Aston Villa at Spurs, football odds and prediction

Spurs are a team that have done well. They are playing Champions League football and after two games find themselves in second place in Group A with every chance they will qualify for the next stage.

That said, had you watched some of their League games this season, you'd be surprised that they are doing so well in Europe, but they can't be blamed for that, there is a learning curve and by all accounts, Harry Redknapp hasn't done as bad as others have in the past.

Look at it another way, if they beat us tomorrow, they'll go ahead of us in the League and all things considered, you'd have to say that would be pretty impressive. They could beat us tomorrow and with all those things considered, some might start to take Spurs as serious contenders again to finish in the top four.

I don't particularly like Spurs and I'd love it if Harry Redknapp took the England job, clear as day he was the catalyst, but you have to tip your cap to them.

Two sides to every story

However, there is a renewed optimism at Aston Villa and while thinking we could finish in a Champions League spot this season would be a little too optimistic, thinking we can get something at Spurs isn't.

Ashley Young has looked as good in the last couple of games as I have seen in a long time. We have a back four that can read the game, play the game and stand up to the game and with young Marc Albrighton, we have someone that can cross a ball with such precision, that when he gets the ball anything is possible.

You see, if we win tomorrow, we could go second and while Spurs fans think they can win, we have every right to think we can and with odds of 3/1 at PaddyPower, it is a good bet.

So, from early afternoon tomorrow we will be dropping links and running a Twitter commentary and bringing you team news and as much as we can about the match.


We have every chance tomorrow, but as a betting man I'd put money on the draw and maybe a cheeky side bet on Emile Heskey to score. I know there is much more chance that he wont, but I'm a romantic at heart and it would be great if he did.

Aston Villa at Spurs: Odds

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