At a much stronger Chelsea and a backs to the wall job

It's easy to take a dig at Chelsea in times gone by and even now, if we want to, but what they did this summer was lovely to watch. I don't think they spent any money and they've got a much better side.

And nobody in football knows how they got away with selling that defender for £50mn. I like to think it was a bet Roman Abramovich had with one of the people involved with Qatar Sports Investments.

Don't get me wrong, Luiz was a very good defender, but he wasn't worth that type of money and to top it all off, they brought in Costa and still had nearly £20mn left over. That they spent quite well too.

And they strengthened where they needed to strengthen and they look so much better. Is it too early in the season to put them as favourites? I think Mourinho is stubborn enough to play the matches he has to to not lose and go and spank the teams he knows he can.

Going to be a tough game

Which is why this will be a tough game. But we like playing Chelsea. Okay, not all the time, but our record is worse against other sides. And that virus that hit us last week should well and truly be gone, so we should be able to field a side that can battle and maybe get a goal.

But getting a goal isn't so important tomorrow. Most important thing tomorrow is keeping them out and we've shown, for the most part under Lambert, that we're quite good at playing that way when we have to.

But keeping them out against Chelsea will be hard. Not impossible, as nothing is, but a big order. And as I've written a few times over the past few weeks, the most important games coming up are Everton and QPR.

Everyone has pretty much written this game off for us. If we all accept that, then anything would be a huge bonus. Me, I like a bonus every now and then, but they don't come around every week, so I'll just be happy to beat Everton and QPR.

But I will have a cheeky fiver on us to win. It would be wrong if I didn't.