And it's back: Aston Villa at Burton in the League Cup

First and I know it was a warm up match, but it was nice to see Ollie Watkins score against Manchester United. There is something about a new striker coming in and scoring in his first match. It means little, but it breeds optimism. He scores tonight and there will be many, myself included, that will be hoping we have something special.

And we will score tonight. And we will win. It's a new season and we have to think like this. Burton play in Division Three and we have to start seasons believing that we will win these matches, because we're in the top flight and because we are Aston Villa.

So tonight is another warm up match for me tonight but it's a warm up match where the players that are starting have to stake a claim to start when the season starts properly next Monday against Sheffield United.

And because this is a warm up match in a tournament that we're not going to win, I'm not that excited. Is that wrong?

I'm excited about us finishing mid table this season. I'll see that as progress. I'm excited that we haven't brought in too many players and it looks like we're building by bringing in players that will develop with us as we move forward as a team.

I'm excited for what is to come because it looks like we've done it the right way. It looks like we've strengthened the starting eleven. Fingers crossed Jack sees that too and the people around him are confirming it. Actions speak louder than words and all that.

Maybe not as loud as money in the bank, but Jack is doing okay on that front too.

So, I'll watch the game later, but I'm not going to get too excited or concerned by whatever happens. But we will win. We are Aston Villa.