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If it´s written by the Doc, it goes in here. Simple really.
Title Created Date
Happy Christmas, Alex 24 December 2011
Three things you can do if you love Aston Villa 08 December 2011
Eternal, or not so eternal, youth at Aston Villa 26 November 2011
State of the Football Nation: Does anyone like John Terry? 10 November 2011
Without mentioning one thing: Spinning out of control 15 June 2011
Are we waving, or drowning? 12 June 2011
Aston Villa: Longer term, broader scope 10 June 2011
Aston Villa at Arsenal: Time to make a statement 17 May 2011
Confidence is one thing, wisdom another 02 May 2011
The dark art of muppetry 29 March 2011
Better the devil you know 24 March 2011
Turn the sound down, Gabby - it ain't good news 11 February 2011
The Doc's Diagnosis: Let's all say the "T" word 31 January 2011
The Doc's Diagnosis: Wigan vs Aston Villa 26 January 2011
Anatomy of a relegation dogfight 07 January 2011
Curtis Davies - A view from the Walkers Stadium 10 December 2010
The great attractive football myth 08 December 2010
The Aston Villa shambles 07 December 2010
The truth hurts 04 December 2010
The Doc's Diagnosis: Aston Villa v Arsenal 28 November 2010
Dig the new breed 17 November 2010
The Doc's Diagnosis; Lead, follow, or get out of the way 24 August 2010
The Doc's Prognosis: Bloody Sunday 24 April 2010
The Doc's Late Diagnosis: Aston Villa vs Chelsea at Wembley 11 April 2010
Come on you Villa boys! 10 April 2010
The Doc's Prognosis: Aston Villa vs Chelsea at Wembley 09 April 2010
Double D-Day for Martin O'Neill 08 April 2010
The case for and against Martin O'Neill 28 March 2010
Spurs vs Villa: A different perspective 06 February 2010
The Doc's Diagnosis: Villa vs Blackburn (2nd Leg) 21 January 2010
Squeaky bum time for Aston Villa fans, or is it? 23 December 2009
The Doc's (sort of) Diagnosis: Villa vs Stoke City 20 December 2009
The Aston Villa formula: P = MV 18 December 2009
The magic within Aston Villa: Chemistry, Sorcery and Alchemy 14 December 2009
The Doc's Diagnosis: Man Utd vs Aston Villa 13 December 2009
The Doc's Diagnosis: Villa 1 Spurs 1 29 November 2009
The Doc's Diagnosis - Liverpool vs Aston Villa 25 August 2009
The Doc's Diagnosis: Villa vs Wigan Athletic 16 August 2009
Time to get rid of the Villa Park yips 14 August 2009
Great expectations, hopes, fears and predictions for forthcoming season 12 August 2009
Is Martin O'Neill setting himself up for the next FA interview? 05 August 2009
Is it time to look at the bigger picture? 24 July 2009
Martin - can we have a Freddie, please? 22 July 2009
Are Villa going scouse? 17 July 2009
Lest we forget 11 July 2009
Vieira rubbishes Blues links 10 July 2009
Who are Aston Villa's most important signings? 09 July 2009
I want it all and I want it now 09 July 2009
Is Martin O'Neill really a transfer window dumbo? 08 July 2009
What is the Aston Villa strategy? 10 June 2009
Michael Owen: An argument 09 June 2009
The Doc returns from a little break to bring us The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 07 June 2009
Money, money, money: Does it make Aston Villa go round? 28 May 2009
A special look at Aston Villa from Doc Bowles: Sshh - it's the "P" word 27 May 2009
What's Next? The Doc's Prescription 25 May 2009
The Doc's Diagnosis: Villa vs Newcastle United 24 May 2009
The Doc's Diagnosis: The tranquillisers are working 16 April 2009
Have Aston Villa actually got the balls? 10 April 2009
The Doc's Diagnosis: Manchester United vs Aston Villa 06 April 2009
From boo-boy to Player of the Season: One Bulgarian's journey 02 April 2009
The Doc's Diagnosis: Mild depression 01 April 2009
The wheels may be coming off, but the Doc's back 23 March 2009

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