Has Randy Lerner had a change of heart after appointing Tom Fox as new CEO?

I've been a bit busy this week hence the lack of posts and the near 1,000 comments on the last one. But it's been an important week for Aston Villa and one that might signal change. Actually, I'd go so far as to say it has signalled change.

And it's not because of the renewed optimism from the Stoke victory at the weekend, even though, if you let yourself get carried away with what is possible, it's completely okay. I drifted off last night thinking about some of the headlines I might see next week if we beat Newcastle.

The change is coming, because of Tom Fox, the new CEO. The first change I think we're going to see is in the marketing department and how the club communicates with supporters. Fox has a background in marketing as Senior Vice President of Sports Marketing at Gatorade and as Director Asia Pacific/US Sports Marketing at Nike.

He's going to know the importance of communicating in the right way but also to the masses. He's going to know the way we do it now is representative of a club just talking to the masses.

But while he's going to want to change that, those things take time. A lot of thinking has to go into how to best communicate and it's not just about a new website. But the thing that interested me most about Tom Fox becoming the new CEO was what he had to say.

Tom Fox speaks

Aston Villa has always been an important club in English football and it has a long and rich history of success at the top of the game.

The chance to work with Randy, Paul Lambert and Robin to help restore the Club to its rightful place in the Premier League is a challenge I'm really energised by and greatly looking forward to.

Now, you know I'm a simple man, but to me, that doesn't read like someone that has come in to be part of selling the club and it also sounds a little like Randy Lerner might have had a change of heart.

That or it's all a lie but I just don't think a new CEO is going to lie to supporters on his first day. And I'd welcome Lerner staying with renewed belief.