At Blackburn, not the Champions League

I see England were playing in another tournament and that UEFA are making plans to bring in another competition in a couple or three years. How long before the top six sides just leave the Premier League all together and play other sides three times a season?

And it could have been us had things gone differently in the early 90's. Instead, we've got Blackburn this weekend in the Championship. But you know what, I'm just happy that proper football is back and fingers crossed, we go out for a win.

And it is what we have to do. The chart tells us we are below where we need to be and it's been a while since we last won a match. And while I'll be happy with a scrappy 1-0 win, I'm starting to want to see the team going out to win. I'm starting to falter.

It's no longer about not losing or getting into the play-offs. We have to go out and try to win this League because we have the players to do it. And it's early enough in the season to turn things around. If this goes on for much longer, it might not be. And that is when the new CEO will start making his changes.

And changes will come if the results don't. And it will be the manager. And I'm starting to see that there is only one thing.

That starts tomorrow. We have to go to Blackburn, go out to win and win.

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