Aston Villa v Leicester could be a cracking match, but for a very ominous reason

Leicester are bottom of the table and like Aston Villa, they've got supporters wanting better. It does surprise me that some Leicester fans want to sack Nigel Pearson though. He got them promoted last season and this season was always going to be hard.

For us on the other hand, we've flirted with relegation ever since the manager came. So, for Aston Villa fans it's sort of a surprise that it hasn't happened. But we also know it's because the owner wants us to be the next Newcastle or West Ham. Happy that we go on little runs in the season but ultimately finish with nothing.

But as I heard a Leicester fan say on the radio this week, maybe they do have a Championship manager with Championship players. I certainly think we've got a Championship manager, so that could be something that is wrong. And our manager is the 6th longest serving manager of a Premier League club, so things don't appear to get better with time (which could have been a factor in keeping him so long).

But that is why this match will be interesting on Sunday. Leicester are clearly going to be tough because they are scrapping for everything and they did beat Manchester United, so they've got it in them (did I just sound like Lambert?). But it's going to be interesting for me, because I think we've got two Championship managers going head to head, this could be a really good game.

I say that because the Championship is getting more interesting and the football is more end to end and exciting to watch. With two Championship managers, this game could really open up to be very exciting. I'm looking forward to it.

And because it is going hopefully going to be a good match, if we win, it will be even better. Sure, it will just be papering over the cracks because a win doesn't mean he's not a Championship manager or that we're in trouble or that we've got an owner that doesn't want out, but because the club are going to do nothing about most of that, we've not got many options.

So for Sunday, we've only got the match to enjoy and when it comes down to that, you've got to decide yourself if for all the money you're paying are you getting satisfactory enjoyment or if you like paying all they money to 'support' the team, are you happy in doing that, in the knowledge that the club don't care what you think.

The thing that would be really worrying is that if this does turn out to be the best match of the season so far, it probably only goes to confirm we do actually have a Championship manager playing another Championship manager. Maybe that wont be lost on everyone and hopefully we'll still win.