Aston Villa Opinion

Opinion pieces on all things Aston Villa. Not really news and more a running commentary on the club or anything remotely linked to the club.

Title Created Date
Confirmation if Downing leaves and I'm not bitter 27 June 2011
More focus on youth, why we wont see much transfer activity and moving forward, quickly 22 June 2011
The Aston Villa of things and holding out hope 16 June 2011
Whoever the manager is, the manager is and another cheeky line 07 June 2011
Sunday banter, a slight change of opinion on a managerial candidate and the price of an Ashley 05 June 2011
New manager for Aston Villa coming very soon, not Mark Hughes 03 June 2011
Corrupt FIFA, the manager, Ashley and Brad: Could be an interesting week for Aston Villa 30 May 2011
Who is the odd one out: Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs or Gareth Barry 27 May 2011
Real improvement, speculation and silly season 24 May 2011
I'm keen, Facebook and Stewart Downing 11 May 2011
Time for priorities and players of the season 10 May 2011
Things that will happen, the transfer window and banging my head 04 May 2011
Another transitional season to come, the secret plan and Stoke 26 April 2011
Yabba Dabba Doo! The twelfth man 11 April 2011
Is there a twelfth man, I have my doubts, the scamp Nigel Reo-Coker and the smart Ashley Young 30 March 2011
The statement was made and the message relayed. Did you get it? 22 March 2011
Is there really a twelfth man at Villa Park and what have you got to lose in finding out? 09 March 2011
Facts don't lie, Sunday morning and papers 06 March 2011
Bolton tomorrow, Fabian Delph, Stephen Ireland and what stupid people say 04 March 2011
Team of our generation, Fulham matters and three points 04 February 2011
The Villa Blog project: The team of our generation 27 January 2011
What next in January for Aston Villa? 19 January 2011
Bent to be unveiled today and hopefully one more big signing 18 January 2011
Numbers, the last ten seasons, a backup plan and no silly graphs 13 January 2011
Form is temporary, class is permanent: Transfer window opens this weekend 29 December 2010
Three moments from 2010 that shaped the year for Aston Villa 21 December 2010
Prediction: Expect an early signing or two from Mr Houllier in January 16 December 2010
Houllier needs more time and January, Ashley Young, Barry Bannan and Heskey 09 December 2010
World Cup 2018 coming to England and a little perspective 02 December 2010
After watching Barcelona last night, I went to bed with a smile 30 November 2010
Do Aston Villa need a new striker, Arsenal tomorrow and happy with change 26 November 2010
January: An important month for Aston Villa 16 November 2010
Lerner and Faulkner meeting this week and time gentlemen please 02 November 2010
Burnley in the League Cup, some news and some speculation 26 October 2010
Robert Pires, the Asia Trophy and nearly nothing else 19 October 2010
Ashley Young and England and football in general 13 October 2010
Think positive: Young, Warnock, Heskey and Reo-Coker get a mention and a new planet 05 October 2010
A look at the League Cup, player news and some speculation 21 September 2010
It isn't that bad at Aston Villa and Kevin MacDonald did a fine job with the time he had 19 September 2010
Hopeful and optimistic times ahead but not positive for Collymore 09 September 2010
If Houllier is appointed, he will be supported but it has to be done the Aston Villa way 07 September 2010
Something for the ladies and Gérard Houllier 03 September 2010
Transfer window shut, Lerner has to invest or sell and four months of fun 01 September 2010
Sorry Luke and Bob and come on Kevin and Randy 23 August 2010
Waffle. Luckily I title the post after writing it. Waffle waffle waffle. Up the Villa 20 August 2010
Kevin MacDonald and James Milner: A cautionary tale and a hopeful one 17 August 2010
Manager, owner and supporters: All for Aston Villa 15 August 2010
Time for some football and time to remember 13 August 2010
Back to the real world: Aston Villa need to take time in appointing a new manager 10 August 2010
Season prediction: Reality check time 30 July 2010