I don't want to spend too much time on last night, but I'm not going to ignore it either. The one thing that I really don't get, still, is this madness of playing three central defenders. This isn't pre-war Aston Villa and three central defenders doesn't work today.

Every season Wigan struggle and they play three centre backs every now and then. Manchester City started the season playing three centre backs and very quickly changed. We have some young players with little experience and we shouldn't be playing three centre backs. It's as simple as that.

The best teams in Europe don't play three centre backs. Does anyone truly think Paul Lambert knows something they don't? But I'm convinced he will learn.

Absolutely gutted

And when I wrote my post yesterday about having fifteen cup finals, I didn't realise I had to write the basics and that a match is two halves and not just one.

And after that result last night I'm absolutely gutted. Actually, gutted doesn't do the feeling justice. And I know it's just a game and I know nobody at the club cares about us as supporters and for the most part they look down on us, so I know I shouldn't care that much, but I do.

It might not be so bad

But I'm not going to think about relegation and I don't accept it as something that is going to happen right now. I also like to think that Lambert will finally, after the second half performance last night, ditch the three centre backs.

Playing that way invites pressure and hell, I'm not sure why I am trying to convince anyone, everyone can see it. It simply doesn't work.

But if he gets more time, he could and I actually see this; make things happen for us. But he needs funds and he needs someone somewhere questioning him. He also need a boss that isn't a puppy. But that isn't going to happen.

And I'm not talking about huge amounts of cash; I'm talking bringing in some loan players that are capable. Again, for me this is obvious and I'm baffled why nothing is happening.

But given time I believe Lambert will show everyone he is the right man, but today we are staring relegation in the face and I don't want to look at the statistics of managers, in their first season at a club, that have survived with 14 games to go from inside the relegation zone, because I don't think it will be positive.

And that is why the money needs to be spent. And this is why we don't need a puppy as CEO agreeing with whatever the owner says.

But our CEO is happy. He knows nothing about football and knows even less about what Aston Villa means to us. He clearly doesn't understand the importance of staying in this league and he is happy because he has his lot. Why should he care?

Somebody needs to be on the phone to Lerner explaining what happens if we go down and that should be the job of the CEO. That same person also needs to get across that there is a very real chance it will happen if we don't strengthen.

But I know nobody is doing it, because if someone was doing it and that person had half the ability it takes to pull a pint, they'd be able to convince Lerner of this need and we would have the players.

Nothing we can do

But the sad truth is, there is nothing we can do. Randy Lerner owns the club, he has his puppet agreeing to everything and we've got a manager that on the face of things, also appears to be nodding his head and singing from the same hymn sheet.

And while there is nothing we can do to change things, we do have to stick with Lambert. And if he keeps us up now, I'll kiss him. If he keeps us up now, I'll wear a t-shirt with his face and 'Lambert is my hero' printed on it for a year.

36 hours to wait

So, I'm going to leave now and look for a bunker to hide in and I'm not coming out until Friday morning, because until then, I want to believe that there are lots of telephone calls happening and that deals are going to get done.

If on Friday morning I leave my bunker to learn nothing has happened, then our fate is in the hands of the footballing Gods and they can be, at times, very cruel.

Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • F.ck me.... QPR paying Remy £70k a week and prepared to pay Samba £100k a week. Not for one moment would I ever suggest that.

    I've also just read that Yacouba Sylla played for the Barcelona youth set up for 4 years until he was 16 so maybe I have misjudged the signing and that he does have actually have something about him.......I certainly hope so.

  • pepsihead

    if you're that worried about going to the game v West Ham, so long as you've got history of buying tickets, they'll contact you by text and make you an offer for tickets if nobody is going.

    Personally speaking, I really think you're wasting your own time demonstrating at the club.

    They only care about money.............!!!!!!!!!!


    If Villa are playing that badly and are that useless, surely, it wouldn't be too difficult to stop going for a few weeks until the club get the message that they cant continue to treat fans in the way the majority feel on this blog. I've said it many times already and I wont change my views on it.

  • RayK

    Yes, I just read the Samba piece and on top of his wages will be the 12.5 million fee which is fu*king ridiculous. If QPR fail, they're going to sink, just like Portsmouth........ I wouldn't want that for my own club no matter what.

  • Guest - Trinity London

    This is off topic but it made me laugh.

    Young small Mongrel free to good home !
    Doesnt come when called
    Doesnt do as told
    Not fit for purpose
    And extremely docile
    Answers to the name of bannon or barry

  • Guest - Old McParland

    Just come on to say after the results tonight that leave us in 19 position i dont know if Randy Lerner is preparing us for the championship , but he wants preparing for a firing squad the way this shambles is unfolding. And JCV stick around mate we have seen this all befor admitingly we were a little younger then , but what ever happens stay around for the banter ill crack open a few cans and pies to celebrate your return.:D

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    if that Sylla guy has played for Barcelona youth, then there is a glimmer of hope...can he stop us plummeting further into the abyss?

    I also hope this now means we are going to abandon this useless 5-3-2 system that we have been playing...

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    Lamberts tactics have been very naive at best, some of his signings may still pay off but if he wants me to have faith in him going forward to the end of the season he needs to stop this 3 at the back with FB's playing as "wing backs", right now we are just not good enough to try this it leaves us way to exposed we are just giving space to the opposition, playing this way we are a disaster.

    From now on we have to play a traditional back 4, and must play Benteke up front with Gabby & Wiemann wide & Zoggy sitting behind in the pocket, or any combination thereof, these 4 MUST start every game, we have to keep it simple and consistent so the young players can learn & understand, if can do this we may still stand a chance of survival.

  • The thing is I'd love Villa to build a quality team on the best youth players and unearthed gems......but I know the only reason Lerner wants to do this now is because he's had his fingers burnt and for me - especially given how flipping rich he is - that just ruins it.....

  • Guest - villa4life

    100's of players go thru the barca academy on a yearly basis, It means nothing, I would be more concerned to why he has ended up in league 2 in France and has not been picked up by someone half decent, I will support him and hope he turns out to be a gem but we have been down this road before, Buy championship players on championship wages and guess what we will end up playing in the championship, What hurts most apart from not winning is we're not even trying to fight to get out of this mess

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Vancouvrvillan - totally agree...

    I'm all for squad rotation and bringing through the youngsters, but when you're fighting for your premiership survival, time for experimenting has to take a back seat...

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    get point at you are totally right...but I'd rather have someone from Barcelona's youth academy - knowing how good their first team is - then getting more bargain basement signings from the fizzy pop league...

    We have to accept that Lerner, Faulkner and Lambert have decided that the way forward is bargain basement signings.

  • Villa4life - I agree lots of players go through on a yearly basis but he was there for 4 years.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather that we had signed Sissoko but maybe, just maybe, there is something in this player?

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Will this new signing sign in time to play for the West Ham game - it's another cup final!!

  • French midfielder Sylla - who plays for Ligue Two side Clermont Foot - will cost Villa around £1.7million

    Why not ? We have to do something.

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    I agree, Sissoko he ain't, but he will get 1st team football & time to shine if he has it in him he may well surprise, he probably has something to prove, who knows better than nothing.
    Apparently he is over 6ft big lad, look at it this way he may lift the other players and can he really be any worse than Bannan ?

  • The defender we're after is Rolando...on loan. Apparently agents are complicating things though. Lambert also reportedly interested in Kenwyne Jones. I'd be surprised if we go for him. But Stoke reportedly want Bent, so a trade plus cash on the cards? This is all from James Nursey.

  • Guest - villa4life

    As I said I'm not going to judge as I have never seen the lad play hopefully he is a gem but the price tag and the league he is coming from suggests we have another championship player, It has got to the point now were we need to make shrewd solid signings and not taking chances on a player from the french league 2

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    he may even help Bannan...

  • Although other reports state Napoli are close to signing Rolando. Wonder if Nursey knows something...

  • The defender we're after is Rolando...on loan. "

    Rolando.....from Grange Hill?

  • According to our good friend Wikipedia Rolando has been transferred today to Napoli.

  • Lol. He's from Porto and is a Portuguese international. I'd be stunned if we pulled it off. But there's no smoke without fire. The fact Nursey has said it is interesting

  • Sorry Bahama, too slow on my comment re Napoli....still chuckling on the Grange Hill reference.....

  • RayK, no worries. I've been checking the news and deal for Rolando to Napoli hasn't gone through yet. Interesting thing is that Napoli want him on loan. Nursey reckon we want him on loan, but are his 'sources' correct and are we trying to push through a permanent deal. If we get Jones (underwhelming) and Rolando, Lerner is definately realising we are in trouble....lol!!

  • Think it's going to be a bumpy ride tomorrow night. Wouldn't be surprised to see Bent gone.

  • Nursey has JUST tweeted again lol. He says we are interested in Rolando but probably won't get done as too many agents involved. Guess we'll wait and see...

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    Jones is a waste of money and right now we do not need another Striker - even if Bent was to go.

    What we need is another central midfielder

  • Rolando... anyone got any stats on this guy... where does he play etc ?

  • Guest - Lionheart

    The Kenywyn Jone rumours are complete rubbish.. even if Bent went why would we want him when we have Benteke Weimen already and our needs are more important in defense and midfield... i would be gob smacked if Jones came in.. esp as we would have to pay him 35K a week plus..

    Hopefully Bent goes for 10M and we invest that money in at least two more players...!!

  • I know Jones would be a waste. As I stated above I don't think it will happen. But the Mirror have just written an article about it....


    Kenwyne Jones would be an awful signing .
    Not needed either

  • Looks like this Sylla deal is almost sorted according to reports

  • That probably means Nursey has just checked Wikipedia....we shall se folks.

    Can't help but feel that the players we've signed / being linked to (along with other clubs) that we've never heard of are simply players we are being offered by agents rather than players are scouts have targeted. Hope I'm wrong.

  • Guest - Villanto

    A portuguese international Cd, plays for porto

  • RayK,

    Henke probs recommended them lol. He's due to leave on Feb 1st.

  • Bent might be going to Stoke as well lol.....

  • Guest - villa4life

    Why would we pay Jones 50k a week? It makes absolute no sense what so ever, So with that said knowing how our club is run it would not surprise me if he signed

  • jonnah, Rolando would be an outstanding signing. But can't see it happening. After loads of Villa fans tweeted Nursey after the article he's now said it probs won't happen because too many agents involved. But we will see.

  • I said it earlier...I can see the logic in Jones. Him and Bentekkers could be a real handful up front for the relegation dog fight ahead of us, and if we lose that fight then Bentekkers would be off and Jones and Weimann would be a very good partnership in the Championship.


    So Sylla will cost the same as Sissoko did for Newcastle.
    But difference is hes only played in French second division (much worse than our championship by miles BTW) and we'll probably only have to pay him £60 a week. Cheers Lerner.

  • I'm surprised you just said that RayK!

    It makes sense if it's Jones plus cash for Bent. Although the 50k wages seems too steep surely?

  • No no no to Kenwyne Jones he is ****, he is even worse than Gabby Agbonlahor on 60k a week.

    Jones has scored 3 goals in 16 league goals this season. If we want to do a deal get rid of Agbonlahor and bring in a CM player.


    Kenwyne Jones is on 50k a week?

  • Get rid of Gabby?

    I don't see all the hate for him on here. He helped change the game for us in the second half v Newcastle. All this rubbish about Gabby is ridiculous. The real problem is CM and defense. Plus we just can't stick the bloody ball in the back of the net.

  • Guest - villa4life

    If Jones joined and he gets 50k a week then why was that not giving to Sissoko or any other decent midfielder for that matter, If we sign Jones I would be more angry, Nothing against Jones, it's just it's not a position we need to bolster at this time

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Jones surplus to requirements at Stoke, yet good enough for us - how far have we fallen down the pecking order....

    Jones as already pointed out betters Gabby's record at missing the net, and is just as injury prone as Gabby...

  • I'm sure they knew what Sissoko would be on when they scouted him. Did it not cross anyones mind that Newcastle is a better club and have lots of French players?


    Guest (villa4life)

    If Jones joined and he gets 50k a week then why was that not giving to Sissoko or any other decent midfielder for that matter, If we sign Jones I would be more angry, Nothing against Jones, it's just it's not a position we need to bolster at this time


  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    Gabby did not change the game in the second half, the manager woke up and realised that the 5-3-2 system was not working...and if Gabby did perform for us, he did his 1 in 6...

  • Gabby Agbonlahor has not cut the mustard for the last three years get rid of him.

    We need players in that can do the business, our forward line is good we don't need agbonlahor, sell him and get two quality players in, a midfielder and defender.

  • The hatred for Gabby is laughable lol. Fickle fans. That's it for me. Good night.


    No hater of Gabby at all but its ridiculous he got a 60k contract and has scored what 10 goals in the last 3 seasons???
    Granted hes been often played on wing etc but that is still a truely awful record.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    It's not hatred, just that he needs to produce...on that note Good Night...

  • Agbonlahor. Too much sentiment for a Birmingham born player. 19 goals in around 85 games tells its own story. I rest my case.

  • Proud History

    Gabby was awarded his wonderfully rewarding contract by none other than MON.......nuff said........



    Proud History

    Gabby was awarded his wonderfully rewarding contract by none other than MON.......nuff said........

    i know
    well aware of that

  • All three of my sons commented that there's no chance that a player like Rolando would ever join the Villa as they say he's way too good and much better teams would be in front of us.....

  • Guest - belfastvilla

    Cilla who ? Fecking hell. Surprise, surprise ! You couldn,t make it up. Yellowcab for lerner asap.

  • Villanto

    "A portuguese international Cd, plays for porto"
    The clock is ticking we need to now try and do something.

    Instead of Clark

  • Guest - Villanto

    Rolando is class would be ideal but highly unlikely, But if the mirror rumours are true about Kenwynne (kiss my teeeth) Jones, I would defo prefer to have Rolando, than Kenny especially on his wage. I hope to God that he does \we can have a couple of additions tommorrow dont need a CF

  • Villanto totally agree mate and please no to Kenwyne Jones.


    If we end up signing Kenwyn Jones and pay him 50K a week i'll have to laugh my bolllocks off.
    the lunatics would have really well and truly taken over the asylum.

  • I've just had a read on Rolando sounds exactly the type of player that we need as a Central Defender but as ppl say it seems unlikely. Hopefully if not him we manage to find another player of similar quality.
    Yacouba Sylla a Central Midfielder, he's 22 years old a bit young but we've now reached the point where it is less than 24 hrs before the transfer window shuts. And we have to try and do something.

    It's quite simple. we either let the team stagnate and deflate their confidence even more, by not buying in anymore players. Or try and build their confidence by trying to help the squad and show the club has intent, and are trying to do something to rectify the situation by acquiring new signings.

    Tomorrow's transfer activity we all hope will come to fruition. Paul Lambert needs to try and maximise his expenditure to his full potential.



    maybe Sylla will be an excellent signing and we're unearthing a great gem but it does smack of signing ppl we'll only have to pay peanuts in wages to which is what makes the Kenwyne Jones link seem even weirder and dafter if he is on 50k a week at Stoke.

  • Guest - disillusioned villan

    need at least 18 points from our last 15 games which needs a Wigan like revival and we don't seem like we have the players or the knowhow to get the 6 wins or 5 wins and 3 draws.

    I hate bein negative but i'm just bein a realist. Can anyone tell me they expect us to beat West Ham (h) Reading (a) Fulham (h) Sunderland (h) Norwich (a) Wigan (a). I'm still crossing my fingers and toes and praying that my Villa get a reprieve.

    The second half against Newcastle gives me some optimism but unfortunately it also shows that despite playing well we couldn't get the telling goal in the end.

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    Sylla was obviously not our first choice, but he may well have been on Henke's list let's hope he's a gem, we have to do something BTW Henke wants to go so he can get more involved in the day to day at a club again, why not get him involved with us ? he picked out Benteke, we would have someone else at the club who knows something about football seems like a no brainer to me.

    On Jones, I can see him working for us, big strong presence, works hard, some speed, but i think we need to spend on MF/CB we can do without replacing Bent, I wonder if there would still be time for villa to take him + cash for Bent and then use him as makeweight for another deal, can you do this ?

  • Guest - We're Run By Morons

    The second half against Newcastle gives me some optimism but unfortunately it also shows that despite playing well we couldn't get the telling goal in the end.

    also he only goal we did score was from a pen that wasn't really a penalty or least was an incredibly soft one we were lucky to get.

  • Guest - We're Run By Morons

    Kenwyene Jones would be a really terrible signing. Especially if hes on 50 k a week . I can't quite believe some on here think it would be a good signing or are warming to the idea.
    A stirker with a worse scoring record than Gabby of past few years , a bit part player of Stoke.
    Why on earth do we need a striker for now ?
    Unless really are selling Bent now but Jones goalscoring record is crap . myabe hes really Benteke's replacement longterm?
    Who the hell knows but its ridiculous if looking at to bring in an erratic crap striker like Jones and good wages and have signed budget DM on few hundred quid from 2nd division in France which is much more key area.
    Also Dunne i heard got injured again and is out for months again ? So where the hell is our new CB ?

  • Guest - We're Run By Morons

    i can't believe how bad this transfer window has gotten.
    19th in the league now. FFS . Wake up you complete morons.

  • Guest - tearsonmyscarf

    Morning :( oh what will.deadline day bring ???

  • Guest - Deano&Dalian

    All this talk of tactics, and possible transfers, and cup finals - we are odds on to be relegated with every bookie, we are the worst side in the league, we have no form, and every other team at the bottom are picking up points.

    We will soon be a Championship side and we may as well get used to it.

  • Guest - big man

    Jcv. You can't give up on the villa !! That's such a brummie thing to do.

  • Guest - ordinaryjoe


    oh what will.deadline day bring ???

    With just about everything seeming to be going wrong for us at the moment, I expect something along the lines of the famous DOL panic last minute deadline signing Djemba x2

  • I'm surprised you just said that RayK!"

    Bahama - Just because I see the logic doesn't mean to say I wholly agree with it. I suspect that we want straight cash for Bent (as would I) but Stoke appear to want to offload Jones onto us as part of the deal. If Stoke are the only buyer for Bent and their valuation of Jones matches ours then I can see it happening.

    We need to start doing to other clubs what they do to us, exploiting set pieces and for that you need height in the team and so someone like Jones could be a decent acquisition. Obviously the main fear is that we give him a 4 year contract and he becomes the new Harewood.

  • Come on Randy you know what day it is, you know what is required prove us all wrong, get the cheque book out and get the job done!

  • Some comments by Houllier on our new signing Yacouba Sylla. He does sound exactly what we need but will he be able to make that step up from Ligue 2 (which Houllier compares to the Championship) to the Premiership quick enough for it to make a difference to our season....


  • Guest - ordinaryjoe

    with al the talk about Jones from SToke - if we were to get one of their strikers in part for DB, perhaps getting Crouch back again would be better?
    Somebody on here mentioned Shawcross - but it defines our miserable position that he is considered just a dream - a bit like a young lad dreaming of that good looking girl but "out of my league" - the way we are going these good players will very literally be out of our league....

  • Ordinaryjoe - Crouch will be off to QPR and he lives in London so don't think we'd get a look in. At 32, would only want to offer him a 12-18 month deal and he'll probably want longer.

  • Dont care as long as we dont get Cameron Jerome!

  • The world has gone mad SSN just said "happy deadline day to you all". Unbelievable.

  • Guest - Robert smith

    While I could say there are a quite few times in my life I've been proud of my the Villa, that is not something I can say about the fans, you guys should look at some of these post people just making stuff up and then every repeats it like its 100% true !!
    These are dark days and trying times for the team and for the fans but its our job to support the team and raise the roof at Villa Park !!

  • These are dark days and trying times for the team and for the fans but its our job to support the team and raise the roof at Villa Park !!

    I cant and wont applaud cr*p on or off the park.

  • Bloody Hell.... Transfer Deadline Day .... I could find myself on here all day !!! ;);)

  • Timothy Abrham on twitter:

    Timothy Abraham ‏@TimothyAbraham
    "Any possible interest #AVFC had in Porto defender Rolando will probably be over now. Set to move to Napoli according to reports in Italy."

  • In The SUN

    "Darren Bent has endured an unhappy time at Aston Villa but The Sun says the England international could be on his way to Stoke if the deal to take Peter Crouch to QPR goes through."

  • "Yacouba Sylla: Aston Villa in talks to sign France U21 midfielder"

    "Aston Villa are in talks to sign Clermont Foot defensive midfielder Yacouba Sylla for around £2m.
    If the deal goes through, the 22-year-old will be Villa boss Paul Lambert's first signing of the transfer window.
    Sylla, who has made 20 starts for the French second division side this season, was at Villa's Bodymoor Heath training ground on Wednesday.
    QPR, Fulham, Stuttgart and Udinese were all interested in signing the France under-21 international."


  • Sky Sports News have just said that Stoke rejected a 5m offer last night from QPR for Peter Crouch.
    Depending on if Crouch to QPR may depend on Bent to Stoke.... ??

  • Timothy Abraham ‏@TimothyAbraham on Twitter

    "Adboulaye Ba has been watched by scouts before. I felt Christopher Samba met the remit but #AVFC can't compete with wages."

  • Deloitte (no Touche, not anymore) reckon £85m has been spent so far this month by PL clubs #transferdeadlineday.

    Aston Villa not even spent 1 pence..!!!

  • Mohamed Diame might be going somewhere. That somewhere might be Aston Villa. It probably isn't.

  • Aston Villa is interested in 27-year-old Porto defender Rolando. QPR is reportedly interested as well, but it looks as though he's likely to choose a loan move to Napoli (if he hasn't already.) It's hard to blame him. ;);)

  • Lots of people on Twitter think Aston Villa will be signing Florent Malouda. We will not.

  • A smaller number of people on Twitter (but still a lot of them) think Aston Villa will be signing Javier Saviola. We will not.

  • According to Wikipedia Yacouba Sylla is already an Aston Villa Player !

    "Yacouba Sylla (born 29 November 1990 in Étampes, France) is an footballer who currently plays as an defensive midfielder for Premier League club Aston Villa."


  • SSN "one more surprise for Villa fans before 11pm tonight" come on get in!

  • jonnah: tax return then deadline day subline to the ridiculous: suprise signing before 11pm according to SSN speculation please!

  • Guest - avillafan

    Whats the god damn obsession with cutting the wage bill and spending nothing on players wages? Can someone remind Lerner this is the Premier League and not the Conference. Of course player wages will be expensive, talented players demand high wages. This 'trimming the wage bill' nonsense has left Villa in a position where the team consists of low quality youngsters who are happy on 10 000 a week, and aren't the results really showing the success of this policy. Maybe Lerner should buy a Bradford or a Bristol Rovers, at least there he doesn't have to spend on player wages.

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