Aston Villa travel to Reading in the FA Cup and seventh isn't the new fourth

Reading will be no push over on Sunday, but we should beat them, simply because we are stronger. They currently sit 18th in Division Two and you don't sit 18th in that League unless you deserve to.

But, it isn't a stroll in the park and they are approaching this game in a similar way to how we approached the League Cup final. Their owner is also drumming up as much support as possible and is doing his best to make their supporters believe.

Reading chairman Sir John Madejski
There's a renaissance around the place. This is such a great thing for the club and the Reading area - it's like a cup final for us. I urge people to be here, to soak up the atmosphere and get involved because this is something you can talk about to your grandchildren in years to come. We're a community club and this is a great time for the community to show their enthusiasm for Reading Football Club and spur them on to victory.

Last time out

It wasn't that long ago that Reading were a top flight club, but I'm sure most of you remember that, I'm just saying it as they do have some experience of big games. But the last time we played them in the Premier League we beat them 2-1 at their place and the month before 3-1 at Villa Park.

But and I keep trying to emphasis this; Reading will not be a stroll in the park. They have beaten West Brom, Burnley and Liverpool in the FA Cup this season and they will fight like it really is their FA Cup final and if we are not on top of our game, things could go horrible.

Top seven not the new top four

Not that the FA Cup isn't exciting or an important game, but it is Reading. We should win and looking at statistics from the last fifty years isn't going to have any bearing on the result this Sunday. We lose, it is season over - we win, we have a chance.

But, we do have news that the Premier League have revealed that they will not pursue the idea of a play-off for fourth place and the final Chumps League place. At the Premier League board meeting yesterday, the clubs' chairmen decided not to look into the proposal at the moment.

So, it would have been fun but really, had a team finished seventh and then won their way through to the Chumps League qualifying round, they would have only gotten knocked out, so probably the right decision. Expect game 39 to come back soon though.

Right, that is for me at the moment. There is nothing really that interesting going on at the club and not a rumour anywhere so, Reading on Sunday it is and no Chumps League place for finishing seventh. Coffee and breakfast.