets it, 4-5-1 is the best way for Aston Villa to play31 August 2009
Post mortem: A disappointed Martin O'Neill and some disapponted but accepting supporters28 August 2009
Post mortem: Aston Villa outclass Liverpool at Anfield and O'Neill gets it right25 August 2009
Post-mortem: Aston Villa outclassed by Wigan17 August 2009
Post-mortem: Last match of the season sees Aston Villa win with a smile25 May 2009
Post-mortem: Aston Villa give us exactly what we all expected17 May 2009
Post-mortem: Aston Villa were shown how to play football by Fulham yesterday10 May 2009
Post-mortem: We didn't look best of the rest but the league table doesn't lie05 May 2009
Post-mortem: Aston Villa look favourites for fifth, but sixth is still possible26 April 2009
Post-mortem: West Ham deserved the point, Sunday speculation and a video of Martin O'Neill19 April 2009
Post-mortem: Everton slip up, Martin O'Neill isn't downing tools and we've got West Ham next13 April 2009
Post-mortem: Aston Villa show glimpses of real top four quality yesterday but you can see it's another season away06 April 2009

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