A look ahead to Burnley on Saturday and not much else I'm afraid

It isn't too early in the week to look at the upcoming fixture and even if it was, I'm desperate, so I'm looking, because I think this is going to be quite a tough match.

Whatever the result on Saturday there are a couple of things that need to be said now and not then. If we lose, you can not bring up Everton or Manchester United as benchmarks. Benchmarking defeats isn't the right thing to do and Wigan scored three at Burnley and walked away with three points.

You might think I'm setting us up for defeat and actually, I suppose I am, but I don't think we will lose. It's just easier to lay everything out before the match and accept why there is every possibility we will lose. But like I said I don't think we will and I fancy the smart money would be on a draw and the odds of 23/10 at PaddyPower suggest it is a good chance.

But, we can win and most will expect us too. There is always one team that comes up that does well early on and this season it is Burnley but they are the teams we need to be beating, but and I'm bringing it up again before Saturday, that is exactly what Everton and Manchester United would have thought.

The beauty is, we should learn from what happened to Manchester United and Everton and look to how Wigan got three points. We shouldn't try and replicate the way Wigan played, I'm not saying we change things, I'm saying we have to go out all guns blazing and treat this match and this team with the respect they deserve, but let's not think for a minute it will be easy because they are a promoted side.

I don't think Martin O'Neill will think it is going to be easy. Burnley have won five of their six home matches this season and it is a horrible place to go, but we know this now and we should use what we know and I think we will.

I'm not going to make a prediction, but I am going to say I don't think we will lose and I'm basing that on what I've written above. I think it will be a tense afternoon and seeing as we've had our five goals this season, I don't think we will see many more in this match, but wouldn't it be nice if we did.

So, on that point, I end my preview post for Saturday. Tomorrow, we will dedicate the day to gossip and speculation and if I can't find any, we're going to just have to make it up, so it should be fun and I'm also hoping for a competition where you might win something, more on that though in the post tomorrow.