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The footballing Gods will now decide the fate of Aston Villa

Alex McLeish is an inept football manager. Can we all agree on this now? I told you this the day he was appointed and I've told you several times since, but can we now, all finally agree on this?

You see, our survival in the Premier League has well and truly been taken out of his hands. Sack him I say, because he has done nothing all season, actually his entire Premier League career, to suggest he can get us out of this mess and unless we make a change things could get very, very messy.

Our only hope now is that new manager syndrome plays a part or we get lucky. We had to win tonight and by not winning, it means every game is massive now.

Sorry, did I forget the result? We lost at home to Bolton. The final score was two-one to them and they scored two within two minutes of us scoring the first.

Tonight was massive

But tonight was massive and he failed. Are any of us really surprised though? Sure, I had pre-match optimism and I thought we'd win and I still, only because it is possible, think we will get five points from our remaining three games and yes I know that means we go three games without losing, but come on, I'm trying to be optimistic.

But it simply will not happen with this manager. With this manager, there is every possibility that the table will look exactly like the current form table does tonight, at the end of the season. Wolves, Aston Villa and Blackburn.

Man of the match

But I'm going to leave it now, because there is nothing I can say that I haven't said so many times this season. But I will ask that you vote for your man of the match. I've gone for Warnock, but I had by the end of the first half, his goal just confirmed it.

Excuses from this manager to come, but here is a stat for you; after about 70 minutes, Bolton had had twice as many shots on target than we had and when the final whistle went, the boos rang out around Villa Park like I've not heard before. It wasn't nice.

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