Aston Villa Opinion

Opinion pieces on all things Aston Villa. Not really news and more a running commentary on the club or anything remotely linked to the club.

Title Created Date
Video from the manager and about getting to Wembley 11 May 2018
There is something a little different about Jack 12 April 2018
Reading, what every Aston Villa fan wants and May 26th 03 April 2018
Missed much, next season and Hull 28 March 2018
It doesn't get much better than that, QPR and Brentford tomorrow 10 March 2018
It could get messy, Sunderland tomorrow and ten out of twelve 05 March 2018
Aston Villa in a great place right now, but the madness continues 25 February 2018
Steve Bruce must have skin as thick as a rhino 19 February 2018
Like beans on toast and it could have been so different 15 February 2018
Clowns at Villa Park, again 10 February 2018
One more beer please, here we go and it's this good 06 February 2018
Can it be six in a row, Lewis and Snodgrass 02 February 2018
Can Aston Villa make it five in a row against Sheffield United? 28 January 2018
The three points, as it stands, that one player and why 16 January 2018
It's a love, reality, virtual thing but more importantly, it's about three points at Forest 10 January 2018
FA Cup weekend, ignoring some and hoping for others 05 January 2018
Plenty of reasons to be optimistic and the Gabby connection 17 December 2017
Bruce after twenty and Millwall on Saturday 07 December 2017
A new trend, the chart and rolling the dice 28 November 2017
A lethargic Aston Villa beat a clueless Sunderland 22 November 2017
Davis signs, enjoying the moment and the chart 16 November 2017
QPR this week, round-up and video of the day 13 November 2017
Best or popular and Aston Villa round-up 09 November 2017
Aston Villa show purpose, Aston Villa beat Preston 02 November 2017
More than Kodjia, Fulham highlights and a trip to the circus 24 October 2017
It was and is how we bounce back, Fulham up next 16 October 2017
Proper football is back and looking for the bunny 11 October 2017
Pick the England team from League One and scrap these international breaks 04 October 2017
It's a good time for a break, sitting top of the table 02 October 2017
Aston Villa must now win FA Cup 20 September 2017
Video of the day, Boro again and question of the day 18 September 2017
Aston Villa win, no defeat in 6 and getting rinsed on social media 17 September 2017
The silent majority, walking in the rain, Twitter IQ test and Barnsley 15 September 2017
I want that one and that one. I don't like it, it's rubbish, I'm happy, no I'm not. What he said 11 September 2017
It's all on Bruce now and let's hope it doesn't come down to his grandchildren 01 September 2017
A point at Bristol, formation and Snodgrass 28 August 2017
Beating Norwich, no sign of Gabby and standout performances from Green, Davis and Hourihane 20 August 2017
We can't sack Steve Bruce, not now anyway 16 August 2017
Losing at Cardiff and a takeaway 13 August 2017
Name in the hat and all that Jack, or maybe Callum 10 August 2017
A look at the season, hopes and optimism, bet of the season and Hull at the weekend 01 August 2017
Baker leaves, AVTV Live announced and Graham Taylor match 29 July 2017
Optimism ahead of the new season 24 July 2017
Amavi doesn't leave, Sam signs, to be a social media lad and pre-season meltdown 17 July 2017
Common sense pill, hat off to Tony Xia on Amavi deal and odds for next season 08 July 2017
Unibet are new club sponsor and John Terry wont go away 01 July 2017
Owner on Twitter, John Terry and next season speculation 18 June 2017
Radio at bedtime, has anything happened and is Gabby still at Villa? 01 June 2017
With next season looming, is it time to gamble? 15 May 2017
This season and next, formation and surprises 11 May 2017