Well, it was just one of those days. We didn't play for a draw but we never really threatened, but that isn't because of lack of effort. You could even say the final result was predictable.

But, we are trying to play football the right way and we look so much better playing four at the back and maybe with Vlaar in the team the result would have been different. Maybe not.

But we are back in the bottom three and there are only eleven games to go. Things are looking desperate and we're now starting to rely on results going our way as well as hoping we get lucky. Not a nice place to be.

But and I need to stress this, we do want to play the right way, it's just maybe the quality of player we have are not ready for it yet. I'm not saying they wont one day be ready but they're not all ready yet.

Bottom three

And this is going to become a theme over the next few weeks because the truth is we've dug this hole for ourselves and even decided to jump in and make it our home.

We also took a holiday during January when we could have strengthened and instead decided not to. If we dont get out of this mess we have nobody else to blame.

Manchester City up next. Who fancies our chances?

The players

Guzan, Clark, Bennett, Baker, Lowton, N'Zogbia (Dawkins - 82' ), Westwood (El Ahmadi - 72' ), Delph, Gabby, Benteke and Weimann.

Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • Guest - Billy Villa

    Guys we wiill be fine.
    We have 11 games to play of those 11, 4 are teams we are likely to be beaten by. Manure. Chelski, Manc and Liverpoo. after that we have mid table at worst bottom at best. So these are are most likely points. Yes we have been poor this year, so bad it hurts, but weve also had some bad luck and thrown points away. So it's all been really bad and we are in bottom 3. But if its been that bad so far and we are only behind by goal difference, any improvement and we move away from trouble. I dont think we can be worse than we have been so i expect to survive.

    That's my logic anyway. Argh!


  • Guest - newryvillan

    carew signs for inter milan would he even get a game for us?

  • There were protests outside Villa Park against the appointment of McLeish but what happened? McLeish was appointed. This guy is not interested in us fans yes he may occasionally give us a free flag or a scarf but he doesn't give a flying fig what we think. If he had any thoughts about us he would be here a bit more often and he would try to get his views across to us in the matchday programme on local radio or the media generally, if he is shy he would get his gimp PF to do it for him, but again nothing, he can stay in the background but still keep in touch with fans, he is not because in his eyes we dont matter we may irritate him from time to time but little more.

  • I actually think that it's lucky for Lerner that he does live the other side of the pond in terms of what's been going on. We could have seen burning effigy's of Lerner outside his house, himself and his car being pelted with eggs and flour.

    Maybe this is why we have seen less and less of him over the last year due to the fact that he knew what he was about to administer on the club, and feared that there would be a fans backlash, and the fans would take reprisals if he'd shown his face too many times at VP after his actions.

    The question is. Wonder how many times we will see Lerner again this season?

    We had a raleigh the troops speach for the final two games of last season, maybe he is planning to do the same again if we're in a position of staying up to try and push us through.

    Maybe this time the Villa fans should be 'prepared' for the remaining two games and turn up with burning effigy's of Lerner, cartons of egg's and flour, and give it him with both barrels !

    Incidentally, is anyone popping over to New York in the next couple of weeks, he lives around there somewhere, we could start it earlier if we wanted... ? ;)

  • I think RL has been very clever in as much as he brought in PL after realising it was who fans wanted, he cared less about if he could do a job that did not matter as the level of austerity he was about to impose meant no manager was ever going to have a chance, no matter how bad it got he always could say that he appointed the fans choice. Hence in his eyes he is fireproof.

  • Guest - Luke444

    Out of all the new managers that were appointed in the summer Lambert is doing the worst job out of all of them! Laudrup has done wonders for Swansea and Steve Clarke has improved west brom greatly and Rodgers is slowly getting Liverpool back on track while Lambert is in the process of getting relegated with us. He also had more money than laudrup Clarke and Rodgers

  • Luke444
    Spot on with that comment.
    Eactly my point also, Lambert had more money than most managers.

    What did he produce with it.... A team that get's **** on in the final 10 minutes !

  • Out of all the new managers that were appointed in the summer Lambert is doing the worst job out of all of them! Laudrup has done wonders for Swansea and Steve Clarke has improved west brom greatly and Rodgers is slowly getting Liverpool back on track while Lambert is in the process of getting relegated with us. He also had more money than laudrup Clarke and Rodgers

    Yes luke444 we def drew the short straw again.

    Why do you think out of 30 odd thousand only about 1500 bothered to protest when Mc Cleish was installed. it's because it makes NO difference. If you start booing players at this critical time it won't help anybody. Call it apathy if you like but I think the majority of AV fans have had the stuffing knocked out of them this past few years. I for one can't believe whats happening and I think even if we stay up I won't renew our 4 Sts. I'll follow from afar and maybe pick the odd game to go to. Lerners not getting my money up front again.

    Did anyone listen to Talk ****e yesterday their guest Eric Black (I think) mentioned Bent and said he hasn't got the right attitude to be a great player, he wouldn't train hard enough and was quite happy to tootle along. Nice bloke but not 'hungry to do well'

  • Guest - belcs

    So the only 2 positives from this diabolical and humiliating season (Benteke and Weimann) are already planning their moves away. Lerner will sell at the first attempt but tbh both are too good for the championship.
    As for Lam-berk, I have no more adjectives to describe how woeful a manager he really is. One of the worst in top flight football history. Only a moron would think a couple of lower league turds like lowton and bennett along with our vastly over-rated academy players, who in reality are crap, would be good enough for a PL back 4.
    Dread to think how empty the ground will be next season. As mentioned above, of all the summer appointments the only team doing much worse is us. Lerner cannot pick a manager to save his life.
    What will be the scenario in the championship- either stick with lamberk and watch us get humiliated again or wait for the next useless prat he brings in, Gary Megson anyone?
    I've had it with the club, they can **** off as far as I'm concerned. I'm sick to the back teeth of receiving emails trying to sell me tickets 2 minutes after another humiliating defeats or false interviews with players turning out tired old cliches.
    After 35 years following the club, I think this season is my goodbye. I no longer attend matches live and I think i'll give up all together.Why invest any time following a bunch of ambitionless, directionless, clueless idiots desecrate one of the greatest names in British football. Screw the lot of them and screw you AVFC.

  • Guest - paulb

    You hit it on the head. The most poigniant point of our recent history was the appointment of McLeish. Only a week or so before McLaren was not pursued (thankfully) because of " fans opposition to his appointment", Total bullsh*t. If that was the fact why did he appoint McLeish. Lerner feeds the fans what he thinks they want to hear, but doesnt care one jot about them. His one and only motivation is MONEY. I truly believe that from the day O'Neil left the club Lerner has been plotting how to make the most money out of the club before finally selling it. The actual stature and performance, the thousand of fans will all be collateral damage. Shame on you Randy Lerner, you are exactly what is wrong with the world today [/b]

  • bobvillan
    It's funny ain't it, gabby keeps popping up in all these articles talking about things. :)
    It's gotta be the clubs pushing him to say all this anyway.

  • Once again the club take the fans for mugs, having spokesman Gabby doing there PR for them.
    If everything he spouts was true ie all these so called top class players we supposedly have at the club then how come we find ourselves in the bottom 3?
    The powers that be need to stop fcuking insulting the fans and find a way out of this mess they have got the Villa into, and stop this PR bull****e!

  • We are no longer fans we are "customers" and filling the ground only against the likes of Man U, Chelski, Citeh and our local rivals only adds weight to this description, maybe if the ground were full against the Wigans and the like we may have a little more respect from our owner.

  • Guest - The cleaner

    There are 5 more teams above us within 6 points , 2 wins , still 11 games left , if we can improve our points per game in the remaining matches we can get out of this, all of those teams are actually only average and could begin a poor run at any time so there is hope, and as previously said we have had some terrible ends to games after getting into good positions so an improvement there and we can scrape this. I cannot see Qpr making up the difference now so they are down. Reading have had their good run for the season in their last ten games and will deteriorate from here so i think we have only one place to improve and were OK .... Happy Days

  • Belcs your right in what you say and over recent seasons my friends and I who used to go to as many games as we could afford, are now dropping away. I don't think we'll ever 'leave the club' entirely because it's a natural infinity but the board and owner have got to change things drastically before we come back.

    We made a conscious decision sometime ago that we weren't going to be treated like mugs any more, you wouldn't put up with it in any other walk of life so why concede to stupidity with football!

  • John Salter: there is a slight "viscous circle" element to all of this, we wont go as often as we once did until things change, Randy wont change anything until he sees the ground full week after week again.

  • The cleaner,

    In theory it seems fine, a few more wins and we are safe, as you say happy days.
    So lets have a look in more realistic terms.
    First of all 2 wins = 6 points, the last time we had back to back wins was the 2010/2011 season, hmm that doesn't look too good, and thats with the 5 teams above us picking up zero points
    The 5 teams directly above us are only average, hmm, then what does that make us.
    Bearing in mind of the 11 games remaining we still have to play the top 3 which is unlikely to yield any points ( although not impossible ) , that would leave 8 games to get possibly 15 points, which would be top 6 form.
    So although your theory sounds good, there's too many holes in it IMO.
    Sorry to sound negative, i'm just looking at it realistically.

  • windofchange.

    I'll bet any money Lerner breaks first. We would be saving money he would be losing and lets face it in this day and age money is a great motivator.

  • Guest - Villaranger

    I don't know about you, i'm buying a boat from saved money.

  • When you look at how many games we have won so far this season what makes anyone so sure we can win the required number of games in what remains of the season? We have 11 games left we have so far won 5 out of 27 in the 11 we have left we have to play: Man U , Man City, Chelski and Liverpool as well as Wigan and Reading and QPR from the strugglers that leaves 4 we simply have to win now we have won 5 from 27 can we really win 4 from 7 ? Just cant see it!

  • Guest - Luke444

    To add to my earlygdp post on Lambert doing the worst out of all the new managers,he also had enough experience within the existing group of players from last season to be able to finish around mid table. Players like nzogbia gabby bent given Ireland and Holman should have enough to help us stay up and people question their commitment and work rate but surely its Lamberts job to prove he is capable of getting the best out of them and to turn them back in to the players we know they are but that's another job he's failed at!

  • Guest - vogra

    Such a pity we didnt get Laudrup instead of this joke who's in charge now, as soon as this seasons over regardless of what league we're in Lambert needs to go.

  • Guest - expat007

    FOR ftkv EYES
    You cant be one of us who used to drink at the Aston Hotel together with Barry, your brother his son and others.
    Up at 5.30am then 2 hours of your bike to the black country. Not a Metal Spinner are you? The K is that for Kevin?
    If you are the same one do you still have that incredible knowledge of The Villa?

  • When was the last time falkner opened his gob?

    When he was tucking into a McDonald's ....

  • Can someone tell me what formation we are using?

  • I dont feel Lambert is up to the job, I think the job is too big for him, but having said that I cant think of who might come in his place (other than the normal pool of has beans), we are running out of options as each game goes by, it is also becoming more difficult to see any decent players coming anytime soon (unless they think we are really Arsenal). There were plenty of names during the last 2 summers that I thought may come if approached if Lambert does go who the hell are we likely to get next? I would like to see Nigel Adkins given a go but he like anyone else is no magician whatever league we find ourselves in funds are going to be needed assuming we can find anyone to buy.

  • Guest - Lerner Out!

    For those of you who think sitting back and doing nothing is the way to go then shame on you! Lerner is ruining our club and will run it into the ground and the lower league's. He doesn't care but we do so wake up and show him what you think of him because if you don't in a few years time the only cup we'll be in for is the Johnson's paint trophy. If your ok with that then fine just turn up and clap but I care too much to let this moron destroy us!

  • Guest - ftkv

    You cant be one of us who used to drink at the Aston Hotel together with Barry, your brother his son and others.
    Up at 5.30am then 2 hours of your bike to the black country. Not a Metal Spinner are you? The K is that for Kevin?
    If you are the same one do you still have that incredible knowledge of The Villa?

    I wish i could claim that knowledge or even the bike
    nearly one out of 3 often up in early hours drinking though

  • If we protest who are we protesting to FFS? there is never anyone with a clue at the club not even when we are playing Faulkner wont care less or will he get it and no doubt any protest will be twisted and spun to look like some sort of positive, RL will be in his pit in the States, the only ones affected will be the manager and the players, and the players need our support if we are to have the slightest chance to get out of this mess. The only way of getting across how we really feel is a boycott but that has a detrimental affect on the team. The truth is every season we get duped and every season we fall for it hook line and sinker. We used to be fickel now we are gullible, but not any more Randy you had your chance and blew it.

  • I have been backed into a corner by the owners of our once great club, the current manager is not really up to the job, but with his track record of managerial appointments who the hell might we end up with next, I dont want Lambert but I am now feeling "better the devil you know"

  • I preferred it when our high expectations were realistic. Our current hope season after season is to avoid relegation, RL must be very proud of his tenure.

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    Afternoon all .
    I'm sitting in the same camp mate ... another manager another muppet !

    Its kind of catch 22 at VP these days , well for us it is ..

  • Guest - Bobby 6 Killer

    it is kind of ridiculous how Gabby has only scored 11 goals in the last 3 season in the league.

    Granted he hasnt been played as out an out striker much but that really is piss poor and Heskey-esque

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    We want to be a big club but want to spend and act like a small club with flags and gimmicks ..
    So its time we realised (me included) where we sit in the scheme of things at this moment .. were mid to bottom (too far bottom atm) table also ransom that scrap for the odd point/win to keep it interesting for the top half of the league and unfortunately it seems its our turn to nosedive into championship reality until its our turn to yoyo !!

    Unless !!! The owner wants more from his investment ???

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    Also rans that should say :(

  • Guest - Lerner Out!


    We are protesting to save our club as we know it. We are telling the likes of Lerner and Faulkner that we wont sit there like muppets and let them destroy Aston Villa and that we will protest until one of them actually grow a pair and come out and tell us whats going on! Whats the alternative? Sit there and take it until we end up with local derbies against Walsall. Sick of people whinging who haven't got the foresight to see what's going to happen and just hoping everything will be ok because it won't. Lerner has got off lightly so far and Faulkner being in this country and getting paid for doing nothing even more so. I haven't seen any sort of protest against either of them, just talk. Before the game, at half time and full time is the time to show them both that we want them to know what's going on. They are both gutless clowns when they are supposed to be leaders and should be erased from the history books of this club!!!!

  • Guest - tearsobmyscarf

    Rightly or wrongly . I think the only protest that would hit the board/owner and make some substantial media impact would be a total stay away from one of the next home games !! Boards and songs will.not hurt RLs pocket !!

  • Guest - Lionheart

    The BEST protest would be for NO ONE to buy a season ticket until we know what is happening and the club has addressed those issues..

    As a scenario.. we stay up.. We sell Bent and Benteke for a combined 30M plus Petrov Dunne and two of Ireland/Given/Hutton are all of the wage bill.. will we pay the right players 40K a week or not.. will the 30M all be available to spend.. which doesn’t include any of the new tv money.. after selling them two and getting all the high earners of the wage bill is giving 40K a week to a few players and transfer fees of 6-7M really a massive gamble.. considering the money saved plus the extra tv revenue and add the 30K a week home attendances..

    Until those questions are answered then NO ONE buy a season ticket... best protest out there..!

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    no problem with that but that won't hit them until its too late ! that's for next season not the sh**e were in now !!

  • (Lerner Out!) trouble is it would wash over them MONEY is all they understand not banners and songs gates of 10k or less is what that would understand. But singing a song to or about Randy is futile.

  • Guest - Lerner Out!

    A combination of both would be good. I agree money is what would hurt the most but unfortunately this season a lot of us have already given him our cash!

  • Guest - Villain1

    Our whole board suffers from a lack of imagination and footballing nous. I've said before that by and large British managers are woeful (obviously Ferguson and Moyes aside). Last summer was a great chance to refresh the club and bring in a enthusiastic foreign manager- there were plenty out there we could have approached. Instead Faulkner trotted out the same old 'premier league experience' bull****, its hardly done Swansea and Laudrup any harm. Everything about Villa is so out dated and small time.

    I've said before but the best way to get through to the board is stay away. If enough people do it, they will have to do something. I still believe an alarmingly low number of ST sales forced the clubs hand with Mcleish, if they thought that was bad, relegation will bring 20k crowds or even lower. I know some people will never boycott, but what else can you do? If you buy a sub standard product from a shop, you complain. Same applies here, the fans that forked out this season (or indeed any season for the last 3-4 years) have been ripped off. Lerner and his 'bright future' promises were plain and simple LIES.

  • It need the corporates and the sponsors to withdraw their money add season ticket sales into that and the owner will have to listen. Dont forget if we go down our exposure on TV will be much less which will put off major sponsors and advertisers.

  • Guest - Bobby 6 Killer

    Genting shirt sponsor contact end this summer.

  • Guest - yearsonmyscarf

    That's it then .. new shirt sponsors likely to be please ? Big jons chippy in selly oak . should fit our bright future !!

  • Our club is being slowly downgraded.
    Our kit suppliers.
    The quality of our squad
    Our league position.
    Our sponsors.
    The trend is downwards wherever you look at the club.

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    Absolutely true WOC .
    I'm sure if they could get some cash back on the ground they would !

  • Guest - astonman

    The one thing that is clear to everyone is Lerner has to go. This man is a total tw*t who does not give a toss about the club or the fans. A few weeks ago the Mail asked him 5 questions about the future of our club he has not had the decency to reply which is a disgraceful snub to Villa fans everywhere. This summer we will lose more good players Benteke Bent Wieman and N'Zogbia as Lerner attempts to bring in money and lower the wage bill even further

  • Guest - ftkv

    We are protesting to save our club as we know it. We are telling the likes of Lerner and Faulkner that we wont sit there like muppets and let them destroy Aston Villa and that we will protest until one of them actually grow a pair and come out and tell us whats going on! Whats the alternative?

    Wish there were more like you

    f we protest who are we protesting to FFS? t

    The great unwashed that dont want a job just free housing cars and phones also think doing nothing is the answer
    Doing nothing is never the answer in my book

    Die Trying

  • Guest - ftkv

    i think genting have already decided to run along with the shirts
    sounds queer anyway

    when people do not renew they also lose all interest in the club

  • Guest - ftkv

    the bottom line - a few hundred will make no difference
    The modern day fan hsd no substance
    Lets hope we get under 10k season ticket holders next season
    the Yank will have 1000s of excuses blame everyone else

    but watch this fans relpy to season ticket renewal
    or this fans Rant

    No matter if you rant or can be poetic there is an option

  • Protesting will carry no weight with these people, however withhold money by not going then that may spark a response. He wont listen to songs and name calling.

  • Guest - ftkv

    it does look like our front line next season will be Gabby & bowery

  • I also think the media exposure of very low gates would carry more weight than a few anti Lerner songs.

  • Guest - ftkv

    He wont listen to songs and name calling

    If the circus song re randy echoed around the ground every week there would be a response
    No one No One likes insults and will react. An Egotistical prick like lerner buying the club due to us having a royal fan would be ripped apart
    Diminishing gates will just cause the cloth to be cut until its gone
    We are going to the wall bring it on we can rebuild something that cannot happen with Lerner

    Mike Ashley is a bushinessman that knows what he is doing a self made billionaire our clown is the exact opposite

  • Guest - potts


    i think you are right but christ are we in trouble gabby / bowrey would struggle in the blue square .unless thats what we are building for ,can you imagine it learner sells the stadium name so it would be aston villa v ebbsfleet united at the poundland park

  • If the circus song re randy echoed around the ground every week there would be a response

    That maybe the case if he was here at every game but not when he is always in the States. He does not care a stuff about fans, about what they think or about what they sing, neither does he care who they sing about.

  • Show him a balance sheet or some gate receipts and watch him sh*t his brick.

  • Guest - ftkv

    LOW Gates cannot really happen as most season ticket holders will attend
    if we can get them to support the team and rip into lerner at the end result
    He knows he cannot get fans back fans staying away does not help the club
    Mass exodus does

    We have to make him want to sell but keep our fans

  • Guest - ftkv

    But windy all i ask is for fans to do something
    You are doing that by not renewing so Great

  • Guest - Rocco

    Is it me or are we actually trying to destroy ourselves from the inside ??

    Everything this club could do to shoot themselves in the foot it would do, right from the top it's just been one cock up after another

  • (ftkv): I understand what you mean its just the scale of protest needs to be very high in order to get a response, these people are spin kings and PR experts they will make any negative look like a positive unless its beyond argument. I could see them calling anti -Lerner songs a term of endearment.

  • Guest - ftkv

    anyone watched the browns fan renewal
    i thought it was great possibly on here last year

  • jcv: will he not get more for us as a PL club than he will if we are relegated?

  • Guest - ftkv

    We know in the end not enough fans will either protest or stay away
    we can only dream and try
    He will not be able to take out 12m each year in management fees in the championship or force us to pay back the loan
    He will not be able to rebuild us
    strewth the prem is a huge meal ticket and it not that difficult to be a mid table side
    Miss management and gross negligence with his boom or bust $ has cripples us nothing else

  • (ftkv): he will have his £12m from the parachute payment the managers budget will suffer again.

  • Guest - ftkv

    I think Given Bent Ireland ......... with swallow up the parachute CB AW will help pay for last seasons transfers
    He will be sweating how his trust will be repaid no prem payments, no players worth anything what a loser its like brewsters millions Yet he still has millions to loose

    oh well fed up of signing in and out still on naughty list i think

  • Guest - ftkv

    JCV What we dont want is too loose fans
    They will find better things to do
    We need fans to be there and fight for our club
    Get that frustration out is like scoring a goal it emotion passion something seriously missing all be it the wrong sort but it can unite

  • Everyone who is calling for protests, I completely agree with, but wait until we are mathematically down/or safe. Then boycott a game, stay outside, inform the press, call for Lerner to sell up, but don't do it until then. It would serve no purpose. Just because the majority of fans are still trying to encourage the team, why "shame on you" we all want what's best for AVFC.
    Look at the press ATM trying to turn the heads of players like Weimann/Benteke. Do you think their minds are on their jobs . They need to hear encouragement from the fans, not booing or shouting for Lambert /Lerner out. They need to know we are behind them.
    I am a STH of 4 seats. I protested about the McCleish appt by not going after the Xmas break, but my 4seats were still counted in the attendance numbers, as is every STH whether they attend or not. Give it a rest, getting on other fans backs, just because they are not protesting at this moment. It will happen when the times right.

  • Protesting is a personal thing , people spend hard earned cash on season tickets and dont want to throw them down the drain matchday ticket purchasers though will I am sure stay away. I think RL is very thick skinned he has probably faced this and more when he owned the Cleveland Browns I dont personally think anything will faze him, poor ST sales for next season though just might.

  • Guest - Rocco


    Your so right about him pulling the plug,
    isn't it ironic that 125 years ago on saturday we or to be specific William Mcgregor wrote a letter to 12 clubs asking them to form the league which years later became the richest of all the leagues in the world, I said earlier that we are doing our best to destroy ourselves from the inside, piss poor decisions from piss poor management who clearly have lost their villa mojo,

    I wish Lerner and his spineless side kick could take a leaf out of mcgregor s book and lead from the front

  • jcv
    Apart from the last few seasons when we've been in the sh1t, when have you known fans to clap when we've lost apart from when they played fantastic and didn't deserve to lose.
    I just don't sit there like a fu***ng muppet and yes I agree something has gone wrong with football, but its not the normal fan, it's money, and corporate hospitality, sky.
    Footballs too expensive now for the ordinary man but I bet if we are relegated you won't see much corporate entertaining done down there.

  • poppycock: a lot of the neauvous rich in football only want to see Man U, Man City etc, they are not really interested in Villa its just a way of getting to see the perceived "big teams", the ordinary working man is now pretty much priced out of football. I was in Berkshire this last weekend I was going to take my Wife to see Reading and Wigan (spy on the enemy) but the cheapest tickets were £37 each. There are already empty seats at many grounds is it any wonder why?

  • Problem is all the money that comes into the clubs goes into the players pockets, they now have to try to re-coup more from fans, I hope one day that a club goes under (as long it is not us) it may be a wake up call to all of football, this poncing around with Portsmouth gets on my nerves, just let them go, greed has got them in the sh*te they are in, it serves them right.

  • Guest - Mihesh (Newcastle fan)

    hey guys, I've been posting on here every now and then because of my best friend who is a Villa fan. It's sickening that Lerner wasn't more pro-active in January and for me he is the problem. Lambert is a decent manager as his record at Norwich would suggest; he's been let down by the board who didn't allow him to bring in some much needed quality. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Villa boast a strike force that most teams would love;I hope and reckon you guys will survive. An attacking trio of Benteke, Weimann and Gabby along with Ireland and N'zogbia to provide the ammunition is full of goals.

  • Guest - ftkv

    clap when we even lose.something has gone wrong with football.

    JCV Poppy you are so correct
    Its great that family's come to games
    But my other hobby horse kin seats have killed the game, yes seats for us older farts but standing singing jupping around made the atmosphere and it breaks my heart never to have it a again i have memories but a goldfish has a better memoryspan the me

    I hope one day that a club goes under

    you dont get much bigger than rangers fkin FA SKY Bosman & Agents

  • Guest - ftkv

    Good luck you have a bright future
    Great fans & City, Clever owner and some purchases how do you pull them off
    You made a mess of the summer after letting players go and not strengthening but your club has a winner in charge what a difference to our clown randy
    I wish loopy loo had not let him out of the box

  • Guest - Mihesh (Newcastle fan)

    jcv, a fair few toon fans are bitter about that day but as far as I'm concerned, we were a shambles on and off the pitch and deserved to go down. Relegation really could go either way and there are no guarantees whatsoever; we were lucky in the sense that we kept most of the team who were ashamed and wanted to atone. It would be unthinkable for Villa just like it was for us.

  • jcv
    No offence taken mate. I think you're right about Sky wanting a Super Euro league with the top teams from each country and I still think it might happen eventually.
    I think Lerner is committing suicide with this strategy of his. If we are relegated how many seats will be empty? Corporate will disappear. Will he still get Sky money?. OK he'll save a lot on wages from the poor sods that will lose their jobs, but that must be peanuts in the overall scale of things. Does anyone know what he stands to lose if we drop out of the PL?

  • Guest - ftkv

    bloody hell JCV
    i had not seen your posts SKY then mihesh im gone

  • Guest - Mihesh (Newcastle fan)

    Thanks fktv, same goes for Birmingham; a proper football city with passionate fans. I'm stunned as to how we've attracted some of the players we have done but my concern is we can't offer European football. Chances are we'll be used as a stepping stone to bigger and better things and to be honest; who can blame them?

  • Guest - Mihesh

    Benteke has surely been one of the finds of the season? How much did Villa pay for him again? He would easily be first choice striker for most premier league teams. I like the look of Weimann, also what's happened to Albrighton these days? He looked like a good prospect

  • Guest - Mihesh

    haha jcv, you know what I'm getting at. Am I right in thinking that most inner city people are Birmingham fans and people on the outskirts are Villa fans?

  • Guest - beamo

    Chanting 'Lerner Out' /'Faulkner Out' or whatever won't make a jot of difference. Randolph doesn't even bother to attend nowadays, so whats the point. I also wonder what the overall point of AVFC as an entity is, we don't aim to compete, we don't have any ambition, we have no leadership or direction, the chairman is silent and so on.
    Look at it this way, fans are leaving, attendances are dropping, young fans are not being attracted, any decent players wants out, sponsors are leaving. It is like everyone is deserting the sinking ship. The club is dying infront of our eyes yet still NO communication from the board.

  • Guest - Villain1

    Here's another LIE from Lerner, the two faced twat, a direct quote from him when his reign of terror began:
    "There have been plenty of custodians of Aston Villa since 1874 and if I can’t make it work, I will do what the others did, move on and let someone else try".
    Well all I can say is we are waiting Randy. Time for you to **** off, remove your tattoo and never, ever associate yourself with this club ever again. Oh and take the your bumbling oaf of a CEO with you.

  • Guest - Villain1

    jcv- really hope you are right. Would feel like winning a trophy is Lerner sold up, Browns fans were jubilant when he left.
    We can all accept defeats and bad seasons, but having ZERO strategy, ZERO ambition, ZERO communication is simply unacceptable. It would be best for all parties if by 2014 Lerner cut all ties with our once proud club.

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    I'll put all I can afford towards that ! as I have a true deep love for that club and it saddens me deeply to see/hear what's happening to it !!! night all :(:(:(

  • Serious question from me.

    Villa are winning 2 -1 against whoever we are playing with 10 - 15 minutes to go from now on.

    Would anyone think about putting Benteke into Central Midfield for the final 10 - 15 minutes?

  • Guest - Ftkv

    Getting late finished my JD after watching 1st episode of stagate Atlantans so out with the stars
    What we need is our cat a stars to come out
    The prince need to talk to Tom hanks and the guy with the fiddle his mate becks to get some a listers to buy out randy to get us back in the prem


  • Guest - Ftkv

    Jcv I think he had robin at Cambridge and fatty used to give him a bj in the back

  • Jonnah

    Dunno about that, I don't know if he has the mentality to properly play back there. I know he can play creatively and hold up the ball very well which would help but then we still take the edge off of our attacks and open up the opposition a bit more.

    It's the same mistake as bringing another defender on, packing the defence isn't always the best option, didn't Lambert do that once this season already?

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    I can see your point but I think the defense just need to stop thinking they're going to let a late one in ! believe in themselves and get bloody organized !
    just my opinion but our defenders shouldn't need our best strikers to see a game out .

  • The players never look to be playing for the manager to me. There seems no organisation from the bench and in those last few minutes of games where we are holding on they look like lost souls, they need guidance but do not appear to be getting any, no one seems to know their role, its truly shambolic, this has to be the responsibility of the manager and his staff.

  • bob

    I could see us going 3 - 0 up at Wigan and then it would be panic stations for the final half an hour...

  • It depends if Wigan are out of it, either safe or down by then.

  • bobvillian: as SAF once said: squeaky bum time.

  • bobvillian: one consolation or at least something to cling to, even when "full" there are only ever around 12000 at the DW we would surely make up more than half the crowd, and with our away support that would surely give us an advantage.

  • Wigan have Liverpool at home and Man City away in the next couple of games.
    They will be lucky to get a point.

  • We have Man City, Liverpool, Chelski (who may have a new manager even Jose by then if Madrid go out of the CL) and Man U to play, cant see where a point is coming from out of that lot, then QPR, Reading and Wigan all scrapping for their lives - do we have a scrap in us.? Plus, Stoke, Fulham, Sunderland and Norwich it sadly could be all over before we get to Wigan.

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