New Aston Villa contracts for Benteke and Lowton

Some had predicted he was gone. Some even said by Thursday. Not many said he'd be signing a new contract although looking at it now, that was the logical outcome if the club were always going to tell him he wasn't going anywhere.

And even though this is great news, we have to accept that if Benteke has another good season and unless we have a pretty amazing season and end up with European football, we will have to go through the same next summer and that next summer it will be tougher.

New contract, new terms

First, if he has another good season, there is more chance other clubs will be more determined and secondly, there is every possibility that there is a release clause in this new contract now.

But there might not be and if he is shown the love and he feels part of something, who knows, he might want to stay at Aston Villa. We might never know what really happens behind closed doors.

We do know that Matthew Lowton has signed a new contract though and that is more good news. When was the last time Aston Villa had all business down before pre-season and had all the players signed up on extensions so quickly. It's almost as if we've become a professional at what we're doing.

And that is all for today. It looks as if we are ready for next season now. We might see one more player come, but it could also be that what we have done is the business we are going to do, apart from those leaving.

And that will all happen between now and the end of August. Maybe someone should start an eBay page about a player that we don't actually want, it might help that player force a move.

Only words

I had a full and frank discussion with Christian on his return to training this week regarding his future. It is my opinion that the best thing for Christian is to remain at Aston Villa. He enjoyed a terrific first season at the club and can use that as a platform to hopefully enjoy more success this season. It's a huge bonus and I'm sure the supporters are every bit as delighted as me to have him on board and raring to go.

Paul Lambert after Benteke signs

I spoke with the manager when I returned to training and we had a good talk. I am very happy to be back here in Birmingham and at Aston Villa, and to sign a new contract. This is a great club and it has given me a lot. Now I have to give back to my team-mates and the fans who have always been right behind me.

Christian Benteke after signing £65,000 a week contract