Aston Villa Opinion

Opinion pieces on all things Aston Villa. Not really news and more a running commentary on the club or anything remotely linked to the club.

Title Created Date
It's all broken and changes have to come, I'm predicting when relegation is confirmed 14 March 2016
Protest at the right time, not against Everton, you'll make us look silly 23 February 2016
If the worst happens Aston Villa supporters, fans and customers must stand as one and humiliated by Liverpool 15 February 2016
Was Tom Fox overheard asking if that was three points after Aston Villa beat Norwich and will the new Chairman prove he's not a puppet anytime soon? 08 February 2016
Stand as one? Aston Villa fans have a part to play if relegation happens 03 February 2016
This is what it feels and West Ham tomorrow 01 February 2016
FA Cup weekend, no new news and the need to win two out of every three matches 29 January 2016
First eleven this weekend, the window is open and video of the day 21 January 2016
Wycombe an opportunity for Richards and the chart 19 January 2016
We've got Laurel and Hardy running Aston Villa 15 January 2016
Proud history, support or protest and Crystal Palace 12 January 2016
Traoré out for two months, talk about Grealish, how to get a player to sign and why the Championship will be fun 07 January 2016
Joey Barton: Tom Fox is a muppet 05 January 2016
A story from The West Wing and a protest idea, if you really must protest 03 January 2016
Tom Fox, you false narrative. Will Randy Lerner act? 29 December 2015
Aston Villa, oh Aston Villa: Why Tom Fox should resign and why we need to bite down 28 December 2015
Aston Villa entering a place where miracles need to happen and Under Armour speculation 27 December 2015
West Ham and Norwich before the transfer window and a need for six points 24 December 2015
A look at Newcastle, Gabby off in January and the transfer window 18 December 2015
A sober post, what could be, what is and getting it done 14 December 2015
After fifteen games, after Southampton and question of the day 07 December 2015
Who's the boss, five wins from next five and Micah Richards 03 December 2015
I've got faith in Garde, the chart, December an important month and a great half of football for Aston Villa 29 November 2015
Aston Villa on target to stay up this season, Rémi just needs to change why we play the game 24 November 2015
Time for Aston Villa fans to brace themselves 22 November 2015
Proper football is back, it's Everton and competition winner 19 November 2015
Win the best football scarf ever and Amavi carried off 13 November 2015
A post, a Rémi, a Stan and a contract 04 November 2015
Randy Lerner on his jet plane and Aston Villa need to win eight and draw eight to stay up 31 October 2015
The Godfather of football, Southampton defeat and new manager search coming to an end soon 29 October 2015
Why it has to be David Moyes for Aston Villa 27 October 2015
Time for Lerner to act because Sherwood and Fox aren't. And Collymore, again 25 October 2015
What did Robbie Savage say and Swansea tomorrow 23 October 2015
Look at this any way you want but Stan Collymore has caused a stir today 20 October 2015
Do you want a sandwich, I'll make one for you: We've got accidents at Aston Villa 17 October 2015
It's a weighted reaction, a look to Chelsea and Gardner is up for it 15 October 2015
When will Aston Villa CEO Tom Fox make the inevitable decision 11 October 2015
It's Non-League Day tomorrow. Go watch football as it should be at Paget Rangers 09 October 2015
Is it time to call it a day on Tim Sherwood? 05 October 2015
Saturday again, Sherwood, Jack, Traoré and a look at Stoke 02 October 2015
It's not about time for Tim Sherwood, it's about points and Sherwood needs to win two of the next three just to match last season 27 September 2015
Liverpool at the weekend, what is world class and have Aston Villa ever had one? 24 September 2015
Big game today Tim, local pride and bragging rights and all that 22 September 2015
Massive few days for Tim Sherwood coming up and he needs his Traoré 17 September 2015
Tactics Tim needs time to learn and some excuses can be discarded now 14 September 2015
Football betting, a little look at Leicester and hitting it early 12 September 2015
The Birmingham City Foundation, Lescott, Grealish and 2.6% a game 08 September 2015
It's sadly not just another day, but I wish it was 01 September 2015
Putting hope in two 19 year old players, missed some luck yesterday and better than last season 30 August 2015
A rumour, some delusion and a League Cup match 25 August 2015