Big Brad - Brad Friedel: He is bigger than Little Brad.


The Clowns - Birmingham City: Basically, they are a bunch of clowns. It is all in the name.

The Circus - Where The Clowns play football. Not difficult to figure out.

Coco - Craig Gardner: Named after the clown and he gets it after he kissed The Clowns badge after scoring his first goal for them.


Daily Star - Made up.


The Fonz - Nathan Delfouneso: It is all in his name.

The Faulkner Option - Limited by what is good for him and his thinking (not his words).


The Ginger One - James Collins: His wife picked this name for him, so it sticks.

God - Paul McGrath.

Gordo - David O´Leary: Gordo was a monkey that went into space. David O´Leary, as far as I know, hasn´t been to space.


King Carlos - Carlos Cuellar: The man that should be made King of Spain and probably will one day.


Little Brad - Brad Guzan: He isn´t as big as Big Brad.


Melly - Olof Mellberg: No need to explain where this comes from. The legend that is Olof Mellberg.

Milly - James Milner: I thought this fitting after The Verdict.


Ricardo - Richard Dunne: He plays like an Italian defender.

Ringmaster - Current manager of The Clowns: This is likely to change a bit over the years.

Ronald McDonald - Stan Collymore.


Sinbad the Sailor - Current owner of The Clowns: This is also likely to change a bit over the years.

Smiler - Gavin McCann - he never smiled and had a permanent upside down smile on his face.

Stan Collymore - This could be for a lot of things. Taking the easy way out or using a classic excuse. Doing just enough to get by. Believing my own hype. Or it could just be the 'classic Stan' and a train wreck before taking the easy way out with a classic excuse.


Tayls - Ian Taylor: Stood in the stands and played on the pitch.


Webcam - Ashley Young: Sometimes, chat is best.

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