Paul Faulkner sacked by Aston Villa

News released this morning confirms that Paul Faulkner has been sacked at Aston Villa and that Robin Russell, will stand in as CEO until a new one is found.

Talk that something happened this summer in Brazil between Faulkner and an unnamed individual is just talk, he's sacked because he's incompetent.

This is the man that couldn't find a sponsor. This is the man that hired Alex McLeish. This is the man that couldn't sell Aston Villa. What this man could do was answer the telephone and nod his head.

I've long written that the need for a CEO with true leadership skills, a football acumen and somebody others will look to and not think 'twat', is needed. Now, unless the sale is about to happen, maybe we'll get that man and who knows, maybe Lerner will see that there is potential at Aston Villa.

Anyway, the company line is stepped down. But that's like when a manager gets the sack, it's mutual. Faulkner has been desperate to keep his job the last few weeks and while he begged for it when over in the US recently, the begging wasn't enough.

So, that's the news. We'll never find out what it was the pushed Lerner over the line, but hopefully we'll get someone in quickly and someone that has a little something about himself.