Ian Culverhouse swears at Aston Villa fans and a real need of three points against Swansea

Apparently Ian Culverhouse told supporters of Aston Villa, at Villa Park yesterday, to **** off. You know what the word is but I can't write it, it's a family show after all. And I have said apparently, this is not me confirming it.

The reason I write this is because if he did, I suspect he'll be leaving quite soon. One thing you can not do is turn around to supporters and say this, regardless of what is said to you. It's simply not acceptable.

Now, we know that our CEO isn't up to the job; he hired McLeish after all and has lost millions in sponsorship opportunities, but this is black and white, if it happened and action must be taken. And as I write this, I've just had confirmation from a reputable source, that it did in fact happen.

So scrap the apparently, Ian Culverhouse did it. And if I was Ian Culverhouse, I'd be a little worried that there isn't a knock at the door fairly soon. I'm told it is still a crime, if a victim of these insulting words comes forward.

But this is what is wrong from the top of our club. Action should have been taken by now, instead, we've got a CEO that wont make a decision before speaking to the owner. The CEO shouldn't have to wait to speak to the owner in something so clear cut. And I know what you're thinking, pressure and passion played a role, but that isn't an excuse and it is still offensive and insulting.

A look ahead to Swansea

And I'm rushing this post up because I want to leave the last one. We lost and Paul Lambert didn't get the sack, so we need to focus on the business at hand. The irony is, our CEO shouldn't sack the manager and should back him, but for reasons that are probably unknown to him.

The even sadder thing is that if we lose tomorrow, there is every chance that Lambert will be sacked. The crowd turned on him yesterday and clearly the assistant manager has lost the plot and when those things happen, it's only a matter of time.

What we need though is three points and it is possible. For all the pretty football Swansea play they are only one point ahead of us and you'd like to think that the players had something to prove tomorrow.

And it doesn't need to be written, but with the vocal support from the home crowd, it is possible. But we need to play as if the other team has just scored and there is only ten minutes to go and if things are not working out we need to make some tactical changes a little earlier in the game.

And for tomorrow, if it was me, I'd revert to a strict 4-5-1 with Gabby on the left side of the five and Weimann dropped. Not because Weimann is having a tough time of late, but because we need to fave four midfielders playing in midfield tomorrow and Gabby, with his pace, ready to support Kozak.

This is quite possibly the biggest game Paul Lambert will have faced in his career. If he loses his job at Aston Villa it's quite possible that he'll not get another one; look at McLeish and O'Leary for evidence of that. He's been supported and spent a lot of money and things haven't gone as they should have.

So he needs these three points tomorrow and dare I say it, he needs three more on January 1st. I think both are possible and I know many want him gone already, but there comes a big risk with losing a manager now, especially when most of the first team is made up of 'his' players, brought in to play a certain way. Even if that way isn't completely clear yet.

Oh, I'd also bring in Joe Bennett, but I'm not sure if he's fit or not but I do think he's a little better than Luna and we did okay with him in the team towards the end of last season. But that's just me.

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day. A lot of talking will have been done the past few hours and hopefully they'll have watched the match a few times and maybe worked on corners and creating just a little bit of space when we have the ball. I know it's coming, I just wish it would happen a little sooner. But I'm Mr Optimistic at the moment and it's not often that can be written.