Aston Villa Opinion

Opinion pieces on all things Aston Villa. Not really news and more a running commentary on the club or anything remotely linked to the club.

Title Created Date
Wednesday, Benteke, speculation and educated guesses 29 April 2015
Long time coming, the British media and the FA Cup 24 April 2015
A song, a big week and some speculation 15 April 2015
Aston Villa at Spurs and the Tim Sherwood show 10 April 2015
Fantastic match but bottom three looms for Aston Villa 08 April 2015
A little like Lambert, the definition of a six pointer but it's the games to come that really matter 06 April 2015
An Aston Villa sale and Manchester United and QPR coming up 01 April 2015
Want to write about Aston Villa, the summer to come and officially nearly 10 years old 25 March 2015
Nothing about the weekend, it's all about Sherwood 09 March 2015
What to write about yesterday? Aston Villa lose again 01 March 2015
She ain't singing yet and five wins will do it 23 February 2015
Kozak back, new coach and Stoke tomorrow 20 February 2015
Video: Sherwood speaks, optimism grows and it all starts now for the new Aston Villa 16 February 2015
There is no manager transfer window and why it won't be Lance Corporal Sherwood 14 February 2015
I'm not hoping for a surprise, I'm hoping to be impressed by who Aston Villa bring in next 13 February 2015
There are options for Aston Villa, but will they pony up for the right one? 12 February 2015
It's going to be a nail biting end to the season, but it's one that Paul Lambert has to see out 04 February 2015
Careful now, your opinion counts for nothing: Arsenal 5 Aston Villa 0 01 February 2015
Sinclair, other information we don't see, Delph and Gil 30 January 2015
Worry seems to be the word, Bournemouth at the weekend and wanting to be good at what you do 22 January 2015
Don't sack Lambert and officially the worst side in the Premier League 19 January 2015
Gil signs, we want our Villa back and looking at Southampton 14 January 2015
It doesn't take four seasons, Delph, you don't know what you're doing and sadly having to wait 11 January 2015
The last time we won, a lot written, taking the game back and it's Friday 09 January 2015
A Christmas post, a look at Swansea and January next week 25 December 2014
Supporter or customer and a fantastic three points 04 December 2014
Win something, it's football first at Southampton and little to write about 20 November 2014
I'm Foxed if I know, but something has to happen at Aston Villa 10 November 2014
Lambert safe in the job for the moment, but stand naming still an option 06 November 2014
A certain inevitability about losing to Spurs and the growing disillusionment of Aston Villa supporters 03 November 2014
Lambert talking in riddles, like a man that knows his fate and logic trumps results 01 November 2014
Baffling Aston Villa, are there three worse sides and getting my feet wet 20 October 2014
We're in the middle of October with two massive games coming up and for me, Lambert needs six points 15 October 2014
Not the 39th game, if there is any truth in the Vlaar story, something on Liverpool and Delph and finally Senderos 12 October 2014
Optimism and better football, more chances and the end of October 05 October 2014
Aston Villa sale price slashed to £25 million, the sense of a rumour and some positive spin 29 September 2014
Not so much a poetic view, but an Aston Villa view on the next four games 23 September 2014
Arsenal on Saturday, a football high and some player news 17 September 2014
Randy Lerner, Jack Grealish, Gabby, Tom Fox and Cleverley 11 September 2014
Just one more England game to go, then back to proper football 07 September 2014
Potential and opportunity, Brigada 1874 and Newcastle 24 August 2014
Has Randy Lerner had a change of heart after appointing Tom Fox as new CEO? 21 August 2014
Two chances down, third one coming for Paul Lambert at Aston Villa 12 August 2014
Aly Cissokho, Parma and a rumour 09 August 2014
Season preview: The squad is ready, time to focus on football and trying to win games 28 July 2014
Not news and a video, Twitter, Joe Cole and loan deals 26 July 2014
Brian Little, Randy Lerner, Lee Hendrie and Ian Taylor, 22 July 2014
Fluff, Vlaar and Delph, three times a day and hopefully business done 19 July 2014
The football, Ron Vlaar and an important few days for Randy Lerner 10 July 2014
Keane to be appointed, Gary Gardner to take his chance and stories of money 01 July 2014