I didn't want to get carried away with the win the other night, but it was quite a nice feeling. And it appears that some of the negativity towards Steve Bruce vanished. I'm sure it will return as soon as we don't win a match, but we were never going to get promoted this season under Bruce because we had appointed Di Matteo first.

And in football, things take time. Every sensible person knows this but most football supporters these days are driven by a desire created by something that isn't real. Most football supporters simply can't see the bigger picture and they have no respect.

Respect is important. Without it you have nothing to barter with and it shows what type of person you are. Supporters need to have respect. Our owner might be a little naive but he's still our owner. Our manager might not be liked by everyone, but he's still the manager of Aston Villa Football Club.

We're just supporters. If we're going to have an opinion, it should be grounded in more than opinion. And that is why I think we'll beat Rotherham today but why it wont be easy.

We are still finding our feet and Rotherham will see this as a match where they can get something, because we are still finding out feet. But after two wins and a much better squad, our respect will show and we'll win. That Rotherham have lost seven of their last eight Championship fixtures does sort of put things into perspective.

Updates and team news

There is some team news. Green and Gardner, two players that looked good before getting injured are out and Bacuna as you know, has got a six game ban. This is naturally not great news, but none of it should be too much of a problem for the manager. Gabby is nowhere near the squad and it does look a little like he's found something to work with.

It's also worth pointing out that the wins are coming without Grealish - it appears he's going to have to do something special to get a game at the moment but it will be interesting to see if he gets a start today considering the injuries and suspension.

But a win today would feel good. Three wins out of three is a good foundation and it would give more confidence, even though Rotherham are bottom of the table and for the taking. Three wins in a row is always good.

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Author: Damian
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As featured on NewsNow: Aston Villa news
NewsNow is the source for all the latest football news. Click here for Aston Villa news.
As featured on NewsNow: Aston Villa newsNewsNow is the source for all the latest football news. Click here for Aston Villa news.

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