You know, I'm not entirely sure of all the players that left or came in this week and I don't think it really bothers me. I mean, I don't need to know because I'll see it on the pitch and the penny will drop. And it doesn't matter to me. They are transient figures that care little for the Club if at all.

And as we're thirteen points from the play off places and one point off where Ian Holloway said we'd end up this season. I think it's fair to say that we're in the Championship for another season at least. That's why it doesn't bother me who comes and who leaves. It doesn't matter and it's not important. And I've been busy.

So matches today are fun, but that's it now. Win or lose doesn't matter. As long as in the summer Steve Bruce is only allowed to bring in a maximum of two players and Gabby and Richards are kicked out, then we will stand a chance. Don't do these things and we may well be stuck in the Championship for a long time to come.

But that shouldn't bother most supporters. Most don't understand what it's like to support a team with a chance of winning the League, so they don't share our passion or understanding. And you know what, I'm getting used to it. I know someone today that isn't going, they'd rather stay at home to do something else.

Nottingham Forest

So it's Forest today and this should be a battle and I know this because they are 3 points behind us in 19th. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Oh how the idiots are running the asylum. You know what, I'm going to watch the game, but right now I don't care.

So there is no real point in me talking about the match. I don't know or care who starts. I saw the manager say something about trying something new. I also saw that young player that got too big for his boots has signed a new contract and now everything is fine.

I have no prediction and if I had to bet, I'd bet on everything but us winning. If we continue doing what we're doing, we're going to ruin Steve Bruce too and I don't need to sit back to watch what I know is going to happen.

So, I'm going to come back for the football later. Sorry, but the Club is a bit of a joke at the moment and I'm not going to participate in it if I don't have to. There will be a match report tomorrow though!

Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • See windy won't answer my simple question!

  • 8 attempts on target. I'm sorry it could easily have been a totally different story.

    It's the way it's gone for us pretty much all season.


  • If Bruce is setting us up to play that deep / negatively (which he definitely is) , I wonder what the punishment would be for all 11 players doing something completely different and ignoring him. We've signed about 5 captains from other teams - surely someone should just say bollocks to it.........he couldn't sub all of them off.

    Regardless of some people's views, we have enough quality in that squad to be up the top of this division - what we don't have is a plan on the pitch.

    Bruce, you are a knob.

  • Hi guys
    Been off here for a while trying to recover from a serious illness. I was diagnosed last week as suffering from a terminal case of SAD, or Steve Affected Disorder, to give it its full name.
    According to the quack, I desperately need to be cheered up, but drink isn't working, and neither is our new team under this manager.
    I think we need to sack him now, and get a new man in with the promise of £50 mill to spend on HIS players in the summer. We need to do something radical and different, er...

  • Your text to link

    Your text to link

    it may or may not be effected but there selling out fast down Aston:):)

  • jamese,


    i agree with you.
    but for me,it depends on how quickly the DR reacts.

    hes seen millions spent,for no reward.

  • mate his reaction should bne to clear the whole management structure out they are fckin awful

  • Ron Knee
    Good to hear you're on the mend. :):)

  • deano,

    sorry mate.
    2-1 tells the real story.

  • Sorry mate footballs not a territorial game. ( like rugby)

    The result sometimes doesn't reflect the overall play, and we've dined at the top table on that basis.....

    We should easily have put this the game to bed , but we lost. I'll leave you all to debate why.

  • we are not where we are in this league because of bad luck.
    bad referees,
    or whatever.
    we are where we are,because the two managers this season,havent been good enough.

  • and the whole board,

    if he spent more time learning the world of football instead of fckin twitter the doc he might have a fckin clue

  • Deano,

    those 8 shots were created by our very very good forwards who had zero supply apart from the one pass that created the goal...the tactic was pretty much hoof the ball from our box to Kodja or Hogan and see if they can create something from nothing.

  • Hard luck stories counted for nothing under RDM so why special treatment for Spud
    no different in my eyes throwing leads away whoever the manager is bad management

    it's a results driven business

  • Fair point blocked but I was consistent that I thought we were very unlucky under RDM. Maybe we will get lucky soon.

  • only if the doc grows some balls :):) do we stand a chance of getting lucky mate
    writing is on the wall away fans singing what a load of rubbish
    to many shifting recently the tide is well and truly turning
    give him to end of season promotion is out now and he may just save us from relegation
    but please get rid of the fool in summer is all I ask.

  • Well doc as not tweeted since result maybe he's on the phone

  • Long ball Bruceosaurus, no wonder Jack got fed up with the ball going over his head all the time

    Only 1 person told them to do that, if you need a clue Windy his surname begins with B

    Please please can we have a manager who knows the game is called FOOTball i.e. from .... to

    Not that tricky is it?

  • Just read that Brucie said "the ref couldn't wait to send Grealish off" well why the fu ck didn't you sub him then before he got sent off you knob

  • sarah,

    bruce is getting into the habit of blaming everybody bar him.

    the RM story should never have hit the press.just one example.

  • Agree the Ross story should have been kept in house. For such an experienced Manager he seems rather naive. Although may be more to the story

    The pass stats show a lot they outpassed us over double I think

    We will be lucky to keep out of the relegation zone at this rate

  • So now it's the docs and boards fault :):):):)

  • deno what you on about i respect your views but passes forest 785 villa 226 yer we should have won how the fu ck can you say that with those facts

  • JD. We created the better chances mate.

    When is your boy on Jools ?

  • sjh,

    it will be mate,
    if he doesnt get rid of bruce.

  • bruce and management all need to go - awful it would have been better under lerners boards of hollis


    Attachments :
  • The thing is that you'd want to give the manager more time if you could see what he is trying to put across. What I see on the pitch is we jack ****...and it's been like that for some games now. You know what, today would have been another Brentford, just that Forrest are not as good as Brentford and in turmoil themselves. We play Amavi in a back 4 and then switch to 3 at the back and drop him, just when that formation would have been right up his street. Fcuk me Spud is clueless once you start going through team selection again.

  • My Drivelodeon keeps pinging like a banshee on acid

    Is James20[IQ] posting?

  • SJH,

    You'll never get an answer to your question, Windy doesn't answer footballing questions...:):):)

  • He's thinking of his kebab order for tonight.

  • deno they dont start the the next series till march he will know then on at glastonbury and isle of mann so good bookings fu ck the villa amavivi was talor made for tonight and spud plays a fu ckin ice block for me thats why jack got sent off he has no football brain and spud should have taken him off hate this wet weather dont play golf in it

  • Good luck to him mate. I'm in Oxford next weekend watching my lad in action and it's a great excuse to miss the Ipswich game , which could get " rowdy ". I'm up against Barnsley for my sins.

  • Jamese20

    Hollis was brought into sell the club, not run it.

    Massively different things.

    I'm not the biggest fan of Wyness but I doubt Hollis would be any better.

  • BB dont you mean sick before the basta rd

  • I feel gutted for Steve Bruce. Imagine seeing that big fat hefty Brucie bonus for promotion slowly disappearing into the distance. It must be so painful.

  • I feel sorry for the fans who travel many a mile to watch this tripe.

  • the worse part is they even interviewed david moyes

    get the management out now

  • Yes ive been one of those saying give Bruce a fair crack of the whip. We didn't do that with RDM and I honestly feel we sacked him far too soon. But what Ive seen in the last two games tells me we have to change. We played one of the Championships poorer sides tonight, but when Forest got the ball we instantly retreated to our 18 yard box. We put no pressure on their midfield, and allowed what was a nervous team to start to grow in confidence and let them just pick passes into our box, we invited pressure on ourselves. Because of that we were reduced to thumping long hopeful balls to Kodija and Hogan and let them carve something for themselves. Poor poor tactics to say the least from such an expensively assembled team. What are we going to gain having Lansbury and Hourihane playing in our third of the pitch. I am coming round to the feeling we have to look elsewhere in the manager stakes.

  • Don't like the thought of dumping yet another manager but Bruce is drinking in the last chance saloon. If no upturn in results and form by the end of February then he has to go. Something is not working and as culpable as the players are the buck stops with Bruce. Sort it now or walk away. We've suffered too many fools to put up with this drivel much longer. I'm sure the doc wished he'd invested his money elsewhere because it's getting poured down the drain here.

  • Right I'm off to watch Taboo ;);) on the BBC

  • dont worry to much lads.
    bruce will always find a way to walk before he is pushed.

  • belfastvilla,

    agree mate,
    if id have taken over the villa,id feel the same way at this time.

  • mind you,bruce would never have been manager.

  • spud wont walk the doc is fuc kin blind he will give him another 100mil and then have to sack him next xmas when we are in the same spot spud is a con man and has the doc fooled and round and the other wan ker have not got a clue

  • Jcv
    Would solve a lot of problems if he walked now so I hope you are right about that.

  • wyness and round - plonkers

    bruce - cant defend him no more after taking 2 strikers off that was awful truly awful, he started off brilliantly its all gone to pot

  • Thanks for your comments guys.
    Seriously, under 30% match possession against that lot? Tonight reeked of the fear and failure of Mc*****.
    I don't know what to think anymore. New owner, new set up, new manager, another new manager, umpteen millions spent, and tonight we were served up the same old dogshyte sandwich. On paper we now have one of the best squads in the division, but what's our philosophy, our approach? Why do we look so timid, so lacking in commitment? Against Brentford, and again against Forest, we looked like a bunch of fannies, and this just adds to the equally useless performances that preceded them.
    I hate to put forward the view that Bruce should go, because that just adds to the instability that we've been experiencing so much of, but when things get past embarrassing, what else is there? There must be SOMEBODY out there with a bit of tactical nous who can work within the set-up, establishing a style which will enable our players to prosper and play to their strengths, and get a bit of confidence and momentum going. Bruce looks like a man under the cosh, and in serious danger of losing it, to me.

  • Belfastvilla,

    The results will improve (well they cannot get any worse) because we have 4 home games and 2 away (I think) in the next month...but the football served will remain the same.

  • 1 win in 26 tv games. Spectacular. Probably the worst ever "big" team. 6 years of wasted time hoping for the team to improve, only to get worse. Ever decreasing circles.

  • mate,
    im amazed they keep putting us on the telly.
    its enough to put everybody off football.

  • Ron Knee,

    great post mate.
    it say it all.

  • jcv
    thanks mate. I'm sitting here scratching my head, like everybody else I think. Goodness knows what the Doc makes of all this; if he decides to bullet Bruce, who does he look to to recommend a successor, given that those same advisors were the ones who must have suggested Bruce in the first place.....:(

  • we will soon be in the abyss with no return if this carries on

    81m of valuable finances wasted more idiotic management that id say are worse than anyone in villa history. as soon as the money dries up which i suspect will be next summer when no tv money is coming - id also love to know how we plan to fund wages also passed this season as i imagine we aint saved much on that either now i bet

    this side dont even look functional... kodja and hogan can make a top side in this league but the rest....pfft forget it

  • a drastic stage of the season for us mate.

    im getting lost for answers,apart from saying,
    with hindsight.the two managers picked this season,are no better than the last bunch.

    where we go from here,is now down to the DR and co,to have a back up plan.
    if not,we are in this division for years.
    if not worse.
    we could end up,in a relegation battle.

  • if bruce goes the lot go

    i dont want the 2 plonkers picking another muppet - they wanted moyes if you remember my god

  • p/s,

    what the hell is brian lttles role.

  • his too old school

    its time to move on or go extinct

    china are trying to short term fix their footballing world just like the doc is for us,

    i wish redbull bought us they know how to make a success of sports businesses

  • there are a lot of successful ceo,s out there,
    that are out of work,im thinking arsenal,southampton for example.

    they may want big money,but they have proved themselves.

    perhaps its time for a change of tactics.

  • what's on show now, can you honestly answer that by sticking with Steve Bruce we will win promotion next season ? will he be able to mould the old with new players by having rest of this season and pre season and see us click ?next year

    There as to be a period given to any manager to get there idea's across - problem being with bruce he's one dimensional and seems to lack the ability to change mid game to what's going on.

    Lets just hire someone new - how long will they get ? this is where that revolving door situation arises what we have found ourselves in reoccurring - personally I believe stability comes with results not just sticking by the manager hoping it eventually comes good, or else when is enough time enough 6 12 18 24 26 months

    only then wishing you would of acted earlier - some times clubs get lucky but successful clubs hire successful managers with our status now lower league it's harder to attract so we go for Rowett Smith Wagner type what if they fail ?

    yep anybody as to better than this scenario, I remember the hull defeat that cost Lambert his job, Tim pretty much had his honey moon bounce kept us up and lost the plot so he went, Garde hung out to dry, RDM 11 games, now Bruce what 19 games and looks dead man walking .

    Don't get me wrong I think he's wrong for us and I would rather invest my time in a more modern forward thinking tactician going forward and allow them time but not a complete Novice.
    were on that merry go round and we need to get off it

  • Are there three or is it four teams worse than us in this league because we're heading for a relegation battle. And in a battle we hunker down in the bottom of the trench wetting our pants and sucking our thumbs. Disgraceful state of affairs. Easy to blame Grealish after his sending off today but wasn't he the player who was going to rip through this division and show his amazing quality. Yeah right!

  • all i know is,that bruce is not the manager to take us forward.

  • i cant believe his reaction to the sending off mate,

    ive never seen a manager get rid of 2 strikers to try and ensure a point i couldnt believe it

    we deserved to lose for being so fckin pathetic against sides who are shyte in this league

    our defence is fckin garbage too every attack looks dangerous for us

    this is worse than any lerner season for me by a long shot

  • he was hired as the specialist to get us out of this division, do we stick or twist who else as better c..v at this level at doing it ? No one
    so where does that leave us he's the best and we are crap under him
    we could give him next 2 years to achieve it and it still might go t*ts up

    What we have to realise Money is going to become scarce parachute payment 40 mil this season and if were still here next season 30 mil will not cover wages never mind cost of club day to day running, so Doc will have to throw in money to meet ffp time is of the essence.

    players will move on eventually if we stagnate relegated clubs will take our better players, aa players will believe they have better chance of promotion by moving on, they will be replaced by inferior ones because finances dictate ever decreasing circles - so important is the decision to sack spud and go again under new or stick with him because of his C.V and the fact we have invested in players for him now.

    a new manager will want there own players and so we go round in circles - for me just like saying bye bye Lerner at the time rather than better the devil you know what some fans said, I would give Bruce is marching orders soon as were mathematically safe

    identify the new manager now to take over

  • The job is simply too big for Bruce, he is extremely limited both tactically and football wise

    As Ron knee said there must be someone out there who has the charisma and the nous to get us to where we belong

    On paper our squad is as good as anyone in that league, we have the best 2 strikers and in Lansbury and Horahane quality in the middle, our problem is at the back and in goal, all the money we have spent why do we get young clumsy keepers, surely there were better options available the new keeper is poorer than Golini, is Chester, and Baker better than Lescott and Okre ??? No

  • Cont,

    We miss a holding midfielder, Jedinek is when fit good but is the wrong side of 30 and has made too many trips back to Aussie to play for them, shame Gana thought he was too good for us as he would be great !!

  • the basic thing all you bruce arse lickers forget is he has managed pure shyte pot teams in the past not ex european champions and one of english footballs greatest sides say what you like but those are facts shyte pot teams like small heath wigan sunderland hull fu ckin city what have any of them ever done yes shyte pot teams he is not good enough for the villa job and his football just shows it not a ****in clue forest 785 passes villa 218 says it all brentford the other night played off the park by smith and a team that we pay 15 times more a week on wages these are facts so get real and smell the coffee we are bottom on current form behind Rotherham spud out now

  • Trouble is that since Mon left we've flipped between tactical dinosaurs (McLeish, Sherwood and Bruce) and those with more of a footballing philosophy (Houlier, Garde and RDM).

    The only obvious exception to that is Lambert who was more of a tactician but didn't play football.

    I guess where I'm heading with this is that we never really give the managers that want to implement a footballing philosophy any real time.

    And what scares me sh*tless is that after Bruce we'll go for another results dinosaur when what we need is someone with a footballing philosophy to get the best out of the players.

    For once we've got players more than good enough for the league we're in - are manager isn't though.


  • JD. Mate. I'm going to stick with MOTD rather than go to Blocked Bloggers feed. I'm sure we'll be last on.
    I call it as I see it. We were totally schooled on Tuesday. Tonight was e had enough quality chances to put the game to bed although I accept it would have been an ugly win
    If you want passing, should we get Westy back :):)


  • JD
    You don't love Villa more than everybody else on here and some of your abuse to others is over the top. Just my opinion or is that not allowed?

  • belfast dont mean to offend just say it as i see it you are either for spud or you are against him its purely on the style of football and how he sets up his team and the tactics are just so outdated all the other managers out fox him and those are the facts

  • Decided to come on here, and not read any comments.
    Like most totally ruined my Saturday night because it's my villa
    We should have won it easily. Fcuk tactics and formations, and Jack getting a red, we should have won in 4-2.
    Hogans going to be immense for us and 2nd half him and Kodja started to look a partnership
    Sometime you make your own luck in this game but we have had none in the last few games when we have deserved it
    Anyway, UTV and the next 2 home games hopefully things will start to click

  • Steve. Have a read back tomorrow but at least we saw the same game.

    Night all

  • One point I agree on with Bruce tonight, the ref couldn't wait to send Grealish off, did he pass the ball to their player or boot it out of frustration ?? It looked like he kicked to their centre half but difficult to tell, then he got his marching orders for a clumsy tackle more than anything else, the ball was in their half and we were attacking, again dreadful from the ref,

  • James
    You say it 81m wasted but let's give the present lot a chance to play together before saying that
    If you have ever played football in a new team so any level it take time to get to knows your fellow players
    I believe this window we have brought in some good quality. its not showing at present for the above reason
    Whatever happens for the rest of this season , we will win games for mid table

  • Mate,

    81m should see you win this league by about 20 points gap mate in my book

    Our league position is a fckin disgrace mate so no promotion for me = 81m wasted

    How are we going to pay wages when the TV money goes and para money... Our wage bill is massive for this league I bet

  • Deano
    Mate, totally agree we were the better team.
    Will read the comments tomorrow but tonight I've had a few beers and just feel totally exhausted with Villa at present.
    No doubt there are more Bruve out than in, mayby they are right. The players will get better and this is now Bruces team. This season is over so let it ride out. We will win enough games to get mid table

  • We played well against a side in crisis, yet they did not need to break sweat and scored two. What does that say about us and the tactics we implement?

    We should have been on the front foot and taken Forrest to the cleaners - ffs they've taken our rejects (according to some) on loan who were not eligible to play today so we can't say player for player they are better then us. I'm afraid it's time to see the back of Spud ,we are regressing at a alarming rate - 8 without a win now.

    Who can we get, well in the short term I go for Smith who's done a very good job at Brentford on a limited budget and is a Villa man. The other option is Barnsley manager Paul Heckingbottom who's got Barnsley playing good football whilst the club is in crisis. These would be short term contracts whilst these managers prove themselves with games left, and if they do well then we give them the summer to build for the following season, if not we get in another forward thinking manager. Just sitting and hoping things will get better, when the same dinosaur of a manager is destroying the club is even worse then getting rid of the waster.

  • good display by Eubank won every round imo stopped opponent in 10th ref stepped in Aussie was a tough champ took some serious shots from Eubank, it beats watching the drivel Bruce dishes up:):):)

  • We weren't that bad today, we did enough to win the game imo.
    Grealish played well first half was all over the park, box to box, new system early days, promising partnership with Kodjia & Hogan.

    What disappoints me more than anything is yet another different starting 11 and yet another new formation from Bruce. I'm tired of his sitting deep tactics even with 5 in MF against a poor Forest side we couldn't do enough to win the game. I don't believe it's the players fault, as much as he wants to blame then, fact is he is just not a good enough coach or tactician and hasn't surrounded himself with anyone who is that might have covered this serious shortfall.

    Xia, if only as a football fan, if not an experienced football club chairman/owner, must surely see this lack of ability in the manager. He must also be asking himself serious questions about Wyness if indeed Wyness was the one who recommended Bruce to him. Talk of developing an ethos at AV and then to have your CEO recommend Bruce as the manager is difficult to understand.
    I can give Round the benefit of the doubt given his recent performance in the window and the rushed timeline, Wyness to a certain extent given Xia's rush to be back up 1st time and we did go for a promotion "specialist" that on paper appeared to be capable.
    Sadly it hasn't worked and it will not work with Bruce.
    Last chance for Wyness to get it right imo.

  • well if we cannot utilise the best striker in this division in RMC then you have to question our methods, add Hogan gestede kodjia ajew uncle john cobbly and all to the party and what the **** are we doing??? add the leagues most prodigious midfielders to that while you there yet we shoot more blanks than a pretend wild west show.

  • Folks are talking like we have signed xavi iniesta and Messi...

    Sorry but all we have signed are your average run of the mill chumps players for over inflated prices of which hogan is about the only exception.

    Rmc was crap under rdm who went all out and was crap under Bruce.. He's passed it and we killed his drive by offering silly money and a 4 year deal.

    Grealish was terrible all game apart from his one simple pass to kodja and it was an assist only Becuase kodja made something out of nothing for the goal which was well taken so to big up that jumped up little twat is a joke.

    The simple fact is I don't know who advised the doc on Wyness but they were wrong... Totally wrong

    And don't get me start in can moan about Bruce being a dinasour all you want but round wad brought up by dinasours all hair career

    - Appointed as a coach by SAM ALLARDICE
    - difference in philosophy to Gareth Southgate - meaning Southgate had actually got more modern ideas then him
    - appointed by DAVID MOYES as assistant

    So tell me this - sack Bruce and we get another manager who recommended by this village idiot no thank you

    Bye Wyness bye round we will get know where these clowns on our board

  • The way Bruce set's the team up,no matter what system he chose's,its always sit back,we never confront teams in the middle,we leave huge gaps there for them to exploit,when you look at the stats,its back up what i say. Grealish is graceful in slow motion! Kodjia despite his goals is not a team player and does not pass when harder to score.Hogan looks a good player but hardly received the ball,Hourihane played far to deep to be effective! i could go on.It's the same every fekcing game,which is why Bruce and Calderwood will not take this team any further.

  • Guest - Onmeheadson

    Don't know if anyone else has said this, but since Calderwood can in, we've been crap. Maybe there's a link there.
    Also, to take both stikers off against an average championship team is criminal imo

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