Aston Villa Opinion

Opinion pieces on all things Aston Villa. Not really news and more a running commentary on the club or anything remotely linked to the club.

Title Created Date
The next Zlatan, video of the day and international football 14 November 2012
Darren Bent, Martin O'Neill, joking aside and up next 05 November 2012
There are problems at Aston Villa and Randy can fix them but they're deeper than many think 23 October 2012
I don't like football, oh no, I love it, but right now I'll take a result and long ball 16 October 2012
Aston Villa: The transitional club 11 October 2012
An off day for Aston Villa to be brushed under the carpet 23 September 2012
A rosy garden, a useless break and Swansea 06 September 2012
A simple post: The Fonz and Brad Guzan 04 September 2012
Season prediction: Forget about transition 10 August 2012
Sell to buy is making it difficult for Lambert but Gabby is happy 24 July 2012
Burton Albion, video of the day and trouble soon 14 July 2012
Aston Villa American tour, no real news and no rumours 11 July 2012
England, Roy, an offer and Aston Villa 12 June 2012
Not a season prediction, Lambert's Lions and stupid stupid analysis 08 June 2012
Hope or optimism for next season, what is Paul Lambert football and an interview soon 05 June 2012
Making a mess of it or a new dawn? The manager search, hopefully, continues 30 May 2012
Two cows on top of a hill, one called Paul, one called Randy 25 May 2012
Will it be Solskjaer, will it be someone else, we have to wait to see 21 May 2012
Transfer window open, no manager and silly season starts 17 May 2012
Birds flying high you know how I feel: Time for a bite 15 May 2012
And now, the end is here, and so I face the final countdown: Alex McLeish 12 May 2012
Glass offices, brothers and wives, Alex McLeish and professional courtesy 10 May 2012
Season nearly over, dead man talking and summer speculation 08 May 2012
McLeish is going nowhere, for now and the run in 30 April 2012
I could be in trouble for this and McLeish is gone at the end of the season 29 April 2012
I told you so and I'm telling you again: The inmates are running the asylum 19 April 2012
Liverpool and the run in: Europe here we come Mr Faulkner 05 April 2012
Local press muppets, Brett mate Holman and a chuckle at something you might not chuckle at 14 March 2012
It isn't all bad and local ingredients come good 12 March 2012
The new Doug Ellis, Fulham and a little bit of happiness 08 March 2012
Lerner and Aston Villa paying the price for a second rate appointment 24 February 2012
A Saudi Prince and an optimistic outlook 20 February 2012
Can Aston Villa fans unite? 17 February 2012
This is about pride. This is about football. This is about Aston Villa Football Club 14 February 2012
Manchester City, Paul Faulkner and the prospect of an embarrassing protest 11 February 2012
We all want to change the world: Things that didn't happen and things that shouldn't 07 February 2012
A little look to Newcastle, the one in four theory and prediction time 03 February 2012
Gardner and Gabby and brick walls: I'm a reluctant Cardiff fan 26 January 2012
Alex McLeish needs time and Randy is great, just misunderstood 23 January 2012
The Secret Plan 2.0: Outlandish assumptions based on curated consumption 19 January 2012
Nine years ago, Swansea were bottom of the Football League, but who cares? 17 January 2012
Bristol Rovers in the FA Cup, Darren Bent and Robbie Keane 06 January 2012
Where has the bright future gone Randy Lerner? 04 January 2012
New year coming, a look at this year and a hope for next 30 December 2011
The dark times begin and it's as if Randy Lerner doesn't care 20 December 2011
Marc Albrighton, Liverpool on Sunday and living with hope 15 December 2011
She's like the wind, not me. Three points is just that 12 December 2011
You don't play that kind of football at a club like Aston Villa 04 December 2011
Nearly half way so time for a half rant and are you reading this Mr Faulkner 29 November 2011
McLeish has to go. Either Randy sacks him or he resigns. He isn't good enough 22 November 2011