A quick look at Blackburn and a look ahead to blarney and the World Cup

I got some really good news last night; my Google Apps account is going to be a fully featured Google account in the summer. Only those that use Google and Google Apps will know why this is good news and if you don't, I'm just telling you, because it really did make my night last night.

But that isn't the reason I'm in a good mood or why you should be. I'm in a good mood today because the season is nearly over and while I'd love the football to continue, I'm actually looking forward to the 32 day break until the World Cup starts, not that I think we will really get a break with the transfer window opening at midnight tomorrow.

But the transfer window is 99% blarney and the longer the blarney goes on the longer we know what we are going to get next season.

I wrote last year about how last summer was going to be a defining one for Randy Lerner, but this one coming up really is going to be a defining one for him. Based on what happens this summer we really will learn a lot of things about him and his intentions.

Blackburn at Villa Park

But all that is for Monday. Today is about Blackburn and well, this has three points written all over it and at half time when we are 2-0 up and Manchester City are 1-0 down at West Ham, there is going to be a real belief that we can finish fifth and I would love it for us to finish fifth. It would be just the perfect response and it would set us up perfectly for next season and this summer.

It is also more than possible that the above will happen. Manchester City have bottled it for the past month and I don't see why that will change tomorrow when most of their players will have one eye on the departure lounge at Heathrow tomorrow and very little interest in the Europa LDV League. I fancy Manchester City will lose tomorrow.

So, we have to win and I fancy we will and we will have progressed. Then it comes down to strengthening, the World Cup and next season.

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