Aston Villa Opinion

Opinion pieces on all things Aston Villa. Not really news and more a running commentary on the club or anything remotely linked to the club.

Title Created Date
It's Non-League Day tomorrow. Go watch football as it should be at Paget Rangers 09 October 2015
Is it time to call it a day on Tim Sherwood? 05 October 2015
Saturday again, Sherwood, Jack, Traoré and a look at Stoke 02 October 2015
It's not about time for Tim Sherwood, it's about points and Sherwood needs to win two of the next three just to match last season 27 September 2015
Liverpool at the weekend, what is world class and have Aston Villa ever had one? 24 September 2015
Big game today Tim, local pride and bragging rights and all that 22 September 2015
Massive few days for Tim Sherwood coming up and he needs his Traoré 17 September 2015
Tactics Tim needs time to learn and some excuses can be discarded now 14 September 2015
Football betting, a little look at Leicester and hitting it early 12 September 2015
The Birmingham City Foundation, Lescott, Grealish and 2.6% a game 08 September 2015
It's sadly not just another day, but I wish it was 01 September 2015
Putting hope in two 19 year old players, missed some luck yesterday and better than last season 30 August 2015
A rumour, some delusion and a League Cup match 25 August 2015
Three from three isn't bad, excuses and blame and it's your team now Tim 24 August 2015
Is it possible to feel joy after defeat? 17 August 2015
Manchester United, the League Cup and Westwood 14 August 2015
Robbie Savage making friends, business isn't done and Manchester United under the lights 11 August 2015
Tim Sherwood: The man that can define all that is Aston Villa this season 06 August 2015
Some Wednesday fun: Pick your Aston Villa XI 05 August 2015
Jack the lad, Adebayor and player from Barcelona 04 August 2015
A big week, a reason for optimism, takeover talk and new players 03 August 2015
A lot can happen in a few days: Premier League season kicks off next week 31 July 2015
New players, big big changes and time for Sherwood and Fox 27 July 2015
Clark going nowhere, the actions of Jordan Ayew and injuries to Gardner and Gil 25 July 2015
Testing times for Sherwood as Sky Sports break some news 24 July 2015
All on the table: I need your help and I have a confession to make 17 July 2015
Why Benteke should stay at Aston Villa and why a move to Liverpool just doesn't make sense 14 July 2015
New kit, looks just like every other kit and a Tom Fox meeting 08 July 2015
Back to work, first match next week and so many girls 06 July 2015
Transfer window meltdown, someone called Idrissa Gueye and Fabian Delph 03 July 2015
The week where it could all happen: Delph, Benteke and Wilkins 29 June 2015
Jack, quite literally the lad, Richards and speculation 15 June 2015
Can Gabby prove to be the main man next season and a little on Vlaar, Cleverley and Weimann 07 June 2015
Benteke looks off, silly season well and truly open and a challenge for Tim 02 June 2015
Flat end to season for Aston Villa, change is coming and ten important games 01 June 2015
Just over 48 hours, pubs and video of the day 28 May 2015
Fabulous Delph and a convincing three points against Everton 03 May 2015
Wednesday, Benteke, speculation and educated guesses 29 April 2015
Long time coming, the British media and the FA Cup 24 April 2015
A song, a big week and some speculation 15 April 2015
Aston Villa at Spurs and the Tim Sherwood show 10 April 2015
Fantastic match but bottom three looms for Aston Villa 08 April 2015
A little like Lambert, the definition of a six pointer but it's the games to come that really matter 06 April 2015
An Aston Villa sale and Manchester United and QPR coming up 01 April 2015
Want to write about Aston Villa, the summer to come and officially nearly 10 years old 25 March 2015
Nothing about the weekend, it's all about Sherwood 09 March 2015
What to write about yesterday? Aston Villa lose again 01 March 2015
She ain't singing yet and five wins will do it 23 February 2015
Kozak back, new coach and Stoke tomorrow 20 February 2015
Video: Sherwood speaks, optimism grows and it all starts now for the new Aston Villa 16 February 2015