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New contract for Curtis Davies in two more games or is he leaving in January?

According to Mirror Football, Curtis Davies is due a new contract after playing 60 games and because he has only played 58 and Martin O'Neill is waiting until he has played two more, he is considering leaving Aston Villa in January.

Now, this could just be paper talk and if it is, Martin O'Neill is only sticking to the letter of the contract but you can sort of see where Curtis and his agent are coming from, if they are asking now, as he would have played 60 games if it wasn't for him picking up an injury, in the line of duty.

Now, you know I'm a big fan of Curtis and if he gets a proper run in the team with a preferred central defensive partner I'm convinced he will become a regular for us for many years to come, so I hope this gets sorted. It would also have been nice if this didn't find its way into the public eye, but it has and well, it needs to get sorted.

We all know football players earn a fortune every year and an annual salary every week, in some instances every day, but we don't need to be reminded of how much players earn and how they are not happy and want more, not at the moment. In the same breath, it isn't just Curtis. Every player earns this and it is his time, so he's only doing what every one of us would do, in any line of work and if we were offered it, we would all take it.

Davies’ agent Phil Sproson
It is slightly disappointing given the circumstances of Curtis’ injury and the fact he played on when the club were low on numbers. We hoped it could be sorted sooner rather than having to wait for Curtis to play his allocation of games.

But it’s the club’s prerogative and we respect Martin’s decision. We’ll have to look at the situation in January when Curtis is available and plays two more games.

In fact, the more I think about this, I'm sure it is just Martin O'Neill doing it 'his way' and he has no intention of letting Curtis Davies leave. I mean, you don't pay that much for a player unless you see him in your plans and O'Neill is probably using the fact that he hasn't played the 60 games as another way of letting everyone know who the boss is and while I don't think he needs to do this, he might and we all have our little quirks.

I know some of you will be divided on this and Robbo will think it is me having a pop at O'Neill, but I suspect it is just bluster and that Davies will sign a new contract and he will be an Aston Villa player for many years to come.

That is about it for now. We have a special little something for you all to download later this morning that I think you might like and it comes at a very opportune time, but more on that just before lunch.