I can understand why so many are thinking that Steve Bruce should resign or be sacked but it would be wrong. The bottom line is that if he does go and he's replaced, nothing will change this season and it's only going to make our situation worse. And it's not about players not playing for him or tactics, it's about time for his way of working to be understood and for it to start working.

Yes, we brought him in at the wrong time, but that's happened and it can't be changed. And yes, nobody looked at how or why he got teams promoted and we changed that situation for him too. But whatever I might think of the owner, he's not stupid and I'm sure he's going to factor these things in moving forward.

In fact and on reflection, I quite like Tony Xia. I think he spends too much time on Twitter but he's quite literally blagged his way into buying Aston Villa and you've got to admire that. He also talks about work culture as if he understands its importance. And despite the pace of change happening all around us, he seems to now understand that we have to stop making so many changes to the people at Aston Villa and look for some continuity and stability.

And if we look back at what has made Steve Bruce successful in this League, it was that he didn't have the money to make so many changes in his previous clubs. He worked with what he had and he got the results necessary for promotion. He simply has to be given a proper chance and it's not his fault the Club is in such a mess.

And nobody likes where we are but we wont get promoted this season by replacing him and in the long run, it's not going to get us out of this cycle we're in. Bruce will get us promoted, but you also can't forget that a second season in the Championship usually means a third and often a fourth. Bruce isn't to blame for that. For that mistake you have to look at the owner and CEO. They can do their best to rectify it, but changing manager isn't going to help, not now, because we've passed tipping point.

Steve Bruce knows what he's got to do to get out of this League and he'll do it. And as supporters, we have a part to play and we have to be actively engaged in that, not against it.

Last night was horrible. This year has been horrible. But it's not going to get better overnight by replacing a manager and you know what, even if we get promoted, we're not going to win the Premier League or be playing Champions League football any time soon. Or did you believe the owner when he made that prediction into the future?

Look, none of us are going to stop supporting Aston Villa if we don't go up. And we will probably all agree that when you break it down what we really want to see is good football with passionate players because if we do, we'll win games and if we win games we'll win things. But it's not a switch or a magic trick.

This makes so much sense to me and I honestly can't understand why some say Steve Bruce has got to go. I mean, knowing what we know and seeing what has happened by continuously changing managers and players, that some still think it will magically change by replacing one of the most successful Championship managers after he's still not had enough time, baffles me. It honest to God baffles me with all that we know.

It's not to say that I'm right and he'll get us promoted. But one thing I think we can all agree on is that he's not had a proper chance and with his track record, that is the absolute least he deserves.

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Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • Fcuk me mate, that's one hell of a score line you're expecting...:):):)

  • mate,

    we are on the telly.
    its a monday night,
    newcastle is a long drive.

    we will be knackered before we even get on the pitch.:)

  • I think 5-3-2 again he will revert back to that

    I can't believe how defensive Bruce is and how and he is at being defensive :)

  • Circle the wagons and hide underneath!!!!

  • Put all the players on the goal line and don't move for the 90 mins

    At least we will be on 2 points for the year 100% the n:)

  • James,

    I'll be lost for words if we switch back to a back 3 after Spud's last words...he said the players are not ready for it and switched to a flat back 4 against Barnsley.

  • mind you,
    given my predictions over the years.

    we may just pull this one off.but i wont put money on it.;)

  • It's make or break for Spud, defeat and the pressure mounts to breaking point...draw or win and it gives him some momentum into the next game.

  • lets face it,

    bruce is as much in the dark as us,as to his line up.

  • Wonder if we could get special dispensation to field two keepers?

  • :):):) we could play one at LB as that's a problematic position.

  • its a wonder that we dont get done,for putting out a weakened team ever week.;)

  • You never know mate, for all we know Spud might come on and play as the central defender in 3 at the back to teach them how to play it.

  • mate,

    hes already failed about teaching them what to do.;)

  • p/s,

    id be looking at stam for our ext manager.

    he seems to have learned a lot more than bruce playing for man utd.

  • JCV,

    i mentioned Stam, he's also out of contract and the season end which is why I'm willing to wait to get someone like him.

  • get him in now then,before other clubs come sniffing round.

  • He won't leave mate, he wants to stay loyal to Reading whilst they have a chance of getting promoted. At least that shows he's there to see a project through....says alot about him.

  • How about sending Mutton up north early with a baseball bat so he can nobble the barcodes as they arrive at the ground. May as well make use of his best attribute!

  • lads,

    dont know about you lot,

    but i simply cant take another season,with bruce in charge.
    for me,he has already failed his remit.

  • The only thing that will get rid of Spud apart from the results is falling attendance, will be at the Derby game so will interesting to see how the atmosphere in the ground is like along with the attendance.

  • Mikeholte
    Thanks mate, yes i used to live downtown myself great place to be based.
    I bought a property and moved out to Richmond about 12 yrs ago not too far from the river but still work in East Van.

  • I'll try to catch up before the game tomorrow if i'm not too busy.
    I actually think we might avoid a defeat if Jedinak is fit to play, key for me, although we have a terrible away record. Think Bruce will stick to a back four and this game is perfectly suited to Brucie's preferred style of play, he can also probably get away without too much stick setting us up that way for once :)

  • Thanks for the reply VV. Just watching the Canucks play the Flyers right now but only you and I know what that means right now.:)
    Do you go to Whitecaps game or are a member of the Villa Supporters club in Van?

  • Denman
    Mate I enjoy your posts and like most slightly saner ;) posters fully realize you are not Bob !
    The mind boggles at some of the hypocrisy and insults on here.

  • HAHAHAHA:):):):):):)

    Interesting read those 200 posts nothing new thou generally speaking tit for tat exchanges

    Just for you Expat
    you think doc is spending parachute money ?

    did I read that correctly ?
    and so far nothing as changed your

    TV money is paid end of season,which we received last May,that same TV money that is paid END of season is what is used to pay relegated clubs there parachute payment if they never came straight back up.

    clubs are paid tv money in arrears not advance meaning we are due our first parachute payment for not winning promotion this may 2017 which is slightly higher than previous years because of the TV revenue increase that came into effect.

    What ever is spent on transfers is off set against length of contract - HP if you like annual instalments
    4 year contract you pay for player ova4years in most cases and so no etc

    Our revenue streams may well increase during the next 4 years and as such the club as speculated on it's potential revenue growth
    so although the money what ever amount was spent on transfers as increased annual expenditure

    you cannot spend what you have not received that parachute money will be probably the largest single revenue stream coming into the club next season and will no doubt go towards annual expenditure along with all other income streams

    Just like the Last TV money did

    He passed the fit proper test
    money for keeping club afloat for 2 years was a requirement
    need I say more

  • money for keeping club afloat for 2 years was a requirement

    I would guess the value of saleable assets is also taken into account otherwise the statement is a bit glib because a day after the test was completed you could go out and sign a few £100k a week players, Its not about how much you have in reserve just paying your way.

  • It's irrelevant when he receives the para payments bb whether the start or the end of the season it's still revenue coming into villa for the year.

    Is it really a coincidence that our net spend is 40mish and para money is 45m.. And why we actually did sell before we bought in Jan and why it was alot more sensible than the summer?

    Next season it's all or nothing for the doc I predict

  • when posters are pacific about where certain monies are being spent then yes they are wrong, of course it's just another guaranteed revenue stream, you get should you not make promotion so it's projected income at it's lowest amount, should you obtain the promo then that significantly increases those projected revenues.

    I might as well say the parachute money as paid Gabby's and Richards wages and other revenues will pay the others

    so we got what was it 66mil PL tv money - you think that and the projected next years parachute payments were used for transfers ?

    so where do the monies come from for day to day running of club for the next 12 months ? after all we have spent the 2 biggest revenue streams on transfers.

    I already explained transfer costs are off set over length of contract meaning you pay % each year towards them and at same time receive % each year for players you sell it's all income and expenditure the last tv money, any parachute payments, commercial revenues, merchandise, ST sales, hospitality, sponsorship etc are all part of the annual income stream

    What will happen going forward regarding income ? staying in champs one can assume overall income revenues will decrease but in certain area's breaking into new territory,i.e CHINA might see commercial, merchandise streams grow.

    YES they will have projected growth charts and reachable targets regardless of division were in

    crikey like saying only high street stores can project future sales

  • Paul McGrath has classy response for Steve Bruce following criticism over tweet

    Kevin Palmer Twitter
    19/02/2017 | 20:413 COMMENTSSHARE
    Paul McGrath and (inset) Steve Bruce1
    Paul McGrath and (inset) Steve Bruce
    Paul McGrath has insisted that he meant no harm in a twitter message that appears to have infuriated Aston Villa manager Steve Bruce.
    GO TO
    Villa legend McGrath urged Bruce and the Villa players to show passion for the cause after a miserable run that has seen the fallen giants of midlands football lose seven of their last eight matches.
    12 Feb
    AVFC Transtweet 跨鸣叫 @AVFCTransTweet
    @Paulmcgrath5 what do you think of #AVFC management?
    Paul McGrath ✔ @Paulmcgrath5
    @AVFCTransTweet Steve Bruce is a great manager but has to see what's obvious to us fans . Work like it means something! UTV.
    6:06 PM - 12 Feb 2017
    5 5 Retweets 20 20 likes
    That inspired Bruce to bite back at McGrath, as he suggested the contribution from the former Ireland defender was not welcome amid the current crisis at the club.

    “I’ve been accused of not caring, which is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard,” Bruce told reporters.
    The Villa boss was then asked to name who had posted comments that upset him and he offered this response: “It was a big player here, an ex-player.

    “I don’t do social media and when I’m up against it, I certainly don’t.
    “It disappoints me because you hear ‘my body language is supposed to be this or that’.

    “I care deeply about it.

  • Sorry but projecting revenue growth is also ridiculous being in the chumps... The chumps is a graveyard for revenue growth hence why all chumps clubs are loss making

    I predict any revenue like commercial and sponsorship will decline for every year we are in this league

  • Yes unlike the PL where attendances for instance remain fairly constant as fans get a bit star struck attendances in the Championship tend to be more results driven.

  • People on here calling me Bob, childish really.I am leaving this Blog ,not because people calling me Bob.I have no clue who he is,on my kid's life.Its because some on here think it's funny and acceptable to make Racist undertones.,To all other Villa fans all the best lads.VTID.

  • Well Bob I'm sure you will be back as a 'new blogger' soon enough... This is what Bob has done now for the 4th time I think.. You are just another reason for no long posting on this alias :)

  • Denman

    I have no idea who Bob is either. Those posts go a little over my head.

  • Bb

    Don't see xia doing too much in the Chinese market... Especially when their own league is stealing all the headlines even in this country so I bet its going Crazy over there.

    To be honest the doc needed to have his finger on the pulse for the first 2 years at villa to ensure everything is going right.. Instead he's too busy buying film companies and looking st the next project he can get his hands on.

    You can only concentrate on so many things and villa is jsut one of many.. Is it any surprise villa are 17th under this circumstances

  • He as a portfolio of business's he hires people to run them - what makes you think he does not have Chinese contacts he can use to pacifically focus on those area's ?

    he does not have to do nothing personally except sign off on things attend meeting occasionally

    the only reason we are 17th is Steve Bruce the owner as invested his money those supposedly hired are letting him down and villa fans I fail to see what else Doc could do - in all honesty he probably do a better job than spud if he was Owner/Manager/coach/tactician etc

  • Damian
    You have the capability to check IP addresses of all posters - some are being accused of using double accounts
    you could nick these accusations in the bud easily - long time posters deserve better protection

    where will it end

  • Double posters calling others things like Chuckle Brothers then moaning when someone has a go back simple rule if you cant take it dont give it.

  • Crikey WOC
    you was complaining not so long ago about blog being so quiet and giving your reasons out for it
    perhaps one needs to look closer to home

    Chuckle Brothers from me to you :):):):) that was as every bit funny as JD's Charlie Chan quote

    it obviously upset you for the response you have gave but what you gonna do call every one Bob who upsets you or calls you Chuckle Brothers I can think of at least 3 or 4 more posters who have used that same slur yet you have not called them Bob.

    I don't care what you want to call it it's still bullying

    what ever happened to good old banter being thrown about seems it's reached new levels

    be the bigger man - just come back with some banter - leave out the bullying tactics otherwise the blog may go back to being quiet then you will have no one to blame but yourself.

  • what ever happened to good old banter being thrown about seems it's reached new levels

    Good old banter is what is fun about a blog. Also, there should be a certain amount of 'arguing' as debating opinions is the fundamental of 'banter'.

  • Sorry but everytime bob gets found out he uses a reason to not be on the blog no more... So denman aka bob running off just proves he is actually Bob for me

  • Bb

    Sorry but the doc can't just simply run around signing off business and that's it.. He has to understand what he is buying and where he can make an ROI in it.

    Sorry but lerner was always in the USA wasn't this a constant annoyance for villa fans? Just Becuase the doc has spent villa revenue in advance and is on twitter it's all okay?

    This doc can do no wrong criteria does make me laugh...the classic double standard of this is.. 'we are 17th because lerners toxic is still lingering around'

    If we were too go the league the doc would be the ultimate hero... How does this logic work

    Sorry miss management continues under the doc as it did lerner.. The problems were starting before Bruce and who oversaw the sacking of rdm to bring Bruce in?

    As bad as Bruce has become he isn't the core of all of our issues

  • James mate round is there to help Bruce and run the other parts of the club, he does not pick the team or the teams for u18 u23 etc so how is he at fault for incredibly bad play and results? he is getting in the players Bruce wanted FFS, its not Rounds fault that its not worked out its Bruces. There was a time when the managers did it all, was it the owners fault then if he paid out for the managers players? should the owners and round be better at Bruces job than Bruce so they can second guess his every move? I can guarantee the CEO of British gas can't fit a boiler :):)

  • No mate but the ceo won't be around very long if the profits start falling I can assure you.

    And financial success in the pitch is the only way to generate revenue and therefore ROI

    Round brought in Bruce and now is keeping him in the job so.. Who's at fault? Bruce still?

  • Shocked that Denman feels he can't post anymore

    Something to do with 'Son of Bob' who is an egregious tw@t by the look of it

    Who may now understand that playground name calling is not welcome and only contributes to 'Son of Bob's' ever growing tripe mountain of comments

    OMG - I'm doing it too!!!!

  • Good old banter disappeared off here yonks ago, doe to a handful who simply dont understand the premise of alternative views to their own and how somehow posting on here has to be to degree standard. Coming on here is more of a habit these days than a pleasure, we need to revert to the days where all opinions were respected regardless, an stop the name calling and insults and who knows fans may start coming back on for the pleasure of it. And condescending replies need to stop also, your background the money you earn seem more important than good old banter these days.

  • Well let's face it

    If you don't kiss the docs ass your a twat and a **** and a w@nker and if you defend Bruce in anyway your also these things

    Denman is blatantly bob I could tell how by the style of his posts both me and expat spotted it and you also beleive it... And look he's gone now jsut like Bob did when got found out.. Predictable.

  • And all I do on here is say how I see it.

    The docs a hero but we are sitting in 17th position.. But that's all Bruce's fault.

    So it's also Tim sherwoods fault then we got relegated and not lerner then... Isn't it?

    It's also lerners fault we are 17th but not the docs... How that works is well beyond me.

    And I also cannot understand how that simple view cannot be respected and has to be condemned and I get name called for it

    I think people just like being called out

  • Ok heres the logic, did you vote for the conservatives at the last Election? well its your fault we had Brexit and the economies struggling and taxes are being raised, you employed Cameron so its your fault. If Villa were a car manufacturer and Xia gave Bruce money to create a car because he has done it 4 times before with success is it Xia's fault if Bruce makes a car that wont work?

  • No just that his purchasing manager supplied and sourced duff parts.

  • Windy,

    Its an interesting point and one which I am not sure of the answer, Is it the purchasing manager buying duff parts or is it the Ops manager assembling them incorrectly? :)

  • If you don't kiss the docs ass your a twat and a **** and a w@nker and if you defend Bruce in anyway your also these things


    I don't think that is totally fair. People are not looking for others to kiss the Doc's ass, but more so to give a fair representation of what the Doc is doing. People referring to the Doc as a clown or whatever is currently unfounded

  • It is fair, the problem is everyone gets behind the manager (well ok Bruce being the exception) at first then slowly drift away as they drift away anyone who continues to support the manager is a .............. lover, but when you dont back a manager and they do you are deemed to be a neggo. Its like primary school at times.

  • If anything Dr Xia should of said we are in a building phase and I am not bothered if we go up this season, he did say it was a two season attempt early on but the frenzy over buying players and the type of players spoke otherwise as did the sacking of RDM and a promotion specialist brought in. Nobody knew we would be this ****e and as Bruce is in charge of the team and how it plays it is his fault as it was RDM's. The only blame you can caste at Xia is he maybe should of been more relaxed and pushed the two year line more and taken pressure off, however who in a sporting arena is going to publicly admit that we are not trying to go up? that would be a lie.

  • I think my most valid point is this.

    You can talk about all the grey areas all your want.

    The fundamental goal for this season was promotion... We are sitting in 17th place worried about relegation instead having spent 40m net more than any other club in the history of the league.

    If that does not describe a failed season I don't know what is.

    Here is some more facts. Lerner attempted to get us champions league when he came In

    We finished 6th 6th and 6th jsut 2 places off it..tjen we consolidated for a season at 9th before the remit was stay in the prem whilst we manage the wages as lerner was bleeding money. That was achieve for 3 seasons before last and we ended up relegated.

    Sorry but this season is larger failure than any of these seasons by definition of the word failure.

  • Jamese

    Of course Xia has failed this year to deliver what he had hoped to, I don't think that anyone would attempt to argue with that as the facts speak for themselves. However, that doesn't make Xia or is acquisition of AVFC a failure.

  • what about mons first season

    Villa had the year's longest unbeaten start of any Premier League side in 2006–07 (9 games), not losing a league game until 28 October. Villa suffered a mid-season slump but recovered late in the season, winning their three away games in April, to end the season how it began with a run of 9 unbeaten fixtures. For this O'Neill scooped the Barclays Manager of the Month for April.[39] Villa's final points tally was 50,[40] an improvement of 8 over the previous season and finished 11th

  • If final position is what we judge a season on then we will have to wait and see what that is

  • Hope Round has got the training right this week! Hope Round gets the team and tactics right for tonight ,tough game!

  • Yes mate he will probably play his favourite beach boys track to gee them up "Round round,get around I get around"

    Round- ooy Bruce go and get me a cup of tea while I address the team

    Bruce - yes boss! right away boss!

  • Well it's not just a failed season it's a disaster of a season guys we are sitting here today worried about dropping again having spent more than anyone else.

    Yes Bruce is to blame as first port of call but he was also bought in to get play offs by his bosses..

    Nobody is going to convince me Steve round is good for us either BTW.. I fail to see how he is going to demonstrate anything other than moyes type thinking

  • Round doesn't do the teams.. He merely appointed the manager to do it...see the point?

  • Thought you said he wS involved in all footballing g matters,coaching and training? Do you think Round will pick the right team tonight?

  • He's responsibility is heading up all footballing matters...twisting it to say he selects the team so misquoting whst I say something that happens regularly

  • It's all his fault where we are though no?

  • But its the team thats performing badly which is the managers job to improve, Round is there to help him succeed, thats been stated many times, what is Round doing to effect the team or Bruces performance? nothing that Bruce has not asked for from him.

  • I think you just typify the conversation we have just had above, childish nonsense is what is ruining the blog.

  • Who do you think Bruce will select tonight and what formation?

  • how about the players we signed?

    yes as soon as Steve round and tony Xia gave me a call i wanted to play for them legends in the game ;)

    James absolutely thousands of managers are employed every day not all of them work out, Steve Bruce is well thought of as a manager on the whole because he has got a few promotions, employing him was not exactly a bad idea at the time if you wanted promotion. Its pointless blaming round it was hardly a left field appointment

  • Who do you think he will get in next then?

    Bet you aren't every confident

    This is the second failed appointment

    Manchester city's first appointment was Mancini I think? How did he get on

  • A club trying to win the prem V one trying to get promoted? Mmmmmm

  • I would say that the club have to be Clear on the remit, Steve Bruce was promotion stab no doubt with a rolling contract. We contacted Wagner and smith and that says to me we are looking beyond the obvious, so no I'm not worried. It may be that the club decide to give Bruce next season and hope he gets us up, however if he cannot improve results that will be surprising.

  • Didn't they keep Mark Hughes for a while ? I am sure he signed Barry..

  • Well rounds next call is very important I think.. Whst does he do.. Sticks with Bruce next season regardless? Can't see that going down well

    Fire him end of season? Will that happen?

    There is a match for us today and I'm not even remotely bothered that's how bad this season has been

  • Denman,

    Keep on posting bud, I'd ignore tweedle dee and tweedle dum, they've got nothing better to do then spot the Bob poster.

  • Round is here for alot more than jsut to help Bruce out Lb mate..

    He is practically here to almost make it easier to hire and fire managers if they don't work out to the way he wants villa to go moving forward.

    Big remit for such a rookie who has been mentored by 3 dinasour a his whole career

  • Sorry mate but that is in your head, go back and read his remit when he came in it clearly states that everything he is doing at the club is aimed at helping the manager do his job, from producing academy players and an ethos, all to help the team win because that is the whole point of football. If that means he recommends the manager is sacked then that will be looked at by the board but I very much doubt it is in his power to sack the first team manager.

  • Well effectively he is Xia's go to football man at the club if you leave the manager to do his job, Wyness to do the commercial stuff that leaves Round who sources players develops methods of training etc manages the coaching and employs the coaches.

  • Whatever Round is responsible for it is the manager and his coach that train the first team, Bruce has said he brought in Calderwood and clements. Round has been here to short a time to effect anything because what he is doing is foundational at the club. Bruce's is the sharp end and at this moment it is more to do with Bruce(having a free reign) than it is anything Round has implemented, unless Bruce cannot understand or use the stats etc.

  • Well, I've not posted on here for a while but I've still been reading. I'm at an absolute loss as to what's wrong at Villa. A few years ago there were some tables posted up which was basically a 'spending table' against the actual tables at the time. It showed a very strong correlation between the two so this seems to apply unless you're Aston Villa.
    My intention this season was to get down to VP a lot more but I'm struggling to sit through a TV game at the moment!

  • James,

    So M.City Owners having being in charge for some years now, are they culpable for hiring a fraud (according to you) like Pep??

  • Pep has alrdy proven my point not even going to discuss that any longer the evidence is there for all to see on it

  • The question wasn't about Pep, but the City owners for picking a fraud (according to you)?

  • Yes evidence he started off electric and had a rough patch,now smashing it and doing better than JM who is in a family more stable team with years and years of prem experience,well done pep great manager!

  • All down to Round to get the right team out on the pitch! wonder what training session Round's got the team doing this morning and if the Doc is involved too??

  • Round employs the manager mon

    Can't you accept that because you licked the guys ass when he joined not knowing a thing about him and the fact he has been mentored by 3 guys who are out of date?

    Stop twisting my words also please

  • Says the guy who was licking Bruce arse LOL

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