I'm just putting up a quick post because as you can see the site looks a little different. We've basically gone and updated everything the way I should have done a few months ago, but not wanting to jump in, I took my time.

More on that at the bottom though; we've got Sunderland tomorrow and while I've not read any of the pre-match PR from either club, you just know that both managers are going to say nice things about each other.

And that means nothing to me. The only thing that matters is that we are back playing Premier League football and this is where it all matters. Okay, maybe not, I'd take us finishing 17th this season if we were to win the League Cup, or even just get into a final, but these games are important.

You could say this game is even more important because of where we find ourselves. You see, winning silverware and going down isn't on the agenda - I'd not take that for anything and with a win on Saturday a possibility, because Martin O'Neill has been found out, we could go level on points with them.

More tomorrow on the match though, I've got to run as not all the pages or buttons are showing as they should be.

League Cup

You all know this, but we got Norwich in the next round. I'm not tempting fate, but this was a good tie for us. I'll say no more on the subject though.

New look blog

Hopefully some of you would have notices the new look. Basically, it's very similar but we're using 'responsive' elements now and this means that whatever device you use to access the site, the site should load for you in a way that makes it easy to navigate.

Comments will be coming over soon - I have to do that after the event and you'll also see it is a new system. You can leave comments as normal, but I'd recommend registering. You don't have to, but you'll see what I mean after a comment or two.

And this is where you come in; suggestions or anything you'd like, please let me know below.

Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • Guest - oldnick

    Blog looks quite snazzy. Well done geezer

  • Thanks .. still working on a few things, but getting there

  • Guest - TT

    Looks and feels good but the header's too plain. I loved your 'old' logo.

  • Guest - windofchange

    Looks good, doesn't seem to remember name and e-mail address each visit like previous but very good all the same. Another vital game feel we have to win, not interested in winning a cup and going down, must not let league cup pre-occupy our main focus of staying in The Premier.

  • Guest - expat007

    Hello my mates.
    Spending a few days up in Yorkshire, back tomorrow.
    Found a computer to see my Emails and also see latest comments.
    They must be somewhere?
    Still I expect it's the sa,e old rubbish!!!:):D
    Damian where is the preview so I can see my many cock ups before posting?

  • Guest - expat007

    What's this PERMALINK, please helps us silly old sods!

  • Guest - expat007

    OK see it all now, bad lucks chaps on on PERMALINK!!!

  • Guest - AgrotisIsBack

    Ive just spent half an hour trying to fix me screen resolution:D

  • Guest - AgrotisIsBack

    How come im a guest?

  • Thanks Damien. Like the new site, but like expat def need the preview facility.

  • AgrotisIsBack
    you need to register and login - then you're not a guest

  • poppycock
    i'll work on the preview funcionality

  • Guest - expat007

    soory i du nit realey nede preveiw i onely wantad for the idiets.

  • It's nice how you can 'Like' peoples comments.

    I 'like' that feature. See what I did there? Haha.

  • and you can reply to people now too .. see what i've done here?

  • Haha. Yeah, I see. Having that reply feature is another good improvement I think. :)

  • Its very technical when you have sausage fingers.

  • Guest - expatt007

    I will have another look tomorrow, when I get back to Brum.
    I am sure the new set up is excellent, but I need more practice, like The Villa:D

  • Guest - paco

    Looks good Damian. Easier to view and use

  • Guest - VTID Robin

    Looks great on my phone .. even the images work. Most don't do that ...

  • Yes was just going to comment on that, looks great on my nexus. Well done damo, about time... but a well done none the less.

  • Guest - vogra

    Very nice Damian.
    I think the reply option is a superb edition to this Blog

  • Agree with all the comments plus I like the reload/refresh comment facility telling us how many new comments have been posted. A great improvement. Well done Damien

  • I see PL has confirmed that there will be new signings in January. The squad needs to be bigger. Something to look forward to.

  • where did you see that mate? Havnt had time to do the rounds yet

  • Sorry it's taken so long to reply sjh, went out, I saw the comment on News Now about PL spending in Jan

  • Guest - AgrotisISBack


    Some interesting links floating about aswell, mostly for up and coming players, but including Houlohan?? from Norwich, which i would be well pleased with.

  • Which ones apart from Houlahan? I can't seem to find links anywhere...

    Houlahan would have to be at a bargain price for me. Hope our scouts in are busy in europe..

  • Guest - Alfie Marks

    Guest - AgrotisISBack

    you got no chance re Houlahan from Norwich, do you seriously think CH will sell him?

  • nice!! Looks good Damo.Is it geared to hadle all the comments if we lose tomorroqw though?;)

  • Damo,
    Where would one edit their profile?

  • nice layout, some interesting team selections to be made tomorrow, quite a few central defenders still out and karim suspended.
    could be : guzan
    lichaj lowton vlarr bennett
    delph holman ireland gabby
    bent benteke

    really hope bent gets a start, if not i wouldn't be surprised if a deal hasn't been done already. I think it would be madness to sell him to the fulhams and qpr's of this world, especially in our current sitiuation.

  • fair enough, what do you think the team will be then ?

  • Damo,where is this new comments facility that Popycock speaks of? If someone has replied to a comment further up the page how will we know?

  • Dont seem to be able to 2nd guess PL ,we wait with bated breath for his selection.

  • Good psycholoy from PL say he is going to bring players in lets hope it gives the current squad a kick up the backside.

  • Guest - Rifle

    Robbie Keane (£20m), Alberto Aquilani (£20m), Downing (£20m), Henderson (£18m), Carroll (£35m), Adam (£9m) and Enrique (£7m), Joe Cole 5 mil per year.

    Just reading about the above failures that signed for liverpool.....this is what happens when americans get involved in football!

  • Guest - Paulie Eff

    Nice work, Damian! Looks like it was worth the wait.

    Re - January, has there been anyone specifically linked?..

  • Let January come in it's own time; it's ages away yet!. There really isn't that much point speculating who might come because we have no idea who's going (hopefully not Bent), and how much money there is to spend. Let's face it, most speculation is pretty much pulled from thin air anyway.

  • Guest - ronrabbit4646

    In all honesty I have already lost faith on Lambert, the football is uninspiring, dull, in fact I would go arms far as to say its worse than under amc.
    We need points so his stupid young blood plan can go **** its self, nice idea and all but it hasn't worked and we need a starting 11 with proven premier league ability and a modern formation:
    Lowton, vlaar, Clarke, Warnock
    El hamadi, Holman
    Gabby, Ireland, n zog

    Bench: benteke, albrighton, given, bennet, bannan, lichaj, weimann.

    I dislike the money grabbing whores that are Warnock, Ireland, n zog as much as anyone but they have experience in the premier league. Warnock can actually cross the ball, Ireland and n zog might actually create something.....
    Lamberts bull **** ultra narrow 442 has had plenty of time and has been total crap. We need to play to our strengths use the pace on our wings, use bents natural finishing, create some chances, score some goals and maybe just maybe win a football match.
    For me we have to beat Sunderland, we have to start at least bent and Ireland and if we don't I see no future for Lambert, he will simply be an old fashioned manager in a modern game.

  • warnock out on loan, clark injured, karim suspended and nZogbia injured too.

  • Guest - ronrabbit4646


    Ok swap Karim for bannan, baker for clark, and I didn't realise n zog was injured, in that case draft in albrighton. The points still stand about Ireland and bent. And as fir Warnock...well even im not desperate enough to call back hutton.
    I do think though, we really have to use the premier quality players we have rather than lower league players who sadly are looking woefully short in a poor system

  • I sort of get the feeling there are many begining to question Paul Lambert and his management style, his use of funds and generally whether the job is too big for him. For me I think the jury is still out he gets my support till January but he must by then really step up to the plate and start showing he is the bright young manager we thought he was, he must also show he is not afraid to sign established players, I just wonder if this is part of the problem.

  • I'd give Lambert at least until the end of the season, and probably quite a bit longer too. We need STABILITY, not ANOTHER new manager (not to mention the agonizing wait for that manager to be appointed!). Surely we don't want to waste even more money on pay-offs than we've had to in the last three seasons?

  • Guest - O'Neill

    I think Lambert will work out very well for this Club, it will possibly take two seasons to stabilise things after the last two disasterous years, but after that things will really start to motor and I think given time, some of his young signings will prove to be gems.
    He is an up and coming manager and if the fans are intelligent and patient he could build some thing great. I hate when managers are chopped and changed and it is a sign that things are not right at a deeper level within the club.
    How long did it take Ferguson to be accepted at Utd. Staying in the top flight is all we can expect this season

  • Guest - ronrabbit4646

    Guest - O'Neill

    Its all well and good asking for time but we are so terrible at the moment we will end up being relegated.... We might be lucky in that Southampton and reading look short of quality and qpr are managed by a complete tit.

  • Guest - O'Neill

    Guest - ronrabbit4646

    Ok we do look very ordinary, but what did you expect. After 4 months did you expect he would have transformed us into title challengers. He needs time and I'm talking five seasons at least.
    I have a feeling we will see slow progression over the remainder of the season and things will start to take off from next season on.
    I am delighted we have him as manager because if we declined any further we would have been only been able to attract the likes of Ian Holloway or Sam Allardyce

  • Guest - Clarencio

    Guest - ronrabbit4646

    It's also all well and good to say get rid of him but how can you stabilise a club and build when you're getting rid of the manager every 6 months?

    We're in the crap at the moment, changing a manager is going to resolve it.

    Think about this, the last time we gave a manager more than a season we ended up 6th in consecutive seasons. How good would that be to be able to do it again with one that has a better grasp of the wage system.

    Just saying.

  • Guest - Clarencio

    Guest - ronrabbit4646

    It's also all well and good to say get rid of him but how can you stabilise a club and build when you're getting rid of the manager every 6 months?

    We're in the crap at the moment, changing a manager is going to resolve it.

    Think about this, the last time we gave a manager more than a season we ended up 6th in consecutive seasons. How good would that be to be able to do it again with one that has a better grasp of the wage system.

    Just saying.

  • Guest - Clarencio

    Guest - ronrabbit4646

    It's also all well and good to say get rid of him but how can you stabilise a club and build when you're getting rid of the manager every 6 months?

    We're in the crap at the moment, changing a manager is going to resolve it.

    Think about this, the last time we gave a manager more than a season we ended up 6th in consecutive seasons. How good would that be to be able to do it again with one that has a better grasp of the wage system.

    Just saying.

  • Guest - Clarencio

    Guest - ronrabbit4646

    *isn't going to resolve it! Doh!

  • We should stick with Lambert even if, worst case scenario, we do get relegated! Stability will do us far better than looking for another manager. I can't believe we're already talking about firing Lambert! We're only just a quarter of the way into the season! We Villa fans need a little more patience, not worst case, doom and gloom scenarios all the time. It's exhausting.

  • Wow nice new look mate, well done.

    On tomorrow, I can see Villa snatching a win at Sunderland. Shame Carlos will be on the opposing side though!

  • As things stand staying up is going to be a huge ask.

  • Guest - O'Neill

    A huge task indeed, thats why we should support and not bitch. We are also into the last 8 of the league cup, knocking out the champions of England along the way, why not give credit for this instead of picking holes in it.
    We should appreciate any bit of success, because in the modern game, the spoils are shared between a handful of teams

  • Guest - Sum as

    This may be a low scoring game but I'd take a 2-1 win

  • Guest - Symbas

    Where do you. Sign in?

  • Guest - dingbat

    What's the news on Dunne? Is he still a- injured b-drying out c- not in PL's plans??

  • Everyone is saying we are going down and that we have had a woeful start, but remember, we still are not in the bottom 3.

    And come January, we know from past experience that when relegation is on the cards, Lerner will splash the cash. And we should be able to spend our way to safety, something clubs like Norwich, Swansea and Wigan can't do.

  • Guest - rinrsbbit4646

    This new site does not work as well as the old one used to on my phone.
    In response to comment above from clarencio:
    No im not expecting a title challenge, but I do expect to see a team capable of winning a football match. A team that at the very least plays to its strengths, and we don't do that. The football under Lambert is worse than amc, we have a team lacking so badly in creativity I genuinly think putting hesky back in the team (god forbid) would create us more chances. But what makes it worse, is that he had it, we were brilliant against Newcastle and Swansea.....then he changed the team...but not just the team, he changed the system, and the formation. Now our plan is lump it to benteke who flicks it on for gabby. Surely we can all see what needs to be done....we need width, we need one striker and someone playing a little deeper to link the neat play from the back to the wings and the striker. This has been obvious for....5 games now? Yet I see no sign of change....and we have the players....we have a mid table squad....better than Wigan, reading, Norwich, Southampton by a distance, better than west ham and qpr and Swansea.... On a par to Sunderland, stoke, Fulham.....to be on a par with stoke is bad enough, but with lamberts little experiment we look exactly like di canio described us..... A league 1 team.

  • Guest - O'Neill

    Guest - rinrsbbit4646

    Comparing squads is not an exact sceince. Regardless of personell all squads are at different stages of development. Take Stoke, Pulis has been there for a while and has made them hard to beat and is now adding proven experienced premiership players eg. Crouch at each window (remind you of anyone)
    Compared to Stoke we are in our infancy and all things considered (finance, players we are able to attract, future ambition) Lambert is going about it the right way. He has showed older underperforming proffesionals if they don't deliver they can go. His buys in the main have been young, hungry players whos talent can be developed and he is attempting to implement his own style.
    This is not going to all come together in season number 1, but so far I like what I see, the style of play will improve with time and I also think he has an eye for a player, Vlaar, Benteke, Guzan, Lowton for example.
    Give the man time, Rome wasn't built in a day, we may flirt with relegation this season but we won't go down and we can't really ask for more than that, after two cringe worthy seasons with Houiller and McLeish

  • Guest - big man

    Liking the new site, looks good.
    Going to be tough tomorrow. My guess is it's going to be a pretty boring & 1-1. . hope i'm wrong but that's what I expect.
    Who on earth knows what the team selection is going to be , but i'd like to see herd & bannan in there, guess we don't have anybody else.

  • Guest - ChicoHamiltonsPants

    The site looks great shame i can't say the same about the league table.

  • Guest - pat the rat

    Sitting in Hotel in Bolton having a few beers heading for the Utd game tomorrow.You may ask why a Villa fan is going to Utd.Simple answer is my Son got the trip for his Birthday.I offered him Villa vs Utd next week but he wanted to go to Utd.Really looking forward to the game as i'm sitting down beside the tunnel.Really hope we can turn Sunderland over to get us back on track.This is a nice wee site we are on now.Keep up the good banter lads & heres to a day off loads off goals not only for he Villa but for Utd & Arsenal also.Just about to have anoter beer lads.Cheers & up the Villa

  • Guest - astonman

    Shame the team is'nt as good as the new site !

  • Guest - christhevillan

    Site looks great, just like the Villa. UTV

  • Guest - Chris

    Rumors on twitter villa looking at a short term contract for defender John Mensah

  • Hopefully we see a few changes on the team sheet tomorrow. Maybe shake up the midfield get Ireland and/or Bannan back in there. I also hope Lambert can get Nzogbia more involved. I know he isnt popular on here, but he is the epitome of wasted talent right now. We could use a bit of offensive flair, I dont care where it comes from to be honest.

    As for the blog format looking good although I wouldnt mind seeing claret instead of the (greyish?) coloured tab behind the usernames

  • Guest - Chris


    John Mensah ex sunderland and Lyon central defender free agent 30 years old

  • I still prefer the old look of this site to the new one.Why are there no comments showing under previous posts,Damian? I'm still reading some old posts.Anyway i can get access to those?

  • old comments are coming over soon - they're importnat, its just that i had to do it this way

  • Guest - steveinlimerick

    come on the villa,drive a nail into MON's sunderland coffin!

  • Guest - Old McParland

    New site looks good as did the previous one, and just want to say WELL DONE YOU VILLA LADS for getting that all important win grand effort all round. And i shall make sure i record match of the day tonight so i can keep replaying the game just to see MONS anguished face. UP THE VILLA.

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