Against Manchester United last week, we went for it. Today, we never really did. On more than one occasion in the first half, during open play and not a corner or free kick, we had all but one player in the box defending.

There is little you can do when you sit back so deep and allow so many of the opposition players to come at you, especially a team like Manchester City. They didn't need fight today, we gave them the ball where they like it and let them play.

But we were never really going to win were we and most accepted that. The thing is, right now, after twelve games (very nearly a third of the way through the season), we've got a goal difference of -12, only nine points and we sit in the relegation zone.

Relegation zone

Did you read that part? Yes, as of right now, we're in the relegation zone and up next we have Arsenal. Does anyone fancy us getting anything from that?

And this isn't me calling for anything and I'm all for pretty football, but there comes a time when we can't let this go on and Lambert really does have to turn it around soon, because if he doesn't, there is every chance the owner might.

For our owner, Premier League football is all and he isn't going to risk that for anything. But he'll be okay with a 5-0 defeat to Manchester City because he can live with that.

Points count

Again, this isn't me calling for anything and I like the football we are trying to play, but today we didn't try to play it and despite all the pretty football, points on the table are what count.

We have nine from a possible 36 and things need to change, very quickly. I don't like 'relegation' word and the last two seasons I've been quite clear that we wont go down, mostly because there were three worse teams than us. Right now, as of today, I don't see three worse teams.

Which puts my in a difficult place, because I like what Lambert is trying to do, but the thing is, he has to start doing it more quickly.

Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • Guest - expat007

    Good morning Gentleman,

    DAMIAN said

    ‘Which puts my in a difficult place, because I like what Lambert is trying to do, but the thing is, he has to start doing it more quickly.’

    I ask this question of Damian and others: Is Paul Lambert (PL) the right man to manage The Villa and be given more time or should he go now?
    I will try answer my own question and endeavor not be influenced by my passion for The Villa. In my opinion a successful football manager is no different from a winning General, top Business Manager or leading Politician. Does PL have the qualities be a successful manager of The Villa?

    His motivation:
    When PL is being interviewed on TV or reading his quotes in the press, his inability to excite and inspire anyone is non existent. His performances on TV are dismal and his interview after the match yesterday was so wretched and embarrassing.
    The man seems to have no personality and appears to be lethargic, so how can he inspire his players to play to their maximum potential. I will not mention his sense of humour, because it appears he has none. He is a dour Scot!

    Duke of Wellington said of Napoleon:
    "his presence on the field made the difference of 40,000 men."
    PL is not a Napoleon and is more like :
    The grand old Duke of York,
    He had ten thousand men;
    He marched them up to the top of the hill,
    And he marched them down again.

    And when they were up, they were up,
    And when they were down, they were down,
    And when they were only half-way up,
    They were neither up nor down.

    His use of Tactics:
    Yesterday was a very good example of his use of tactics. His players were to play a team with some of the best attacking footballers in Europe (Tevez, Dzeko, Silva, Nasri, Aguelo and Balotelli) and one with a capable defense. So does he select a side to contain them and try to score on the break like any adept manager would given the quality the squad he had to select from, no its a 4 - 3 - 3 set up and gung ho! It was like sending your troops over the top in the first World War, giving them little or no chance of winning.
    His substitutions where unbelievable and to replace Benteke with Bowery was a joke. OK so Benteke was not having a great game, but for the Villa side who was. If he was replacing him with Bent I could understand, but Bowery who has played 83 games and score 10 goals for Chesterfield in the leagues One and Two, you could not make it up.
    This was desperation tactics from a leader who has completely loss the plot.

    Loyalty from his players:
    It has been said that he has loss the dressing room, the truth is it is more likely he never had it. He just does not have that stature that is required to be a leader.

    His success rate at The Villa:
    He was a good player, no doubt of that, but as a manager of The Villa he is a total failure and the record shows its worse than Alex McLeish and that takes some doing. So far this season in the League.
    Aston Villa: Played 12. Won 2 Drawn 3 Loss 7 GD -12 Points 9
    League position 18th and next match Arsenal at home.

    In conclusion:
    For all those who keep repeating ‘give him more time’. He has now been at The Villa for nearly six months and the club is staring over the precipice into the Championship and possibly into the oblivion. It looks like Hughes has gone and rumour has it that Redknapp is in talks with QPR, that could be another nail in The Villa’s coffin.
    Give PL more rope if you like, but I fear if you do he will hang The Villa. Time is no longer on Villa’s side, he has to go and go quickly.

  • In Lambert We Trust
    honestly, what do you expect?
    we are in the relegation zone. do you expect everyone to be happy? the likes of west ham and west brom have twice as many points as we do and the team he left, with a new manager, are higher up the table - suggesting maybe that he wasn't all that

    new squad or not new squad, he decided to bring in all these players and positioned them as premier league players while the best striker in the premier league last season, based on chances converted, is getting benched and players from our academy, considered very good prospects, are getting replaced by players from lower league clubs

    it was inevitable, that if we fell into the relegation zone yesterday, that this would happen

  • Guest - villabiker

    Damian i might be wrong but hasnt Bent been injuryed

  • abz1888, well spotted ...

    villabiker, sounds about right, but think it fiar to say the manager doesn't like him

  • Guest - expat007


    Good morning Mate,

    At least the weather is OK over here, which helps to lessen the hurt.

    As you implied, it was not rocket science to see from the result of putting boys in to do men’s work. Its OK to introduce then into an established side for experience, but to do it in one foul swoop was expecting too much.

    Yesterday to put the boy from Chesterfield on against Man City was just ridiculous and not even laughable. I cant remember, did he even get a kick of the ball. As I said earlier it was just desperation from someone who has totally lost the plot.

    I hate to see anyone lose there job, but there seems to be no other answer.

  • Guest - villabiker

    EXPAT007 if i done my job that ba d id be gone by now and not with a very health hand shake

  • Guest - damo

    Would love to know how many of you villa fans wanting Lambert gone were chanting one Paul lambert at Norwich last season. HA HA There's only one Chrissie hughton.

  • Guest - expat007


    And me. Talk to you soon.;)

  • Hindsight is a great thing for football fans. But I think Lambert would be great with a stable club, we probably needed an experienced old head to streer us through the turmoil then was the time to bring in a manager like Lambert to work alongside the experienced guy and then to eventually take over the reigns. Lambert has been dropped in at the deep end with a pathetic budget with which he is expected to radically change things. I am not anti Lmabert I feel for the guy but as things stand we are heading for a disaster.

  • abz1888: good shout plenty of experience just what we need.

  • Yes we won the European cup 30 years ago and yes every Villa fan knows that Villa are the biggest club on the planet.......but there needs to be some realism. Lambert inherited a rapidly declining wreck, 100000% fact. Now of course everything was McLeish's and Lerner's fault because it couldn't possibly have anything to do with our world class players who week-in week-out defend like lions, pass like scousers on mastermind, and score like a team of Messies.

    A new team means an up and down season - see Sunderland, Man Utd and Man City(heads dropped after some horrific decisions). Yes we are in a crap position, that too is a fact. But the youth team have been given a chance, we are tying to play football properly, and there have been genuine signs of progress. Who have been our best players this season - Benteke(the beast on friday but now tears for Bent again) and Vlaar.... How many of our players other than those 2 would make the squad of any of the top 6? Bent is at Aston Villa and Sunderland in his prime for a reason.

    Give the manager a chance or go off and support Man City. I'll judge Lambert after a season.

  • Guest - Andy A

    He will turn it round. Having been at Sunderland and the Man Utd game there is a lot to be cheerful about.
    In honesty who expected us to get anything against either Manchester teams? Fingers crossed our performance will be better against Arsenal which might then put us in good stead for Reading, which we clearly need to win and QPR.
    PL has had to go with the kids, no money in the coffers. I see a big difference in what we are seeing under PL than AM and like a few people, I feel we are just 3 players away from a half decent side but there lies the problem, we clearly need experience, R Dunne back (despite age) and a couple of seasoned campaigners to bring the kids o but wheres the money coming from? Long term this great club of ours will resurface and prosper, probably a spell in the championship may help, god forbid, but we will be back.

  • Everything will be all right when the QIA buy us out.

  • Relegation is never an option under any circumstances. Too many big clubs have gone down expecting to come straight back up and never do Leeds, Forest for example , we will become another if we end up going down.

  • Guest - Sasa

    I've become less panicky since Sunderland game, but if I see another Norwich performance against any of Reading, QPR and Wigan then I will be very angry. I've warmed a little to PL, but this is the exact reason why I wanted Martiniez, because this squad is easily capable of losing 8 on the trot whilst the system is changed from random hoofing to controlled passing. The problem is can Lambert handle all those defeats and come good, we know Roberto can? And if we gave the latter a budget he would've turned us into top 8 with good football I'm sure, and I'm hoping PL can do that, there are games in Nov and Dec for him to prove himself.

  • Guest - expat007


    You might have missed this, but QIA own Paris St. Germain. I do not think that FIFA allows you to own more than one Club. Well think about it Paris St. Germain v's Villa in a European match!!!!

    Paris St. Germain

  • Sunderland on Sky today I think we will see how poor they are cannot get too excited about beating them they will struggle although they have decent players.

  • Come on lads be happy!

    We're gonna win the championship next season!

  • abz1888,

    Anyone who thinks Lambert should be fired after 12 league games, (also in league cup after beating City away), in my opinion will never get any joy out of supporting Villa - so please support City.

    We don't have any money - what options did Lambert have? Poor quality young eager players - isn't that most of our youth squad who we keep harping on about despite producing maybe 3 players in 20 years? 2 weeks ago: Westwood was a 'gem', Benteke was a 'beast', the song goes oh-ah-Ron-Vlaar, Guzan has played well this season, Lowton looks good - i'd argue its the pre-Lambert garbage that is what is holding us back......and i'd agree with other comment - we are about 3 good players, and a season of experience, away from being a good side.

  • expat007

    Are you trying to say that QIA aren't going to buy us?

  • Basically, i can't even argue with the babies, we're in the relegation zone what can I say.

    Remember the laudrup/laursen combo?

  • Guest - expat007


    I tell you what I do not like is that the Club that I love is managed by a useless inarticulate, moron of a manager who have amassed one of the worst Villa, if not the worst squads I have seen for over 50 years at Villa Park. That includes the 3rd division side of the 70’s.

    You have the audacity to tell me to support Man City. I care so much about The Villa that I cant bear to think of us being relegated. You are trying to justify your argument by insulting longstanding, good and loyal supporters and cant bring yourself to admit you have been backing the wrong Donkey, yes in my opinion he not good enough to be compared to a horse.

    In PL I have never put my trust, because he has failed The Villa and for me that is unpardonable.

  • Experience! How about Gordon Strachan!

  • I would like to know what the magic potion is the some think PL has which means we will beat the struggling teams around us, did he take it to Southampton?

  • I think people are trying to stay positive windy.

  • Lambert was the "fans" choice wasn't he?

  • Indeed I wish I could but as the weeks go on I am getting more and more negative as much as I try. It is so annoying that this season promised so much after 2 seasons of misery and look at what is happening we are actually in a worse situation. When you have seen the club win the league, European cup, come runners up in the PL finish top 6 for 3 consectutive seasons it is hard if not impossible to find anything positive about our current plight. Not forgetting in the recent past supplying half the England team to now not even having anyone in the squad.

  • He was indeed the fans choice but it is not working out as most of us hoped or expected. I repeat 2 wins from 12 games is apalling!

  • Guest - expat007

    Randy Learner

    PL wasn’t mine or any of my friends choice, when we looked at his record before Norwich it was at best mediocre and at Norwich it was comparable to that of Ian Holloway’s at Blackpool. I would have preferred Holloway, but only because he had a sense of humour. Of all the ones mentioned for the post at the time, I was not very convinced by any of them. The Villa needs and deserves a top manager.

    The only one in the frame at the moment is Harry and if RL has any intention of turning The Villa around he must go for him.

  • Thing is this blog does not pick the manager the owner and his gimp do. If they too any notice of what is said on here they would be long gone.

  • Guest - William Hart

    :( Not Happy with current results and team is crap. We will be relegated this year 100% and I will then stop supporting AVFC.

  • Guest - William Hart

    Paul Lambert needs to go. Straight away. I'd like to see Alex McLeish given another chance.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Randy Learner

    Lambert was the "fans" choice wasn't he?

    Maybe yours; not mine and at the time I can remember quite a few voices wanting Martinez but he was rubbished by the Lambert brigade....

    Yes the first two decisions were the Refs fault, but the way we collapsed - just like we did against United - is what concerns me the most.

    I've already said Lambert needs to get some positive results, and feared that after November we would be sitting near or in the relegation zone. Did Lambert not get a few 5 nil hammerings when he was managing Norwich. Where is this German tactical nous we were told he would bring with him???

    The thing is. the football we are playing is not even that positive, let alone the results, so the prospect at the moment does not look rosy.

    For me it's not so much the Arsenal result - i've already given up on that - games after that which are not more crucial , and do I feel confident we will get some results, not at the moment!!

    If by Christmas our form continues in this vain - with with the football regressing the way it has - then there is not point waiting to the end of the season, bite the bullet and get rid. We have Harry who surely can not make it any worse then what we have right now.

    Who is to blame for all this, Randolph is the culprit along with his side kick Fat Falkner who are incapable of enticing the right man for this big role.

  • I think William hart is a bluenose on a wind up!

  • Guest - villabiker

    bobvillian take no notice some wind up merchant with nothing better to do

  • 'Arry will be at QPR before the end of the week imo.

  • Nah mon4-5-1, Lambert wasn't my choice, I wanted the laudrup Lauren combo!

    I do feel that when the fans were chanting his name , that is what Lerner thought though.

  • I did mention it at the time, when Harry got the sack, did we move too soon you know, have him for a couple of years then hire avb.

    Hindsight is 20/20, I haven't given up on Lambert yet .

  • Guest - expat007

    Randy Learner

    I haven't given up on Lambert yet .

    That's not the problem, the problem is I think Lambert has given up on Lambet

  • Guest - WelshVilla

    I've read most of the comments and there is a clear split in opinion. I wouldn't say Lambert was my first choice in the summer but I did think he was a positive appointment as he seemed to have a winning mentality both as a player and manager. I do like some of the things he's trying to do with the scouting network and searching the lower leagues for talent. I think you need to do that , but I think he should have strengthened the squad with experience in key areas. If Randy wouldn't upfront the cash then he should have wheeled and dealed and sold maybe Bent for a lot of money in order to improve the team as a whole. He never give Warnock or Hutton a chance to prove themselves and outcast them straight away. I have no problem with that but is Lichaj really better than Warnock? And Bennett looks shambolic defensively. So why give Delph a chance? he has no pace and gives away the ball cheaply in a position which links up the defence and the attack ( pretty key in my eyes ). We've looked really good in certain games such as Newcastle, Swansea and Man Utd first half and im thinking Lambert is doing a good job. But then I see the 2nd half against Southampton and how we were outplayed by Norwich and im thinking the players aint motivated enough and the tactics we are employing cant deal with certain teams. When I was playing id want my manager to lay into me when im not doing well and gee me up a bit. I just think the hair dryer treatment works on occasions. Based on the signings of Benteke, Vlaar and Lowton u think he's done well but it may be down to the fact he had scouted them at Norwich. Although I think his intentions are right you have to judge a manager on the facts sometimes and 12 games , 7 defeats , 22 goals conceded and 9 points is abysmal i'm sorry. So for all you Villa fans that say some of us are fickle. Its not being fickle, the proof is in the pudding. I think we will pick up points in the next 4 games and I do agree with some things Lambert's trying to do. But tactically and motivationally he seems really inept at the moment and you can't ignore the results we've had so far this season. I just ask myself this, who would I rather have managing Villa at this moment in time . . . Harry or Lambert? and Harry wins everytime. He's the best wheeler and dealer in the business and he is very good tactically due to his years in the game.

  • Guest (WelshVilla: Think you speak a lot of sense and I would echo that totally, I would though like a DoF to come in now and give some assistance to PL. PL is the future but needs help to get through the present. Now Sunderland winning at Fulham we are in danger of getting cut adrift.

  • Guest - expat007

    When you thought it could not get worst, Fulham 1 Sunderland 3!!

  • Guest - expat007


    That’s a no brainer, Harry every time!!

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    I'm all for giving Lambert a fair crack at the whip, even though at the time I felt he was very much in the O'Neil mold of manager. However, if we continue in this vain of form and sit in the bottom 3 come Christmas drifting further and further away from the rest of the pack....when do we decide enough is enough, when we are relegated?

    Yes no one is expecting miracles, but our squad is not as bad as our current position or more importantly, our performances.

    Have we set out expectations so low that relegation to the championship if acceptable, as long as Lambert it give a so called 'fair chance'.

    Our only hope I can see right now is for one of the expected clubs to struggle above us to have a really poor run in the second half of the season, and get sucked in to a relegation battle with us.

    If Lambert deserves or wants fans to support him, then he needs to start producing something at the very the moment he has produced nothing...

  • Guest - WelshVilla


    Cheers mate. I'm just worried. We've lost 7 in 12 and people are saying not to worry and give the manager time. That mentality is like having a £1000 overdraft and thinking to be £900 into it is ok. I was thinking the other day, I now hope for a win whereas in the past Id expect us to win. We've scored 10 premier league goals and conceded 22 goals in 12 games. Only QPR and Southampton have conceded more and we are the lowest scores along with Sunderland as they've scored 3 against Fulham today. Two words - ALARM BELLS

  • Guest - expat007

    Sunderland win 3 - 1

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    One you can say bad luck, twice lessons to learn, three times what the hell is going on.

    We have now collapsed on 3 occasions in the second half - which to me is a huge concern....Southampton, Man United and now Man City....if that is not signs of a side heading in to the championship, or a manager who's has no plan B, then I don't know what is...

  • Sadly we are just a poor inexperienced team, drifting (its been coming for a couple of seasons) towards the Championship and then who knows where. Our owner and his sidekick have no idea or if they do have no intention of reversing the inevitable.

  • Guest - smcvilla

    Lerner and Faulkner
    Get out of our club NOW. It's time somebody else had a go.:(

  • Lambert's policy - buy young hungry players, i am yet to see the hunger from any of his signings
    it's ok building for the future but you have to do it with a mix of experience and youth over time
    blending 2/3 youth players into your team so the senior players experience keeps the team stability while the youth are developed,
    you cannot fill your team with inexperienced lower league youth players and expect them to cope with the pace of the premier league,
    it's a recipe for disaster
    our very own experienced senior players are Ireland & gabby,bent
    albrighton & bannan & clark are still learning there trade in the top flight of english football
    maybe if we were in 2nd or 3rd tier of the football league you can do what Lambert is doing
    but we are Aston Villa a established premier league club
    Lambert did great at Norwich but i think he is out of his depth at villa
    some of the football as got better but in all honesty it could not get any worse after Mcleish era,
    it's ok trying to play from the back passing movement etc, but football is a results buisness that is why we as villa fans we should not keep saying he needs time etc etc,
    lerner is a cheap skate no investment of his own in villa,he simply issues us loans and take interest on them loans from us,
    lerner wants to develope the youth so he does not have to pay the wage demands of top players,deadly doug had is faults but i would take doug any day of the week over lerner,doug loves villa lerner does not in my opinion, we are a simple investment for lerner where he will always earn money from villa what ever tier of football we play in,
    i dont rate Bannan,i never have, but he as got better this season i hold my hands up,but the reason he looks better his the rest of the lambert players brought in who he plays are so much poorer,that is why bannan appears to have improved,
    personally i would like to see lambert sacked now
    and try and get harry in to save us
    but lerner wont do that cos lambert is his new fall guy

  • Guest - expat007

    You may find this interesting. The number of times the following sides play each other is high and they are 6 pointers.

    13.Norwich City 14 points -9 GD
    14.Stoke City 12 points -1 GD- Game in hand
    15.Sunderland 12 points -2 GD- Game in hand
    16.Wigan 11 points -9 GD
    17.Reading 9 points -5 GD- Game in hand
    18.Aston Villa 9 points -12 GD
    19.Southampton 8 points -12 GD
    20.Queens Park Rangers 4 points -14 GD

    11/24 Everton v. Norwich City
    11/28 @ Southampton
    12/02 Norwich City v. Sunderland 6 pointer
    12/08 Swansea City v. Norwich City

    11/19 West Ham United v. Stoke City
    11/24 Stoke City v. Fulham
    11/28 Stoke City v. Newcastle United
    12/01 West Bromwich Albion v. Stoke City
    12/08 @ Villa

    11/24 Sunderland v. West Bromwich Albion
    11/27 Sunderland v. Queens Park Rangers 6 pointer
    12/02 @ Norwich
    12/08 Sunderland v. Chelsea

    11/24 Wigan Athletic v. Reading 6 pointer
    11/28 Wigan Athletic v. Manchester City
    12/03 Newcastle United v. Wigan Athletic
    12/08 Wigan Athletic v. Queens Park Rangers 6 pointer

    11/24 Aston Villa v. Arsenal
    11/27 Aston Villa v. Reading 6 pointer
    12/01 @ QPR
    12/08 Aston Villa v. Stoke City 6 pointer

    11/24 @Wigan
    11/27 @ Villa
    12/01 Reading v. Manchester United
    12/08 @ Southampton

    11/25 Southampton v. Newcastle United
    11/28 Southampton v. Norwich City 6 pointer
    12/01 Liverpool v. Southampton
    12/08 Southampton v. Reading 6 pointer

    11/24 Manchester United v. Queens Park Rangers
    11/27 @ Sunderland
    12/01 Queens Park Rangers v. Aston Villa 6 pointer
    12/08 @ Wigan

  • Guest - truevillan

    the problem with this team is the youth and inexperience, if Lambert had built this team in League one and played them, taken them to the Championship, then to the premiership, they would be fine, but to build and play this team in the premiership is suicide!
    The defense is woeful, 3 young, inexperienced players in a 4 man defence! you should never do this, Right now Warnock, as much as I do not like him, would do better in defence, experienced old head.
    The midfield is just a flavour of the week, constantly changing.
    The attack shows signs of life, and while Gabby does play well once in a blue moon, I will never know how he had such a long and well paid career at the top, he is useless! a striker with 1 prem goal in 20+ matches, that is poor from a midfielder, but a striker!
    we need points and fast, I fear another thrashing from Arsenal could finish off this young teams confidence.
    and to cap off a bad week, our improving striker (Benteke) saying he wants to play for Arsenal, tells us he will be off as soon as his stock is up, we even signed a kid from Sweden and he said much the same, make my name and join a big club! we are a joke!

  • Guest - salty

    Last week a young cockerel, today a feather duster. I think this will be the story of the season; don't despair just yet folks...we can get something against The Arse, then a real crunch vs Reading. What would be a good return- 6/6:o, 4/6:D or 3/6:)? Anything less begins to be a real problem.

  • Guest - expat007


    Absolutely, if a team has played in the 1st Division and got promoted and then done the same in the Championship they will have a chance of surviving in the Premiership. But to take individual players from the lower divisions and throw then in the deep end they will drown.

    That’s not to say that they could make the grade given time and groomed with experienced Premiership players. The way PL is doing it will mean that their confidence will be shattered.

  • Guest - Sacktherelegator

    Pleased I kept my name from last season

  • Yes salty 0 points from our next two games and even my positivity will begin to drain.

  • Guest - granger

    which players from last year should be in the team ahead of Lamberts signings?

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    So which Lambert have we got - before he joined I said, we will get Lambert of Norwich or the Lambert of the moment it's seriously looking like the Lambert of Livingston...

  • We were hammered by Southampton what makes people think we will beat Reading and even if we do it may mean we are still in the bottom 3 depending on other results. Last season we had a few points in hand going into Christmas - cant see it happening this season. Its dire and we are struggling against teams around us.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    the problem is that we are trying to build a side with bargain basement signings from the lower leagues domestically. Now if that is not a recipe for disaster then again, I don't know what is. Bennet, Westwood, Bowery, Lowton may all be good players, but were they really needed after the disaster of last season and youngsters we already have in the squad?

    Lowton, is he really better the Lichaj? from the performances I have seen so far I would put Lichaj ahead of Lowton.

    Is Bennet really any better than Warnock or Stevens?

    el ahmadi was needed to cover for the defensive midfielder role, but we needed another 1 if not 2 midfielders, with a box to box driving midfielder being the highest priority - did we get them, no, we spent vast majority of the transfer budget on another striker.

    Is Benteke any better than Bent?

    The biggest disappointment so far is some of the key players being dropped. We need to utilize Bent and Nzogbia better, they should still have a big part to play. Instead Lambert has decided he will ostracize them.

    All in all, I agree some of what Lambert has done, but there are fundamental areas he needed to address in the summer...midfield which he has ignored and we are now paying the price...

  • Guest - WelshVilla


    Cheers mate. I try to keep the posts interesting and with substance ;)

  • Look guys, I know that you're upset and emotional, 12 games 9 points and all that, but some saying they now want Hutton back sums it all up for me about reactionary fans.


  • Guest - Rw

    I think that some Villa fans have their heads stuck in the sand thinking that we'll be ok because the 2nd half of the season will be more rewarding, lerner will sack PL or even invest heavily. Personally, I think the players need to give the extra 10% when defending and going forward instead of thinking that another player will do it, because come new years day if we're riding on 18 points then sorry gents but we are down. The young fullbacks are going to be good players in 3 years time but not now, Vlaar is made to look ordinary by clark who is just not good enough to be a first choice centre-back, El-Almadi is so casual and lightweight, Bannan, Albrighton & Ireland inconsistant, Westwood needs 1- 2 years nuturing, Benteke is powerful but lacks a cutting edge and finesse at this moment in time and Gabby plays well 1/6 games. So what do we have? A team of triers but all fizz and no pop!
    I believe in the style of PL's football but as many state, too many inexperienced players expected to cut it on enthusiasm alone. It's a sign of the times when pundits rip into us saying how shocking we are as we've been poor for 3 seasons now. Personally I thought pre-season we should've scoured Scandanavia for hardened dogged defenders at a great transfer fee, god knows there's plenty of them. We should've replaced Stan as the industry and quality has vanished and then bought at least one tricky wide player. Thought MA would've been trying to impress this season and drive us on but he is a championship player, all pace and no idea how to beat a defender! We will lose against Arsenal and a draw looks likely against Reading. Stoke coming up too, they will mug us too as they've got proven premiership experience. Let's just hope we turn-up from January and hopefully sign at least 2 or 3 good players or forget it lads. Gutted here, this is our famous Aston Villa and we're sinking fast!

  • Westwood, Bennet and Lowton should have been blooded via our reserves the gap between where they have come from and the PL is immense and they should have been used to put pressure on those in their positions now they are automatic choices without being good enough or ready.

  • Lack of knowledge of premiership players? I think you've chosen the wrong words there mate.

    On Lerner, it does seem that the board don't know football, he has chosen what he thought was the fans choice twice though and trusted them, one put the club on the road to financial ruin, the other we have now.

  • I go along with PL being the fans choice of manager but with a decent budget to bring in decent players I dont blame PL its RL and PF I hold responsible trouble is PL will cop all the flack as he is the manager. Good businessmen dont make good football men.

  • I've ready many posts this lat two days. Can mostly be summed up by either our squad isn't good enough or too young and the camp that says our squad's not that bad and it's all PL fault. Well I fall into the squad's not good enough and especially the midfield which has to be one of the weakest I have witnessed in 55 years of loving our club. If you look at all of the EPL teams with exception of Southampton and Reading then they all have experienced battled hardened EPL players in their midst. Yes our back line is inexperienced but it is exposed time and time again by our weak midfield. Nothing can be done about this till Jan. Sacking the manager will not make them better. We have been weak there for years. I hope that PL is given the money to turn it round. If all he is given is a licence to buy more Championship players then that is what we will get next year. It is not just about the transfer fees. You can get quality players on frees and low transfers but if you pay them monkey nut wages then you will not get the quality we want.
    As for Hutton and Warnock KEEP them well away from VP, what makes anybody think that they are any better than what we have, did nobody watch them play last year liabilities every time they played and now they would surely have even less commitment. PL has been dealt a bum hand by the true culprit RL. We are and have been for some time a very badly run club and the consequences are now coming home to roost so that even with a January blood transfusion the patient might not be saved. Very sad state of affairs

  • jvc
    In my opinion PL ignored the PL market because he couldn't pay the wage demands of these players

  • jcv: the money he was given! or lack of it.

  • My point was, obviously he knows the players, but has decided to take different options.

    Is 20mil peanuts? Possibly. Its more than most though.

  • Warnock is just a liabilty, many times last year when he played this blog hammered him

  • AS for 20million it was peanuts considering the state of our squad, he needed way more

  • PL also went for quantity rather than quality I suspect he was told how much he had to spend and told to spend it how he felt it would best benefit the club.

  • jvc I agree £4M for Charlie Adam was a snip but I bet his wage demands were more than PF and RL would sanction, that's my point his hands are tied

  • Now you want Charlie Adam, it just gets better.

  • We should learn from Spurs they buy decent players and move decent players on their net spend is nothing we could not compete with. We have taken a massive gamble that has not and does not look like paying off.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Cheers JCV....

    Randy Learner,

    if 20 million was all he had - which by the way is the same budget West Ham had when coming up and lot more than some of the other clubs above us who where expected favorites to go down - then why did he spend it on bargain base players that have not improved the current squad in any way shape or form?

    The point is not about individual players, but the thought process that goes behind it. Two ten million pound midfielders with some experience - ideally from Spain, where you can pick up some good players due to the financial state of Spanish clubs would have been a better option. It would have helped in bedding in current crop of youngsters we had.

    We now have 2 two options:

    . Sack Paul Lambert by Christmas if results continue in the same vain
    . Lerner will back Lambert in winter transfer window and then it's fingers crossed

    I suspect it will be option 2 and hope it's not to late for us by then...

  • I'm sorry for disagreeing with you jcv, what opinion are you asking for?

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Randy Learner,

    the point to my last post if it did not sink in is that you can invest in potential up to a point. Then it's about quality and not quantity. The only quality we have - if you want to go by proven premiership experience and monies we have paid is Bent and Nzogbia, and all Lambert has done it Ostracize these players.

    It's like a manager joining a company, demoting the senior staff to the bench, and promoting all the graduates to take over from the senior staff. Yes, bring in the youngsters, but few at a time with some quality players around them...

  • Have I ever said he should he is right to blood all these youngsters. Or that his signings are amazing, a few quality players from abroad is what I'd like as well.

    Signings a little like my man laudrup would be great.

  • In fact I think you might have got completely the wrong end of the stick Mon.

    Jcv, I don't see the need to make fake criteria on signings, i'll use cabaye and tiote as examples for now.

  • Guest - Rw

    Steve in Ireland, i totally agree. The midfield (the worst Villa midfield i've ever witnessed) is so weak and lightweight we struggle to compete most of the time, which exposes the defence, but that said the defenders are just too inexperienced as they get caught ball-watching, don't step up at the right time so players are played on-side and cannot pass for toffee when going forward cos they're thinking about the last mis-placed pass they made 10mins earlier! There's no way RL will sack PL, no way, not going to happen! I get what PL wants to achieve and i like what he did at Norwich but he's tactically caught-out every week, his post match comments are seriously deluded and baffling to the point that it sounds like he doesn't even know what he's talking about! I just don't get that mentality at all.................Though, pre-season I really did think he'd do well at Villa.
    Behind the scenes, was he told to buy young, spend little on wages and buy no stars due to ego's etc? We'll never know.
    What I do know is, that we are a non-competitive side who are rolled over and bullied if put under pressure and should we go a goal behind it looks a long way back, 2 goals behind and we look done for. We have played well in a handful of games albeit in fits & starts but thats all.
    So we shall see, i hope PL nails the right formula over the next 2-3 games or as we are all'll be game over, and that's unthinkable for a club like us. UTV

  • See you jcv, one prem player I thought we did need was bassong.

  • Guest - Rocco

    It's been a very difficult start to Lamberts villa career and he hasn't done himself any favours however he isn't Mclleish, we wanted him out and PL in so we have to stick with him end of

    We need to keep positive till the window opens and then need that twat Faulkner and Forest Lerner to get his cheque book out

    May I suggest that they take a drive up the M6 and buy one of those horrible centre halves from Stoke, then go and blow the dust off Darren Bent and then make an insulting offer to Liverpool and buy back Stuart Downing.

    I know that I will get slagged for that but the way we are set up int working so lets go back to wingers and also give Nzog a final chance

  • Here are a few things i believe to be true , no proof, just my thoughts

    1/ PL was given the job knowing there was a limited budget, Pl thought this was not a problem, as he has limited knowledge of EPL players anyway and is used to developing lower league players.
    2/ He was told to get rid of overpaid leaky defence (we had a leaky defence last year also), unfortunately he was only able to move Collins.
    3/ Bent was always expendable but said no to a Newcastle move in the summer.
    4/ Dempsey was a major target, vital piece, but he had his heart set on Liverpool.
    5/ Pl expected a lot more from KEA, jury still out
    6/ Bent & N'Zogbia are actually injured
    7/ PL's exit from Norwich was not as smooth as he thought it would be, hence he was not able to move for Holt, Hoolahan or Pilkington.
    8/ Tactically for the most part he has got it right, the subs, have been forced by tired players, or in an effort to blood new players, after the game is already lost. We played a 451 last two games - not 433 as some mention.
    9/ PL is still looking for 2 or 3 players to strengthen the midfield.
    10/ There will be cash available in Jan and there always was, as he told Randy he would need at least two windows to make a good start on the huge overhaul job we need.
    11/ I believe his lackluster interviews lately are because he is truely as disappointed as us fans.
    12/ Our team are learning, we have seen some improvements and we are still only two wins or so from mid table.

    We have to stick with PL and get behind him, like a lot of PL managers he needs time and a decent chance, all fans these days are so ready to chop and change, should we not at least give him a season to prove himself ? , remember this is what the majority of us fans were saying when he was appointed.

  • Guest - George

    Ron Saunders was Villa manager for 8 years.

    When he took over in '74 we'd finished 14th in the old Div 2 and though he revamped the squad over the forthcoming years he inherited some great player such as Rioch, Nicholl and Graydon - we also had some amazing players coming through like Little and Cowans. Many of the player that Saunders bought were complete unknowns like Evans, Andy Gray & Des Bremner, others he brought in like Carrodus and McNaught we considered little more than journey-men 'top-flighters'.

    Saunders was a top man but he had the relative luxury of starting in Div 2 with very low expectations and had some great players already in place.

    Lambert has done what all of know we needed - a complete overhaul ... and he's had very little money to do it with - imagine if he'd, as some suggest, gone out and bough 2 £10m prem players with the money he was given - we'd be stuck with the same old dross as last year - that's exactly what McTwat would have done.

    What he has done is really ballsy, he's backed his judgement and ability and refreshed the squad with young talented players - sure we'd gotten hammered a couple of times and will again as the season progresses because he's not inherited what Saunders did (a solid spine to his team) and he's had to make wholesale changes in the Prem unlike Saunders who could build slowly from a division down.

    I love the fact we have a completely new back four - Vlaar is ace, Lowton a real gem.

    I love the fact that we have young players coming in who look like with a bit of experience will be real favourites like Westwood and Big Ben.

    He's building a team the way it should be done - not bringing in mercenary cast-offs from others ... look what's happened to QPR FFS.

    I couldn't give a stuff what happens this year - I really hope and believe that we won't go down but if that's what we need to 'get it right' - rather that than more of the same old mid-table mediocrity dross.

    Anyone who has the balls to do what he has done by getting wholesale rid of the pissheads & donkeys ripping off our club and replace them with players of genuine promise and talent is alight in my book.

    What he has done, with the squad we had, was what was needed and is the ONLY way to build a proper team with a chance of long-term success - he'd done what Ferguson would have done, what Wenger would have done and for that matter Sir Ron Saunders .

  • I read all the posts today ...
    Please no Downing back, Martinez said no (twice), as Harry would, and please we do not need Hutton & Warnock back in the side.
    "Experienced" PL players are what qpr have , sunderland will never learn to play well under mon & anyone who believes west ham will be where they are at the end of the season is dreaming. Norwich have given a lot of teams a good game lately, they are well organized a largely unchanged side that PL built. reading & southampton have been playing together for some time as fairly unchanged sides.
    I too admire the way Arsenal are run & play the game.
    did i miss anything :)

  • It seems neither George nor myself are "young fans" as someone mentioned, (funny i thought the younger fans were supposed to be less patient) anyway, it does appear we have a lot more patience than some.
    It appears your glass is either half full or half empty !

  • Still cant accept that relegation is a price worth paying as is being suggested by some. It would kill us, this is not the 70's, big clubs dont automatically come straight back up, we simply have to ensure we dont go down which will mean spending serious money in January, as money seems to be Randy's sole motivation I would hope he understands the premis of speculate to accumulate because he is going to have to spend to give us any chance of staying up.

  • It's all well and good trying to play or actually playing attractive football but there are times and places to do it and the place isn't an away game against opposition like that. That game was made for Villa to play counter attacking football, to get in hard with tackles and to use the wings and not to sit back and defend. If you do that to the likes of them, you lose even before you've kicked the ball.

    At least we've got 'hope' this season because PL is trying to do the right thing, last year the team weren't even playing for the manager but hope isn't sufficient. It's all well and good playing young and inexperienced players but within a team like that, you have to have older heads and I think that's one of the things we're missing as well as playing players in the wrong position like Wiemann.

    If we're still in the same position by the end of January, or the start of September, it will be time to worry but on Saturday we were playing a team that has spent billions, not millions but billions and that's hard to play against. They are trying to buy titles, we're using young players to build for the future.

  • John Salter: trouble is Southampton did it to us as well not just Man City.

  • We struggle to score then when we do we struggle to hold a lead, and with an inaffective midfield we will struggle to win games. We will be over run in midfield by Arsenal who are stronger than most in this area.

  • Guest - Dee

    Agree totally with JVC and expat007. I can't believe some fans are ok with bottom 3? PL is simply making excuses-his record is pitiful. Is it unreasonable to expect him to at least arrest the slide if not take us up the table? i fear relegation- i remember the words of Billy McNeill "when a big club like Villa starts to slide, its very difficult to stop".

    I am being dispassionate here and basing myself on past/current results, spend and style of football-unfortuantely PL has failed on all scores. Sack him and move on otherwise we may not survive.

  • Guest - villaranger

    There must be something serious wrong with our types of players and their skills, sure it's difficult to understand scottish, but my explicit opinion is that we need to get rid of Stephen Ireland (pig schnell).

  • If all of our failed transfer and managerial targets last summer we're made known, I'm guessing it would make for a depressing read. I'd bet alot of them are names that have already been mentioned as our potential saviours.

    But Dempsey and Martinez knew it - that much we know. They knew that this club is tainted by an owner who does not know what he's doing, makes too many poor decisions and promises too much to its fans.

    My point is, we can sack everyone, but I'm betting no-one better would come, only foreign players who are desperate to get on the radar in premiership football (does that sound familiar?). Any more instability at this club will certainly torpedo us further.

    If PL manages to avoid relegation this year he deserves the eternal gratitude of Villa fans. Yes I'm sure other better managers would have gotten better results, but they didn't come did they? I'm fairly sure PL's task is alot more than re-building and trying to get a team to gel.

    I think the club and its fans need to stop harping on about how we're a big club etc. because right now the only people that believe it is us. Just go and ask any Tesco's fan.

    Right now we need to find some trench warfare mentality and stop the bickering no matter how valid that may be. Nothing will change at least until January, we are stuck where we are and with what we've got. That's the reality.

    Unless RL decides to sell up, I'm afraid this is our lot as Villa fans. Let's not be in a position where in 12 months time we're in the championship saying that we wish we still had Delph or Bennett, because with our present owner, that scenario isn't out of the question.

    It's no use at this point in the season saying we all deserve better than that.

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