Against Manchester United last week, we went for it. Today, we never really did. On more than one occasion in the first half, during open play and not a corner or free kick, we had all but one player in the box defending.

There is little you can do when you sit back so deep and allow so many of the opposition players to come at you, especially a team like Manchester City. They didn't need fight today, we gave them the ball where they like it and let them play.

But we were never really going to win were we and most accepted that. The thing is, right now, after twelve games (very nearly a third of the way through the season), we've got a goal difference of -12, only nine points and we sit in the relegation zone.

Relegation zone

Did you read that part? Yes, as of right now, we're in the relegation zone and up next we have Arsenal. Does anyone fancy us getting anything from that?

And this isn't me calling for anything and I'm all for pretty football, but there comes a time when we can't let this go on and Lambert really does have to turn it around soon, because if he doesn't, there is every chance the owner might.

For our owner, Premier League football is all and he isn't going to risk that for anything. But he'll be okay with a 5-0 defeat to Manchester City because he can live with that.

Points count

Again, this isn't me calling for anything and I like the football we are trying to play, but today we didn't try to play it and despite all the pretty football, points on the table are what count.

We have nine from a possible 36 and things need to change, very quickly. I don't like 'relegation' word and the last two seasons I've been quite clear that we wont go down, mostly because there were three worse teams than us. Right now, as of today, I don't see three worse teams.

Which puts my in a difficult place, because I like what Lambert is trying to do, but the thing is, he has to start doing it more quickly.

Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • Guest - Sasa

    Think everyone's going mad on your other post

  • Englland lose to the Aussies now this!!! At least England had a chance,anyone who thought we had a chance of getting anything out of this were pissing in the wind!!! I said Reading and QPR will define our season.Anything less than 4 points and we are gone!

  • Guest - expat007

    Dont know what to say except I am off to the bar to drown my sorrows?????

  • Guest - vogra

    BEEP BEEP...*Looks out window"

    Taxi Driver - "Taxi for Lambert?"


  • Damian

    I think it was a case of we were not alllowed to play, in fact given a lesson.

  • i bet the pets are hiding arnt they vogra!! :D:D:D

  • Guest - muz1

    we can all try and put a positive spin on things or negative for that matter, but the fact is the league table doesn't lie.

  • On the first day of the season, there were a few new managers mentioned Lambert, Laudrup, Rodgers, AVB, Houghton, the bottom of that pile is now who? Sorry to say this but the longer this season goes on the more I think Lambert has bit off more than he can chew at Villa we are simply to big for him, but I dont suggest sacking him, we should bring in a DoF now who can offer his assistance becaause without it we are doomed.

  • Guest - villajules

    getting mightily hacked off now with these.. 'scoobyal'...seasons

  • On TalkSport the other night they were awarding their performance of the week award, someone asked why Hernandez has not been mentioned the presenter Adrian Durham said after he laughed " he scored against Villa for God's sake" a sad reflection of where we have come to!

  • Guest - vogra

    sjh.....what pets? lol....R.I.P...The goldfish was volleyed out the window after the fourth..

    Learner has to sack Lambert, he's not good enough...please people, you must see this, If you rate Lambert then all power to you, IMO he's total garbage and imo worser than McLoser

  • Guest - Sasa

    Right, step back and see what this season is about, SURVIVAL. If we're like this next season with Lambert getting £30m over Jan and summer (bent will go so really that's £20m), then he must go. If he doesn't get at least £30m in 2012 then it's time to turn on Lerner but with quality investor names who are willing to buy us, so Ozzy Osbourne doesn't count.

    Look a the fixure list, next 10 games. A minimum of 10 points is needed, and that's just to take it to the wire. We really need 15 points to be safe with 2 games to go.

    Personally, if we're not on 20 points by New Years Day and at least £20m is not spent in Jan we should go down but Lambert will still be manager, because by then the alternative will be Neil Warnock.

  • Most pundites (not just Savage) now saying we are doomed.

  • Guest - samja

    We are nothing more than an embarrassment as things stand. We fully deserve to be in the bottom 3, the squad bar one or two players is pathetic, lambert is over rated and is actually worse than mcleish.
    You can moan about the referee/linesman all you want but why are we still conceding stupid goals from set plays, why has the management and players not addressed the issue?
    We are a laughing stock again and tbh I don't know where we go from here. We are going down, and with lerner at the helm it wouldn't suprise me if we are playing in league one in a couple of years.

  • Guest - Sasa

    The true test is Reading at home, if PL gets caught out in that game then he'll know he's in real trouble.


    Not sure why the hysterics by some.
    Everyone expected us to lose against Man U , Man City and we have done so.
    But todays game was a crime against 'sport'. The game was made null , void and completely irrelevant due to a ridiculous linesmans decision. I never want to see him work again. That awful decision ruined a game completely.
    Wiemann should have walked off the pitch in protest - its no longer a sport when you have such stupid , corrupt and cheating officials.

  • Paul Lambert is a man of principles and pride I think he will not need telling to go he will walk - he could ruin his reputation if he hangs around too long.

  • Guest - smcvilla

    Why doesn't Learner sell up and let someone else have a go?
    He needs to go along with Faulkner and FAST.
    Get protestations going against them.:(

  • agree jcv,like i said QPR and Reading at least 4 points or we are gone!

  • Guest - vogra


    Paul Lambert is a man of principles and pride I think he will not need telling to go he will walk - he could ruin his reputation if he hangs around too long.

    Absolutley spot on, I'm not hating on the man that is Paul Lambert, he seems a great great bloke, but he's not the man for us, he's just not the man for us

  • abz1888: the its going January is too late, we always leave our business until the last minute to get the "best" deals and as has been said before what type of player are we going to attract given the state we are in?

  • Guest - Deano&Dalian

    Goal difference already looks worrying; Reading have 7 goals on us, Sunderland 8. Only QPR have worse.

  • Guest - Sasa

    Lambert's season starts 27th Nov no more tinkering just stick with that 4-3-3. It should work against the non top 6-7, as the other 12 or so teams will fancy their chances against us and so leave gaps, but their players are not as strong as the top teams to come back.

    Beating swans 2-0 at home, and 1-0 away to Sunderland means there's enough there to get us to Jan 1st, then it's for Lerner to save our asses and if he doesn't, well he'll ensure he loses loads of money on Villa.

  • Guest - villaian

    in reply to sasa. i've been saying this for weeks. i think a minimum of 16/17 points by christmas is needed and then by january we can buy some experienced premier league mercenaries who will take learners paycheque just to keep us afloat.

    the problem isn't PL, the club is the problem, more to the point mr faulkner, the man who has gotten us into this mess to start with.

    even if we do get rid of PL and some manager like harry redknapp comes in (which he won't) does anybody realistically think that the problems on and off the field will be immediately rectified? need i remind anyone who thinks this would be a good cause for action note what happened to wolves last year. and to quaote batman "the night is darkest before the dawn"

  • Dont forget we may have what are considered "winnable" games to come but we still have teams like chelsea and the reverse fixtures from Man City Man U ETC. Whatever happens now this season you know that next season will be one of : you guessed it scooby again!

  • Guest - AgrotisISback

    Most pundites (not just Savage) now saying we are doomed.

    Unfortunately, whilst an increasingly marginalized section of our fickle fan base continue to salivate over Randy Lerner's name, this is going to get worse.........a lot worse. Unlike those fans, luckily a lot of people at Villa Park have no respect for our missing billionaire, and see him as a idiot.

    All it needs is us to stop blaming managers, officials, players and luck and start pressuring the absent yank, because HE IS THE PROBLEM.

    Just because he has a porn star name, it does not mean he is allowed to keep fcuking us!

  • villaian we are not Wolves and look what Harry did at Spurs.Hand on heart is our squad any worse than West Ham or the Baggies? Really? Is it fook! That means its PL then,surely???

  • I'd like to hear comments from Lambert on us entering the relegation zone, not on one penalty.

  • Guest - beamo

    Another shambolic performance, and I am more convinced than ever that we are going down.
    I agree that Lambert has the run of games against reading, qpr and stoke. Anything less than 7 points from those 3 games and lambert will have to go. We really need to get a point of arsenal somehow but I don't see it with this defence. Why on earth did we not sign a pair of experienced full back as having lowton and stevens back there is truly embarrassing, they wouldn't get into most championship sides.

  • Think of the positives!

    We can get relegated, bounce straight back up unbeaten, be the invincible's of the championship and then mount a premiership title challenge.

    Right I'm getting mortal me thinks.

  • they wouldn't get into most championship sides

    This says it all about where we are and where we are heading.

  • Guest - Sasa

    Paul Faulkner is the empitomy of where an Oxbridge degree will get you in a corporate job. Do all you can to get your kids into these 2 unis cos by the time they're 30 they'll be on £100k+


    Erm...What did Lowton do wrong today?
    Hes been good player for us this season.

    Stevens does look out his depth tho.

  • Guest - vogra


    I'd like to hear comments from Lambert on us entering the relegation zone, not on one penalty.

    Just said that to my mate... was a bad decision but this club at the moment is a complete and utter joke

  • Guest - hopcrofte'sholte

    Ok, the league table doesn't lie. And it says we are only three points off 13th. What the says to me is that there are at least seven teams who are all pretty poor and shouldn't bet on survival yet. Most teams are going to lose at City this year and 5-0 was embarrassing, but a bit harsh considering the decisions. Everyone seems to have such short memories- last week we were being hailed for giving United a run for their money and people were saying there was no way we were going down. Calm down.

  • Guest - papaduke

    Look I disagree with 95% of people's opinion on this, but thank God that at least 1 other person on here sees the REAL PICTURE, see below -

    Not sure why the hysterics by some.
    Everyone expected us to lose against Man U , Man City and we have done so.
    But todays game was a crime against 'sport'. The game was made null , void and completely irrelevant due to a ridiculous linesmans decision. I never want to see him work again. That awful decision ruined a game completely.
    Wiemann should have walked off the pitch in protest - its no longer a sport when you have such stupid , corrupt and cheating officials."

    I agree completely, the way I see it the real issue is that today's game Was /Is a massive disgrace to the game! I genuinely believe we were in that game up to about the 75th - 80th minutes when the players then looked to have visibly been beaten down by a combination of the incredibly inept linesman and the referee, we could and should and Would have at least got something out of that ridiculous game had it not been for these two but especially that ******* linesman.
    Ok we're now in the dropzone and ridiculous points tally, goal diff etc, but I still have hope! the team have to really pick themselves up after this robbery and keep going but now really go all out for wins, I am sure they can do this, I think people will be suprised how we do against teams around us and just above all the way up to the evertons, westbroms, newcastles and liverpools, I am sure there are a lot of points to be picked up from here on in, people just have to be patient with Lambert and really see what's unfolding here. Last thing we need is disharmony among the ranks of the 13th man now, I am optimistic and looking forward to how things shape up from now on through jan/feb.

  • I said that it's not about the results of the ManU, ManC, Arsnl games it was about the performances.

    Well this was dire. Worrying times indeed, especailly the way the other scores went. It wouldn't surprise me if Hughes went this weekend.

    On another note, that other team in the West Mids are doing alright for themselves this season aren't they? What was their summer spend again?

  • Guest - Sasa

    Swansea looked awaful at home to Everton about 6 weeks ago, now they're on 16 points. This league is so bad, it's really easy to stay up. Villa are just the masters of wasting money to achieve nothing. How much have we blasted since the mid 1996, the last time we won silverware? Would've been better off hiring a load of top class strippers and letting the holte end lads ravage them, would've cost 1% of the amount we've spent and they'd go home a lot happier.

  • Guest - belcs

    LOL delph and power in the same sentence. Delph is even worse than the losers we have in midfield now. Worst midfield in the PL, combined with one of the worst managers and this is the net result.

  • Too many of our players are the worst in their positions in the PL.

  • Guest - dingbat

    Why hasn't anyone mentioned the midfield? We concede because it offers no resistance Gabby is a sqare peg in a round hole, Bannan too lightweight, Ireland no where near consistant enough,seen some good thing from Westwood but he too needs to get stronger! It was men against boys today and looking at the squad at the moment, Herd aside there doesn't seem to be anyone with any aggression.

  • Guest - belcs

    Interesting to see Makoun's name crop up, theres another stupid decision by lambert. He's better than the rest of the garbage in our midfield, yet what does lam-berk do, loan him out to bring in el-ahmadi and westwood, both of whom are league one standard.


    even the commentators said we were very much in the game before that ridiculous penalty decision.
    some of you ppl here clearly never watched the game.

  • Anyone got this guy's phone number? I think PL could do with some advice...

  • Maybe 2 dodgy penalties but what about the rest of the goals and the 3 last week and 3 against Everton and 4 against Southampton etc etc.

  • Anybody blaming PL for this wants to look at the squad he inherited and the squad he has now. When he came the squad was woeful. The squad is better now but no manager would get any better results with this squad of players. It is woeful and the truth is that RL is a poor business man. He should have invested heavily in the summer to ensure EPL status. Instead now he will have to pay inflated Jan prices or risk relegation.
    Our season was always going to be difficult, a new bunch of players trying to find some sort of cohesion in the start of the season followed by a grueling 3 match run against the best. I only hope that PL has identified his needs, that RL backs him so that the new year enables us to put some sort of run together. At the moment it is men against boys with only one result

  • steve in ireland
    in fairness, who has he brought in that say, someone like Houllier would have brought in?
    he has to take some responsibility - he isn't playing one of the best strikers in the land

  • Guest - papaduke

    Dude, whatever you're smoking, can I have some?

    The fact is we lost 5-0 with a shambolic performance. Last season it was 4-1 and 4-0 the year before. Another place where lose 'psychologically' before we've stepped on the pitch? Another Old Trafford!

    "Dude", it's quite clear that you're the one smoking, because your logic leaves me baffled, you've heard football people say take each game at a time, you must not get that widely accepted concept coz if you did then you'd also have mentioned that this is the same team WE beat 4-2 at HOME same venue the very last time we met?....again i maintain if you really watched the match, yes it ended 5-0, but we were robbed and no one's saying the table lies but taking it a game at a time, the future still looks bright to me..only time will tell though, but I am angry about todays game but life goes on and I can look forward to it because i genuinely believe that game today was clearly winnable and we would have at least got a draw DUDE. :o

  • Guest - hopcroft'sholte

    Sorry, 'too many players are the worst in their positions in the PL': who exactly? We haven't seen enough of Westwood, but he's been doing more than fine. Bannan was great against Sunderland and United. So, who? Lowton, Vlaar and Guzan have been consistently decent. Would be extremely harsh to say that Clarke is the worst centre back in the premier league. Do people literally just forget previous performances as soon as we lose again? Everyone was saying after Sunderland and United on here that we were looking good and the players that are being singled out for criticism now were getting praise then.

  • Guest - vogra

    hahahahaha Delph power??..............jeez, another total and utter flop, not even Championship standard

    The master stroke from Lambert, take off one of the hottest strikers in the League, a guy who keeps his place and does the business for Belgium............and brings on Bowery...a player who IMO can't lace the boots of Graham Burke who IMO needs to be called up to the first team

  • i repeat Steve in Ireland compare our squads man for man to West Ham and West Brom to name 2.Any worse? I think not.What is the problem then?


    Why not bring Bowery on ?
    The game was over , might as well give him some match time.
    How many times have you seen him play BTW ? I bet you coincidentally never have.

  • Guest - paulb

    The worrying fact is that PL has said he will not change his ideals in January and continue to buy or look at "young players". We desperatly need some quality experienced players, both in midfield and defence. We seem to lurch from one disaterous performance to another (Everton (h) Southampton (a) Man C (a) 12 goals conceded. Every time we seem to show a bit of promise we get slapped down. That shows the inexperience in the squad, and that has to be addressed. Im not advocating PLs sacking, but I would be a bit more heartened if he showed a little more flexibility in his ideas. And on the subject of Lerner he simply has to make funds available in January to sign those players. Im sorry to say that unless things change this squad id destined for relegation. Its generally poor in quality, lacks leadership and experience and does not seem to possess a credible "game plan".

  • Guest - dingbat

    "Bannan was great against Sunderland and Utd" Can't comment on the Sunderland game only saw the highlights but the Utd game apart from a couple of half decent knocks he was anonimous!

  • Guest - zach

    those of you calling for lamberts head are ridiculous the man deserves til xmas before sacking him should even be considered

  • Guest - vogra


    I could totally lie and say i've seen him before and shout you down, but I haven't...After I posted that comment I saw what I said and thought...yeah...4-0 down take off your best player, makes sense I suppose

    Just very very frustrated at the moment, just like you probably are.

  • Guest - Rifle

    For me we were unlucky to lose the first goal, should have been a freekick for a high foot. Second goal obviously farcical. Third goal heads went down from another harsh decision.

    On a different day with decent officials it could have still been 0-0 at 60 minutes. For me the team will be fine, we were good against sunderland and v good against utd for the most part. Just too much youth to see it through. I think we will beat arsenal at home next week if gabby gets his finger out of his arse and weimann is not playing as an auxillery fullback where he looks totally clueless.
    Stephens is very weak at left back, and this is a real problem position for us. What would be nice is to see Dunne back and put clark out there. I think aside from LB we are ok, and we have a good chance to beat arsenal next week who are weak defensively and will come at us.

    All is not lost, the team is improving it was just a very bad day today

  • Norwich 1 up lol.Wonder if they will be playing us in the championship next season?

  • Guest - villabiker

    im not asking for a sacking yet [but] lets look at the facts . weve bought players from lower leagues that are not proven. im all for bring youth through the ranks but not all at once .as for the team hes inherited a lot off his own players were playing today. it breaks my heart to see MY team where they are YES my team not f;[king randys over 27 year of hard earnt money put into my club for sum pr;;k to get us were we are. sorry the man does not love the club like we do

  • Norwich beat Manure,how dare they!! It solidifies my belief that we are gonna go this year.Cant see us eeking out the results and getting the luck we did last season.And if we go we will fully deserve it,weve been **** for a long time,our luck was due to run out sometime

  • PLs got to go for me! WBA with 23 points with that squad!!!

  • Damian, a bit unfair to compare GH with PL. Pl has not been given £24m to spend on one player. To those who argue that he should be playing well lets just remember in the season he was bought he was being supplied by Young and Downing, we had experience in Stan in midfield. As for Makoun I never saw anything to say he was going to be a savior. I considering the starting position PL was given _ Heskey, Warnock, Hutton, Holman, Given, Collins and an injured Dunne, even with these our squad was poor and he was given no money to replace them and no extra money to add to the squad. Given what money he was given who could he have bought. As for DB he does not want to be here, he has seen the cream of our players leave and knows that unless big bucks are spent to get some real quality players we are doomed so he is working his exit. He has done it before look at all of his previous clubs, he stops scoring before he leaves, its no coincidence.

  • Guest - hopcroft'sholte

    well, today literally couldn't have gone worse for us in terms of the results of the teams around us.

  • Guest - samja

    Norwich win and pull away from us, yet we are supposed to be happy and proud that our shower of ****e dropped a 2 goal lead against them. Norwich showing us how to defend, really is embarrasing how poor and inexperienced our back line is.
    Can see all the teams around us starting to win except QPR who will pick up once they get Redknapp in. My prediction of us finishing rock bottom this season could well become reality. Thanks for nothing randolph, now sell the club and piss off before you run us further into the ground. Lambert and Lerner are a deadly combination, equally as clueless and spineless as each other.

  • mark this day,my birthday lol 17/11/12 19:29 We will go this season guaranteed! Damo save this comment so it can be referred back to.

  • Guest - Tomkya

    Somebody mentioned you squad is as good as the Albion's :o.
    The Albion have fringe players who would walk into the villa side.
    Dorrans,Popov,Tamas to name just three

  • Guest - Leroy

    Look at the doom merchants line up.

    When we had won at Sunderland we knew that we had a tough stretch coming up. We played really well last week but were overrun eventually by one of the best teams in the world. First half today, we were ok against the defending champs. Then the wheels came off after two really harsh and actually horrid penalty calls from one linesman trying to get his face on tv.

    Heres the upcoming schedule for a reminder -

    27 Reading (H)


    1 QPR (A)

    8 Stoke (H)

    15 Liverpool (A)

    22 Chelsea (A)

    26 Tottenham (H)

    29 Wigan (H)


    1 Swansea (A)

    12 Southampton (H)

    19 West Brom (A)

    29 Newcastle (H)

    Chelsea and maybe Spurs are really the only games i would consider nailed on as a loss. Every other game is winnable IF we manage to put things together in attack like last week and shore up the defense a little. We need a creative midfielder to come in dring January and another CB who can help Vlaar out. Clark is too lightweight currently.

    It sucks losing, but be honest with yourselves, Lambert has not had enough time and with another window and some smart business, we can get out of this and hopefully build on it for next season.

    Just dont lose your **** if we lose to the two title contenders back to back.....if we lose to QPR and Reading its another story....

  • Guest - Sasa

    in a sadistic way, relegation battles are the closest 'excitement' we'll get being AVFC. And yet we can't even do them properly, Wigan's survivals over the past 2 years have been far more stylish than our's last season. Our survival push was about as laborious as watching a 108 yr old trying to get a hard on.

  • Guest - villamad

    samja- absolutely bang on.

    norwich hold on, we **** a 2 nill lead.

    QPR have fine players, redknapp will get them flying.

    we will finish bottom

  • steve in ireland
    all i'm saying is, would GH have bought the calibre of player that Lambert has. he's shopped as if he was still manager of norwich, not manager of Aston Villa

  • and there it is Damo.Of all the money spent on bad purchases,the compensation on a ridiculously picked manager,the embaraasment of a novice manager turning us down the worst thing to happen to us was GH becoming ill again.Ok there was the Liverpool love-in(leave it out he nearly dies there) and the City debacle(he knew we couldnt win and we are not doing much better now! but the players we would have here now would be class! You think PL has European connections lol.



    steve in ireland
    all i'm saying is, would GH have bought the calibre of player that Lambert has. he's shopped as if he was still manager of norwich, not manager of Aston Villa

    when did Norwich last spend £7 million on a European international striker?
    ppl on here make such sweeping generalizations it baffles belief.

  • Guest - villabiker

    im not losing it over being beaten by man c or man u but the likes of southampton come on

  • Guest - samja

    Most worrying of all, i'm sure I read that lambert has said he won't alter his plans, he will stick to young and lower league players in January. If thats true then we have to sack him ASAP, because we will go down. I have zero faith left in lambert, other than Benteke the rest of the signings are not of the required standard. We need experience, proven quality in there. The only way we will stay up is if we gamble and spend big, really big in January but even then we could be cut adrift by then. Its a terrible situation and I can't see us recovering at all, the whole situation is farcical. The whole club should hang its head in shame as it is rotten to the core. I don't see a worse team out there as things stand other than QPR who will surely gamble and change things around, we need to do the same if we want to at least give ourselves a chance.
    We'll be down by march with lambert


    I have zero faith left in lambert, other than Benteke the rest of the signings are not of the required standard.

    Oh so you don't rate Vlaar then?
    Or El Ahmadi ?

    and BTW Lowton has been one of our best players this season and has not looked out of place at all.
    Westwood has also been very good against Sunderland and Man U.

    PPl on here talk a lot of crap to be frank.

  • Guest - villabiker

    samja i said earlyer if we are in the bottom 3 cum jan who would come amd play for us certainly anyone with quality will go else where

  • Guest - stevieh

    The worrying thing is the two teams above us have 1 game & 2 games in hand over us, crucial we beat Reading & QPR, who will be on a high with a new manager by the time we play them!! We R In the S##T

  • We won't go down because we can't beat Man City away. We'll go down because we can't beat the likes of Norwich, West Brom etc. at home. It's our home form that worries me more than anything - best to just put today behind us.

  • Guest - samja

    No don't rate Vlaar, he is full of errors. Lowton wouldn't even get in most championship sides, so what he is doing playing for us is perplexing. Westwood and El Ahmadi don't really offer anything other than passing the ball sideways. Not impressed by any of them and the fact we have 9 points out of 36 signifies that their impact has been non-existant.

  • Guest - HolteReg

    The biggest worry I can see is that (almost) everyone else is now coming up with decent points from tough games.
    We dont.
    Also - tellingly, we've crucially dropped points we would have expected to taken.
    Finally, the habit of winning clearly creates momentum and confidence on and off the pitch. We all know the habit of losing and its effects..... Hard to even contemplate what might lie ahead if we dont imediately start bashing the average and poor teams - but rest assured - if we dont do that, we will have deserved our relegation.
    Im not sure if we'll go down or not, but I am sure that if we do end up with the 30 odd points tally that most relegated teams get from the available 124, it will be hard to complain or blame any one else but our Manager, and I was happy when he came here...
    Get right behind them lads/ladies- God Knows, after today,we they need it - UTV!

  • Guest - Old McParland

    Did not see any of the game today but was listening to radio 5 live and they were saying the villa were doing very well indeed and were right in the game even though losing it by 1.....0 but after the linesman called for a penalty that never was it totally turned the game, The commentators could for the life of them understand why a penalty was given even adding that yara toura and concrete ron were laughing together about some tackle; cant say anything more about the incident because it was on the radio in sound only. But apparently many have said the official got it totally wrong yet again as we were on the wrong side of some dodgy decissions last week against united. Some one at the top should inform all officials that if they are NOT totaly certain they do NOT make a call and if they do and are proven to be wrong then they should be made to pay a very heavy price for such conduct. Not saying for one minute we would have got anything from the game but its supposed to be an even playing field and in many officials eyes its not and we all see it week in week out. They say it all evens itself up over time well lets hope we get 4 penalties against the arse and the other next4 apponants and i may just start believing in that crap .


    Again you slag off Lowton but dont mention exactly why apart from childishly say "he wouldn't get into most championship sides".

    So bored of Villa fans say crap like this without even thinking . If youve not noticed or actually watched our games Lowton has actually been one of best players this season. Hes been very good getting forward in games and actually can defend pretty well.

    Lamberts signings in general have been our better players this season. Its the rubbish hes left with and some of our own very overated "youngsters" thats the problem.

    I think if you stick a genuine creator into our side tho and we would actually have a decent team.

    Todays game was void due to ridiculous decision by a shocking linesman who should never work again. Other games have had variety of problems. We've been a mess for 2 & half years. Those slagging off Lambert or wanting rid are very naive at best.

  • I think that's were our problems are in defence, Clarke and Stevens are our weak links and need to be sorted out in jan.

    Look at Norwich today they beat united by a goal and stopped them from scoring, we were two up and ended up losing, it's not the first time it happened this season


    @ Old McParland.

    That linesman should never work again.


    Also i should add that Vlaar is the only natural leader we have.
    Think its crazy ppl slagging him off.

  • PHBF

    Agree with you on Lowton he has been one of our best performers this season, at the back and going forward


    With you there about Vlaar and how people have such short memories calling for Dunne who conceded I dont know how many penalties because of his lack of pace and how many own goals last year

    it isn't a sweeping generalisation. the bid, i think you will find was £4mn. were it norwich offering the £4mn Genk might have waited out for £5 but because it was us, they waited out longer

    or, are you suggesting that Lambert did no scouting on Benteke and it was just an off the cuff purchase?

  • Guest - dodge

    im villa through and through, but come on, enough is enough.
    how many times can lamfool say he is proud the team played even though we lost, and the pivotal moment was the second goal.......we lost 5-0 what about the other 4.
    for the first time in a long time im lost for words about this clown, and where our beloved team is heading.

    randy, cut your losses, sell us to someone who wants to make us great again.
    faulkner - just join the job club
    lambert - your just another scottish idiot

    ideas on a postcard please

  • Guest - windofch

    Lowton may be one of our best players but how good does that make him in terms of the rest of the PL? You don't have to be that good to be one of our better players sadly.

  • Guest - Sasa

    tbf I never really rated mellberg that highly, thought Alpay was the better player. I reckon Vlaar is as good as Olof, he tries to play it on the deck to a midfielder, so if you rate Mellberg but don't rate Vlaar then I would personally take it with a pinch of salt.

    Since EPL, outside of McGrath the only classy defender I think we've had is Laursen, and then Southgate, and the latter just about makes the cut so forget about the rest.

  • Guest - windofchange

    Got Vlaar cheap as no one else wanted him.

  • Can't believe some idiots accepting defeat because we lost to a top 4 side

    What else can we do? Nobody likes it particularly against Man City but you've only got to look at the starting line ups to see the difference.

  • Guest - Sasa

    I've got this villa history video, VHS is out the window now so haven't seen it for a good 15 yrs but there are old skool blokes on there wanting Ellis out and for Villa to spend big to get back to their rightful place.

    Taglor's posts remind me of those old guard fans, the proper Villa heads, pure class.

  • sasa i agree about Alpay.His attitude let him down he was a crazy dude!!!

  • jcv

    And I've accepted that as well!! Took me a bit longer though!

  • Guest - Sasa

    yeah sjh I saw him up sutton town after he signed us, coming out of a phone shop with his hoody on looking agitated, me and my mate shouted out Alpay, he gave us a thumbs up then ****ed off, probably went round the corner to murder somone.


    @ JCV
    you know i respect your posts in general and have lot of time for you - there is plenty of room for criticism and no one likes just how poor our results have been but i think its important to keep criticism constructive and in context of why rather than just slating individual players who ironically some mentioned by some here have actually been our better players.
    I rmber Benteke being ridiculed by some here just few weeks back.
    Its actually hard to be overcritical today as the ref & linesman did ruin a game - even most Man City fans are saying the same thing.

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