Aston Villa Opinion

Opinion pieces on all things Aston Villa. Not really news and more a running commentary on the club or anything remotely linked to the club.

Title Created Date
If Aston Villa win, it's another season in the Premier League, an emotional video and speculation 02 May 2014
Hull battle, the Holte End and a possible unfortunate accident 30 April 2014
Robbie Savage was nearly right and is football now just about entertainment? 28 April 2014
Fun football banter day: Aston Villa can secure Premier League survival this weekend 25 April 2014
Defeat to Palace, the culture of Aston Villa and lets not throw away two years 14 April 2014
Paul Lambert should be given a little more time, but Aston Villa need a new CEO 08 April 2014
When I was young, I had a dream: You are football and I'm Dag the Wise 31 March 2014
Defending the defenders: Fault should sit with the style of football Aston Villa play 26 March 2014
A happy day today, Aston Villa tomorrow and betting madness 22 March 2014
Mostly about players leaving this summer and a bold prediction 08 March 2014
I'm Paul Lambert, I'm supporting Arsenal and Chelsea and we don't have Doug Ellis 01 March 2014
Defeat to Newcastle, Norwich up next and song of the day 24 February 2014
Football, points, noise and Newcastle 22 February 2014
Golden opportunity: There isn't a better time to face Newcastle 18 February 2014
An idea to raise funds: Sell shares in Aston Villa 06 February 2014
Game of the day, actions speak louder than words, but words sell tickets and create optimism 05 February 2014
Randy Lerner would love to sell Aston Villa, it's just that nobody is willing to pay what he wants 03 February 2014
Some statistics, some perspective and some Everton tomorrow 31 January 2014
Hoolahan, Collymore, speculation and a new playground 26 January 2014
Suarez dived, don't let anyone tell you different and can we play at Anfield every week? 20 January 2014
January speculation, in for Nursey, football first and Wes Hoolahan 09 January 2014
Lambert, Lerner and Faulkner. Most importantly, the football has to change 06 January 2014
Five more games to the FA Cup Final, excuses and hiding and Libor Kozák 03 January 2014
Sacking at Spurs, polls and support for Paul Lambert 16 December 2013
Mistakes in the summer, same mistakes this season and progress and progress 10 December 2013
The circle of happiness: Are Aston Villa due another green tonight? 04 December 2013
We should have won, Southampton and Fulham next week and Benteke and Albrighton 01 December 2013
Randy Lerner and Doug Ellis, like peas in a pod 21 November 2013
Spankulation, award winning Aston Villa and West Brom 19 November 2013
Sweating on and super Marc Albrighton, I fear this is goodbye 30 October 2013
Aston Villa lose to Everton 26 October 2013
Tough games to come for Aston Villa and some statistics 21 October 2013
Best supporters, we're football, emails and letters and Brad Guzan 10 October 2013
Remember what Paul Faulkner did and Newcastle at the weekend 10 September 2013
Lewis PR, all about the clicks, Newcastle up next and smelling of roses 06 September 2013
Supporting Aston Villa, the way Aston Villa want you to, not the Brigada 1874 way 01 September 2013
Liverpool did their homework and one more player needed for Aston Villa 26 August 2013
Arsenal 1 Aston Villa 3: Chelsea up next 19 August 2013
Are you going to step on? Aston Villa season preview 11 August 2013
Business done and it feels good to be an Aston Villa fan at the moment 23 July 2013
Time to show the love: Well, it's Thursday, where is Christian Benteke? 18 July 2013
New contracts, what constitutes news and Germany 16 July 2013
I want to write about Gary Gardner, but I've imploded and it's all gone Benteke 12 July 2013
Benteke asks, doesn't mean he's going to get 09 July 2013
Hoping Aston Villa don't throw out the baby with the bathwater 30 June 2013
A new keeper and the ongoing saga that is Christian Benteke 27 June 2013
A long quiet summer, some monthly statistics and players leaving 28 May 2013
Cheeky pint, Benteke quotes, a broke Dunne and a trip to Germany 23 May 2013
Let the speculation begin: The transfer window is open and the season is over 20 May 2013
Guzan is my player of the season, Benteke knows and tip of the hat 15 May 2013