Aston Villa to beat Hull, sceptics, prediction and odds

I've just had a quick coffee with a Manchester City fan. I was nice because right now I feel like it would be kicking a man when he's down. It's also because I know it's only early on in the season and if they stick by this new manager, they'll do well.

They're not going to be the new Manchester United but I would fancy them to win the league next season but that comes down to this manager getting time.

Still, I'm only mentioning Manchester City because last weekend still feels good. But it will mean nothing if we don't get three points this weekend.

It's Hull and yes I know they're above us and they've not lost at home but they're managed by Steve Bruce and we know what we're going to get and they've played three games at home this season, Paul Lambert and the players should also know what is coming.

And they'll huff and they'll puff but they really shouldn't have enough for us. We should win this and if we do, it will mean the result last weekend wasn't for nothing and it will mean we're heading in the right direction.

I can hear the sceptics

And some will be saying that they're above us. They were the exact same people that said we had a tougher start than Manchester United and we're still above them. I can't win.

The bottom line is, we should be beating Hull home and away. They've beaten Norwich and West Ham at home, by one goal and they drew with Cardiff. Anything but three points on Saturday will be a tough pill to swallow.

Prediction and no bet

I'm continuing my no betting on Villa but it doesn't mean to say that I shouldn't predict a result and this week, I'm predicting a win if that wasn't already obvious.

But if you're betting, you should get on the 2/1 you can get right now on us winning. It's a bloody good price for us away from home ... think about and click here for the price and if you're feeling grateful after the match, you can always donate a beer.

And on that note, so I'm not going round in circles and telling you what you already know, I'm going for a late breakfast. Back tomorrow with some news.