The circle of happiness: Are Aston Villa due another green tonight?

As Aston Villa fans, we're used to the circle of ups and downs and there has been little of late to be 'up' about, unless you count the home win against newly promoted Cardiff. A win tonight would be something to feel good about though as Southampton look a lot better than us.

And that is why today it's all about the circle. I know I'm starting to talk in riddles again but think of the last 38 games as a circle or the Aston Villa clock. A win is green, a defeat is red and draw is yellow. Then each of the 38 matches divide into an equal portion of the circle and you go round like a clock with the latest match at 12.

I must at this stage of the post also explain that I was fed a dose of midazolam yesterday before going to the dentist and it had little or no effect. I think that effect is coming on now. That is a sort of disclaimer. I'm illogically coming up with something to refer back to or maybe even make into a pie chart.

My point is our mood can be directly linked to the colour that has just appeared on the circle. And we all want to see more greens and yellow and less red. But, if you look at the circle today, the only consistency is a not nice consistency and that explains the general mood. Although it is worth noting that none of the last four colours have been a red.

It also suggests that there is a chance for us tonight and it's not just because we do better against the better sides, with out counter attacking style and almost solid defence, it's because if you look at the circle we only have one green from the last six matches. It is not often that we go six matches without two greens.

And yes, seeing as our last green was only three matches ago, it doesn't mean it's coming tonight, but I'm allowed to hope that it is. And this is where the Aston Villa circle of happiness, or clock, falls down. But look at the Arsenal clock and they don't have any reds for the last six matches, just one yellow and five greens. And guess what, even Piers Morgan is happy.

But it comes down to the ups and downs of supporting Aston Villa and I fancy it's about time we had something to start making us hope that things are going right for us and a win tonight with no defeat in five would be, believe it or not, something to feel positive about.

Updates, team news and a prediction

And now that I think I can confirm my body isn't very good at taking drugs, I will leave it at that until later at which time I will be adding to this post with the team news and looking at your predictions below. And because I'm legally high, I'm going to predict a win tonight, because I think it's about time and that's the only reason.