Aston Villa Live

Live match posts, full of banter, comments, links, video and much more. Post starts on day of match and usually gets quite busy.
Title Created Date
Middlesbrough: Video, facts and more than the second half 15 May 2018
At Millwall, it's fourth and video of the day 05 May 2018
At Ipswich, stats, video and valuation time 21 April 2018
Leeds, clean and video 13 April 2018
Cardiff tonight, the match of optimism and Joey Barton 10 April 2018
At Norwich, match facts, video and optimistic prediction 07 April 2018
At Bolton, time to put it right, facts and video 17 March 2018
Pressure cooker, Wolves and bet of the day 09 March 2018
At Sheffield Wednesday and playing out the day 24 February 2018
At Fulham, a video, some stats and the chart 17 February 2018
Bet of the day, do you believe, a video and oh yes, Burton at home 03 February 2018
Barnsley at Villa Park, some match facts and a video 20 January 2018
At Forest, shining through, bet and video 13 January 2018
And it's Bristol, comments from the manager and match facts 01 January 2018
At Middlesbrough, a look ahead to January and ambition 30 December 2017
It is what it is, at Brentford without Ronaldo 26 December 2017
Sheffield United, Christmas message and pre-match video 23 December 2017
Disappointed last week, important today 16 December 2017
Millwall, free content, fortune and quality 09 December 2017
At dirty Leeds, all about approach and some match facts 01 December 2017
Ipswich at Villa Park, better than Sunderland, a bet and a video 25 November 2017
Match day baby, the owner thinks and bet of the day 21 November 2017
Bet bet, Aston Villa at QPR and video 18 November 2017
Gone Gabby, Sheffield Wednesday and is Davis about to sign a six year contract? 04 November 2017
A former player, a current player and Preston tonight 01 November 2017
Aston Villa v Fulham: Updates, team news and bouncing back 21 October 2017
Keep Gabby away from the team please Mr Bruce, Bolton today, something new for the Aston Villa glossary and the chart 30 September 2017
At Burton later, until then 26 September 2017
The gap between reality and expectation is growing and Forest today 22 September 2017
The League Cup and bet of the day, you could say banker if feeling optimistic 19 September 2017
Aston Villa at Barnsley, you can't have it both ways and Steve Bruce video 16 September 2017
It's all about Middlesbrough, mostly 12 September 2017
Aston Villa v Brentford, Snodgrass to start and updates 09 September 2017
Video of the day and Bristol City later 25 August 2017
The League Cup, formation and team 22 August 2017
Aston Villa v Norwich, video, bet and why not start with Hepburn-Murphy 19 August 2017
At Reading, you could be forgiven, nothing from Opta 15 August 2017
At Cardiff and double your money on an Aston Villa win 12 August 2017
Live long and love Aston Villa, Colchester and a new name for the League Cup 09 August 2017
Hull live, links, a bet and expecting three points 05 August 2017
Aston Villa v Birmingham City: Updates, team news and Ugo 23 April 2017
Aston Villa at Fulham, Bruce is crucial and picture of the day from 1905 17 April 2017
Reading at Villa Park, preparing for next season and bet of the day 15 April 2017
At Burton Albion, picture of the day, player to watch and a 5/1 bet of the day 08 April 2017
QPR later, Jack Grealish now and bet of the day 04 April 2017
It's game day and it's bet of the day: Norwich at Villa Park 01 April 2017
Blind optimism and Sheffield Wednesday, a video and updates 11 March 2017
At Huddersfield, a video, some links and updates and team news 07 March 2017
At Rotherham, or not, it's three points to play for today 04 March 2017
Some real life optimism, losing £220,000 every single day and sit down, sit down, sit down 28 February 2017