Aston Villa at Palace: Updates, team news and all that

I read something the other on the internet. A clown professing to have invented a style of blog post. I had to chuckle out loud at some people. I have to tell you too; I'm not original. This is all regurgitated before it's even typed.

It's a little like the Premier League. We know it doesn't really matter today. Crystal Palace fans know. They know that Alan Pardew isn't going to win them anything and that in four or five seasons he'll be gone. They know and we know. Just like we all know Manchester United will win today.

And just like this transfer window was always going to be interesting. Watching Tim Sherwood pick his team is also going to be interesting and the poor bloke is going to get it wrong with some quarters. He can't win now.

Even if we win, there will be people that say a certain play should have started or shouldn't. And I think we'll win. And I don't care who starts or who is on the bench. I just care that we see that the football is played the right way.

Updates and all that

So with that, we'll have team news in an hour and links to stories and other websites with I'm sure interesting stuff to read. Do you have a prediction?