New players often inspire the old players to give that little extra. It could also be that these new players we picked up on deadline day were part of a master plan. They could be the players needed to kick start our season.

Yes, I'm maybe getting overly optimistic, but what else do we have. I know, if it doesn't work today that we'll get the 'they need time to settle' and if they don't make an appearance that we'll have the 'the new players will be ready soon' line.

Either way, Everton are there for the taking today and just because Everton have only lost once at Goodison Park this season, doesn't mean that we cant make it twice. In ninety minutes, anything can happen.

And in fairness, we just need to keep the ball and keep the pressure on. If we go for this and go for it for the full ninety minutes, we could get something. Again; anything is possible in ninety minutes of football.

BBC stats

Not that I couldn't have figured these out myself, it was nice of the BBC to provide them. It makes for interesting reading.

  • Villa are winless in their last seven league matches, suffering five defeats and conceding 22 goals.
  • They have won five of their last 40 league matches.
  • Villa's overall tally of 20 points is their equal-lowest after 24 games of a top-flight season. In 1955-56, they had an identical record of four wins, eight draws and 12 defeats.
  • Paul Lambert's side have won just two points from losing positions this season, fewer than any other side.
  • The Villans have conceded a Premier League-high 46 goals.

Updates, prediction and team news

So, kick off is in three hours and when team news is out, it will get added and if you've got any interesting links please add them below, but I have an optimistic prediction for today and I think we'll get a point.

I also think it will be an interesting game. I think there will be goals and I wouldn't be surprised if there was more than one for each side, so I'm even predicting the final result today at 2-2. I know I'm getting carried away, but we've got to look for positives.

Author: Damian
Damian started The Villa Blog as a passion project quite a few years ago while he was living in South Africa. Now living in Sweden, it continues. He's originally from Chasetown and grew up when supporting Villa meant there was a real chance of silverware at the start of every season.
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  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    talk about sorting it out. Southampton's new manager did not not need more than half a season, had no new signings, and the Saints look like a better unit already with him at the helm. They have played well in their games since he has been there - like I said they would - because they have a board with vision. Did you hear the Fergie's comments said about them after United's luck 2-1 over them at Old Trafford - it's the best team they have played this season - and the stats proved that Saints battered United apart from the score line.

    Why does Lambert need more then half a season to sort the basic fundamentals out: when he as had a whole summer and more then half a season to do it!!

  • Perhaps Dunne and Lerner should get together over a spliff and put Villa to rights

  • Guest - joevilla

    We needed those 3 points. We are doing better but unless we get a couple of wins soon we will run out of games. I'm not writing us off yet but godsylla looked light, and vlaar has been as big a culprit as benteke lately, so i may as well write us off. I will just miss the streams, I don't spend the money others do but it will still be a huge 12 months or more to fill. with no villa to watch.

  • But Lambert thinks he is Guardiola. The only prob for him is he doesn't have Barcas team:)

  • See you tomorrow JCV, the blogs better with you and you'll make Bahama happy.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Had this result been at Villa Park, I'm sure the fans, atmosphere would have been blamed for the result - so, what is the excuse after another 2 goal lead slip-up.


    sure giving away silly free kicks just outside the penalty area does not help, but the question that has to be asked is why did we change what was working and go all negative. By this I mean - just look at the subs - and that tells you we were trying to hold onto the lead and sitting deep - back to the walls stuff.

    Now, if it had previously worked then you could understand the logic, but it has failed - and failed miserably - so, why try the same failed tactic again, when you know it's something the players are not comfortable at.

    And finally Jonnah, if conceding a free kick leads to a set piece and the worry is that we will concede from this, then we are truly up the creek with a inept manager. One mistake you can take, but cumulative mistakes, and the same mistakes are frankly ridiculous.

  • Guest - Paulb

    The first priority should have been an experienced CB in that Jan window. The whole of football knew it, all the "experts" said it, it was a must. Now I dont know who selects the players we signed but if it was Lamberk he is even more inept than even I have given him credit for. If it wasnt and these players were imposed on him, then he should resign. We scored 2 at Swansea and West Brom 3 at Everton and we failed to win all three. If that doesnt point to defensive failure I dont know what does. Lamberk cant see it. I said after the wigan game our only hope of survival is to get rid of him and get someone who can at least organize us.
    Lerner is running us down, noone would back a manager unconditionally who has won only 4 games all season.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    25 million spend in a season and 4 wins to show for it...managers with much less spend and better win ratio have been sacked...

  • Guest - expat007


    It appears that the vast majority of the Lambert Fan Club have come to realise he not what they had hoped for. It happens, we all make wrong decisions, just look at my wife if you want proof!!!

    Problem for the likes of me and others is we turned down the chance of joining that Club in August when we saw some of his buys and the team he was putting out.

    It just takes longer for some than others, mainly because they wanted to believe that the Villa would flourish under him. Totally forgivable as they had The Villa at heart.

    All families go through bad times and that is what is happening to our Villa Family during these times of trials and tribulations.

    This Blog is good for getting things off your chest even though at times it will mean a falling out with each other. That does not matter as I really believe that we are all slowly coming together after one of the worst periods in the Club history. This Club is about the supporters, no one else its our Club, please do not give up on your heritage.

    I now going to look at the game this time on SKY not on that silly PC screen.

    Good night to you all, I will be back on tomorrow to see the reaction after I hope will be a good nights sleep for you all.

  • Guest - paulb

    Absolutely agree. I said a few days ago that the ONLY constant of a football club is its fans. We will all be here long after Lamberk and Lerner and all the players have gone. These people will sadly ruin our club then walk away and lose no sleep about it at all, but we will still be here. It still makes me want them gone sooner rather than later they are a cancer we need to remove !!!!!

  • Jcv

    As they say these b*****ds will be gone in time but us villa fans will be villa trough out our life. Ive been supporting villa for a while and live up the road from villa park so it would be very hard for me to follow another team. All of us wish we could do alot more to help the situation but it is out of our hands no matter how hard we scream and shout. The reality is we have a young and inexperienced team, we are crap at set pieces, we have a tight owner but not backing your team won't change any of them things

  • "I'm not convinced that Aston Villa's attempt to introduce the penalty corner into English football will catch on"

    Irony is not dead

    Did we really draw the last three away games?

    PL is trying to 'attack' his way out of trouble, and out attackers are doing there job

    For chrissakes sort out the defence, Randy's no help at all

  • Lets just put things into perspective here Everton challenging for cl and you can say that the goals they conceded was far sloppier defending than ours considering their defenders are experienced premier league players and 2 of our goals scored by a rookie forward.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    yes you maybe correct, but they still have the ability to win games where as we do not. We were 3-1 up, with less then a quarter of the game left, and in our current predicament I would have expected the team to hold out, but we did not.

  • Mon 451

    That is the difference they have a owner who gives a s**t, so do qpr and Newcastle the thing is we didn't have to spend as much as them, everyone knew we were crying out for a midfielder and central defender. The other problem is we dont know were we stand with the owner and what his plans are. It would be slightly easier to take if we knew what was going on instead he is up in the states enjoying life while we fans suffer

  • Guest - windofchange

    There are times when this blog descends into an amateur dramatics society come on jcv we all feel crap but no one has died lets not be so dramatic.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Or another way to look at it Keith is that they gave us a two goal head start and we still were not capable of winning the game...

  • Guest - joevilla

    Expat - F**k YOU! You are not the natural spokesperson for villa fans as you like to believe, you call for unity but pick people off for whatever reason pleases you. No, you speak bol*ocks. You can quote whoever you want but age is no excuse for being a plain troublemaker. And SKY is better than PC screens? You are old school indeed. We do not love Lambert, we do not! But we do realise the problem with villa, and we will support PL because we think he will get us back quicker than anyone else. Age means **** all. There was a 15 year old on recently on this blog or another and he had more to say than you, he wasn't damaged, just objective.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    I just wish Lerner had sold us and not the Browns - I'm so envious of the Browns fans right now - though they have had their fair share of suffering under Leners leadership.

  • Guest - villa4life

    What a player Sissoko looks fantastic buy, Must be worth alot more than what he was bought for

  • mon

    My point is Clark gets slated for getting turned by Anichebe but I bet you would have been chuffed if we had signed Heitinga who was turned far easier by Benteke.

  • Guest - joevilla

    Pardew is a twunk. I did not realise but Mike Ashley is worth more than Lerner. We seriously need a new owner.

  • Mon 451

    We played well to get those goals, we just can't defend a lead. The problems are at the back not the front. As they say you build a good team from the back and we haven't done that. It's like the defence don't go into training

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    And for Vlaar?

    You taking this one game and not analyzing Heitinga's and Everton's performance for the whole season. Look at where Everton sit and where we sit. They had an off day, gave us a 2 goal head start and yet we could still not win. We gave Newcastle a two goal head start yet could not pull it back.

    Newcastle and Reading come back to pick up maximum points, yet we cannot hold on to a two goal lead again.
    Up until the subs, we played well, so who do we point the finger at?

    Sure, if this game had been at the start of the season, then i would have taken this as a good result - but were running out of games, and still not capable of winning a game.

  • Guest - Captain C R A P

    Vlaar is the worst Villa captain I have ever seen... FUNKING useless....

  • mon

    Why cant you say we played well going forward and the defense let us down instead of saying Everton had an off day, give credit where its due.

  • Just watched match of the day. They applauded villa. They also focused on Clark. He struggled against anchibe early on, holding him and marking too tight. Then they showed some clips of him nicking the ball and not getting so tight. That's encouraging. Come on this was a good result for us. We'll beat west ham if we play like that. Let's believe and stick together.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    your the one highlighting the goals Everton conceded as being poor defending right?

    I'm not actually complaining about our attacking intent, just our organisation when defending, it is a joke - and has been all season - and I will not blame individual players for bad organisation, but bad management.

  • Guest - villa4life

    Have to say I loved Benteke's 2nd goal beautiful goal, Fantastic 1 touch football with a cool finish

  • Guest - Poppycock

    So both teams had defending issues. I thought we fought well. I agree if Clarke hadn't been so tight on anchibe it would have been a different story plus if Weiman had scored, but its all ifs and buts and we didn't, but I still think if we can sort out defence wel might be alright

  • Think we should of bought in a CD and a LWB instead of the midfielders, Clark and bennett are the weak links. But also luck has not been on our side

  • I don't think our players are crap. They just don't have much PL experience. This is a deep rooted problem from the MON and Mleish days where they refused to play them. They're learning on the job. It's a big learning curve. I think they have talent but they're not used to the standard. If we stay up I think we will be a good side next year. Like I said, let's stick together and back the team. I still can't fathom us going down and I don't know what I'll do if it happens. But I know we have to keep lambert. Criticise me. But we need to keep him.

  • Guest - Poppycock

    This is the 21st century so obviously some of us are modern day fans that's just the way t is. It not to say that we are wrong just different.

  • Taglor, I suggest u don't address me because after this post I refuse to acknowledge you.

  • Poppycock, the encouraging thing is that Clark learned. We'll see how he copes v West Ham

  • Thanks poppycock for your support, appreciate it.

  • Guest - fleet74

    I didn't expect to get anything from Everton away I'm happy with a point shame other results didn't go our way our luck has to change keep the faith !!!!

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Our players are not good enough to man-mark, so why do we persist with this. If we have enough tall players in the squad now, surely it would make more sense to switch to zonal marking - it can't be as bad as what we are on set pieces right now.

    we are now starting to drift away - West Ham is a must win game just to stay in touch with the rest. The points are primary the performance is secondary...

  • We would of took a draw at the start of the game. Were we are left fustrated is we done better than expected and didn't know what to do with it. One goal lead I would understand the nerves but a two goal lead would and should relax you more. The only worry as jcv has said even if we stay up we might lose our best players and it might be even worse next season

  • MON, not sure we are being cut adrift. But yes, WH is a must win game. These are the teams we need to pick up points again. They're a poor mans Everton so crossed fingers.

    I've been a villa supporter all my life. Don't know what I'll do if we go down.

  • Guest - fleet74

    If we are going to let's go with a fight I thought we did o.k today only Chelsea have got a win at Everton that was a good result bring on west ham!

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    Far more telling & shocking than Cypriot's "exclusive story" we are all still waiting for :)
    was the info i read earlier on here that this year the parachute payments for being relegated with the new TV deal go up, someone stated earlier that the payments are going up to 25 mil per season for 4 years, (up till now it was only 12 m per season for 4 years, so a 100% rise).

    If this turns out to be true ?
    Then as far as i am concerned the cat is out of the bag !, its disgusting, this is what is happening to our great club the owner wants us down, which is why he did not invest this window and clearly wants us in the championship.
    Again if this is true, when we go down Randy will be guaranteed 100 mil spread over 4 years, plus what he will receive for selling off our best/most promising players, think about it, as well as the wage savings this will mean he can recoup nearly all the money he has invested over the last 5 years without any further investment or associated risk. The alternative is to try to gain the extra 60 m for staying up, but that would require investment, he can be sure of the 100 mil " parachute" without any further investment at all, I was previously struggling to understand the business sense of us going down until i read this, now it seems to give a clearer reason what is happening.

    Regardless of what your think of the team or the current manager, if the parachute payment increase is true, this could well be the reason we are being sold down the river folks !

  • Guest - Bdk

    **** lambert n **** all u lambert lovers, he's **** n now u all know it but still find it hard to admit it, be careful what u wish for ( that's what they say right ) now u got what u wanted, and look what's happen , look where we are now!...... Happy!........ Yeah right!

  • Mon451
    the problem is we are playing better playing away then home, yes WH is a must win but so was Wigan, Southampton and necastle. Hopefuly going foward we can get something because the second half against necastle and today we really looked good going foward but only if can sort out the defending

  • vancouver, yes the parachute payments might go up. But each PL club gets £70 milion more next season. We'll be in big trouble if we go down.

  • Like I said. Don't give into the hysteria of some on here. I'm staying here because I don't want this blog to descend into tyranny. I respect people's opinions. For example expat and jcv have always put their points across in a good manner, and I applaud that, even if that means I don't really agree with what they always say. But that's cool. I just find it very distasteful when people post on here and criticise the manager using all words sundry. This is not all Lambert's fault, it's Lerner's fault. Remember that. Stick together.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    Lerner out.
    Get the bannners out

  • Guest - potts

    i think big sams game plan will be plenty of width ,and plant andy carroll in our box

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    Bring back Doug Ellis.
    Thats how ridiculous things have got under this utter **** of an owner.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Bahama we are three points adrift of safety - effectively four with our goal difference. Our next three games are:
    West Ham -h;
    Arsenal - a;
    M.City - h;
    so we could well and truly be sitting bottom 5/6 points adrift if we don't win.

  • potts, it'll be exactly how Everton played us today. The test against West Ham won't be as stern. But they will be tough because of the threat from set pieces. We need to win it.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    West Ham will tear our **** defense apart

  • Bring back Doug, I've read stories where the coaches kept breaking down under Doug! All was not well.

  • Guest - vancouvervillan

    If my theory on parachute payments is correct, and we do end up going down this year, we will be in trouble for several years unless we get a new owner. It does explain why we did not invest which i think is what everyone cannot understand.
    Things are not looking good short or long term, even more reason to get behind the team and hope we can stay up.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    ive seen teams break down under this **** of an owner never mind coaches
    you do realise we actually had a better squad in 2005/6 than we actually do now!

  • MON, no doubt. We are 3 points off safety. But we aren't cut adrift yet. We need to win against West Ham. If we lose I think that'll be it.

    On another note, Mcleish might be resigning from Forest...

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    okay, so you say the manager should not be blamed. So, do you think it is not justified criticism of a manager that has broken all records under the sun for the wrong reasons, spent 25 million in a season and won only 4 games?

    For my benefit, please explain to me what I am missing and what he offers?

  • vancouver, but that's it. It doesn't make sense. If Lerner spent 20 million I think we'd be ok. We'd still be better off because the 70 million extra is huge. But he refused to do it. It doesn't make sense. I don't think they know what they are doing. Either that, or Lerner is broke. After a divorce and failed malls, he very well might be.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    Mcleish might be resigning from Forest...

    Hes been badly let down by a sham of a board at Forrest over transfers....
    sounds eerily familiar?

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Yes McLeish, the manager so highly regarded by [Get Well Stan. Good to see he moved on to things much better to prove his pedigree...

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    Get the banners out.


  • MON, I said this before. He came to the club as an arrogant up-and-coming manager. He thought he could do a Norwich here. He can't. He met with Lerner and the remit was to cut the wage bill and sign cheaper players. He did that. It hasn't worked out. Yes, he is to blame somewhat. But how did we let a manager who only has 1 year experience in the PL completely gut the side and sign players with no PL experience? There should have been a DofF in there.

    Lets not forget, the rot has been there for 3 years. Started with Houllier, continued with Mcleish and now it looks like we are in trouble with Lambert. You don't give someone £20 million to rebuild a side.

  • LOL. Was Mcleish let down by transfers? All of his signings have been flops...Jenas, N'Zog, Hutton, Given, etc etc. He was part of the problem.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    was talking about Forrest not us.

  • MON, just to reiterate, I do see what you are saying. I just can't see how anyone else can do a better job and I do feel that Lambert could have had more help. You can see in his face he's doing everything he can. I do like the guy. Even if we go down, he'll be staying. Like it or not, he's here to stay.

  • Doug, 'eerily familiar'. Depends on what you mean by that..

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    Lambert has take some blame but its our utter **** owner who is really to blame.
    Him not making any funds available in January was irresponsible , stupid and retarded.
    Lerner needs to **** off ASAP. Our board are beyond just stupid . They are dangerous.

  • Guest - dubvilla

    I reckon this whole season is some kinda sick bisness deal thatfat fk and randy came upwith. Were headn down no dought about it. Think about it. Learners a bisness man. Villas only a name to him. Fat boy has messed about the past 5 6 years. Lost **** loadsof money. Now he's come up with this new idea. Cuts out big money signing ' big wages' andy gets nearly alhis mmoney back fat boy keeps sucking and keeps his job.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug


  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    Bahama, I agree he tried to do a Norwich, but the problem is it's far more difficult to do a Norwich when sitting in the top tier.
    He tried to do to much to soon.

    On top of that, I don't think he has had to deal with large a transfer budget in one season - he probably did not get this amount in all his time at Norwich. I also think he under estimated the job in hand.

    The previous rot is not an excuse for the debacle that has gone on this season. He had a whole summer and a tour to the US to evaluate. He has also spent 25 million, probably on of the highest spenders in the bottom half of the table, so again, am much as I can not stand Lerner and think he is useless owner - I can not blame him for not providing funds to Lambert.

    Yes the wage has to be cut, but we are in the same position as many teams in the premiership.

    Why has he not included Ireland and played Bent more?

    I actually do think we may get better, especially if this new guy can actually play, but that is a big if, and frankly it may be to late.

  • Guest - B6 villa

    On anther note maybe we bought the wrong spurs player in that townsend look good for qpr today

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    i'll tell you why he hasn't played Bent more
    We sold Bent's supply in Ashley Young & Downing and never properly replaced them.
    and don't try and tell me N'Zogbia is any good at crossing !
    So Bent unless is having service provided on a plate for him to finish he is next to useless as we have seen in the games where he has started under Lambert.
    Hence Bent doesn't start many games.

    As for Stephen Ireland he epitomises all thats **** about football. Utter ****** who laughs when are we are losing in games on the bench , ridiculously inconsistent dickhead who no actual manager signed or wanted. Faulkner signed him NOT O'Neill btw.

    Why on earth should Lambert be starting him again?

  • Guest - potts

    billybob and the fat contoller will not get a( d of f.) they have no interest in football ,av is a business and we are the customers, plus a (d fo f) may question there decisions. they only want yes men

  • MON,

    No, I do agree with you. He did try too much too soon. He probs goes to bed at night regretting that. But, he didn't spend £25 million. Think it was £23 million, plus the £3 million recouped from the Collins sale.

    Ireland hasn't played because he is useless. I don't want to see him on the pitch. I feel Ahmadi and Westwood are better! I honestly do. Bent just doesn't fit in the side. He never looks like he can be arsed. I love the Benteke signing. And I like Weimann's work rate too.

    On the new guy - Sylla - he did look out of his depth today. Not expecting big things.

    What we do know - Lambert has said he doesn't have big money to spend. I think he's frustrated. When you have a young manager, he'll make mistakes and you need to help him out. Spending £1.75 million on a player is a joke. We should have spent at least £10 million. So it is all Randy's fault.

    I'm backing the manager and players because otherwise we are down. We as fans need to back them. I'm actually really worried by our current predicament. But we have to believe. It's painful for all of us.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1

    if we go down and he stays, it says a lot about our club and Lerner and where our future ambitions.

    Everyone talks about doing a Newcastle, but look at Wolves. They lost their key players and have struggled.

    It's not guaranteed that we will come back up, for every Newcastle their is a Wolves, Blackburn, Forrest, Clowns...

    For me, if we get relegated then he needs to go - simple as that, he has failed. I'm sure he will stay on, because he be grateful that he could not get a chairman and ceo as dumb as Lerner and Faulkner and has bought into the idea and got a job for life...

  • MON, Hmmmm.

    Not sure we can get much better and I can see what he's trying to do. He's got no support. Look at Benteke. He's been a great signing. We should be signing players for £5-7 million, rather than £2-3 million.

    I'll stand by it. I like Lambert. I think we can get out of this mess. People will criticise me for saying this. But my thinking is we have to back the team otherwise we are buggered. And I agree, if we go down, we are screwed. No one knows what will happen then.

    At the end of the day, we are all disillusioned by Lerner. But we have to back the players in the games.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    it was quoted 23 million before the Winter transfer window. If you now include the new purchase of 2 million, then that pushes the figure to 25 million for the season.

    As for Bent, sure he does not fit into the team style, but surely he should have utilized him and sold him in this transfer window if he is not going to play him?

    How much do you think he will be worth when we are in the championship and he has not played him?

    It's all about getting a good return on the clubs investment. I mean not playing Bent or Ireland has not exactly turned our results around right?

    Like I said the other day - A good manager makes a good team; a bad team does not make a bad manager...

  • MON,

    Lambert tried to sell him. Stoke were interested. THe fact is no one wants to buy him because of his stupid wages. It's a stupid situation and all Faulkner's fault for sanctioning the wages.

    Ok, so £24.75 million minus £3 million. SO £21.75 million?

    Like I said, I agree with much of what you have to say. All I'm suggesting is we back the manager and team for the rest of the season, otherwise we'll go down. I'll be the first one to admit I'll be distraught if we go down. And I do think that's a very real possibility. If we stay up, it's a miracle.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    Can anyone please try to rationally explain or excuse why we did nothing about our defense in January window??

  • Guest - potts

    re relegation ithink most teams who go down have to cut cost and have a fire sale but i think newcastle pretty much kept ther squad intacked and came back up

  • potts, and that's what we need to do aswell. We got Benteke for 5 yrs. Don't sell him. The PL is worth so much more.

    Ugh. This is such a bad situation. I've never contemplated us going down. Makes me feel so down.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    when Lambert became our manager - not my first choice and I was not happy - but learned to live with it and give him my support. In return I would have expected some return back.

    I also said when he was buying these players that a manager will live or die by his signings. Lambert has up to now clearly been exposed by his signings because most are simply not good enough.

    At the end of the day, 25 million in transfer funds ifor a season is a reasonable by Lerners standards, and more than any of our relegation rivals have spent.

    Their wage bill is on lower and at the best on par with ours..

    Nope, if we go down you can only really point the finger at the manager and the players who were given a chance...

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    Guest (potts)

    re relegation ithink most teams who go down have to cut cost and have a fire sale but i think newcastle pretty much kept ther squad intacked and came back up

    Yep Newcastle still kept Nolan , Barton etc when went down .

  • Doug, Lambert has said he wanted to bring in a defender but stupid Faulkner and Lerner wouldn't sanction the wages. It's stupid. F and L are to blame! Lambert is frustrated!

  • Guest - potts

    we must pay crap wages because they said on motd that sissoko only cost 1.8 mill didnt we pey 1.75 for our guy from france

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug


    Doug, Lambert has said he wanted to bring in a defender but stupid Faulkner and Lerner wouldn't sanction the wages. It's stupid. F and L are to blame! Lambert is frustrated!

    what exactly wage bill now are they trying to reduce it to ??
    Didnt our idiot owner sell the Browns for 1 billion just last year ????

    You really could not make it up.

    Bring back Doug - even that tight ******* at least knew about football these clowns that own us know nothing. Its comical the monet spent by Lerner and we are now worse than were ever under Eliis in 90s and 2000s

  • MON, I do think that's rather simplistic. It takes time for players to settle in sometimes. I think Westwood has been good. I think Benteke has been good. Weimann has been good on form and Guzan is proving to be a good keeper. The only mistake is not surrounding these players with experience. So I don't think he's wasted the money, it just takes time. Time we may not have...

    And for the record, I didn't want Lambert either. I said he'd sign players from Championship, League 1 and League 2. SO many people scoffed at me. I wanted a continental manager all along. Even Poyet would have been ok.

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    if we do not go down these are the players that I think will be gone:

    . Bent;
    . Ireland;
    . Dunne;
    . Warnock;
    . Hutton;
    . Petrov;
    . Given;

    If we get relegated:



    to that list

  • Guest - belfastvilla

    Maybe i,m missing something and lambert is a genius. To me its been obvious from the start of the season that our defence just can,t cut it. This point has been highlighted after almost every game because if you got points for panicking then our back-line would have amassed a hatful. How the hell can lambert not see that and address it. I don,t believe it would have cost a fortune to add some experience via the loan system so why oh why oh why are we still shooting ourselves in the foot week after week after week. So either lambert has a masterplan or he,s a total berk. I know which one i would pick !

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    Sissoko is on 35k a week at Newcastle.

    Im guessing Sylla who we bought is on multi-pack of crisps a week.

  • Doug, I heard they were happy with wages. But we've got rid of Hutton and Warnock. Plus Petrov, Dunne, etc are gone next year. We need to replace these guys. By not replacing them, it shows Lerner doesn't care and he's looking to sell up.

  • Doug, I'm guessing £10 k?

    It's a travesty.

  • If Lerner wanted to stay up...

    We would have signed Hangeland for £5 million. That alone would help us. Then make a few more signings. It's not rocket science. It's a joke.

    But I stress, support the players and manager otherwise we are done.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    being run like Hull or someone
    dont think our thick owners realise there is no spine to our squad at all.
    Its bunch of misfits signed by different managers , bargain buckets , crap overated 'young' (23 is not a teenager) and **** all.

  • Guest - potts


    Sissoko is on 35k a week at Newcastle.

    i bet they are french fries

    Im guessing Sylla who we bought is on multi-pack of crisps a week.

    i bet they are french fries

  • Guest - mon 4-5-1


    the wage bill is just a cover up. I just listed all the players that are almost certainly going to be off-loaded at the end of the season. If you know what is going, that is a huge junk off our wage bill. To say we could not have got a defender because we could not afford the wages, or Sissoko because of his wages is frankly laughable.

    If Newcastle - who by the way have a much more stringent wage budget then ours could afford him - then why did we not pursue him?

    It's as much down to the manager to push the CEO for funds if he thinks the team needs funds to get the quality, and this is where Lambert did not request because he is happy getting cheap unkown players that on one has heard of.

    You can only go by what hie has done and his past track record, and what he is doing right now.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    not making funds available for a good centreback this January was an utter disgrace.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    Lambert did say he was interested in players who had already gone elsewhere last week.

  • LOL, MON....I'm saying I agree with you! We were told a year ago Randy was happy with the wage bill but we keep slicing it! It's a joke! It's like he's trying to make us profitable. But that won't happen. We'll go down if we carry on.

    If we stay up and we don't sign any players I'll be pretty angry. I can see it coming too.

  • Guest - Bring Back Doug

    Get the banners out.


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