The following are not allowed anywhere on this site:

Targeted harassment or encouraging others to do so

Hate speech and other forms of targeted and systematic harassment of people have no place here, nor do we tolerate users dedicated to fostering harassing behaviour. Rules or definitions from other social networks do not apply here.


Examples include 1) comments posted in large quantities to promote an agenda, product or service, 2) the exact same comment posted repeatedly to disrupt a thread. 3) following users multiple times


You may not impersonate others in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others.

Direct threat of harm

This covers active threats of harm directed towards a specific person or defined group of individuals. Contact local authorities if you feel a crime has been committed or is imminent, not me. We'll just ban.

Posting personally identifiable information

Examples of protected information: credit card number, home/work address, phone number, email address. Real name isn't currently covered.

Inappropriate profile content

Graphic media containing violence and pornographic content is not allowed.


Decency and respect go a long way and if the above isn't clear and you are disrespectful to anyone, let alone supporters, players or employees of Aston Villa Football Club, you will be blocked. If you are blocked and the block is lifted and you repeat the offence, there will be no coming back.

Also, you don't need to start new threads. If you post a comment and you forgot something, reply to it. This way other users will see it and not be confused. The reply option is a really cool feature for lots of reasons.

If you do not understand something written by the author, reach out to him for clarification.

In short, the above are guidelines and if you're blocked or your comment deleted, it doesn't have to be referenced above. Just don't be a dick or make up facts or opinion to support an agenda and you'll be okay. Most of all, have some common sense and don't act like a Howard.