Aston Villa Opinion

Opinion pieces on all things Aston Villa. Not really news and more a running commentary on the club or anything remotely linked to the club.

Title Created Date
Aston Villa owner has officially embarrassed me today, I hope he deletes his account and treats his role with the respect it deserves 01 August 2016
It really is all about Di Matteo, some news, a comment and ticket prices for opposition supporters coming to Villa Park this season 30 July 2016
It's about the football and team spirit, but in terms of squad and players, Aston Villa are ready 26 July 2016
Big week for all connected to Aston Villa, is Micah Richards finally off and when does Gabby leave? 25 July 2016
Two weeks today, Tony Xia on Twitter and Carles Gil 23 July 2016
A stat, a new captain, some speculation and ticket prices 17 July 2016
Aaron Tshibola signs for Aston Villa, how many more? 11 July 2016
Has Gabby gone yet, a new keeper and some perspective 08 July 2016
Time to drop #FightLikeLions and signings soon? 01 July 2016
More fans to have fun with, what we know and what people are saying and finally England 22 June 2016
Right or wrong for Aston Villa, he's in and he's saying all the right things 16 June 2016
Lists to be created, the knowledgeable Aston Villa fans and takeover scepticism 06 June 2016
Di Matteo to create his Aston Villa legacy or Jack Grealish for captain. You decide which one is more plausible 02 June 2016
Aston Villa is the Jerry Springer show and some of our supporters are the guests 28 May 2016
Right now, it feels a little like Del Boy has bought Aston Villa 21 May 2016
So many questions, but one thing is for sure, there is some blind hope floating around 19 May 2016
Aston Villa at Arsenal: Will you be watching? 15 May 2016
If this offends, I'm not apologising and it's time for Aston Villa fans to embrace relegation and Randy Lerner 11 May 2016
Who exactly are the Aston Villa supporter representatives the Club refer to? 06 May 2016
Two things today, Stan Petrov and Nigel Pearson 28 April 2016
Dark times ahead for Aston Villa 20 April 2016
Aston Villa and David Moyes, not even a dark day and Mellberg wins first match 18 April 2016
Why it wont be Nigel Pearson, which is probably why it will be Nigel Pearson 14 April 2016
Not the Aston Villa Supporters Trust, it's relegation party and serious times 13 April 2016
New badge, relegation party, new coach and Gabby the Godfather 06 April 2016
Look forward to next season and why it wont be Steve Bruce 03 April 2016
Chelsea, Gabby, Richards, Stan Collymore enters the Aston Villa Glossary and a video worth a listen 02 April 2016
More from the new Krulak and why I think of Kodak and Blockbuster when I think of Aston Villa 29 March 2016
This is 2016, pay the man for the deal he was given and Paddy Riley going next week 27 March 2016
It's probably just me, but is all this talk of a football board worrying any other Aston Villa supporters? 26 March 2016
Is it just me, or does it feel as if we've wasted a week and that the club are getting desperate? 25 March 2016
No point in Steve Hollis wasting anymore time, but for the love of God not Nigel Pearson 21 March 2016
Garde on verge of the sack at Aston Villa and we're about to find out what type of Chairman Steve Hollis is 20 March 2016
It's all broken and changes have to come, I'm predicting when relegation is confirmed 14 March 2016
Protest at the right time, not against Everton, you'll make us look silly 23 February 2016
If the worst happens Aston Villa supporters, fans and customers must stand as one and humiliated by Liverpool 15 February 2016
Was Tom Fox overheard asking if that was three points after Aston Villa beat Norwich and will the new Chairman prove he's not a puppet anytime soon? 08 February 2016
Stand as one? Aston Villa fans have a part to play if relegation happens 03 February 2016
This is what it feels and West Ham tomorrow 01 February 2016
FA Cup weekend, no new news and the need to win two out of every three matches 29 January 2016
First eleven this weekend, the window is open and video of the day 21 January 2016
Wycombe an opportunity for Richards and the chart 19 January 2016
We've got Laurel and Hardy running Aston Villa 15 January 2016
Proud history, support or protest and Crystal Palace 12 January 2016
Traoré out for two months, talk about Grealish, how to get a player to sign and why the Championship will be fun 07 January 2016
Joey Barton: Tom Fox is a muppet 05 January 2016
A story from The West Wing and a protest idea, if you really must protest 03 January 2016
Tom Fox, you false narrative. Will Randy Lerner act? 29 December 2015
Aston Villa, oh Aston Villa: Why Tom Fox should resign and why we need to bite down 28 December 2015
Aston Villa entering a place where miracles need to happen and Under Armour speculation 27 December 2015