Aston Villa Opinion

Opinion pieces on all things Aston Villa. Not really news and more a running commentary on the club or anything remotely linked to the club.

Title Created Date
Doug Ellis speaks and a question of faith 25 June 2009
Three players gone, loads to come in, honestly, it has to happen 24 June 2009
An optimistic look at next season for Aston Villa 22 June 2009
The summer of Ashley Young and will he be an Aston Villa player next season 20 June 2009
Martin O'Neill speaks and more speculation, Ashley Young and Sol Campbell 18 June 2009
John Carew, Craig Gardner, John Gregory talks and optimism for next season 15 June 2009
Harewood on his way and the numbers start to look a little worrying 12 June 2009
Does Curtis Davies really have any critics? 06 June 2009
A defining summer for Randy Lerner and possibly Ashley Young 05 June 2009
Martin O'Neill is no mug, he'll have his Gareth Barry replacement lined up and he'll move to a five man midfield 02 June 2009
Is it time for Aston Villa to take the next step and pile the club with a little more debt? 31 May 2009
Michael Owen, new Aston Villa forum, Gareth Barry and wee Gordon Strachan 26 May 2009
Long live Martin O´Neill and let´s look forward to next season 10 May 2009
James Milner, Stan the Man and a Swedish rumour 07 May 2009
The season is over for Aston Villa, time for the manager to concentrate on next season and the Europa LDV tournament 05 May 2009
Only Raul Albiol and James Milner today, but it is a good weekend for football fans 02 May 2009
Have your say: Should Celtic and Rangers be allowed to compete in the Premier League? 29 April 2009
When I was young I had a dream, to watch the greatest football team 28 April 2009
Randy Lerner has to give to Aston Villa a considerable sum of money and not a rumour to be found anywhere 21 April 2009
Actions, words, louder, Tony Morley and fighting talk from Marouane Fellaini 08 April 2009
Aston Villa can take fourth, only if Arsenal bottle it and I fancy they might 07 April 2009
Friedel should learn where the line is 06 April 2009
As an Aston Villa supporter, which club do you most dislike? 02 April 2009
Is Martin O'Neill conceding fourth place to Arsenal? 23 March 2009
Puntastic look at the rest of the season, forget about Manchester United and Liverpool 19 March 2009
On the beers, Brian Clough and a mini Liverpool preview 19 March 2009
Rumours in March include Mbark Boussofa and Kyle Naughton but we need more! 18 March 2009
If you were Gareth Barry, would you pick Arsenal or Liverpool? 16 March 2009
Make or break for Aston Villa against Tottenham Hotspur today 15 March 2009
Randy Lerner no longer a dollar billionaire. Will it have a knock on effect to Aston Villa? 12 March 2009