I was speaking to an old work colleague the other day and he asked if I was still blogging, I said I was but that it wasn't so often. He knew straight away why and you all know too. It's a horrible place where we find ourselves at the moment and it isn't new, we've been here before this season and we've flirted with it all season.

And I could go into why we are here, but that isn't worth it and there is no point right now. Let's just leave it at having an owner that simply doesn't care, despite what words we will get thrown at us and we've got a club, from the bottom up that have lost all belief.

Ultimately, when the people running and the person that owns the club don't care, it trickles down and that is why I'm not feeding you with daily posts about how this can be fixed, because you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know how it can be fixed.

But sometimes, you hear or read something that just makes sense, or doesn't and sometimes you have a moment of clarity. And if we're relegated, that is going to be a massive wake up call for some, because here is something else we've got to quickly get to grips with; if we go down, I don't think we're coming straight back up, in fact I'm fairly sure of it.


One of the things that I can't get my head around at the moment is what Arsenal fans must be thinking this week. News was published that they have cash reserves of £123.3m and they're currently sitting in a Europa League place.

They've sold their best player in the last two summer transfer windows and I know one supporter that predicted this happening if they didn't go out and bring in the right players and we can all see that they didn't bring in the right players.

A coupe of years ago I predicted Arsenal to win the league and I still think they can next season, but they are three players short and without Champions League football, we all know it will be much harder to get the players they need. Arsenal have so very nearly missed the boat and if they finish outside of the top four this season and Spurs keep hold of Bale and strengthen in the summer, they could become the next Liverpool.

And what I don't understand is how the Arsenal fans must be feeling, knowing they are paying the highest season ticket price in the Premier League but have little or no chance of winning the league. Why pay the highest price for a season ticket to not compete and for the money to sit in the bank?

Red Rafa

I know that has nothing to do with us but me writing about the rant Red Rafa had last night does, because right now we're in trouble and rather than bitch and moan or talk about protests, we need to be fully supportive of the team.

We've got 24 points and while I don't think we'll need 40 to stay up, I think it might be close and with eleven games to go, we really do need to win five of our remaining fixtures and as if by coincidence, I think of the six home games we have left to go, we can pick up most of those wins at Villa Park.

Red Rafa was talking about the need for Chelsea supporters to support the team or they could find themselves out of the Champions League and we need to support the team or find ourselves out of the Premier League and as I wrote above, if that happens, it could be some time before we come back.

Manchester City

I know this post isn't all Aston Villa, so I'm leaving it on Aston Villa and the match on Monday night and this one is winnable. Don't get me wrong, Manchester City are tough and odds have them as clear favourites to win, but they've lost the league this season and they are there for the taking.

But we also need Liverpool to win or at the very least take a point at Wigan because we need the incentive. If Wigan win on Saturday, our players go into this match knowing that even if they do win we're still in the bottom three and that isn't a great place to be.

We need the chance to get out of this bottom three, because that's what it all comes down to now; taking the chances that are in front of us and if we don't have them, I fear some of our players will think 'what's the point'.

If Wigan win, Monday is going to be very tough, but if we have the chance to leave the bottom three, I think we can. It all comes down to how other teams and that is depressing.

Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • Guest - expat007

    Wigan 1 down and I am off to the bar.
    Goodnight all.

  • Guest - Bobby 6 Killer

    still think QPR are gone
    them beating Southampton might have actually done us a favour.
    They are back in the mix now.

    Reading lose also helps and Wigan are losing at moment.

    Results are going in our favour

  • Downing scored - most he has ever done for us in 1 match.

  • Guest - Bobby 6 Killer

    Liverpool 2-0 up now.

    Wigan and Reading are catching up with our awful goal difference

  • Now its 3 as a good a Saturday we have had when we haven't played.

  • Guest - jonnah

    Wigan 0 - 3 Liverpool

    Wigan on -21 goal difference. We only have to beat Man City 5 - 0 and we will go above them of goal difference.

    Wigan are all over the shop!

  • If Liverpool score 6 we could move up a place without even playing.

  • Guest - Villain1

    Remarkably all the results are going for us this weekend (other than West Ham winning, which pulls them to safety). The defeat on Monday will leave us no worse off, heading into the 2 biggest games of the season so far against reading and qpr. Nothing less than 6 points, or else lamberk should hang his head in shame and be hounded out.

  • windofchange

    they are getting there:):):):)

  • Guest - Bobby 6 Killer

    Wigan 0 - 4 Liverpool

  • great result soton win keeps another team in the ****.6 points out the 2 gamnes is grewat!!

  • sorry a bit pissed lol.The results have been great today but thats only if we get the 6 points!!!

  • Wigan 0 - 4 Liverpool FT

    Wigan - 22 GD. Their negative goal difference is catching us up !

  • Guest - Bobby 6 Killer

    yep result wise its been a good day

  • Guest - ftkv

    if we were nut so ****
    if our owner had common sence or even a brain
    if we had strengthend our defence
    avoiding relegation wouldbe a doddle
    we have no ifs just buts and may be's

    just relegattion

  • Guest - Raffa

    Raffa IN!!!!!!!!!!!

    We Want Raffa...........!:)

  • Guest - Bobby 6 Killer

    seeing Wigan players almost ending up fighting each other on the pitch tonight on MOTD was encouraging!
    there was mention of some later tunnel bust up amongst their own players at end of game as well.

  • In my humble opinion all of these clubs are still in the SH1T

    13 Norwich 28 -18 32
    No movement 14 Sunderland 28 -7 30
    No movement 15 Newcastle 28 -11 30
    No movement 16 Southampton 28 -12 27
    No movement 17 Wigan 28 -22 24
    No movement 18 Aston Villa 27 -26 24
    No movement 19 Reading 28 -20 23
    No movement 20 QPR 28 -23 20

  • The question is can our recent improvements claw us up this table - many of my work colleagues and customers believe we will stay up and can see what we are trying to do on the pitch. Perhaps sometimes an unbiased view is called for

  • Blade

    It would not surprise me this season if the fourth from bottom teams stayed up on 36 points.
    I would agree with your assessment on who is still in the s h i t accept for Norwich, I think they can easily achieve another five or so points in their remaining 10 games.

  • I see a Middle eastern consortium have come in for Arsenal, they are prepared to pay way over the share value. It's us that need rescuing,not Arsenal.

  • Guest - samja

    Its seems a lot of people wrote off QPR too early, only 4 points from safety, with a pretty good run in as they have already played all the top 4 sides twice. Our games v QPR and Reading will decide our fate, a defeat in either will send us down for sure. 6 points from those 2 and we will somehow pull it off. Its crunch time, lambert has to deliver otherwise there can be no way back for him at AVFC.

  • What the Villa have going for them over the last couple of months I have noticed is that we've not been getting spanked as much in games.

    The last time we got spanked was Wigan at home end of December. We're now in March.

    You look to Wigan getting hammered 4 - 0 at home, Reading always seem to be getting 3 put past them the last few weeks. QPR ok they won yesterday but a couple of games back they got spanked 4 - 1 and lost to Man Utd last week.

    What I'm trying to say is that Villa seem to have stopped shipping lots of goals in games.
    Albeit the last 10 minutes yes which needs to be eradicated from their game, easier said than done I know.

    However, all teams around us seem to be conceeding more goals of late.
    Can only be a good thing right ?

  • Guest - samja

    jonnah- I think we'll be in for a thrashing tomorrow tbh, its been a while and with our porous defence we are due a heavy defeat. As for Wigan, they are typically insistent, one week they get battered, the next they pull out a surprising win. On the other hand, we seem to be consistently crap.
    Reading, I think will finish bottom. They've had their little run and have a tough run in, plus not enough goalscorers. QPR are the team to watch, if they beat us at VP, they will finish above us IMO. That game will be instrumental in our survival hopes.

  • Guest - samja

    *typically inconsistent (not insistent) I meant

  • Guest - expat007

    Good morning fellow fans,

    I was watching SKY’s Sunday Supplement and coming up to the commercial break they said that after they were to discuss Aston Villa versus Manchester City.

    So I rush off into the kitchen get my toast and coffee and back seated in from of TV to hear the discussion. It went something like this:

    ‘Welcome back, now Man City at Aston Villa………… That was the last time that The Villa was mentioned. It was all about Man C and Man U and they never even mentioned the game or let alone anything at all about us.

    This was a true indictment of where Aston Villa have fallen. It appears that we are now nonexistent as far as the media is concerned. As in The Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch, The Villa "is no more, has ceased to be, bereft of life and it rests in peace" or in my words 'past it, gone, mort and totally fu*ked'.

  • Guest - windofchange

    As we get closer to the day of reckoning and some of those around us start to wobble I think we may just pull off a great escape. I thought we may have been cut adrift by now the fact we are not gives me real hope.

  • Guest - expat007

    Glad to see some are still grasping at straws:

    In my humble opinion all of these clubs are still in the SH1T
    Please take GD into consideration in order to be safe, that is above the Villa:
    ---------------------13 Norwich 28 -18 32 (need 4 points from 10 games)
    No movement 14 Sunderland 28 -7 30 (need 6 points from 10 games)
    No movement 15 Newcastle 28 -11 30 (need 6 points from 10 games)

    As for the rest it too close to call.
    No movement 16 Southampton 28 -12 27 (need 9 points from 10 games)
    No movement 17 Wigan 28 -22 24 (need 12 points from 10 games)
    No movement 18 Aston Villa 27 -26 24 (need 13 points from 11 games)
    No movement 19 Reading 28 -20 23 (need 13 points from 10 games)
    No movement 20 QPR 28 -23 20 (need 16 points from 10 games)

    If Villa could get at least 1 point from the Man C game it could make all the difference come the day of reckoning.

  • expat

    A win against citeh and we can look at 6 teams above us, so I think instead of looking at it as a write off game I think we should look at it as an opportunity.

  • Guest - Mike

    Morning lads, new to this board but thought I'd give my opinion. Amazing what difference a week can make, this time last week I thought it would be a straight shoot out between us and wigan for 17th. I agree with samja, reading have had their spell of good results and will struggle to maintain that now. I think they'll definitely finish in the bottom 3; qpr are an interesting team. I like many others fell into the trap of dismissing their chances too soon (after they were well beaten by swansea a few weeks back) but yesterdays game has given them renewed hope. They've arguably got the most favourable run in out of the bottom 6 teams and in redknapp they've got a good motivational manager unlike lamberk for us. Southampton are far from safe; again I thought they would be ok after they beat man city. Wigan some how seem to thrive on the pressure a relegation battle brings so they've always got that in their favour and are typically inconsistent.

    Then there's us who always have the potential to score with our good attackers but are vulnerable with a young defence, sadly I doubt we'll get anything tomorrow. Can you really see us shutting out the likes of toure, silva, aguero, tevez etc? I've got a feeling this will go down to the final match, some drama at least I guess. I can't stand dead rubber games.


  • Guest - expat007

    Just looking at John Carew on Sky and his admiration of Aston Villa is amazing he talks about his club. I put my hands up as I loved ‘The Hulk’ IMO he was as good as any sticker that has been at the Villa for many years.

    He emphasized that it was essential for the Villa to stay up and that the team at the moment is just too young and experienced to cope. He can see it, the fans can see it, why the fu*k cant The Yank, The Fat Controller and Rab C not see the obvious?

    What did surprise me was that he thought that Martin O’Neill was a great manager and thinks he will do well at Sunderland. For a Black Norwegian he has a very good sense of humour:D:D:D

  • Guest - Petro19 utv

    Ex pat

    Was Carew a panini sticker?????:

  • Guest - Ftkv

    Lots of lazy reporting linking with John Carew but hang on
    He could do a job in our defence may not be fit to be up front but to have a big man for corners better than nothing

  • Guest - expat007


    A win against citeh and we can look at 6 teams above us, so I think instead of looking at it as a write off game I think we should look at it as an opportunity.
    Good on you Mate, there you are waving again, 3 points from the Man City game. You are the supreme optimist on here, God Blest for given us all hope

  • Guest - Ftkv

    Bit pathetic it is easy to say we will get three point just makes you sound like a good fan
    Stranger things happen at sea but come on
    It like the players saying they owe us after another inept performance
    The owner saying he is still interested
    Comedy genital pick any quote you like
    bright future

  • Guest - expat007

    Guest (Mike)

    A good solid well thought out piece. I for one believe it will come to a shoot out with Wigan on the last day of the season.

    As for ‘Arry Houdini’ and QPR they are back in the hunt. I prayed that we would go for Redknapp at Christmas and I will never understand why Villa did not grab that opportunity. If any one could have saved us it would have been him.

    Still we must to not accept relegation as a certainty until there is no longer the chance of the dreaded drop into oblivion.

  • Guest - Mike

    Cheers expat007, agree with your post. Lamberk is a bit too stubborn for my liking. always persists with youth over experience. i don't agree with the way he treated bent, warnock and hutton. I know warnock and hutton aren't world beaters but a bit of experience in our team wouldn't go a miss. I'll always believe while it's mathematically possible but at the same time we've got to be realistic about each game. We're not down and will have much better idea after the qpr game at vp.

  • Guest - expat007

    Guest (Mike)

    Stay on here for a day or two and you will meet up with my mate jcv and I am sure you two will really hit it off.
    There are also many like minded Villa fans posting on here, I like to think of them as realist, but of course with faith in The Villa.
    Unfortunately we have lost a number of the 'I have faith in Lambert' fraternity recently, which is a shame as no one blamed them for backing the wrong Donkey. As I say I been wrong in the pass, just look at my missus. :):):)

  • Guest - stevieh

    So Kroenke at Arsenal doesn't want to sell his major share to middle east buyer rated at one half billion send them our way we are a good investment for £1

  • 'Arry is and always will be the darling of the press, God knows why though.

  • Guest - Mike

    expat I'm looking forward to posting on here more in future and there will always be a range of different supporters with different views. I class myself as quietly optimistic but realistic at the same time. I wasn't overwhelmed when lambert got the job but I didn't think we'd be in the situation we now find ourselves in. I expected lower mid table to be perfectly honest, I can see what the manager has tried to implement this season. I'm all for giving young players a chance to shine but in the premier league it's a risk. It's an easing in process rather than throwing them in at the deep end so to speak which has been the story of our season. There is time to save our season but games are running out fast

  • Guest - expat007

    Harry is charismatic and he is a delight to interview. He has also been very successful at many Clubs and again is doing a good job at QPR. He took over when QPR were in an impossible position and should he keep then up it will be a miracle. No one has every kept a team in the Premiership that at Christmas was so far below the 17th in the league.

    Compare him with Rab C Lambert and you can then see why they prefer Harry! Lambert has everything that Rab C has except a sense of humour:):):)

  • Let me look into the future

    Well when I came to QPR I could see what was missing and although I didnt want to spend the owners money I needed to make a few signings give the lads direction and I knew with my experience I could do a job because thats how good I am.


    Well what did anyone expect, they were dead and buried before I came, the lads I bought in did really great but the others let us down. If I was allowed to bring in another half a dozen players we would have avoided relegation.


  • Guest - expat007


    who likes the sound of his own voice
    It also helps that Harry speaks English, OK with a touch of cockney, but he can be understood unlike Rab C Lambert.

  • expat

    I think you will find Arry does not speak english, he spouts b******s

  • Guest - expat007


    I take it you the dislike the scots
    I am of the opinion that there are only two good thing that come out of Scotland, Whiskey and the road to England:D:D


    He might ‘he spouts b******s’ but at least he’s got Balls.

  • Off subject.

    In the news today. Can't believe FIFA are on about postponing the 2022 Qatar World Cup to the winter because it will be too hot. Stupid idiots should have never decided to hold it their in the first place.

    Apart from there is only one city - Doha, all the rest of the populated areas in Qatar are towns of around 20,000.
    The winter will pose just as many problems as the heat....

    Sand Storms galor !! Wait till the players get a gob full of that !!

  • The Qatar decision was strange (or was it - money a big influence on modern game isn't it?)
    The russia decision was also a bit strange wasn't it (or was it.........).
    What gets me about the Russia thing is that there seems to be a lot of racism in Russia - aren't a lot of players leaving there citing the racism there as the reason? But a major tournament is being held there?

  • On subject,

    Speaking to my Man City mate that was at their previous game last week against Chelsea. He reckoned Man City played ok but has completely resigned himself to the fact that Man Utd have won the league and they can't catch them.
    He actually went onto to say that Villa have got a good chance of getting something from the game because the fans are dejected due to Man U being so far ahead.

    A glimer of hope for tomorrow night from a Man City fan accepting their title has all but gone.
    Will it transfer onto the pitch with their players .....

  • Guest - expat007


    Yes I saw that. The Headline only said that FIFA were thinking of changing to having the World Cup played in winter.
    When I saw that they were saying it was for Qutar World Cup my reaction was, do they not know they do not have a fu*king winter there its hot there all the time, Prats!!!!

  • As crap as we have been this season at least, as it stands now, our future is in our own hands. We can start by beating Man city tomorrow - and why shouldn't we?

  • Guest - expat007


    We can start by beating Man city tomorrow - and why shouldn't we?
    Well there no law against it, but don't bet your house on it!!!;);)

  • Expat

    No I wouldn't - but it's Man City, MAN CITY! Who are they anyway? Why shouldn't I expect Villa to beat Man City? Man City? Who are they?

  • Guest - Vital_Loans

    MAN CITY! Who are they anyway? Why shouldn't I expect Villa to beat Man City?

    Maybe because not only are they the current Champions but they are also the richest club in the world and have spent hundreads of millions assembling a really strong and tallented team. That's why we shouldn't but there is always hope that we might nick it. What a nice 3 points that would be :)

  • Come on? Don't bring facts, data and statistics in to this! Who are they really?

  • Pace :D:D

    I hope we don't take an early lead tomorrow. It's usually the death of us. I'd settle for a 0-0 or 1-0 to city at half time. Having seen a single match yet where we've properly turned up for the second half after going in ahead...

  • Pitbull

    I've also thought this - ideally we score the only goal on the 90th minute!

  • Expat007

    Comment #25505 Glad to see some are still grasping at straws:

    Glad to see you a true to form!

    The comment doesn't cast any opinion other than those teams are all included in the mix goal diff of no goal diff. I don't think that it is grasping at straws merely stating a fact, I do think you like the sound of your own opinion however.

    Equally I think it is a little unfair of your to castigate fans for supporting lambert its up to them, maybe they have chosen to go to another blog were people discuss rather than belittle.

    Please note I am pro Villa not pro Lambert and only want the best for my team - sadly I may not get that any time soon.

  • Guest - Rocco

    Just on newsnow aston villa and it said striker happy to sign new deal !!

    How excited was I till I saw that it was Gabby !!!!!!

  • Guest - Ftkv

    Anyone see mu old man
    Interesting facts
    Yesterday 125 yrs since we invented the league
    Tomorrow is our 800th prem game

  • Guest - expat007


    little unfair of your to castigate fans for supporting Lambert its up to them,
    I have no problem with any Villa fan supporting the manager, any manager of the Club even though now many of thousands and I do not feel that this one is fit for the job and should have been sacked at Christmas.

    The ones that I cannot come to terms with are those who obviously put their trust in Lambert over and above their loyalty to the Villa. Any so called Villa fan who puts forward the argument that the Club should retain the services of Lambert even allowing for him to relegate the Club in order to give him time to rebuild the team is unforgivable IMO. Relegation is and has always will be totally unacceptable.

    The so called ‘I have total faith in PL’ will do and say anything, try and find any excuse to support their star. To me this is idol worship. If they cannot see that this man has failed The Villa miserably and his record is abysmal. He has not the charisma and is just not up to managing a great Club and they will also say to plead their case by stating that Aston Villa FC is no longer a Great Club. As a Villa supporter to me this is Treasonable!

    Its only Aston Villa FC that matters and no one individual is greater than the Club and no one will ever convince me differently.

  • Expat007 - fair play on this we agree and I was not clutching at straws

  • expat

    even though now many of thousands and I do not feel that this one is fit for the job and should have been sacked at Christmas.

    It is just unfortunate then that the 30+ thousand that go to VP do not agree with you. Even PL himself has commented how he has been humbled by the support he has been given but as you cant understand him you would not have known that.:):):):):)

  • Guest - expat007


    30+ thousand that go to VP
    How many would be there be at Villa Park if they did not have invested in a season ticket and the thousands on away supporters? Even my seat is occupied nearly every match in the Trinity, but if we go down I will no longer be a season ticket holder at Villa Park since 1977 and that’s a fu*king long time! But that will not stop me supporting The Villa, but it will saving some money by not watching crap Championship football
    Even PL himself has commented how he has been humbled
    If he was an honorable man he would fall on his sword and not be taking his enormous salary for failure, he is just like the bankers, greedy!

  • Guest - paulb

    I cant see any other result than a defeat tomorrow night. Where can anyone gleam the optimism that we might avoid the inevitable. I cant even get optimistic of getting anything from the Reading and QPR games let alone Citeh. But this has been the trend all season so many think that this is suddenly going to come right, we will get a string of results and disappear to mid table safety. It simply aint going to happen. He has assembled a poor squad, poor buys little or no tactical plan, poor substitutions poor manager. We will get relegated, my main concern now is that we are heading the same way as Wolves.

  • Guest - expat007

    I have just looked it up and it looks like on average the number attending Villa Park for Premiership matches with Season Tickets (about 23,000) and with the away supporters is about 26,000. This is no an exact figure but it will only be a 1000 or so either side. It will be interesting how many of the 4,000+ buying for each home game will continue to do so if thing don’t turn around soon?
    I will try and keep a record of the home attendances to see the trend between playing Fulham and Sunderland at home and those attending to see Man C, Chelsea and Liverpool. I have always thought that some come to see the opposition as well as The Villa.
    In the long distant pass I used to have to travel to all parts of the UK and would pick out the top matches being played in the area I was stopping and go to see the best sides, always of course in the home sectors.

  • Guest - expat007

    Agree totally, the record does not lie and wishing does not help.
    BUT; Never give in until it is certain that the Villa are down, there is still a chance of Premiership football at Villa Park next season.

  • Guest - expat007

    God night all,
    I am looking forward to the Man C match, not holding out to much for a win, a draw would be nice!

  • Guest - paulb

    I am I think like you a seasoned campaigner. My first game was May 4 1963 v Forest lost 2-0 Dougan was CF.(50yrs this May) Claret and Blue blood handed down by my Grandad and Dad. I agree with your sentiment and of course I still harbour that hope that somehow we will get out of this mess. But with every game the chance gets smaller and smaller and without doubt I do not think we can survive without max points against Reading and QPR. We will still be here after Lerner and the like go, I just hope thats sooner rather than later. I will keep the faith !!!!

  • evening jcv,

    I said last week can anyone let me know where we are going to win 4 or 5 games from, as some seem to think thats going to happen and where do they think this upturn in form is going to come from, I got no answers.
    Like you say we have won 1 game since jan 15th, and, i hope i am wrong but, i dont have the confidence some have that we will win another 4 or 5 of our remaining games.
    The other thing is the QPR result did us no favours as we dont want them building up any momentum, and just before we play them.

  • jcv,

    I remember my first Villa game, we lost at home 6-2 to chelsea,so all these years later no change then.
    My first live game was the previous week where, i went down the tip and saw them beat Norwich 2-1,but couldn't stand the tin shack, especially when they start banging on the corrugated iron fencing, but after going down VP the following week i was hooked.
    I wasn't mr. popular as where i lived was predominately a noses area and i got into 1 or 2 arguments and although a few tried to change my mind they had no chance.

  • sorry,

    typing error i did mean to say dec 15th:):)
    whats your forecast for tom?

  • jcv,

    Ha Ha, i think you may be right.
    You're right you are a crap punter, more likely 5-1:):):)

  • goodnight jcv,

    Let's hope we are on here tomorrow night celebrating a win.:D

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    On a different topic, I went to see Reo Coker make his debut for my local "Vancouver Whitecaps" yesterday against Toronto, (1st game of MLS season), he was not quite match fit, came on at halftime and frankly changed the game with a good performance in midfield, he held the ball well making sure we kept possession and spread the ball about well, contributing to the winning goal, named motm.
    Last time i saw him play was at VP, strange seeing him over here and seeing him make a good impact, good luck to him hope he continues to play well for the Whitecaps. With NRC and Kenny Miller up front they should make the playoffs again this year. MLS over here is getting better all the time, watch out for a talented midfielder named Gershan Koffi , I am sure he will be playing in europe sooner or later.
    Fatty if your reading this 300 pounds a match to scout ? :):):)

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    Not posted for a while the blog is a little depressing lately, two things to remember lads ...
    1/ We are not down yet !
    2/ Whatever your opinion on manager, owner etc., right now it's time to get behind the team !

    I know it's coming from my heart & not my head, but i fancy us to shock Man C. tomorrow, we have the strike force & are due some luck after the dreadful ref decisions at the ethiad. You never know UTV !

  • In the Mirror this morning.

    "Aston Villa 'bad boy' Charles N'Zogbia matures under Paul Lambert"

    Villa boss welcomes news that £9.5million striker is finally all about business

    'He is best known for his bad-boy reputation – but Aston Villa’s Charles N’Zogbia claims he has finally grown up.

    The £9.5million forward is producing the best form of his Villa career – and it could not have come at a better time as they battle the drop.

    He was the hero with a stunning free-kick winner against West Ham last time out at Villa Park, and Paul Lambert will hope for more magic against Manchester City tonight (Monday).

    As a teenager at Newcastle, Bobby Robson claimed N’Zogbia was as gifted as anyone he had ever seen at that age, but ever since his form has been frustratingly fitful.

    But after failing to see eye-to-eye with Alex McLeish, Lambert is getting the best out of the enigmatic 26-year-old.

    N’Zogbia said: “For me, you can have a gift but if you don’t work on it you can do nothing with it.

    “I am working hard in training every day to try to develop what I am and what I believe in.

    “You have to stay focused and not worry about what people say or think.

    He added: “You have to help the younger players too. When I was young I used to listen to players like Alan Shearer at Newcastle. You have to as they know their football.”

  • Come on "Charlie my boy !!"

    It's Charles Charlie Charles one half of the famous Charles brothers !!

    One of those free kicks you scored the other week will do for me this evening Charlie boy !!!


  • If the Villa that played the first half of the Man U game turns up we can win. City can be got at in a way Man U cant so if we get straight at them from the off then I think we can pull this off.

  • Hope springs eternal.
    Hope it's worth the journey tonight. UTV.

  • Guest - belcs

    Lets not delude ourselves, one of 2 things will happen in tonights game:
    1) We will be thrashed
    2) We will surprisingly take the lead, then sit back and watch City walk all over us.
    The end result is the same- 100% nailed on defeat.
    There is no way that the diabolical defence that lam-berk has assembled will keep out City's attack, it can't even deal with league two players FFS. Another step closer to a humiliating relegation, and more mumbling from lam-berk after the game. Relegation looks like a certainty.

  • If I was PL I'd set the team up for all out attack and try and surprise Mercenary City in the first twenty minutes, it's probably the best way to try and get a win or even a draw. Let's face it if we sit back we'll get rogered left right and centre and if we do manage to get something from this game Villa are out of the bottom three.

    We beat them earlier in the season so it's not an impossibility but tonight's game is very important for both teams, let's hope it goes Villa's way and that mullet head Mercenary City fan is back on here again tomorrow whinging about the highlight of Villa's season.

  • For instance and arguements sake, if Villa are winning 2- 0 with 10 minutes to go this evening, I'd shift Benteke into central defence, take off a midfielder, swap him for Bent and bring Gabby or Weimann into a more central midfield role.

    Anyone remember how Bent chased the ball down in our previous home game, resulting in us scoring two goals.......

    Hey, all hands to the pump when needed, don't care where they play.
    Remember super Dion Dublin in the air he went into defence when called upon ! ;)

  • away win tonight.Nothing to see here move along.

  • Tonight is all about the team on the park, forget Lambert and Lerner thats for any inquest, so come on lads lets get this job done - I would take a draw tonight.

  • to be far I would settle for a one nil win from a scuffed 95th minute shot that deflects of five players hits the post and goes in of the ref at this stage - but I just can't see it happening :-)

  • Guest - vogra

    Cant see anything past an easy win tonight for Man City, Tevez and Augero will rip our centre backs apart.

  • Guest - salty

    John Salter: 'If I was PL I'd set the team up for all out attack and try and surprise Mercenary City in the first twenty minutes, it's probably the best way to try and get a win or even a draw. Let's face it if we sit back we'll get rogered left right and centre '

    Got to agree with you John; if we are going to get anything out of this game we have to score and give City something to chase. We don't have the quality to sit deep for 90 minutes [+6, doubtless], but we can raid, we have some firepower and we must utilise it. I rather think that the critical issue will be the midfield holding together for more than a half, and that is where we could get overrun leaving the back exposed - as has happened so often this year.

  • Surprise surprise.. I see "kamikazee engine room pilot Fabian Delph" is only one booking away from a 2 game ban.

  • Guest - J

    Again I am probably the voice of pessimism here. But, I probably speak for most of us when I say that there is probably no way we will win tonight. A draw would be amazing, but again I have my doubts that it will happen.
    Luckily the results this weekend mean that we kind of play a free hand here, as there is no pressure to recover points on Wigan or Southampton or Reading. I think we might as well put our minds forward to the QPR/Reading fixtures in the next two weeks, because it is in those two games where the future of our season and our club will be decided. Win them both and we actually have a chance of survival, fail to beat them (or even worse lose!) and then it will, in my opinion, take a miracle.

  • Vlaar is struggling with the calf injury and might not make it. Sh*t !

    Bent has been ruled out with a foot injury, it's ok we have Bowery !!

    Shay Given is back on the bench lads "we're saved..... ";);)

  • Citeh are not as consistent as they once where, I think Kompany is unfit and Hart has recently been prone to the odd ricket, I realise they can punish you at the other end but if we can hold them for the first half and then get the 1st goal in the 2nd I think we give ourselves a fighting chance of at least a point. What we must not do is sit back and let them pick us off that would be suicide.

  • Guest - J

    I think they just have too much quality for our "defence" to deal with. What I am hoping for is that we do not get stuffed. Another hideous battering and our confidence could nose-dive ahead of arguably the two most important fixtures in our club's recent history.
    I agree sitting back would be suicide, but we know that they are also good on the break. Against a "defence" like ours that would be even worse. I think just trying to keep the ball in their half but not committing too many forward could be the best option.

  • We have to bring an element of surprise to the game - why not play with 2 out and out wingers instead of going narrow all the time in midfield, get round the back of them, we have the pace and the players, it would make a welcome change.

  • Guest - J

    Would go with one up front in Benteke and Drop N'zogbia behind him into attacking midfield. Play Weimann and Gabby as the two out and out wingers with Westwood and Delph holding infront of the defence. Packing the midfield is necessary, due to Citeh's quality there and because we don't want either front man dropping off and getting space.
    Obviously at the back not playing Bennett is absolutely essential. Apart from that, move Baker to left back and keep the same in Vlaar, Clark and Lowton in front of Guzan. If Vlaar is out then move Baker back into the middle and stick Stevens at left back. Anything but Bennett.

  • (J) Weimann just behind Benteke and N'Zogbia in a natural wide position would be my choice.

  • Guest - J

    (wind) N'zogbia has been doing well in a free role, but I can see your thinking, would probably work either way.

  • Guest - Vital_Loans

    Absolutely, I would love to see us keep Weimann this summer and for him to sign a contract. Benteke, Weimann and Gabby will do me. I want to see us sell Bent for a decent amount of cash (10 to 12m) and buy another 'unknown' striker for 5 to 7m and maybe spend 4m on Lescott :)

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