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A must win game against Blackburn Rovers

Aston Villa are due a man of the match performance from this man

I'm going to play with some words today and I'm going to start with the statement that tomorrow is a must win game.

It isn't must win because the earth is going to suddenly stop rotating or that starving children in Africa will only be fed if Darren Bent scores three and we move up the table, it is a must win game for my sanity.

The football is getting better, we can all see this. There also appears to be a growing team spirit, because we can see this too. The only thing we are lacking right now is a little run where we pick up a few three points and if we can start that tomorrow, everything will once again feel normal.

Key man v Blackburn

In the previous chapter I mentioned team spirit and it is a crucial factor if a team is to be successful, but there also needs to be something else. There needs to be a spark.

That spark can also come from quite a few positions and when you have quite a few positions (read players if you'd prefer) that can create that little bit of magic, you sort of expect to see it every now and then.

What I'm getting at is this, we have Darren Bent, Ashley Young and Stewart Downing and from one of those, I expect to see a spark tomorrow and I fully expect to see one of them winning the man of the match vote.

Now, I don't care who it is, but I don't want it to be a defender and I don't want it to be Brad Friedel. I want it to be one of those three because they've terrorised the Blackburn back four or scored three.

I want us to go out and win this game and if we are two up at half time, I want us to go out looking to beat the first half and score three.

I know it isn't that easy

So, tomorrow is a must win game, but I'm playing with words. My words. However, if we don't win and the worst happens, I think I might go offline for a few days to try and find myself in the real world, because I don't think I'll be able to handle what some are going to be writing and shouting from the top of that very tall building.