Gone Gabby, Sheffield Wednesday and is Davis about to sign a six year contract?

Sheffield Wednesday currently sit fourteenth on twenty points and are only six points behind us. If some Aston Villa supporters were Sheffield Wednesday fans, they'll be suggesting to others that the season was over and the task impossible.

The truth is, six points after 15 games into the season is nothing. Sheffield Wednesday will believe and be hoping to finish in a top six place just like they did last season.

Today isn't a walk in the part and in this League, anything can happen, but you have to go into the match with a little optimism. I mean, Gabby is nowhere near the bench and it's no coincidence that as soon as he isn't, we start winning. Just like it's no coincidence, we have a team player up front and we start to play well as a team.

Football isn't rocket science and it's often made more complicated than it is. Gareth Southgate and the FA are great examples of this.

Other great examples

I don't know if you know or not, but I'm no longer on Twitter and it's possibly one of the best things I've done when it comes to engaging about Aston Villa online. I still use Twitter for myself and work, but not engaging with Aston Villa fans there is fantastic. There are so many stupid Aston Villa fans and as soon as they get to a few hundred followers, think that their opinion really counts.

It doesn't. But one thing I miss is getting the news from our owner and CEO. Yes, I could follow them from other accounts, but I feel as if I'd be cheating, so I don't. And one thing I've picked up on this week is that our CEO has apparently rubbished reports that Davis is stalling on a new contract.

The bit that makes me chuckle is that something is getting reported in the paper about Davis stalling on a new contract and he feels as if he's got to go out and deny that something is happening. If it isn't happening wont the signing of a new contract deny it?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting it isn't happening. In fact, I'm fairly confident it is happening. You see Davis is under contract until 2019 and he's broken into the first team and he's done more in the first 15 games of this season that Gabby has done in his entire Aston Villa career.

He's going to get a new contract but if he also continues at this level or gets just a little bit better, Aston Villa fans have to brace for Davis going in the summer.

And that is why I chuckle. The CEO is basically confirming that he is throwing money away.

Sure, there is a chance Davis signs a 6 year contract and comes out saying that Aston Villa had faith in him when nobody else did so he is going to repay that faith by committing his career to the Club. But we all know football isn't like that these days.

Davis, like our CEO and most definitely like our owner, can be bought. Everyone is a whore these days. Ask Howard, he's a cheap whore.

It's like engaging with people that thing the earth is flat. Go on Keith, tweet them!

Updates and team, video of the day

I'll be back later with the necessary updates from the game and before. But to keep you interested, the pre-match conference with the manager.